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"The Beach House" Movie Review

Getting its release in the heart of summer during a global pandemic certainly doesn’t hurt director Jeffrey A. Brown’s debut feature The Beach House from feeling particularly timely and relevant. And though there are certainly a handful of decent scares and a solid, pervading air of uneasiness...


'Candyman' (1992) A Sweetened Movie Review

'Candyman' is beloved by horror fans all around the globe and I'm certainly one of the many. Seeing how there's a remake on its way into the public soon... MAYBE... It seems to me that it might be time to take a look back at what made this early '90s horror flick so special!


"The Invisible Man" Movie Review

In a time when “horror movie” has come to mean paranormal things crawling across a ceiling or spooks providing cheap jump-scares as they pounce out of a closet, it’s easy for an excellent, truly terrifying film like The Invisible Man to stand out. The film is credited as being based on the 1897 ...


"Fantasy Island" Movie Review

As a movie critic (admittedly a semi-professional, less-than-part-time one), I feel at least a mild obligation to stick with a movie until the credits roll. Even recent dreck like Cats, Serenity, and Dolittle had a redeeming factor or two (and if not, I harbored a tiny, warped sense of curiosity...