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Amelia Dimoldenberg of "Chicken Shop Date" Asks Andrew Garfield Out on a Date and TBH We Wish it Was Us


We hope you don't judge us for admitting we're positively green with envy after watching a recent viral video on Twitter. That's because comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg got to shoot her shot with Hollywood heartthrob Andrew Garfield — and he didn't exactly say no. (To be fair, he didn't exactly say yes either.) But now the flirty exchange has left us feeling totally jealous.

You might know Dimoldenberg from her internet show "Chicken Shop Date" where she hilariously asks celebrities to meet her at a chicken shop and has the most awkward dates with them. But this time, the internet celebrity took her act to the red carpet of the GQ Man of the Year awards.

Dimoldenberg was working the red carpet when none-other than Andrew Garfield walked by. And she wasn't going to let the opportunity pass her by to ask him out on a date. 

"I've been trying to get a date with you for a while," Dimoldenberg boldly told him in the video shared by the @FilmUpdates Twitter account.

"I have not gotten that," he answered. 

"I'm asking you out right now," she continued. 

"You do date a lot of people.." Garfield countered, alluding to the many "dates" she's had on her show. 

"Yeah, and?" she volleyed back. 

Garfield later told Dimoldenberg that she looked beautiful...after she had to tell him he looked good first. Oof. Sorry girl, that's never a good sign. 

The whole exchange is equal parts awkward and adorable, which is exactly what Dimoldenberg's show is all about. "Andrew Garfield on Chicken Shop Date WHEN," the caption of the tweet reads.

The comments section could sense the discomfort. "I felt so uneasy watching this," wrote one person on Twitter. "Why was I blushing watching this?" another commenter wondered. "Ok Andrew Garfield is hot AF, but not gonna lie, I'm a little embarrassed for that interviewer...she's trying too hard.." someone else chimed in. "

Thankfully, we don't think Dimoldenberg took the brush off too hard.