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TikToker Claims to Know the Real Reason Teddi Left "Bachelor in Paradise" and it's So Upsetting

People were big mad in the comments section.

Ahh, Paradise. It's that time of year again when Bachelor Nation heads to Sayulia, Mexico to see our favorite past contestants try and find love with each other. But while we don't always expect relationships to work out, is it possible that the Bachelor in Paradise production team did one contestant dirty? A new video on TikTok seems to say yes. 

The tea was spilled by TikTok creator and podcaster @morganptalks, who got all the details from fellow TikTok creator @zacharyreality during a recent interview. 

"Did you know that Teddi (Wright) was just going to up and leave?" Morgan asked in the clip. "Yeah, so what I was told months ago is that Teddi basically left because the producers told her she was only allowed to be into Andrew," Zachary claimed "They really wanted her and Andrew and Brandon and Serene as the top two couples. And that the second that she showed any interest in someone else, they were like, 'nope, you're not allowed to go on a date with Rodney. You have to be with Andrew,'" he recalled. "They apparently treated her pretty horribly. She that's why she left." 

Of course this is alleged behavior, but if this is true that would totally turn this whole season on its head. 

People in the comments section were furious. "Now her exit makes more sense.. I'd be upset if I were her too," @itshaleyyyyw wrote. "I thought maybe the production team told her to do a love triangle but she didn’t want to hurt Andrew so she left," @dbee1028 guessed. "I’m glad you guys can speak out about this since she probably can’t due to contracts. This deserves to be known," @melody6887 added. 

This would be so terrible especially knowing how torn up Teddi was about breaking up with Andrew. Here's hoping she goes off and finds her match now that she's home.