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Bollywood (Indian) Movies That Copy Hollywood

Updated on April 19, 2016

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Yup, apparently they need to copy posters too!
Yup, apparently they need to copy posters too!

Bollywood = Plagiarism knows no Bounds

Plagiarism is defined as the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions". Read more about it on Wikipedia.

For those of you unfamiliar with 'Bollywood', it is the Indian Film Industry. So basically, it serves to entertain the 2nd largest population in the world. Now that's a big responsibility and you'd think that they'd try to be original. But you'd be wrong. There's a fine line between getting inspired by the work of another person and plagiarizing it, sadly Bollywood seems unashamed in crossing that line repetitively.

Overtime I'll try to compile a complete list of all the plagiarized Bollywood movies in a hope to create awareness among people regarding this sad practice. Bollywood film makers seem to exploit the fact that many Indian viewers do not grasp the foreign accent properly and hence are not regular viewers of Hollywood. This creates an opportunity for dishonest Indian movie makers to imitate Hollywood movies without being criticized for doing so (instead they are appreciated for their efforts and these imitated films make good money at the box office).

Here Bollywood Copies a Swedish Movie:

Where do 'You' stand on the issue?

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Really sad imitation of one of the greatest movies of all times
Really sad imitation of one of the greatest movies of all times

1. The Godfather (1972) | Sarkar (2005)

The Godfather is the greatest movie there is. No doubt about it. 'Marlon Brando and Al Pacino', 'nuff said. The book 'Godfather' by Mario Puzo is a genius in itself. These are great works of arts and should've been left alone.

2. It happened one Night (1934) | Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi (1991)

A true scene-by-scene copy of Hollywood movie 'It happened one Night'. If you watch these two movies one after the other, you'll be amazed at how shamelessly the storyline and scenes have been imitated and the sad fact is that 'Dil Hai ki Manta nahi' was a huge hit in India.

Maybe 'Mahesh Bhatt' (the director) thought that he would get away with it because 'It happened one Night' is an old Hollywood classic (1934), so people wouldn't really notice. Well, he did get away with it, like in most of these cases.

3. Oldboy (2003) | Zinda (2006)

Apparently imitating Hollywood just wasn't enough, so out comes the indian film 'Zinda' which plagiarizes the story of 'Oldboy', a Korean movie about a guy who is kept in captivity for15 yearsand then given5 daysto figure out why he was kidnapped. In the Indian counter-part, the man is kept in captivity for14 yearsand given4 daysto figure out why he was kidnapped. That's about all the change they bothered to bring in 'Zinda'. It seems like'Sanjay Gupta'is mocking the Korean movie and is certain that such deceit would go unpunished. They probably thought that why bother thinking more than we have to, when the Indians are ready to accept the movie without much care about it being a rip off. Really sad.

Wikipedia states that "At a November 2005 press conference, Show East stated expressed concern that the film was similar to their film, Oldboy, and were investigating the similarities, noting that at the time, they did not have the final version of Zinda available to compare it with. They stated that if they did find there was "strong similarity between the two [films]", they would be contacting their lawyers." The Hindu reviewer Sudhish Kamath and Planet Bollywood reviewer Narbir Gosal both note in their reviews of Zinda that they found the two films to be very similar in terms of plot, as well as in the depiction of specific scenes".

But alas, no action was taken. It's like these fraudulent Indian film makers enjoy some impunity that we don't know about.

4. Bluestreak (1999) | Chor Machaaye Shor (2002)

Both of these movies have the same plot of a thief who steals a precious stone and hides it in a building before going to prison, when he comes out, it's a cop station. The Thief then poses as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole years ago.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) | Chachi 420 (1997)

Again the same story for both of these movies, after a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend secret time with his children held in custody by his Ex.

