"Radioactive" Movie Review

After years (heck, decades) of being a “Where have I seen her before?” actor on this side of the Atlantic, Rosamund Pike may now (finally) be getting some of the recognition that she’s long enjoyed in her native England. Perhaps best known Stateside for her Oscar-nominated role in 2014’s Gone...


Should I Watch..? '365 Days' (2020)

Given how massively popular this film has become on Netflix since the global lockdown, one would assume that it's a quality product. Of course, Benjamin Cox knows all too well that that's not the way things work...


"Greyhound" Movie Review

If there’s such a thing as a good ol’-fashioned war movie, Greyhound fits the bill. Starring, written and produced by Tom Hanks, the film (streaming on Apple TV+) is an economical yet highly-charged World War II-set matinee flick. All that’s missing is the fake-butter popcorn and the sticky floor...


8 Romantic Movies for Every Occasion

In the everlasting world of cinema, there is a movie for every romantic scenario in your life, whether it be a gut-wrenching heartbreak or summer romance or an LDR. Luckily for you, I have compiled all my favorites in one list for you to find the one perfectly representative of your story.


Should I Watch..? 'Amazing Grace' (2006)

Perhaps now more than ever, this earnest look at the life of abolitionist William Wilberforce is required viewing for school children as well as less enlightened folk. Benjamin Cox is sad that this story is still relevant, centuries later.


"Da 5 Bloods" Movie Review

Even if Spike Lee’s fantastic new film Da 5 Bloods hadn’t debuted this week (on Netflix), it still would be one of the most powerful and resonant films of the year. Arriving as it does, however, in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests and national unrest, helps it hit home that much more...


"To the Stars" Movie Review

When director Martha Stephens took her fourth feature out on the festival circuit in 2019 (earning a Jury Prize for Best Narrative at the OUT at the Movies International LGBT Film Fest along the way), it was presented in black and white. It was a fitting choice, given that To the Stars is set in...


"Sergio" Movie Review

In 2009, filmmaker Greg Barker released the documentary Sergio about the fascinating life and untimely death of UN administrator Sergio de Mello. The film went on to be a festival darling, winning a handful of awards around the world while serving as both a eulogy for the diplomat and a ...


"Mine 9" Movie Review

Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2019 Arizona International Film Festival a year ago, writer-director Eddie Mensore’s Mine 9 finally gets its wide release this week (thank you, Netflix!). Following in the footsteps of 2015’s The 33 (about the 2010 real-life Chilean Mine collapse), Mensore’s ...


Movie Review: "Nowhere Boy"

An exploration of the 2010 film about John Lennon's life, adapted from a memoir written by Lennon's sister. This movie takes a deep look at familial relationships that shaped Lennon and has an interesting take on the relationship between Lennon and his mother.


"Stargirl" Movie Review

It’s been 20 years since author Jerry Spinelli introduced the world to Stargirl, the quirky, manic pixie dream girl who descends on an Arizona high school and then disappears just as quickly, without anyone really appreciating her impact. Though the inherent lessons about individuality and not ...


"Ride Like a Girl" Movie Review

The name Michelle Payne is little known (if at all) outside of Australia, but the pioneering jockey who broke into the male-dominated sport of horse racing and then became the first (and still only) woman to win the signature Melbourne Cup race is getting her due at the cineplex. (Well—via video...


"Lost Girls" Movie Review

One of the most famous unsolved American mysteries in recent years, the identity of the Long Island Serial Killer has long baffled authorities. Believed to have murdered somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen young women from 1996 to the early 2000s, the killer primarily targeted young ...


"The Night Clerk" Movie Review

Michael Cristofer’s resume includes a Pulitzer and a Tony (for 1977’s The Shadow Box), and awards from the Writers Guild (for the 2009 TV movie Georgia O'Keeffe) and Director’s Guild (for the 1998 HBO film Gia). In the wake of The Night Clerk, though, you may find yourself wondering why...


"10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up" Movie Review

At a surprisingly brief 74 minutes, writer-director Galt Niederhoffer’s 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up feels like it ends just as it gets going, but, as with the quirky relationship at its core, it turns out there’s the right amount of magic to sustain itself for the perfect amount of ...


"The Photograph" Movie Review

It’s a fairly sad commentary on the current state of the world that the Valentine’s Day offerings at the cineplex include a god-awfully stupid pseudo-horror reboot of a cheesy 80s show alongside a hundred-miles-an-hour, kid-tastic video game-inspired romp. What happened to, you know, love and ...


"Just Mercy" Movie Review

Even if you don’t know the story behind Just Mercy, the real-life legal drama that mirrors everything from To Kill a Mockingbird to A Time To Kill, you won’t have a hard time figuring out exactly what’s gonna happen at every step along the way. When you indeed know the exact destination of a ...


"1917" Movie Review

By now, the secret (if it ever qualified as one) is out. Director Sam Mendes’ World War I epic 1917 is made to appear as though it is (for the most part) one, long continuous shot. What could, though, be simply tossed aside as a gimmick included solely to get people talking about the film is ...


"Bombshell" Movie Review

He may have started out as a guy known for the broadest of broad humor—helming the Austin Powers trilogy and the first two Meet the Parents films—but Jay Roach has since evolved into one of the more incisive contemporary directors, particularly when it comes to real-life, politically-tinged....


"Little Women" Movie Review

Before writer-director Greta Gerwig took her shot, Louisa May Alcott’s classic 1868 novel Little Women had been adapted for the screen six times, including a silent film in 1917, the George Cukor-directed, Oscar-winning standard-bearer in 1933, and even a contemporary re-telling in 2018.


Review: "The Peanut Butter Falcon"

"The Peanut Butter Falcon" is an endearing film with plenty of heart that follows two people on two completely different paths, but together they find something in life that they both have been lacking


"The Farewell" Movie Review

If we’re lucky (and we usually are), any given year will provide two or three truly outstanding films that transcend all others and remind us why we go to the movies—why we pony up ten, fifteen bucks, munch grease-lubed popcorn, and tolerate the tool behind us whanging our seatback all too ...


"Marriage Story" Movie Review

It would be easily forgivable should you need a reminder that Scarlett Johansson is among the more talented actors working today. She has, after all, spent most of the past decade donning a catsuit and kicking ass as Black Widow in the Marvel Universe. Fun times, to be sure, but not exactly the ...


"The Irishman" Movie Review

In a match made in cinematic mobland heaven, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, and Joe Pesci come together under the guiding light of the great Martin Scorsese for a three-and-a-half-hour sprawling epic about the man who claims to have killed Jimmy Hoffa. It’s exactly what you would ...


Should I Watch..? 'Churchill'

In 2017, we were treated to not one but two biopics about Winston Churchill. But while 'Darkest Hour' scooped up the plaudits, this film very much went under the radar despite having an equally powerhouse performance from its lead actor. Benjamin Cox takes a closer look.


"Ford v Ferrari" Movie Review

Despite what you may think, you don’t need to be a speed freak or even a nominal car aficionado to get your motors revved by James Mangold’s full-throttle Ford v Ferrari. It may, in fact, be better if you’re not—the largely true-to-life film is eminently accessible for even the most novice ...