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Angelina Jolie is a Proud Mom Spending Time With Daughter Zahara at the Spelman Homecoming

She's such a good mom.

Like every parent who sent their child off to college this year, Angelina Jolie is going into full college mom mode. The Maleficent star was caught celebrating Homecoming Weekend at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter Zahara. And the pictures are just the sweetest. 

All of Twitter was in a complete tizzy over the photos, which shows a smiling Angelina and Zahara having the time of their lives last weekend. 

The photos were later shared by the Everything Georgia Twitter account (@GAFollowers). "Angelina Jolie was OUTSIDE with her daughter Zahara at Spelhouse Homecoming this past weekend," the caption reads. These two are practically glowing! 

The duo was captured by other students on campus, who were just as thrilled to see the movie star walking around the quad. 

"Angelina Jolie just casually walking around with her daughter at Spelman during Homecoming," wrote @coco_michelle__.

"#Spelhousehomecoming was a blast, topped off by a cool moment meeting #AngelinaJolie on campus with our daughters!" @LGSermons added. 

Okay, so obviously this was super cool for everyone involved. But people on Twitter were just happy to see Jolie supporting her kid. 

"I love Angelina Jolie being so supportive of her daughter at Spelman. These spaces are so sacred to us so prioritizing her daughter’s experience while immersing herself is just so special," wrote @Bffoxxx. "I love how involved she is with her daughters choice to attend a HBCU. She didn’t just send her there to get an education. She’s not afraid to come on campus and get involved and support her daughters life as a young Black woman," @Trixxi06. "Woww she’s so big now I feel like I haven’t seen a pic of her daughter in years and now she’s in college!" @__JayyJ wrote of the now grown-up Zahara.

We love seeing an involved celebrity parent!