A List Of Other Such Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood:

Satte Pe Satta 1982 | Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 1954

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla 1986 | 12 Angry Men 1957

Khoon Bhari Maang 1988 | Return to Eden 1983

Tezaab 1988 | Streets of fire 1984

Agneepath 1990 | Scarface 1983

Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin 1991 | It Happened One Night 1934

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar 1992 | Breaking Away 1979

Chamatkar 1992 | Blackbeard's Ghost 1968

Ek Ladka Ek Ladki | 1992 Overboard 1987

Baazigar 1993 | A Kiss Before Dying 1991

Khal-Naaikaa 1993 | The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 1992

Yeh Dillagi 1994 | Sabrina 1954

Main Khiladi Tu Anari 1994 | The Hard Way 1991

Akele Hum Akele Tum 1995 | Kramer vs. Kramer 1979

Yaraana 1995 | Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Criminal 1995 | The Fugitive 1993

Rangeela- | Win a Date with Tadf Hamilton

Daraar 1996 | Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Agni Sakshi 1996 | Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Papi Gudia 1996 | Child's Play 1988

Deewana Mastana 1997 | What About Bob? 1991

Judwaa 1997 | Twin Dragons 1992

Chor machaye shor(1997) | Blue Streak

Chachi 420 1998 | Mrs. Doubtfire 1993

Ghulam 1998 | On the Waterfront 1954

Pyar To Hona Hi Tha | 1998 French Kiss 1995

Dushman 1998 | Eye for an Eye 1996

Sangharsh 1999 | The Silence of the Lambs 1991

Mohabbatein 2000 | Dead Poets Society 1989

Josh 2000 | West Side Story 1961

Bichhoo 2000 | Leon: The Professional 1994

Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega 2000 | While You Were Sleeping 1995

Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke 2000 | A Walk in the Clouds 1995

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye 2000 | The Wedding Singer 1998

Ajnabee 2001 | Consenting Adults 1992

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2001 | Fatal Attraction 1987

Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta 2001 | Liar Liar 1997

Kasoor 2001 | Jagged Edge 1985

Awara Paagal Deewana 2002 | The Whole Nine Yards 2000

Humraaz 2002 | A Perfect Murder 1998

Kaante 2002 | Reservoir Dogs 1992

Speed 2007 | Cellular 2004

Salaam-e-Ishq | Love Actually

Ta Ra Rum Pum 2007 | Days of Thunder 1990

Life In A Metro 2007 | The Apartment 1960

Fool n Final 2007 | Snatch 2000

Heyy Babyy 2007 | Three Men and a Baby 1987

Partner 2007 | Hitch 2005

The Train 2007 | Derailed 2005

Manorama Six Feet Under 2007 | Chinatown 1974

Welcome 2007 | Mickey Blue Eyes 1999

Race 2008 | Goodbye Lover 1998

u me aur hum(2008) | The Notebook + A Moment To Remember (korean)

Ugly Aur Pagli 2008 | My Sassy Girl 2001

Singh Is Kinng 2008 | Miracles 1989

Shaurya 2008 | A Few Good Men 1992

God Tussi Great Ho 2008 | Bruce Almighty 2003

Dostana 2008 | I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 2007

Dasvidaniya(2008) | Bucket list

Yuvvraaj 2008 | Rain Man 1988

Dil Bole Hadippa(2009) | She's the Man

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena 2005 | Confidence 2003

Garam Masala 2005 | Boeing Boeing 1965

Kyun Ki 2005 | One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975

Main Aisa Hi Hoon 2005 | I am Sam 2001

Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? 2005 | Cactus Flower 1969

Naina 2005 | The Eye 2002

Zeher 2005 | Out of Time 2003

Jurm 2005 | Double Jeopardy 1999

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye 2006 | Notting Hill 1999

Zinda 2006 | Oldboy 2003

Bas Ek Pal 2006 | Carne Trémula 1997

Rang De Basanti | All My Sons (1948) & Jesus of Montreal.

Naksha 2006 | The Rundown 2003

Phir Hera Pheri 2006 | Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998

Alag 2006 | Powder 1995

I See You 2006 | Just Like Heaven 2005

Tathastu 2006 | John Q 2002

Malamaal Weekly | 2006 Waking Ned 1998

Aap Ki Khatir 2006 | The Wedding Date 2003

Taxi No. 9211 2006 | Changing Lanes 2002

The Killer 2006 | Collateral 2004

Ek Ajnabee | Man On Fire (2004)

Krrish 2006 | Paycheck

Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin | 2002 Analyze This 1999

Chor Machaaye Shor 2002 | Blue Streak 1999

Baadshah(SRK starrer) | Nick Of Time, The Mask, Rush Hour, Mr. Nice Guy

Fareb | Unlawful Entry (1992)

Sauda | Indecent Proposal (1993) ,The Deal (2005)

Hum Hain Kamaal Ke | See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989).

