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Should I Watch..? 'Rashomon'

Akira Kurosawa's breakthrough hit didn't just bring him to international recognition but shone on a light on Japanese cinema as a whole. Quite a claim for any film, but Benjamin Cox reckons that such a reputation is deserved, for once.


7 Genre-Blending Retro Wuxia Movies

7 genre-blending retro Wuxia movies that are as weird as they are thrilling. In some cases, a hilarious barrel of laughs too.


Should I Watch..? 'Yojimbo'

Akira Kurosawa's classic samurai film celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021 and is rightfully hailed as one of the director's very best films. Benjamin Cox is still trying to work out who Jimbo is.


Fellini 100 - "8 1/2"

Celebrating a century of the great Federico Fellini and his career-long collaboration with genius composer Nino Rota. Let's take a closer listen to two great pieces of film scoring in the cult classic '8 1/2'.


9 Xianxia Movies to Watch If You Love Chinese Fantasy Stories

Xianxia movies are medieval Chinese sagas featuring supernatural battles and characters. They are a must-watch if you enjoy Chinese fantasy stories.


Five Great Norwegian Films

A brief look at five great films from Norway.


Five Great Australian Films

A brief look at five great films from Australia.


7 Hong Kong Exploitation Movies From the 80s That You Might Want to Avoid

Unless you have a really strong stomach for gore, rape, and the downright gruesome, you might want to give these 7 Hong Kong exploitation movies from the 80s a miss.


'20th Century Boys' Trilogy: Become One With This Universal Editorial

Based on the long running manga by Naoki Urasawa, 20th Century Boys is a mediocre transition from the page to the big screen but there are some high points. Friend is generally pretty awesome, the music is great, and there are a couple of stand out performances.


Five Great South Korean Films

A look at five great films from South Korea.


Park Chanwook’s Trifecta of Korean Revenge Movies

The Vengeance Trilogy consists of three critically-acclaimed films that made their mark in Korean cinema. They are independent of each other but share the same theme—revenge and retribution—and flawless direction from the award winning Korean director, Park Chanwook.


'The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil' (2019) Review: A War Between Wolves Leaves No Scraps

Writer/director Lee Won-tae introduces a corrupt city at the whim of a sophisticated serial killer while a broken gangster and a cop with a short-fuse temper attempt to join forces to capture him. Starring Ma Dong-seok, Kim Mu-yeol, and Kim Sung-kyu.


"Train to Busan" Film Review

A horror fable about social status. Train to Busan is horrible and hilarious at the same time. It's a terrifying idea and it's difficult not to think of Snowpiercer as an influence. A frantic train ride.


Should I Watch..? 'Shoplifters'

En route to Japan for a recent holiday, it only seemed fitting to indulge with a recent award-winning film from that country. Benjamin Cox turned the dubbing off and liked what he saw.


Top 10 Must See Korean Movies

Do you like Korean movies? This top 10 must-see Korean movies list includes some of the most popular and successful ones! You will find your next favorite movie for sure: action, thriller or horror genre, with original and twisted plots. There's so much to choose from!


Top 10 Korean Romantic Comedy Movies

Do you like Korean romantic comedies? This top 10 list includes some of the most popular, funny Korean romantic comedy movies! There's no doubt they will make you laugh your head off but also have deep and meaningful issues and a lot of sweetness!


'One Cut of the Dead' Review

The greatest blooper reel of them all. A Japanse low-budget zombie comedy with some interesting plot twists that will please the fans.


'Burning' (Beoning) Spoiler Review

Burning (Beoning) Spoiler Review. The film tells the story of Jong-su, who bumps into a girl he used to know. She asks him to look after her cat while in Africa. When she returns with the mysterious Ben, everything changes. Theories, answers & explanations of the film.


Should I Watch..? 'Fist of Fury'

With the recent passing of movie mogul Raymond Chow, Benjamin Cox looks back at arguably his greatest gift - introducing the world to the iconic Bruce Lee and revolutionised martial-arts forever.


'Ip Man 3' Review

Ip Man 3 tells the story of how a band of brutal gangsters make a play to take over a local school. Master Ip is forced to take a stand against Frank, a crooked property developer. This is not the final story in the Ip Man franchise. There are two more to come.


'Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster' Review

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster is streaming from most Netflix catalogs. If you love Asian action movies centred around the glory of martial arts and always wanted to know who would win between Wing Chun and boxing, then you shouldn't miss this one.


'Ip Man' Review: Why You Need to Watch It If You're a Bruce Lee Fan

The original Ip Man released in 2008 and tells the story of master Ip Man, a teacher of Wing Chun. It's director Wilson Yip wanted to develop a biographical movie based on the martial arts teacher and his life.


Top 90 Hindi Movies of the 1990s

These are the best Bollywood movies from the 90s, listed in chronological order. The list has movies from all genres, be it romantic, comedy, action, or even art. This list has it all.


'Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days' Review

The sequel to Kim Yong-hwa's South Korean action fantasy drama lacks the emotional wallop of the original film, but still provides a fascinating look at what awaits us after we die.


Top 20 Best Bollywood Hindi Movies

You can feed your Bollywood fever with my list of the 20 Best Bollywood Hindi movies! I also included trailers, best scenes or video songs to this list in order to help you decide what movie to choose. You can even watch some movies here!


Should I Watch..? 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'

The film that came to define modern Asian cinema created such an impact in the West that it continues to inspire and influence. Benjamin Cox revisits a genuine game-changer.


The Influence Behind the Inspiring 'Battle Royale'

An analysis of the socio-cultural influences behind Kinji Fukasuku's Battle Royale.


Irreversible (2002) : Final Scene Analysis

This article intends to offer an interpretation of Gasper Noe's brutally honest work of art Irreversible. It will be offering my meaning making of the plot and the possible interpretation to the ambiguity that made this movie.


Review Recollection: 'Electric Dragon 80,000 V' (2001)

One of the weirdest, loudest, craziest, and most amazing 55-minute Japanese films to ever be released. Tadanobu Asano is pretty great in general, but give him an electric guitar and a lizard infatuation and he's even more awesome.


Review Recollection - 13: Game of Death (2008)

A Thai horror comedy that redefines the desperation an average man faces when faced with the opportunity of becoming wealthy in an instant. Can one be pushed too far? Is any one task too revolting and too gruesome to complete?


Some Dark Foreign Cinema You May Have Missed

Hi everyone, this my first article so I thought I would focus on some dark and disturbing foreign cinema you my have missed. I sure hope you all enjoy.


5 Italian Movies Every American Film-Lover Should Watch

Italian Cinema. Two words that go together beautifully. It can be tough watching a foreign film but the themes, music, and acting in these 5 Italian films are enough to make anyone fall in love with "Il Cinema Italiano."


My Top 10 Japanese Horror Films

Japan's film culture has always been an eccentric one, but where their bizarre imaginations really shine, in my opinion, is in their horror cinema. This article is my personal list of the best films.


'Operation Red Sea' (2018) Review

The sort-of, not-really sequel to Operation Mekong has Dante Lam returning to write and direct and Zhang Hanyu comes back to not do much of anything.


Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) Review

Writer and director Kim Yong-hwa's fantasy drama is a sentimental expedition stuffed with impeccable acting, creative cinematography, and gorgeous special effects.


'The Wailing' (2016) Review and Explanation

Do you know your different religions well enough to spot all the clues in this Korean horror story about good vs evil? Even if you don't, you might still take something away from the movie. This is an explanation and review for The Wailing. Watch it on Netflix.


'The Road Home' (1999) Movie Review

Prompted by the death of his father and the grief of his mother, a man recalls the story of how they met in flashback - IMDB.


'Together' (2002) Movie Review

A violin prodigy and his father travel to Beijing, where the father seeks the means to his son's success while the son struggles to accept the path laid before him -- IMDB.


'Farewell My Concubine' (1993) Movie Review

The story of two men, who met as apprentices in the Peking Opera, and stayed friends for over 50 years-IMDB. 5/5.


'A World Without Thieves' (2004) Movie Review

A con-team couple head west after taking a city businessman for his BMW. But an encounter with a naive young carpenter travelling home with his life savings challenges their fate—IMDB. 2.5/5.


'Train to Busan'-A South Korean Zombie Masterpiece

I've watched many zombie films, they are among my favorite genres. But a horror film you could watch with someone who isn't into horror and gore? A movie that may make you choke up? Yes, this is it.


'I Am A Hero' Film Review: A Japanese Zombie Triumph

A Japanese Manga themed movie with a very likeable protagonist and a unique take on how zombies behave. Watch it if you want to see another way to look at them.


A Taxi Driver (2017) Review

A South Korean drama centered around the Gwangju Democratization Movement of 1980. Song Kang-ho stars.


10 Underrated Bollywood Movies You Must Watch

Sometimes, the best of movies are the least recognized ones. Here's a list of 10 Bollywood movies that deserve more attention and praise.


7 Awesome Chinese Movies You Do Not Want to Miss

7 must-watch Chinese movies that will give you a historical, cultural, or spiritual glimpse of China.


Film Review: No Regrets for Our Youth

A review of Akira Kurosawa's 1946 drama


Film Review: The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail

A review of Akira Kurosawa's 1945 drama


Top 5 Scariest Found Footage Films From Japan

If you think all the ripoffs of the Blairwitch Project and Paranormal Activity are no longer scary, you can thank Japan as they have taken to the subgenre like ducks to a pond. Here are 5 of the best:


Ded Na Si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead): Superstitions in Filipino Culture

Ded Na Si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead) is an indie movie with a hilarious way of depicting Filipino superstitious beliefs surrounding the dead, as well as the resolution of some family issues.