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Anya Taylor-Joy Jokes She Has "No Time for Cooking" on New Movie "The Menu" Red Carpet

She is no Julian Slowik.

In another example of an actress really playing against type, Anya Taylor-Joy is coming clean about her own culinary prowess on the red carpet of her new movie The Menu. Let's just say she won't be competing on Top Chef anytime soon. 

Technically, Taylor-Joy's character isn't one of the elite chefs behind the kitchen doors in her new film. But she had the most hilarious answer when an interviewer asked if she was a fan of getting her Ratatouille on in the kitchen.

The actress wasn't messing around when asked by Page Six if she liked to cook.

"It’s just more that it doesn’t really interest me,” she explained to the news outlet on Tuesday, November 15  “I’m not going to lie to you. I feel like we have delivery, we have takeout.”

The actress then joked that she can't do much more than boil water. Fair enough! 

But just because she's not a wiz in the kitchen, it doesn't mean that she doesn't appreciate a good meal.

“I’m somebody who gets hanxious — hungry [and] anxious — so I just have to eat something,” she said. “I need to eat regularly, so I need something to fill my stomach, I don’t care what it is," she added. 

To be fair to Anya, her co-star Nicolas Hoult isn't that much better when it comes to cooking. 

"I’m reasonable, I can follow a recipe,” he said, but added that he is by no means a "foodie" like his character, Tyler.

“I enjoy eating. The character I play is very obnoxious and irritating [about food],” he explained. 

People on Twitter were cracking up over Taylor-Joy's blunt answer. "Literally me," wrote on person in the comments section. "She's so real," another commenter praised. "Honestly same girl; hate cooking with a passion," a third commenter admitted.

Yep, not everyone loves to spend time over a pot of boiling water. That's why they invented GrubHub after all!