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The Internet Jokes That November 3 Is the New Halloween After Beyoncé Shares Her Incredible “Proud Family” Costume Late

The Carter family crushed it.

What day is Halloween? If you said October 31 you'd be dead wrong. It's actually November 3, as declared by Queen Bey herself and her husband Jay-Z, who posted their family Halloween costume late and had people on the internet joking that we needed to move the holiday back a few days. 

Leave it to Bey to make a surprise drop that had everyone talking. The musician shared a photo of her family's costumes on her Instagram page @beyonce, and there's so much to talk about. 

Are our eyes deceiving us or is that a pitch-perfect Proud Family costume? You might remember that Beyoncé and her sister Solange actually sang the theme song for the Disney channel classic. "Family every single day and night," she wrote in the caption, which happens to be a line from the song. 

In the photo, Bey portrays both Sugar Mama and Trudy Proud. While Jay is doing his own spin on Oscar Proud. Five-year-old twins Rumi and Sir portray twins BeBe and CeCe, People reports. And of course, big sister Blue Ivy, 10, is the protagonist Penny Proud.

Because of the Beyoncé of it all, people in the comments section were going crazy over the costume reveal. "ONLY BEYONCE CAN POST 3 days AFTER HALLOWEEN," wrote one commenter. "OMG THEY FINALLY DID IT I CANTT" another commenter exclaimed. "Today is Halloween, Beyoncé said so. I have no problem with this," Chicago morning show host Kendra G. joked.

Although another person asked the real question we were wondering: "Lmaoo now why didn't you just ask Ms. Tina to play grandma?" they asked. 

Obviously, Beyoncé's mom Tina had other Halloween plans. But we really love that Bey got goofy in the photo and decided to play both roles. And that's why they call her the Queen!