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Um, Somebody Passed Their Baby to The Rock At a "Black Adam" Premier?

Real question here: who doesn't love The Rock? Not only is he an iconic former-wrestler, he's pretty much everyone's favorite actor too. Well one person is clearly a really big Rock fan, as can be seen in a new video on TikTok where he passed his infant daughter to the front of a crowd just so she could meet his favorite action hero. 

There is only one word to describe the footage that was shared by @therock himself TikTok — incredible. We have to believe it happened at a premier for his new film Black Adam. 

The amazing part of the clip is that everyone in the crowd is readily onboard with passing the little girl to the front. Not to mention that she doesn't shed a single tear or pitch a fit as she goes from hand to hand. Of course, we can't exactly recommend that anyone else give this a try, but with over 18 million views online, the clip certainly struck a chord. 

"Dangerous but absolutely adorable, such a sweet moment!" @7_venus_7 wrote in the comments section. "The Rock is an amazing dad from what I’ve read. Bet this made him so happy! Probably highlight of his day," @queenashlynn124 added. "Someone just crowdsurfed their baby to meet The Rock," @enorrad joked. 

But some people were really worried about the baby's safety. "That is DANGEROUS man.... I wouldn't do it. The Rock would have to come to ME," @flordlc03 argued. "My anxiety cause he isn’t holding the neck," @itsannettedarling agreed. "I would never, yo I don't care who the celebrity is, they gonna have to come to me," @paula_nkabinde chimed in. 

Of course in this case the baby got to her destination safe and sound. But again this is probably something that's best left to be a one time thing.