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People are Stunned By How Dark Things Were BTS of "Barney and Friends" in New Documentary

People hated Barney?!

When you hear the words "Barney documentary," you'd expect something sweet and heartwarming right? Well buckle up, because Peacock just dropped a new documentary about everyone's favorite dinosaur — and it's so much more twisted than we could've ever imagined. 

A copy of the trailer made its way to TikTok, where people were just as stunned as we were that things were not what they seemed. Take a look at the clip, later shared by Tannai (@tannaistvguide). 

The video makes several disturbing revelations — including the fact that some people really, really hated Barney. "[Some people] couldn't accept that this was just a show, and so let the bashing begin," the Today Show's Al Roker says in the video. "They were violent and explicit," one voiceover says from off-camera. "...death and dismemberment of my family," it continues. 

"They were going to come and find me, and kill me," another man said in the footage. 

This is bananas! Who could ever hate Barney? "I honestly wish you never told me about this," Tannai joked in the video's onscreen caption. 

With over 1.4 million views, people in the comments section were just as shocked as we were. "I will not tolerate Barney slander, he raised me," @mysterious.lee wrote. "OMG I loved him where is this coming from," @godmade96 agreed. "Can they not ruin my childhood forever?!? Thanks," @xolala chimed in.

Now we're really stoked to see what happens. I Love You, You Hate Me is now streaming on Peacock.