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Disney Listened to Fans and Officially Casted Brandy as Cinderella Once Again for Descendants 4 Movie

Naturally, people cannot get enough of the good news.

The Disney gods have answered our prayers and hired Brandy as Cinderella in the new Descendants movie, The Pocketwatch. As 90s kids will remember, Brandy is well-known for her portrayal of the fairytale princess in the iconic 1997 Disney TV movie, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. So of course fans are thrilled that they'll once again get to see the Moesha-star in the role. 

News of Brandy's casting was announced on November 21 on the @DisneyPlus Twitter page. "Meet more of the cast joining The Pocketwatch, an upcoming #DisneyPlus Original movie from the world of #DisneyDescendants," the tweet reads. "@4everBrandy as Cinderella."

Brandy herself re-tweeted the image, and replied that she was more ready than ever to step back into her glass slippers. 

"So excited to join this amazing cast and reprise my role as #Cinderella in the #DisneyDescendants sequel The Pocketwatch. Thank you to my @Disney fam. It’s still possible," she exclaimed.

Brandy wasn't the only one who's excited about her new gig. On TikTok, creator @aspoonfulofchae wasn't only happy to hear the news. She asked Disney to do us one better. 

"Brandy isn't the only one who should come back to make it a full circle moment. It should also include Paolo [Montalban] as Prince Charming," she said. "Introducing your Cinderella and Prince Charming to have that full circle that fans would lose their minds over." 

Um, yes please! Other people wrote in and said that they hoped Disney would make the reunion happen. "OMG why would you say this bc now I want it and won't accept anything else!!" wrote one commenter. "I wanna know where Cinderella and Prince Christopher would be at in their lives today," another commenter added. "1000%!! AND WITH ALL THEIR VOCIES TOGETHER?! PLEASE I NEED THEIR SONGS NOW" someone else exclaimed. 

Maybe if we ask really nicely, they'll make it happen. Please Disney, please!