"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Movie Review

Updated on April 13, 2018
Star Wars: The last Jedi (Movie Poster)
Star Wars: The last Jedi (Movie Poster) | Source

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Caution, May Contain Spoilers)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out in December of 2017. There were a lot of developments made in the movie in my opinion. One being the blossoming relationship of "Reylo" which is the ship between Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey. Along with the fact that the force does not solely belong to the Jedi themselves anymore.

I was not happy, however, to see the rebellion standing on their last legs. Yes, true, at the end of the movie they escape on the Millennium Falcon to find shelter on another planet, but they have very few resources left and not enough people to even still have much of a rebellion. There could come a change though between now and the last movie of the trilogy.

I will say that the whole force bond thing with Kylo and Rey really had me by surprise, along with every other Reylo scene in the movie. I had not expected so much to happen with them, since the last time we saw them in The Force Awakens, they were trying to kill each other, but now, as we see them in the throne room scene, they were killing for each other. Oh and let's not forget the fact that Kylo killed Snoke for Rey, even though some people will say that he killed him for power, he still could have killed Rey but he didn't.

There were other blossoming relationships in the movie also, one of them being Finn and Rose, another being that of Poe Dameron and his beloved droid. I believe that the relationship between Finn and Rose was created solely for the purpose to get Finn away from Rey. In the last movie, we saw Finn and Rey as the start of a possible couple, but when the force bond between Rey and Kylo happened, they had to find someone else for Finn.

Rose Tico, in my opinion, was not a needed character in the movie, and neither was Vice Admiral Holdo. They were just added characters that did not play an important part in the plot of the movie in any way. I know that Holdo was the one who crashed into the star destroyer ship, but I think that that might have been the only reason she existed in the movie. As for Rose, as I said earlier, the only reason she exists is for Finn to have someone because Rey will probably be with Kylo Ren in the next movie.

As for the death of Luke Skywalker, it didn't really need to happen. The only one left from the original trilogy is Chewbacca now. They did not yet kill off Princess Leia in The Last Jedi, so that might produce problems in the next coming film. Now, since the Jedi are able to come back to their padawans as force ghosts, I'm sure that Luke will come back to talk to Rey or even Kylo in the future. However, Han Solo was never a Jedi, so he will probably never make a reappearance in the trilogy unless it is some sort of flashback or memory.

There weren't many problems with the storyline in The Last Jedi, except for one minor plot hole. If the Tree on the island burned, along with the ancient texts inside of them, then how did they end up on the Millineum Falcon? I'm not quite sure if there were other copies because Luke did say that they were "one of a kind". Of course, that is unless Rey had stolen them from here she saw them, which still doesn't make much sense, as we only see her enter that place once. Still, it is a theory that is possible.
I will say that the special effects in this movie were absolutely stunning to watch in a theatre. There were three main points that stood out to me though....

  • The Throne Room Scene
  • The Rebellion's Escape Scene
  • Holdo's Crash into the Ships Scene

All of these scenes were done remarkably well and the timing for some of them was perfect too. The only problem that I had with the CGI was the way the Fathiers looked. They were a little bit more animated looking than the porgs or the Vulptex. Other than that, the computerization in the movie was great and it looked pretty cool.

Reylo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Reylo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Source

Overall, I think that the movie was great. I had very few problems with the storyline, and I highly recommend it for any action/adventure or Syfy/fiction type movie lover. It's not exactly a family movie for younger kiddos, but it's a good movie nonetheless. I would rate it at about a 7.5/10.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave a comment or contact me if you did not like something that was put into this review.

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