"Artemis Fowl" Review

Based on a book series, Disney's next franchise attempts to fly high with a conceptually interesting premise, gorgeous visuals and atmospheric music. Unfortunately, the film immediately falls flat on its face with a dull execution, weak comedy and a cast ranging from generic to unlikable characters.


"The Vast of Night" Movie Review

In the history of baseball, only 29 hitters have ever cracked a home run off the very first pitch they saw in the Major Leagues. With his debut feature The Vast of Night (now streaming free on Amazon Prime), director Andrew Patterson has accomplished an equivalent feat in the film world...


Should I Watch..? 'Dark Star'

John Carpenter's directorial debut may be a glorified student project but it bears many of his hallmarks that would become his signatures during a long and productive career. Benjamin Cox treats himself to a genuine cult curiousity...


"I Am Mother" (2019) Movie Review

The dystopian sci-fi thriller poses heavy questions on the affects of the human race on the environment, and touches on the growing sense of technophobia felt by modern society. The film boasts a sleek look and feel, but fails to keep you on your toes in the way you would expect from the genre.


'Predator 2' (1990) A Concrete Jungle Movie Review

The first movie... A classic! The second movie... should have also been a classic! Why isn't it? Well there's only one way to find out. Talking about the movie. Duh! So do you wanna do it? Let's do it. C'mon! Don't be chicken. I promise it'll be fine. Might have some fun. Just do it... Please?


Let's Talk About... Star Wars!

Star Wars has been a huge part of pop culture for the last forty years and now stands as one of the most controversial topics on the internet with opinions split right down the middle. Shall we discuss this? With a little help from lifelong Star Wars fan interviewees, let's talk about Star Wars!


Review: "Ad Astra"

Ad Astra at first glance can seem like more of the same in terms of previous space exploration films, but its approach is completely different. It focuses solely on the main character and is a harrowing and intimate story about the relationship between father and son.

War for the Planet of the Apes

This is my film review of War for the Planet of the Apes, the final film in the trilogy. This review looks at this film as it is on its own, as well as part of the trilogy and also how it links in with the original series of films. This review looks at cinematography as well as acting and music.


"Ad Astra" Movie Review

Feeling like an exquisitely blended concoction of Apocalypse Now and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (with, perhaps, a dash of 2001), writer-director James Gray’s spooky and stunning Ad Astra is a heady, mind-trip of a film—a slow-burn anchored by what may be Brad Pitt’s most compelling work to ...


'Men in Black: International' (2019) Movie Review

The Men AND Women in Black are back at it again in this ALL NEW, TOTALLY ORIGINAL summer blockbuster extravaganza! I'm lying, this is garbage. There's nothing new or original to this, it is a modern summer movie to pay no mind to and pass the time until something better pops on.