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Jeff Bezos Awards Dolly Parton $100 Million for Philanthropic Work and People are Kind of Laughing at the Irony

Um, perhaps you could take a few notes Bezos...

Normally the news that a billionaire is giving away millions would be something to cause people everywhere to cheer. But when it comes to Jeff Bezos, people tend to have strong opinions about everything he does. Now the Amazon founder is facing a backlash online, after announcing he gave money away to a major celebrity. 

The internet is still buzzing after Bezos announced on Twitter that he was giving $100 million to fellow philanthropist and music icon Dolly Parton. "We’ve just announced a new Courage and Civility award recipient — @DollyParton, who leads with her heart, and will put this $100 million award to great use helping so many people," he wrote. 

Dolly herself later responded to the honor, writing online that: "I try to put my money where my heart is. I will do my best to do good things with this money.  Thank you." 

Unfortunately the move wasn't viewed positively by everyone, including Twitter user @owillis, who pointed out that the move wasn't totally generous. "Jeff Bezos is rolling out the news of his philanthropy by associating himself with Dolly Parton, who everyone loves, two weeks before Thanksgiving. it is very hard not to see the strings being pulled here," he explained. 

"And look, if people benefit from his PR stunt, thats great. But let us be clear about what is being done and manipulated here too," he wrote in a follow up tweet

Willis later explained that part of his beef with Bezos was the way he treats his employees. "[It's] the public perception of one of the richest people on the planet who has a long history of his employees working in poor conditions while he and his company are undertaxed," he wrote, referring to the claims that working conditions in many Amazon fulfillment centers are unsafe.

Other people agreed that the move seemed suspicious. "'It's not charity if you talk about it' — Joe Robbie, original owner of the Miami Dolphins," Twitter user @MisterTSB wrote in the comments section. "Plus the proportion of his wealth this represents is like me giving her, what, $10? $100?" @Sarcasmorator wondered. "Yes, I realize I've been manipulated, but the good Dolly will do with that money is worth it," @SoulBirdr chimed in. 

We have no doubts that Dolly will put the money to good use. Thank goodness for that.