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Watching "The Advent Calendar" Made Me Feel Like a Grinch

Although I admit I’ve seen worse, I wouldn’t recommend "The Advent Calendar" unless you’re looking to waste ninety minutes of your life.


Fantasia 2022: "Legions" Review

Despite a few janky special effects, Legions is an extraordinary blend of absurd comedy and riveting supernatural horror. The film features a massively cool werewolf like demon obsessed with blood during a blood moon and a jaw ripping sequence that is a must-see.


4 Horror Movies Like "Nope" With 4 Letters In the Title!

4 Horror Movies Like "Nope" With 4 Letters in the Title! Should you read this? Yep! Starring French People and Italian People and Hearing Impaired People!


"The Black Phone" (2022) Review: A Juvenile Curtain Call of Death

Joe Hill's "The Black Phone" is now a major motion picture thanks to Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. With a delightfully sinister turn from Ethan Hawke and an incredible performance from Madeleine McGraw, "The Black Phone" mostly delivers, yet teases a bit more than it should.


Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations Since 2000

The five best Stephen King film adaptations since the year 2000.


"Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" (2000) Review: Examining a Troubled Sequel

Remembering the fumbled first sequel to "The Blair Witch Project"


"Men" (2022): Movie Review

"Men" is one of the most grotesque, unnerving, and bizarre horror movies dealing with grief and personal demons. *SPOILER ALERT*


"Men" (2022) Review: A Bizarre, Graphic, and Unforgettable Folk Horror Film

Alex Garland returns with an infuriatingly inconclusive horror film that is as brilliant as it is totally bizarre. "Men" is chock full of beautiful music and cinematography with stunning performances and an ending that will make your brain do backflips trying to make sense of it.


The Things She Carries: "Men" (2022) Film Review

Alex Garland's "Men" explores themes of grief, mistrust, and misogyny through a relentlessly unnerving and grotesque narrative.


"You Won't Be Alone" (2022) Review: Horror That Is More Than Skin Deep

Goran Stolevski has crafted a unique horror film for his directorial debut. You Won't Be Alone sees an innocent girl given a devilish power as she wears different skins to experience a normal human life.


Camp Tries Contemporary: "The Seed" (2022) Review

Sam Walker's campy alien invasion flick asks what would happen if E.T. was a total creep.


Growing Pains: "Hellbender" (2022) Review

Growing up is tough, especially when you have to learn that you're secretly an animalistic witch-creature.


Going Nowhere: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2022) Review

In "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2022), a group of overly confident Millenials face-off against a scorned murderer, bent on avenging his mother and protecting his home. You think you've seen it before, and you probably have.


The "Texas Chainsaw" Franchise Needs to Die

The newest "Texas Chainsaw" film has been released on Netflix, and boy oh boy, if it isn't proof this franchise needs to end, I don't know what is.


"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2022) Review: Tearing the Face Off of a Horror Franchise

The ninth entry in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is now streaming on Netflix. Written by the guys that brought us the Evil Dead remake and the Don't Breathe films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a ton of potential but is really just a bloated, faceless corpse of a horror film.


A Critique of Bram Stoker’s "Dracula" and F. W. Murnau’s "Nosferatu"

Dracula is a cornerstone of gothic literature. The novel played off Victorian fears and old superstitions. "Nosferatu" borrowed from the novel, and the company that made the silent film got in trouble for not getting the rights from Stoker's late wife.


"Scream" (2022) Review: Movies Make Psychos More Imitative

The first Scream film to be made without Wes Craven's involvement and the first new film in the franchise in over a decade. Ghostface returns to Woodsboro for his bloodiest outing yet.


"Scream" (2022) - Does This "Requel" Work?

The newest "requel" in the horror genre, "Scream" (2022) is a film that follows the franchise's satirical roots to comment on the many tropes of horror movies. But does this franchise still work 25 years after the original?


"Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" (2021) - Review

A review of the most film adaptation of "Resident Evil."


10 Must-Watch Christmas Horror Movies

Halloween may be over, but the spooky season is just getting started.


9 Infamous Real Houses From Iconic Horror & Halloween Movies

Check out some of the real life houses that served as sets & exterior shots for iconic horror and Halloween movies.


15 Horror Movies With Ridiculous Titles

The line that divides horror and comedy is often very thin. Check out this list of 15 horror films with titles so ridiculous that you won't believe that they're actual movies!


Ranking the "Halloween" Movies

Michael Myers is on the loose? Not so groovy, baby. Find out which Myers flicks are the scariest below.


Ranking the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Movies

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... but how scary was he when he showed up? Time to decide.


Ranking the "Friday the 13th" Movies

Jason Voorhees has been a busy bee over the years, but which of his movies rank the highest? Let's find out.


"Fear Street" Trilogy Review

After a series of brutal slayings, a teen and her friends take on an evil force that's plagued their notorious town for centuries. Welcome to Shadyside.


5 Disturbing Movies for Horror Fans Who Think They've Seen It All

Think you've seen everything? Looking for a horror movie that pushes the envelope? Check out this spoiler-free list of five extremely disturbing films that will haunt and horrify even veterans of the genre.


"Demonic" (2021) Review: A Comatose Dream World

South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp resurfaces with a demon possessing horror film that has potential, but it never overcomes its low budget woes.


Ranking the "Scream" Movies 1-5

What’s your favorite scary movie? I rank the "Scream" films 1-5.


"A Quiet Place Part II" Review

Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world.


"Fear Street Part 2: 1978" (2021) A '70s Slasher-ific Movie Review

The 'Fear Street' book series by R.L. Stine has garnered plenty acclaim from a loyal cult following over the years. Now it's getting the Hollywood treatment with a brand new cinematic trilogy to be released over three week period. Let's find out if these new film adaptations are worth our time!


"Fear Street Part 1: 1994" (2021) A '90s Slasher-rific Movie Review

The 'Fear Street' book series by R.L. Stine has garnered plenty acclaim from a loyal cult following over the years. Now it's getting the Hollywood treatment with a brand new cinematic trilogy to be released over three week period. Let's find out if these new film adaptations are worth our time!


Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses"

This is my first entry (hopefully!) on a series of articles dedicated to notable directorial debuts.


The Conjuring Universe Films Ranked

Looking for The Conjuring movie ranked list? Here is one I made from worst to best within The Conjuring Universe, including the newest entry, "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It."


On Shreco Bakari: A Glimpse Inside "The Ominous Universe"

Shreco Bakari is proving to be a whirlwind in the horror genre, shaking foundations with his "Ominous Universe." While promoting his new film "Carnage," Shreco sat down with me for a small interview.


"The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" (2021) A Satanically Exorcised Movie Review

"The Conjuring" is a franchise that's been scaring the crap out of people for nearly a decade now. Does this third official entry in the "Conjuring" series stack up against its two terrifying predecessors? Why don't you join me in my review and find out if we have the perfect horror trilogy!


"The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" Review

"The Conjuring" franchise has been financially successful and generally well-received. How does the third installment rank against the others?


The "Insidious" Franchise and Why Paranormal Horror Isn't Scary

This article outlines the plot of "Insidious Chapter 1," discusses its shortcomings, and finally reflects on the entirety of the paranormal horror genre and how "Insidious" is a perfect example of its failure to be scary.


"A Quiet Place Part II" - Was It Worth the Wait?

This is a review of the long-anticipated sequel to John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place." Was it worth the wait?


"Skull: The Mask" (2021) Review - Empty, Heart Removal Horror

A schlocky Brazilian horror film with tons of gore can't save "Skull: The Mask" from feeling like an underacted, poorly written mess. How many wrestling moves can you squeeze into a horror film? "Skull: The Mask" has the answer for you.


"Army of the Dead" (2021) A Deadly Snyder Movie Review

Zack Snyder is back with an all new zombie epic! His first time officially back into the horror genre since his 2004 remake of 'Dawn of the Dead.' Will this be as beloved? Let's talk about it!


The Deadliest Killers in Japanese Horror Films

Japanese horror films have long terrified worldwide audiences with vengeful ghosts and murderous demons. Here are the deadliest killers ever from J-horror.


Coppola's "Dracula": Sexualizing the Vampire in a Horrific Way

Coppola's take at the "Dracula" story is a striking one, yet it is one that emphasized vampires' sexual natures long before "Twilight" hit stores.


Ranking "The Conjuring" Universe 1-8

I rank "The Conjuring" universe movies 1 through 8.


Movie Review: "Things Heard & Seen"

This is a non-spoiler review of "Things Heard & Seen" starring Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, Natalia Dyer, and more!


"Bloodthirsty" (2021) Review: A Mostly Were-Worthless Werewolf Film

This a horror movie that only teases werewolf carnage and transformations. However, "Bloodthirsty" is way more meaningful than it has any right to be, especially for a horror film.


"An American Werewolf in London" - Werewolf Horror at Its Finest

This is a review of 1981's "An American Werewolf in London," a film that checks all of the boxes on my list of what makes werewolves great.


'Paranormal Activity' - The Main Source of the Found-Footage Problem

Is 'Paranormal Activity' the epitome of everything that's wrong with the found footage subgenre of horror? Possibly.


'Society' - Horror Through Imagery

This is an exploration of how imagery can truly make a horror movie great, using Brian Yuzna's "Society" as an example.


Hallucinogenic Horror: Gaspar Noé's "Climax"

Why you should watch Gaspar Noe's hallucinogenic horror "Climax" (2018).