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Former Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Breaks Down Over Death of Her Beloved Costar

She remembers him well.

Actress Amy Jo Johnson is paying a heartbreaking tribute to her fellow Power Rangers castmate Jason David Frank who was reported dead on November 20. Frank was a monumental figure to many kids in the '90s, who grew up watching him portray the Green Power Ranger. Understandably, Franks passing was the more personal to Johnson and her grief really shows in the video she shared to Instagram.

Johnson was the Pink Power Ranger back in the '90s and the two former co-stars clearly kept in touch. 

Right as the video starts, Johnson breaks down in tears. "I don't know I just thought I'd come on here and just say hi," she said through sobs. "Just thinking about Jason a lot and I hope you guys are okay. I know how much you all meant to him. It's just so sad today," she explained. 

"I know all of you are so sad — f—k it sucks," she continued. "I just thought that maybe someone of you just needed a place for a second, just to take a moment of silence of something," she said. 

So many people wrote in with their condolences to Johnson. "For me this situation is so sad. Never in my life could I meet JDF. And I have the worst feeling in the world, of never having been able to tell him how much he loved him," wrote one person. "Thought I was done crying…nope. This hurts so much. Thank you for this. Thank you," another commenter praised. 

Johnson and Frank's fellow Power Ranger co-star, Walter Jones (aka, the Black Power Ranger) even wrote in and told Johnson to keep heart. "Hang in Amy J! This swirl we are going through is crazy!!!" he wrote.

According to Page Six, Frank was only 49 years old and allegedly died via suicide after getting into a disagreement with his estranged wife Tammie Frank on Saturday, November 19. More details of Frank's death have yet to be revealed. He is survived by his wife and four children Jenna, Hunter, Jacob and Skye.