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DC Fans Are Furious at Rotten Tomatoes’ Score of “Black Adam”

It’s a genuine mixed bag of reviews but DC fans don’t think MCU fans are giving this a fair shake.

We've been waiting forever to see the new DC movie Black Adam. Come on, it stars The Rock! Unfortunately, hype doesn't always equal stellar reviews. But do you think that stopped some of the film's diehard fans? Nope, not one bit. In fact, people online are practically rolling their eyes after learning the movie received some negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Just because a movie doesn't have a great Rotten Tomatoes score, it doesn't mean its bad — right? Well that's what one person on Twitter is arguing and it seems like other people online agree. 

Currently, the film has a 54 percent rating on the site from critics. Which is not exactly a passing grade.

But don't tell that to the internet. Quoting the Black Adam star himself, Twitter user @Itssan17 joked "[Do] Rotten Tomatoes scores matter?" And welp, you can see what Dwayne Johnson thinks of the matter for yourself. 

Other people had similar thoughts. "Not now or ever," wrote one person. "Nah, we know Rotten Tomatoes always bias towards Marvel. Look at mid movie like Black Panther and Captain Marvel," another person argued. Although we wouldn't say that either Black Panther or Captain Marvel were mid. "The audience score is all that matters," someone else chimed in. "It looks awesome. They are always out to lunch. The only mystery is why they continue to have the privilege of reviewing movies before all the fans. They affect outcomes TOO MUCH! We just have to stop caring. The only thing that matters is what the fans think," a third commenter added. 

That's the truth! But the real test will happen when the movie hits theaters on October 21.