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Antoni from "Queer Eye" Has a New Cooking Show on Netflix — and it's Total 90s Nostalgia

BRB, getting our Easy-Bake ovens from our mom's attic.

We all fell in love with Antoni Porowski as the cooking expert on Queer Eye. But a new show on Netflix has us totally cheering. Can you say Easy-Bake Oven cooking competition? Antoni + cooking + our favorite '90s toy = yes please! 

The amazing news was shared by Netflix on their TikTok page @netflix and features one of the most fun jingles we've ever heard. See for yourself in the video below!

Oh my god! This is like the slumber party of our dreams. Check out how cute and pink everything is. "From the home of Nailed it! and Is it Cake? A brand new cooking competition and it's Easy-Bake!" a woman sings. "Battle. It's Easy-Bake Battle, they're just trying to make it rhyme," Antoni jokingly interjects. 

This looks so. darn. good. And we weren't the only ones who thought so. "LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH ALREADY!!!!" @grace.delorme exclaimed. "I HAD A PURPLE ONE AND I MADE TINY CUPCAKES ALL THE TIME," @madelynchristie seemed to shout. "OMG I USED TO USE THESE ALL THE TIME," @thatoneagenderkid008 shared. 

According to Variety, the competition will feature home chefs as they go head-to-head trying to make both sweet and savory treats. Of course, the big caveat is that they'll only had one cooking tool to get the job done: an Easy-Bake oven. Winners have the opportunity to win over $25,000 per battle and has the chance to win up to $100,000 as they progress in the competition. 

“We got to know Antoni on Queer Eye, and we always knew there was more to do with him,” Netflix VP of nonfiction content Jenn Levy told the news outlet. “He makes food super accessible.”

But if you're a Queer Eye mega-fan don't stress! The new season has finished filming and will be released later this fall. Sweet!