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Woman Has Interesting Theory About Disney’s “Atlantis” Characters

You might not remember the Disney movie Atlantis, but for many of us it's a cult classic. Now one woman on TikTok is sharing a totally cool theory about the '00s Disney movie — and TBH, we totally missed this when we were kids. 

We can honestly say our minds were completely blown by the video that TikTok creator @twistedsavvy recently posted. Take a look and see for yourself.

"Okay, so I'm watching Atlantis and how did I not realize this as a child," she can be heard saying from behind the camera. The footage shows the character Preston Whitmore speaking with the lead, Milo, about the special relationship he had with his grandfather. "I said, 'Thatch if you could actually find that so-called journal, not only will I finance the expedition, but I'll kiss you full on the mouth," Whitmore says. "Imagine my embarrassment when he found the darn thing." And yep, there is a photo of the two sharing a smooch.

Whitmore goes on to talk about how much he misses Milo's grandfather and @twistedsavvy seems to think there was something romantic going on between the two. "That one kiss made them a couple," she said. "Who has a painting of two men shaking hands over a fireplace?" she asked. "Oh yeah, they were in love." 

The video has since been watched over 110,000 times and people were all in on this theory. "And history will call them just friends," @dragonflydone joked. "Oh my God. He wants to clear his lovers name and legacy," @shewrex added. "And the only reason he never met him was because Grandpa didn't want to burden him with the truth in that time," @pandarose181941 explained. "I mean if it was one of the smaller pictures to the side it could easily be just an important moment between friends or business partners. But that big and dead center? They were a couple," @perpetualgendercrisis agreed. 

This is exactly why we love the internet. You really do learn something new everyday.