Deewangee 2002 | Primal Fear 1996

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai 2002 | My Best Friend's Wedding 1997

Raaz 2002 | What Lies Beneath 2000

Ek Chhoti Si Love Story 2002 | A Short Film About Love 1998

Footpath 2003 | State of Grace 1990

3 Deewarein | The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Inteha 2003 | Fear 1996

Dhoom(2003)| The Fast and the Furious (2001) &Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Jism 2003 | Body Heat 1981

Koi Mil Gaya 2003 | E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982

Kucch To Hai 2003 | I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997

Qayamat: City Under Threat 2003 | The Rock 1996

Aetbaar 2004 | Fear 1996

Plan 2004 | Suicide Kings 1997

Saaya 2003 | Dragonfly 2002

Shukriya: Till Death Do Us Apart 2004 | Meet Joe Black 1998

Hum Tum 2004 | When Harry Met Sally 1989

Munnabhai MBBS(2003) | Patch Adams(1998)

Murder 2004 | Unfaithful 2002

Aitraaz 2004 | Disclosure 1994

Musafir 2004 | U-Turn 1997

Phir Milenge 2004 | Philadelphia 1993

Salaam Namaste | Nine Months

Paap 2004 | The Witness 1969

Black 2005 | The Miracle Worker 1962

Bunty Aur Babli 2005 | Bonnie & Clyde 1967

Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets 2005 | The Usual Suspects 1995

Sarkar 2005 | The Godfather 1972

Deewane Huye Pagal 2005 | There's Something About Mary 1998

Ek Ajnabee 2005 | Man on Fire 2004

The list is of plagiarism is long, I'll keep updating as I have no doubt Bollywood would keep copying from Hollywood (If you know any copied Bollywood movie that I have missed, mention in a comment and I'll add it after verifying) but the fact remains that they won't stop unless the people demand originality in the media and boycott plagiarized stuff. Imitation causes nothing but disgrace to the country.

A ray of hope remains in the form of a few original Bollywood people who actually sit down to make something novel and fresh.

A Request: Send this around to as many as you can so that Indian viewers realize what's happening and maybe, just maybe, demand originality.


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    • arunii profile image

      arunii 5 years ago from Delhi

      I can't beleive that Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi is copied from a hollywood film because i love this movie very much !

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 5 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      I suggest you watch the movie 'It happened one Night', you'll be sorry to notice that 'Dil hai ki manta nahi' is a complete copy of that hollywood film.

      OR just take my word for it, I've seen both.

    • Karina Garcia 4 years ago

      If they are going to make "remakes", they should pay for the right to do so. Remakes are not new, they're not illegal but they should go through all the steps just like anybody else. This would include, the permits, a percentage of the proceeds and of course the CREDITS!!!

    • Mohammed 4 years ago

      Completely agree with u dude.

      In my opinion, Zinda is the worst remake i've ever seen. Oldboy has got a justified story line.. but Zinda stands way down to core!!!

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Karina Garcia: Remakes? These are no remakes. Remakes are when you go through the proper procedure, like you mentioned. This is plain stealing. And why would they bother 'paying a percentage' or giving 'credits' when they know they can get away with it without doing either.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Its a well known fact that when Bollywood plagiarizes, their work is really mediocre and sucks in comparison to the original. The question is what are we, as viewers, gonna do about it.

    • fren 4 years ago

      Anyone will take movies gettin inspired, and if you write a normal story in that somethin will be same from many stories you cant say all movies are copied, is that only holly wood gets those same ideas and no Indian gets same ideas or thinkin, if you think like that even bible is copy from bhagavathgitha ,they will search for Jesus to kill when born, same Krishna they will search to kill him, movies are taken after inspiration not copied

    • fren 4 years ago

      In holly wood have to see expressions they don't have expressions same when angry sad or cryin they cant show expressions or even sayin I level you

    • Honesty#1 4 years ago

      Well done on this list. Keep it up. Really need to the Hollywood producers aware of this bad practice.

    • Sterlingshiva 4 years ago

      Well, Tarzan- the wonder car was pretty much inspired from the mystery thriller 'Christine' (1983)....

    • utf 4 years ago

      Ghajini and Memento

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      You can also add Baadshah to the list. It is a scene by scene copy of "If looks could kill" ( the first half of the movie where shahrukh is mistaken for a detective) and "nick of time" (second half of the movie where he has to kill the politician).

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      It's really sad that Barfi! is our entry for the Foreign Film Oscar.

