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Woman Claims Mom Dated Bruce Willis Before He Was Famous and Says This One Story Always Stuck With Her

You gotta believe to achieve.

A woman on TikTok is sharing the most amazing story about her mom's ex-flame. You might have heard of him...Bruce Willis. You read that right, as the TikToker Eva Evans (@itsevaevans), explained, her mom dated the Die Hard actor before he made it as an actor. But it was Willis' belief in himself while he as at his lowest point that had lasting impression on her. 

Evans shared the whole story in a video on her page recently. "There's something that she said about him that always stuck with me," she said, speaking of the action hero. 

"It's that, when they were dating he was living in a cockroach infested East Village apartment back when the East Village was like — this is cheap living, you know," she continued. "She said that he was always sure that he would be famous before he'd ever gotten a big role, when he was poor, and he had no reason to believe that," she said. 

"The reason I think that's interesting or impactful is that if you're an artist of any type, I think it takes a certain level of unrealistic or so far undeserved, almost narcissism, to succeed," she explained. "Because you're gonna face rejection constantly, you're gonna be broke, and you have to believe that you are more than what you are right now in order to get to that next place."

This is unfortunately so true. "You have to believe in yourself before other people do almost in order to make them believe in you," she added in the caption. 

The comments section understood her point immediately. "This is not only for the arts, it’s for all things in life," one commenter pointed out. "Idk if it’s narcissism, I’m sure that’s a certain component, but I would argue success requires immeasurable resilience and slight delusion," another commenter argued. "Self-esteem and self belief is the biggest gift you can give yourself and it’s free," a third person eloquently wrote.

Yep, sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader. When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself!