Who's Who of the Minions (1st movie)

Updated on May 24, 2017

For those who are not familiar (where have you been?!) minions are small, yellow, cylindrical-shaped characters in the movies Despicable Me. Their wide-eyed enthusiast towards life and bizarre innocence make them lovable characters for viewers. The estimate number of all minions working for evil mastermind Gru is 899, however, there are only a few main minions who constantly get direct command from Gru.


The most distinctive feature that Dave has is probably his combed hair. While the other minions usually have spiky hair, Dave's hair is neatly parted in the middle and combed sideways a la 90's geeks.

Viewers will remember the two-eyed minion from the first Despicable Me when Gru was telling the minions of his next great plan. When the minions whipped out their weapons, Dave proceed to arm himself with a rocket launcher.

Memorable quote: "Ditto."


Kind of looks like Dave with his combed hair, Stuart has only one eyes. He also looks shorter than other minions (or is it chubbier?).

Stuart wasn't featured a lot in the first Despicable Me, but on the second movie, he draws quite a lot of attention when he disguised as a girl.

Memorable quote: "OOOOHHHH, Stuffed Crust."


It's not clear, but it seems like there are two Jerries in Despicable Me. Although both of them have two eyes and spiky hair, the one in the second movie is shorter and plumper. Ah well, perhaps he ate too much banana.

Some of you might remember him as Stuart's BFF and accompanied him to look after the children when Gru was busy with his master plan in the first movie.

Memorable quote: "Whaaa!?"


Kevin is one-eyed minion, like Stuart and Phil. He was accidentally shrunk with the shrink ray in the first movie.

In the second movie, there's another minion named Kevin with two eyes and tall. It is still debatable whether it's the same Kevin.


Carl is the one-eye minion who really likes to make noises. When Gru's office was on fire, he was the one who took the initiative to be the fire siren.

He's also the model of Cheetos painting by Jason Baalman to commemorate Despicable Me 2 worldwide release.

Memorable quote: "Bee do bee do."


Probably the plumpest minion out there, Jorge is proud of his body. Maybe that's why he doesn't mind making copies of his butt.

Memorable quote: "Eh eh eh... BUTT!"


The leader of Tim-Phil-Mark trio, he disguised as minion father when they shopped for Agnes' unicorn.

Tim is easily recognised with his slim figure and tall body (his long, spiky hair is adding to the height!).


Phil is a sweet minion with a kind and caring heart. When the trio didn't manage to find Agnes a new toy, he made one for her instead. Whether a master of disguise or just love to dress up, he was in a full maid dress in the second movie. As if the normal disguise is not enough, he had one eye in the first movie, but then two eyes in the second movie.

Memorable quote: "Yak balado... Papoi." (Here we go.. Your unicorn).

Let us know which one is your favourite minion in the comment section!
Let us know which one is your favourite minion in the comment section!


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    • Eva Berlin profile image

      Eva Berlin 4 months ago

      Yeah, it annoys me too :/

    • profile image

      Mark Charles 4 months ago

      Why is there so many minions with same names and different descriptions ? Example; Bob is a one-eyed minion with a uke? other articles state it is Stuart, Kevin ect.. They cant even keep their own characters straight so how are us big kids supposed?

    • profile image

      izz 5 months ago

      carl is da best!

    • profile image

      Robert Greishaw 8 months ago

      My favorite is Bob because I am Robert and my wife is Bobbie

    • profile image

      Anonymous 9 months ago

      Mel is my favourite

    • profile image

      Minions 9 months ago

      I just got a stuffed animal minion and it is Stuart

    • profile image

      Philip M. Pinkus 10 months ago

      Of course my favorite is PHIL!

    • profile image

      Brooke 12 months ago

      I want this minion in the arcade and has one eye what should I name it

    • Eva Berlin profile image

      Eva Berlin 16 months ago

      It's Bob!

    • profile image

      Paula 17 months ago

      I have one with two eyes, one green & one brown. Who is he? I just love all these little guys!

    • profile image

      Troy&Ashley 18 months ago

      King Bob and Stuart are our favs.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 19 months ago from Singapore

      I love Dave most. If just for his hair. :)

    • Eva Berlin profile image

      Eva Berlin 23 months ago

      Oh noooooo.. Sorry about that. For some reasons, the creator changed him for the 2nd movie: http://despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Kevin_(Despicab...

    • profile image

      Jon 2 years ago

      Sooo i just lost a battle with my 4 year old!! Your site says Kevin has one eye, and he doesnt.

    • profile image

      abhiram 3 years ago

      My favorite minion is stuart .He is so cute and adorable