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Grab Your Tissues, Steve From "Blue's Clues" is Back in "Blue's Big City Adventure"

This movie is for grown-ups, okay?

Would you judge us if we said we're really excited to watch a kids movie? What if we told you it was the new Blue's Clues? Or better yet — what if the movie included the original Steve? It's true, actor Steve Burns is back to help his pal Blue take on the big apple in the Paramount Plus movie, Blue's Big City Adventure. And we're not ashamed to say that we want to tune in.

A teaser for the brand new movie was released on November 17 and gives us everything we've ever wanted. Take a look! 

"Is it you? Is that you?" Steve says in the trailer. "It is you! Wow, what are you doing here? You look great, hi!" 

All of the sudden we're 5 years old again and watching Nick Jr. Yes Steve, it is us!

Steve is wearing a tie in his classic green stripes — just like his polo shirt all those years ago. Is it us or is the nostalgia just too strong?

So many people were welling up in the comments section. "YES STEVE IT'S ME!! I KNOW I GOT BIG!! I'M 26!!!" exclaimed one commenter on TikTok. "My face ID on my iPhone doesn’t even recognize me but Steve does," someone else joked. "When he said 'you got so big' I literally just broke down in tears," a third person admitted. "I think I speak for every elder millennial when I say Steve, it is wonderful to see you," another commenter added. 

Steve isn't the only one coming back for the new movie. You might remember that Steve's younger brother Joe (Donovan Patton) took over for a while after Steve "went to college." And in 2006, Josh Dela Cruz stepped into the host role in the Blue's Clues revival, Blue's Clues & You! (although this time the character's name was Josh). All three men will be back to help Blue sort through clues all around the city. Isn't that so sweet?

The movie is now streaming on ParamountPlus, so make sure you check it out ASAP. And oh yeah— we guess you could invite your kids to watch too.