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"Abbott Elementary" Just Did Their Halloween Episode and the Costumes Have People Online Cracking Up

We can't stop thinking about Janine's costume.

Okay, how perfect is the show Abbott Elementary? It's the perfect workplace comedy — plus, Gritty. As the show has taught us, you never want to deny the majesty that is Gritty. So of course we'll be tuning in when the show airs their Halloween episode tonight. 

Stills from the episode made their way to Twitter, where people were totally all about them. Fair warning, there are some pretty gentle spoilers for tonight's episode.

"Halloween #AbbottElementary tonight. We win," @KyloCool630 wrote. There is so much to unpack here. 

Ava is Storm, Melissa is the Wanda from WandaVision (aka, the Scarlett Witch), Barbara is a spelling bee (awww)... And well, then there's Janine's costume: Philadelphia 76er's Point Guard James Harden. Absolutely *chef's kiss*.

In fact on TikTok creator Tris (@trisa_3) called the costume absolutely "spot on" in a recent video. "It’s the exaggeration of the beard…." she joked in the caption.

With over 800,000 views, people online clearly got a kick out of it too. "[Show creator and actress] Quinta is a genius I am CACKLING!!!" @hallk121 exclaimed. "Like you cannot tell me this isn’t actually James Harden," @racqthebelle teased. "Quinta has always loved a good bit," @maymaqui added. "Lol no because I never knew Janine would do this. But sis is extra though," @aleexfoster kidded.

"The moment I saw this picture I really wanted James Harden to see it," TikToker Tris said in her video. And the internet delivered. The basketball player himself re-tweeted the photo and gave it his seal of approval with a crying-laughing emoji. 

Just two Philly legends sharing a laugh. 

The Halloween episode of Abbott Elementary "Candy Zombies" airs tonight on ABC at 9 pm EST.