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"Emily the Criminal" (2022) Movie Review

This "Emily The Criminal" (2022) Review Just Stole…Your Heart! Starring Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, and Dinosaurs! Directed by John Patton Ford!


"Resurrection" (2022): Movie Review.

This "Resurrection" (2022) Mixes Condiments! What’s In That Mustard Bottle? Starring Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth! Directed by Andrew Semans!


3 Modern Indian Thriller Movies to Watch at Least Once

A good thriller movie should make you uneasy and that uneasiness should continue to bother you right until the very end. It should be simple in the plot as viewers have not come to solve puzzles. And lastly, it should be unique and unrepeatable.


Fantasia 2022: "Next Door" Review

Chan-woo takes one break from studying and has one drink before waking up next to a dead body without any idea of how it got there. Next Door capitalizes on the hectic tension we'd likely all experience in that situation and makes it so much worse while also making it captivating and hilarious.


"The Sixth Secret" (2022): Movie Review

This "The Sixth Secret" (2022) Movie Review Will Give You Seven Secrets Or Fewer! Starring Triin Lellep, Gregory Defleur, and Ben Walton-Jones! Directed by Mart Sander!


"The Lie" (2018): Movie Review:

"The Lie" is a psychological thriller about a teenager and her parents' seemingly helpful behavior that results from a murder mystery.


"Torn Hearts" (2022): Movie Review

This "Torn Hearts" (2022) Movie Review Will Groom Your Neighbor’s Favorite Pet! Starring Katey Segal, Abby Quinn, and Alexxis Lemire! Directed by Brea Grant!


"The Innocents" (2022) Review: A Story-Driven and Tensely Foreboding Norwegian Thriller

"The Innocents" brings maturity to the superhero genre. While superhero films often toy with being darker, "The Innocents" prioritizes a solid story structure over special effects and a slow build-up that leads to a payoff that is as intriguing as it is polarizing.


“Firestarter” (2022) Review: The Good and The Bad

"Firestarter" had the potential to become something like the movie "It" (2017), but falls far short.


"KIMI" (2022) Movie Review: The Good and The Bad

Steven Soderbergh's KIMI is a 2022 American thriller film (Logan Lucky). Zoe Kravitz (The Batman), Rita Wilson (Jingle All the Way), and others feature in the film. On February 10, 2022, it was launched on HBO Max/HBO Go.


"Last Looks" (2022) Review: A Bland, Overstuffed Mystery

A retired cop, a drunk actor, and a slew of semi-intriguing side characters. Last Looks is a mystery that isn't really worth solving even if all the players seem worthwhile from the start. Charlie Hunnam and Mel Gibson save the film from being a complete disaster.


Movie Review: “The Woman in the Window”

This is a non-spoiler review of “The Woman in the Window” starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, and more!


Cinematography Breakdown: "No Country for Old Men" (2007)

This article breaks down the cinematography in "No Country for Old Men."


"The French Connection" (1971) Review

The French Connection, directed by William Friedkin. Starring Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider, Fernando Rey, and Tony Lo Bianco. A review.


"Panic Room": Crafting the Perfect Thriller

This article explains why David Fincher's "Panic Room" deserves more admiration.


Review: "The Little Things"

Denzel Washington stars in a moody and brooding whodunit murder mystery that features terrific performances from its leads that distract from an uneven and slow-moving plot.


'The Pool' (2018) Review: A Crocodile Egg on the Face of Entertainment

"The Pool" had a crazy buzz at Fantastic Fest, but took almost another year to be widely available for American audiences. It's cheap, poorly written, and amateurishly acted. The low-grade CGI crocodile is absolutely the highlight.


Review: "Inferno" (2016)

This is a non-spoiler review of "Inferno" starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Ben Foster, and more!


Movie Review: “The Coldest Game”

This is a non-spoiler review of “The Coldest Game” starring Bill Pullman, Lotte Verbeek, Aleksey Serebryakov, and more!


'Come to Daddy' (2020) Review: The Hunt for Raisin Eyes

With a limited theatrical run and a debut on demand and streaming, Ant Thompson's Come to Daddy is a layered thriller filled with insane humor and horrific moments. And yes, Elijah Wood may or may not have a killer sense of style in it.


Movie Review: "Secret Obsession"

This is a non-spoiler review of "Secret Obsession" starring Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert, and more!


Movie Review: “Joker”

This is a non-spoiler review of “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and more!


Movie Review: “Fractured”

This is a non-spoiler review of “Fractured” starring Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe, Lucy Capri, and more!


Are the Batman and the Joker Actually Brothers?

Are the Batman and Joker brothers? We say yes, with plenty of evidence from the movie Joker (2019). This article contains spoilers.


65 Facts About the Unparalleled 007, James Bond

Enjoy these amazing facts about James Bond, 007.


