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You Are Not Going to Believe Who the Original Gomez Addams Actor Was a Dad to IRL

This is legitimately mind-blowing.

There's nothing like finding out that two actors in Hollywood are related. For instance, we're still so surprised that Jenny and Melissa McCarthy are cousins! But a man on TikTok completely blew our minds when he revealed that an actor that we really love is related to the John Astin (you know, the man who originally played Gomez Addams?). Take a look!

In all fairness, TikTok creator Jacob Whitfield (@jakethenpc) seemed just as surprised as we were to learn of the connection between the two actors. 

 "So which one of ya'll was going to tell me that the original Gomez Addams, John Astin, is the father of Samwise flippin' Gamgee," he said in the clip. Yep, you read that right. It's Lord of the Rings star, Sean Astin. "Who was going to tell me that?" he repeated. "Were you hiding this? You think you could hide it from me for long?" He added. "Did you know this?" he asked in the caption. 

People in the comments section were just as stunned. "*Shocked Pikachu face,*" @turtledoveh wrote. "I was today years old," @colevanders added. "EXCUSE ME?" @rockstarandegg exclaimed.

Although other people were already in the loop. "Not only that, but Gomez was his *chosen* father. He adopted Sean when he married his mom and Sean took his last name," @sufru16 explained. "I met Sean Astin at a con and I was wearing an Addams Fam tee. When he saw me he said, 'That’s my dad!!'" @shopmonstermorales shared. "Well if you don’t know. Sean’s mom is Patty Duke so…now you know," @melranette chimed in. 

Okay, well we definitely didn't know any of this. Thank god for the internet. We learn something new everyday!