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Candace Cameron Bure Left Hallmark to Start Her Own Christmas Channel, and It Seems Like There’s a Lot of Drama Around It

People are having mixed reactions to this one...

You might know her as DJ Tanner from Full House or as the Queen of the Christmas movie, but Candace Cameron Bure can officially add TV channel creator to her many titles. The Hallmark mainstay has recently announced that she'll be starting her own Christmas channel — but according to one woman on TikTok, the move might just have burned a serious bridge back at Hallmark.

Hold on to your hats because things are about to get juicy. According to Erin (or @eveningswitherin as she goes by online), the drama started when Bure decided not to renew her contract with Hallmark.

The new channel will be called the Great American Family. "What is wild about this new network is that 1) somebody's creating a new network 2) the CEO of Great American Family, this new network, was actually the former president and Chief Executive Officer for Crown media. Who is Crown Media you may ask? Crown Media is the parent company for Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama," she explained. Hmmmm seems a little odd, right?

"This is just wild to me because I feel like Hallmark Channel always get a bad rap and I just think it's crazy that they're creating an entire new network to focus on simple, wholesome, family, holiday-oriented movies," she added. The TikToker also claimed that one of the reasons why Bure might've decided to forge her own path was because "her contract was up with Hallmark" and couldn't come to an agreement while negotiating what her new contract would look like. That's when she paired up with former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott to create a new "Christmas empire."

This tea is extra hot, but people in the comments section had differing opinions about whether or not it would be successful. "Good for her! I can’t wait to watch Great American Family!" wrote one person. "I thinks it’s going to flop. It’s not easy to locate as a regular channel to pull up. Hallmark is easy access. Just need more favorites actors!!" someone else argued. "More movies, more channels, more variety. Go for it!" a third commenter chimed in.

Of course this is all speculation. But we totally agree with one commenter who wrote: "I'll watch both because I can’t get enough of holiday movies that all have practically the same storyline," @chickchickchicka wrote. Mhmmm, us too!