"Fractured" Movie Review

Following up his taut 2018 political thriller "Beirut, director Brad Anderson offers up "Fractured" starring Sam Worthington. Read my full review of the Netflix thriller.


'The Fanatic' Review: Misery Loves Company

Crazed fan Moose (John Travolta) scoots and sputters his way into action star Hunter Dunbar's (Devon Sawa) life. From the mind of Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, "The Fanatic" is 100-minutes of pure, unfiltered anxiety.


Top 10 Gritty Movies Like 'A Simple Favor'

Are you looking for movies like A Simple Favor? You've come to the right place.


Top 10 Cruel Movies Like 'Escape Room'

Are you looking for movies like Escape Room? You've come to the right place.


Movie Review: 'The Prestige' (2006)

Two rival magicians try to outdo each other throughout their lives. This leads to the murder of magician Robert Angier. How will this end? Will either Alfred or Robert fall because of their obsession with each other? Is this movie worth your time and money? Let's find out!


'Serenity' (2019) Movie Review

Baker Dill is a simple man living on a tropical island running a small fishing business. One day he is given a deadly proposition to kill a woman's husband for 10 million dollars. Does he choose to accept her offer or will he decline so he may continue the chase for something else he truly desires?


'Who Killed Cock Robin?' (2019) Review

The 2017 Taiwanese psychological thriller directed by Cheng Wei-Hao and starring Kaiser Chuang, Ko Chia-Yen, Mason Lee, and Christopher Ming-Shun Lee is now available on most VOD platforms.


'Bird Box' Review

If you see die.


Top 11 Mind-Boggling Movies Like 'Source Code'

Are you looking for movies like Source Code? You've come to the right place.


Movie Review - M. Night Shyamalan's Glass

I review M. Night Shyamalan's conclusion to his movies 'Unbreakable' and 'Split,' 'Glass.'


'Glass' (2019) Movie Review

The long awaited sequel to Unbreakable. Crumb and his split personalities are reigning terror again only to be thwarted by David Dunn. In the mix, they both wind up in a mental facility along with the diabolical Mr. Glass. Together, they must figure out if they're insane or superhuman.


"Glass" Movie Review

The conclusion to Shyamalan's grounded superhero trilogy has a great story and awesome build-up, but the ending left something to be desired. That sadly seems to be a running streak in his films since The Village. I give Glass a 3.5 out of 4.


Top 10 Unflinchingly Cruel Movies Like 'Sicario'

Are you looking for movies like Sicario? You've come to the right place.


Top 10 Cruelly Dark Movies Like 'Split'

Are you looking for movies like Split? You've come to the right place.


"Searching": Nathan's Movie Review

Shocking and full of surprising twists, Searching takes the format that Unfriended used but actually succeeded in its efforts. I give the film a 4 out of 4.


Netflix's 'Bird Box' Is Like 'The Happening' but Slightly Less Awful

I don't normally do negative reviews of movies, but I figured someone might find this amusing. Who knows? Here's my take on 'Bird Box' as compared to 'The Happening.'


'The River Wild' (1994) Is One of the Most Underrated Films of the 90s

The 1994 film 'The River Wild' stars Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep. Here's why this movie should have been more popular and is seriously underrated.


'A Simple Favor' (2018) Movie Review

Stephanie is a shy single mother who makes friends with another mother, Emily, who is extremely blunt as well as wealthy. One day, Emily goes missing, leaving Stephanie and Emily's husband to figure out where she disappeared to. From there, a set of twists and turns ensue in this mystery.


Marnie, a Movie by Alfred Hitchcock

'Marnie', by Alfred Hitchcock, is not an obvious noir film. Aside from the central female character, as distinct from the usual male, bright colour imbues the screen instead of monochrome. This article explores how Hitchcock used the devices of film noir to create an enduring and memorable movie.


'Death Note': A Movie Review

My review of supernatural horror movie 'Death Note' (2017) starring Nat Wolff as Light Turner and Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton.


Top 9 Twisted Movies Like Get Out That’ll Make You Scream

Are you looking for movies like Get Out? You have come to the right place.


"The Girl in the Spider's Web": Nathan's Movie Review

Yet another example of blatant disrespect to the author, or in this case, authors. Stick to the Swedish films and the books. The American films are getting everything wrong. I give the film a 2 out of 4.


Movie Review: “Searching”

This is a non-spoiler review of “Searching” starring John Cho, Debra Messing, Michelle La, and more!


Fantastic Fest Review: 'Between Worlds' (2018)

Between Worlds is the first film from Fantastic Fest 2018 that I watched and is one of the worst. Nic Cage sleazes up every frame of this thing while Franka Potente and Penelope Mitchell look on in dumbfounded disbelief.


"Lizzie" Movie Review

Lizzie blends historical fact with an intriguing and plausible theory of what actually happened the day the Bordens were murdered. Was it Lizzie? Was it the housemaid that left town during the trial? We may never know, but I certainly love this theory. I give the film a 4 out of 4.