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Brendan Fraser Apologizes to the entire city of San Francisco During Award Acceptance Speech — And "George of the Jungle" Fans Need to See Why

Has there ever been a more '90s story than this one?

The love for Brendon Fraser on the internet is so real, and a recent clip of the actor accepting an award in California shows exactly why. It appears that Fraser had been feeling just a little bit guilty about something that happened while filming the George of the Jungle movie at the Golden Gate Bridge over 25 years ago. 

Trust us when we say that the story was pretty sweet. Shared by Twitter user @daina_scarf, the clip shows Fraser as he's accepting the Tribute Award from the Mill Valley Film Festival.

"One more quick thing," Fraser says in front of the crowd. "I just to make a quick apology. Couple years back, made a film called George of the Jungle. So in one part of George in the Jungle, George is going to rescue a parachutist who has become entangled on the Golden Gate Bridge. My trailer was next to the Golden Gate Bridge, watching while there was a parachutist and a mannequin dangling from it," he explained. 

Welp, it seems like the (totally fake) parachutist looked just a little too real for comfort — not to mention that it pretty much stopped traffic on both sides on the bridge. 

"I know they took it seriously because I happen to be watching Oprah at the time, they interrupted Oprah to report that a man had become entangled in a parachute," Fraser continued. "So that said, my bad. Won't happen again," he joked. 

People in the comments section were honestly so charmed. "It was worth it, that movie is a masterpiece," @CaptainofDaShip wrote. "Aww he's incredibly sweet about this, I've always loved his movies," @milla_mathis chimed in. "What a guy. Class act," @CeltsVikesYanks agreed. 

And this is why Brendon Fraser is the absolute best.