'Tenet' (2020) A Timely Movie Review

Christopher Nolan is a masterclass writer/director; can he save the cinemas from financially collapsing with his latest feature? Will his new film be the greatest of all greats and great the greatest great of great films?! I mean... Why don't you lovely readers hop on in here and find out?


'Man of Steel' (2013) A Swell Movie Review

Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' was the launch of the current DC cinematic universe, but was it a good one? It's been seven years now, so maybe a revisit is in order! Join me as I take a look at the good and not so good qualities that make up this origin story reboot.


'Green Lantern' (2011) An Enlightened Movie Review

The comic book movies of DC have made a turnaround lately with the fans, but things weren't looking so bright nearly a decade ago with the release of 2011's 'Green Lantern'. Is it possible that maybe we were too harsh? No. The answer is still no... But why don't we take a look as to why!


Should I Watch..? 'Wonder Woman'

The first female-led superhero film in years, this movie proved once and for all that such films could be successful at the box office. But is it any good? Benjamin Cox spins around quickly for a costume change and takes a look.


"Project Power" Movie Review

Take a couple of bankable stars, a directing duo whose last effort came out of nowhere to be considerably above average, and a premise that (at least on paper) has a decent amount of promise, and it would be hard to swing and miss, right? Netflix’s latest “original film” Project Power, however...


Should I Watch..? 'Bloodshot'

Vin Diesel's attempt at launching a comic book franchise of his own suffered the unfortunate luck of being released just a few weeks before society shut down due to the Coronavirus. But is this a diamond hidden in the rough? Benjamin Cox investigates.


Should I Watch..? 'Punisher: War Zone'

Marvel made a belated final attempt to make a decent Punisher movie before they stuck him in a TV show. But was it third time lucky or did this crash and burn like the others? Fan of the character Benjamin Cox digs a little deeper.


'Total Recall' (2012) A Pointless Movie Review

Paul Verhoeven's 1990 action classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best around... So how does the 2012 remake compare? Not great! But instead of letting it slide, why don't we have a little chat about it? Come on in and let's see what's wrong with this mediocre blunder!


Let's Talk About... The Best Action Movies of the 1990s!

Action movies... Who doesn't love them? Nobody, that's who! And if you don't, you concern me. Regardless, let's take a step back in time a couple decades to revisit what I consider to be a somewhat underrated decade for the action genre to see what the 1990s best and brightest action had to offer!