"The One and Only Ivan" Movie Review

Based on the 2013 Newberry Medal-winning children’s book by Katherine Applegate, The One and Only Ivan is the latest original offering from Disney+, and though it may prove a gentle diversion for kids (and parents) as the summer winds down, it has all the staying power of an August breeze...


"Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made" Movie Review

With 29 million subscribers in its first three months, Disney+ has clearly chiseled itself a nice little chunk of the streaming market. While most subscribers, I’ll warrant, are there for the back catalog of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar flicks, the channel’s original content is quickly...


Movie Reivew: "The Lion King" (2019)

Simba is the future Lion King of the Pride Lands. He wants to go to the Elephant Graveyard, a place forbidden to him by his father Mufasa. His actions have unexpected consequences for him and his father. Is this live-action adaptation worth your time and money? Let's find out!


'The Lion King' (2019) A Ranting Movie Review

1994 was a year that wowed a nation with the now classic animation, 'The Lion King.' Fifteen years later, Disney has added the title to their long line of live-action remakes. Does it pay respect to the original justly or does it pale in comparison? Let's talk about it!


"Noelle" Movie Review

On one level, I suppose we should all just be thankful (especially during this joyous holiday season) that Disney has graced the world with an actual original movie and not a remake, sequel, reboot, or yet another live-action version of one of their animated classics. And though Noelle—the first...


"The Lion King (2019)" Movie Review

There was once a time that Disney was widely regarded as a paragon of ingenuity and creativity. Chief among the surest things in Hollywood were the latest Disney film’s fantastic animation, super-memorable characters, and brilliant story. And starting with 1989’s The Little Mermaid, the ...


"Aladdin (2019)" Movie Review

In the current climate of living green and sustainability, it’s at least somewhat comforting that Disney has taken the concept of recycling and run with it. And though I’m not sure this is the kind of recycling environmentalists have in mind, the Mouse House can at least earn partial credit, right?


"Dumbo (2019)" Movie Review

At one point in Dumbo—Disney’s ill-advised live-action remake of its own 1941 classic—a potential circus investor turns to a colleague and exclaims, “Wow, what a disaster!” As tempting as it is to end this review right there, I’ll soldier on. Going into Dumbo, as you see Tim Burton’s name on the ...


"Mary Poppins Returns" Movie Review

It’s been a long 54 years since Julie Andrews floated down from the clouds as Mary Poppins (LBJ was president, The Beatles were singing “A Hard Day’s Night”, milk was under a buck, etc.), which begs the question, “Do we really need to return to Cherry Tree Lane?” Unsurprisingly, Disney thinks...


'Mary Poppins Returns' (2018) Movie Review

It's been a couple decades since Mary Poppins originally looked after the Banks children. Now that they've grown and Michael has children of his own, Poppins is back to help the Banks family through their current struggles in life with magic and proper care.


The Grinch - A Christmas Character Analysis

The story of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' is a cherished holiday tale known worldwide. The reason being, in my opinion, is that there is so much we can relate with Grinch when the stressful holiday season comes around. In this article, I take a look at the Grinch and his personality.


"The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" Movie Review

If there ever was a no-brainer in the history of cinema, it would be a Disney-fied version of The Nutcracker at the outset of the holiday season, with ballet goddess Misty Copeland appearing alongside Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and Morgan Freeman. There’s no way the folks at Disney could mess...


"Christopher Robin" Movie Review

As Disney has proven time and again, if you run out of ideas for movies, all you need to do is dust off an old animated classic and re-do it as a live-action film, and—presto!—you’re off and running. Fortunately this not-so-startling lack of originality has paid off for the most part, giving us ...