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Woman “Settles” Debate Over Which “White Movie House” Is Ultimate Goals

Do you agree?

When you think of the white house what do you imagine? If you said the presidential home in Washington D.C., you'd be wrong in the eyes of one TikToker. To @theredheadedwitch there's really only one answer to this question — and you'll crack up when you see which white house she chose. 

TikToker Autumn made her case after seeing many videos where people shared their favorite dream houses from movies or TV. But to her there is one movie house that rises about the rest: "the Practical Magic house," she said. Hard agree!

"Everyone and their mother wanted this house," she continued. "The kitchen? Stunning. The greenhouse? For all of your herbal needs," she added. She also pointed out the house's incredible views — and yep, we have to agree. 

Some people in the comments section totally saw what Autumn was saying. "And everyone’s heart broke when they realized that house never existed. You can’t even visit the site because it was just an exterior set," @headonfirepod wrote, shattering all of our dreams forever. "My favorite story is that Barbara Streisand actually inquired to purchase it and when she learned it was a facade she was really disappointed," @toadsquare added. "Knew it even before the picture came up," @photojoejoe chimed in.

While other people had totally different opinions on what the best movie home is. "It’s the Charmed house for me (from the original series)," @thebridgetproject wrote. "Okay but the Spellman home from the Sabrina Netflix series," @sky_blue73 argued. I know they weren’t witches but I was OBSESSED with Max and Dani’s house in Hocus Pocus! I wanted a lookout in my room like Max had!" @kaitlyn_johnson127 exclaimed. 

Hmmm. It's difficult for us to say which house is the best for sure, but we definitely wouldn't mind living in any of them.