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"Unpregnant" Movie Review

It’s quite conceivable that Veronica (Haley Lu Richardson), the shoo-in valedictorian at her Missouri high school, has never failed a test in her life. When we meet her, however, in the opening frames of the HBO Max original Unpregnant, she’s not getting the result she wanted on a very different...


"Love, Guaranteed" Movie Review

For a movie that seems like something stolen directly from The Hallmark Channel’s production room (right down to the casting of Hallmark mainstay Rachel Leigh Cook), Netflix’s new cheeseball rom-com Love, Guaranteed actually has a few things going for it (not the least of which is, in fact, Cook)...


"Desperados" Movie Review

The worst thing about the new Netflix original Desperados isn’t the fact that it completely squanders all the goodwill that the streaming service has recently built up with fun originals like Always Be My Maybe, The Half of It, and the recent Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga...


'Blindspotting' (2018) - Film Review

'Blindspotting' is a comedy-drama movie that tackles some really serious and harrowing racial issues that have never been more relevant than right now. It does this in such an original and imaginative way, which makes for a fantastic movie!


"Military Wives" Movie Review

Twenty-two years after The Full Monty (and eleven since his last film, the ill-fated The Rocker), director Peter Cattaneo is back with Military Wives. Getting its wide debut on Hulu after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, the film dramatizes the creation of ...


"James vs. His Future Self" Movie Review

Ask anyone who’s ever time-traveled, and they’ll all tell you the same thing—never, under any circumstance, ever do anything that could mess up the space-time continuum. And that goes double when it comes to interacting with yourself from the future. Or the past. Or… whenever. All that goes ...


"Love Wedding Repeat" Movie Review

If you long for the 90s—when Euro-set rom-coms were all the rage (Only You, Love Actually, Forget Paris, etc.)—but wished they were infinitely more crass and included a Sliding Doors-esque alternate universe, well… I’m still not sure the Netflix original Love Wedding Repeat would be worth your ...


Should I Watch..? 'Big'

Was it coincidence that the film that brought Tom Hanks into mainstream attention was called 'Big'? Yes. However, the film itself is not to be overlooked as a distinctly adult Benjamin Cox now explains...


"Last Christmas" Movie Review

After eight years of destroying civilizations, executing armies, and scowling down on creation from high atop a fiery dragon, it’s nice to see Emilia Clarke smile. The Game of Thrones star has re-entered the rom-com world—following up 2016’s Me Before You—with Paul Feig’s laughy-weepie Last ...


"Jojo Rabbit" Movie Review

Not that it would be advisable at first glance, but if you could somehow cobble together a mash-up of Wes Anderson, Monthy Python, and The Diary of Anne Frank, you might find yourself in the neighborhood of Taika Waititi’s simultaneously whack-a-doo and gut-wrenching Jojo Rabbit. It may indeed ...


Should I Watch..? 'Bubba Ho-Tep'

The King might not be dead and is actually engaged in a battle with the undead? Now that's what I call a premise! Benjamin Cox looks at a true cult classic, an indie horror comedy that is much better than its low budget suggests.


"Zombieland: Double Tap" Movie Review

Ten years ago, as I was just starting out on my journey (notice I didn’t say “career”) as a movie critic, one of the first movies I reviewed was Ruben Fleischer’s genre mash-up Zombieland. At the time I gave it four and a half stars, praised it as “one of the year’s most truly entertaining ...


24 Kooky Facts About the Film "Beetlejuice"

Tim Burton's 1988 beloved cult classic film Beetlejuice stars Michael Keaton as the devious titular character. Since its release, the film has become a fan-favorite for Halloween. With an impressive cast including Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis, Beetlejuice became a smash hit.


Fantastic Fest 2019 Review: 'Wyrm'

Wyrm is that special kind of film that deserves to be seen by anyone and everyone. Hilarious with just the right amount of emotional trauma. Wyrm is a portrayal of the awkward kid's clumsy stumble into puberty and beyond. It is so incredibly moving and excellent. See it if you can.


Fantastic Fest 2019 Review: 'Deerskin'

Quentin Dupieux is a master of absurdity and he reels in The Artist's lead actor, Jean Dujardin, for an incredible performance in his latest film that is somehow charming despite being a compulsive liar and a serial killer. Deerskin is so insane and hilarious that it's brilliant.


Fantastic Fest 2019 Review: 'Jojo Rabbit'

I attended the 15th annual Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX for five of its eight days from September 19-23, 2019. Jojo Rabbit was one of the first films I saw. Releasing theatrically nationwide October 18, Taika Waititi is seriously one of the funniest and sincere filmmakers working today.