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Brendon Fraser Says He Won't Be a "Hypocrite" and Attend Golden Globes if He's Nominated for "The Whale"

We all need to applaud him for this.

Actor Brendon Fraser has some strong words for the Golden Globes association — and were totally here for it. Speaking with GQ magazine after a highly-praised performance in the new Darren Aronofsky fim, The Whale, the actor shared what he would do if he were nominated for a Golden Globe award. And had a very good reason for giving the answer that he did. 

Fraser was completely candid when explaining that he would not attend the award ceremony if he were to be nominated. 

"I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I have respect for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” he explained to GQ. “No, I will not participate… It’s because of the history that I have with them. And my mother didn’t raise a hypocrite. You can call me a lot of things, but not that.”

Fraser is of course referencing his claims that former president and member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk, groped him during a 2003 luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Variety reports. 

The incident cause Fraser to "retreat" from the industry and said the incident made him feel like "something had been taken away from me."

Now Fraser is not only likely to be nominated for the Best Actor Award at the upcoming Oscars, he is favored to win. But his commitment to standing up for himself has people applauding online. 

"They don’t deserve him," wrote one person on Twitter. "His story is just heart wrenching. Underlying here...him opening up about being assaulted really messed him up for a long while...imagine all the other ppl that have had similar/worse experiences - they are everywhere and chances are in similar pain," someone else pointed out. "Especially when the Golden Globes have refused to apologize at all, Brendan Fraser is right!" a third commenter added. 

We really give Fraser credit for not backing down. Go Brendon, go!