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Spoiler Alert: DC Fans Are Losing It Over the "Black Adam" Post Credit Scene

This is something everyone was waiting for...

We've been waiting for the new Black Adam movie to come out for months and thankfully the film is slated to hit theaters in the US on October 21. Of course, the movie has been released outside the United States already. Which means one thing: spoilers. Including one HUGE one about the film's post-credit scene that has people in an uproar online. 

 A copy of the leaked post-credit scene was shared onto Twitter recently by user @kaasgepakt. And whew boy, is it good. Take a look at what happens in the video below, but fair warning: this will definitely spoil parts of the movie.

It's not clear where the footage was taken. And without really getting into the nitty gritty, there's one major cameo during the film's final scene has us absolutely pumped. 

Some people in the comments section thought seeing the spoiler only made them more ready to see the full movie. "I got chills, I’m seeing this tonight," wrote one person. "Ooooh shooot," another commenter wrote, before adding some shocked-face emojis. "And all was well again," a third commenter mused. 

Although some people in the comments section were less than thrilled with the audience's response to the epic scene. "Most nonsense audience is sitting," one person commented. "Audience making these scene boring, though," a second commenter agreed. "What kind of a cinema has the lights on??" someone else wondered. 

Although we would have to argue that this was a case of the audience not going big with their reaction — not necessarily that the ending isn't good. Or as another commenter pointed out, check out the reaction from a crowd in West Bengal, India.

"This is how one should react," the Twitter user, @iamsagnikitself wrote. Yep, that's the exact response we expected.

Consider us totally stoked!