      The film contains several jokes and scenes lifted from Hollywood films, especially The Notebook: The mother taking the daughter to see the man she loved but chose not to marry, based on which the daughter makes her choice. Final scene being the two lying together on a hospital bed, and talk about living life with your true love and passing away together.

      Also copied are Gone, Baby, Gone's girl not having actually died idea, COPS's ladder gag, Charlie Chaplin's Adventurer and City Lights 's sleeping on the statue and door gags, Singin' In The Rain's sofa dummy gag and nose twisting gags, Mr. Bean's painting gag, Mr. Nobody's car headlights turning out to be two bikes, Homealone's using mirror reflection to find who is at the door, Project A's bicycle scene, Japanese film Kikujiro and the Bollywood film Koshish (when Barfi is unable to hear his father's screams). The scene of Barfi reading a fat naked man's newspaper is taken from a Swedish Newspaper Advertisement.

    • Bollywood 4 years ago

      Actually, they copy/remake English movies because most Indians in India/etc.. don't understand English, some don't even read Hindi. So what you are saying is that they have no right to watch a movie they want to see, and can finally understand? WTF is your problem??! I barely watch those English movies because i prefer Hindi, i think they do it a much better way. It's like you watching a movie that you don't understand, but want to watch it, and it didn't have any subs. So quit bitching and just live w/ the facts (what ever they are).

    • :P 4 years ago

      take twin dragons off cos it's not hollywood

    • BW2500 4 years ago

      Big deal if its copy.!!. So what. Come on u ppl get a life. Enjoy the movies and mind ur own business. God!!! So what if scenes frm barfi r copied they made a great movie. Be proud it had gone to the oscars. Ppl who choose the movies to the oscars are nt dumb to choose bad movies. Barfi is excellent & appreciate the talent pls. Why dnt u all go make a so called original movie if ur so keen.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Bollywood : I can understand that some people do not understand the accent and do not like reading subs, but is that enough to justify such a shameful practice? It is intellectual property theft. And that's why all governments have laws against this. And don't get so aggressive over a list. It just shows that you have the maturity of a 12 year old. :)

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Be proud of a copied movie gone to the oscars? Are you kidding me? There's a reason why Indian movie producers never need to think of anything original, it's coz people like you will always gulp down anything thrown at them in the name of entertainment. And you would never bother about whether it's original. And About us making an original movie is concerned, we all have a part to play in life. And we are playing our part by demanding originality.

    • amrit 4 years ago

      its not just the movies,

      most of the music has been copied too. Im not talkin recent music either. Most of the so called 'golden hits' of yesteryears are nothing but beatles songs with hindi lyrics bwahahahahaha

      die bollywood

    • ash 4 years ago

      wow...dint realise so many movies were copied..oh well.. but we cannot deny we actually enjoyed most of them, right? works of fiction stem from imagination...and imagination stems from experience and inspiration. some of the movies u listed up there CONCEPT copies, not STORYLINE copies. like, krissh, or koi mil gaya or NOT justifying their actions, it IS wrong to copy and not give credit...but some of these movies were real good, and the chances of indians ever watching or even HEARING abt those english ones are close to nil. dont be so hard on the industry :)

    • Kalyan 4 years ago

      I watched Burfi for twice just to realize what good about it and believe me every time only one conclusion came out - it's crap movie; so boring compared to the original one(s) and Ranveer overacts as usual. Yeh, ppl who hardly watch a good movie and doesn't know the world outside Bollywood, may be for them it's a good movie! No wander we appreciate RD Burman (the greatest thief ever), Pritam (I'm trying to find if he has composed at least one single song originally), Anu Malik, etc etc. And whoever talking about oscar, they should know why all these bollywood movies get rejected at the final selection! And don't talk about the Indian jury and selection board. I'm sorry to say that they are not only dumb but shameless too!

    • Amit 4 years ago

      Ghajni Memento

      Players the italion job


      Chachi 420 mrs doubtfire



    • Rony 4 years ago

      Shame and fame when that goes together makes an imperfect mix. Copying, stealing and remaking without the knowledge of the original makers is a blatant plagiarism, and these maniacs have no shame at all. I have stopped watching bollywood- even feel ashamed of uttering this word, these creaky guys are labeling India and bollywood as "Chor". Did ayone remember Maine Pyar Kiya? Right from the beginning of this movie, even the first song is fully copied: ate jate, from steve wonders' I just call you to say I love you. and then the tune of Final countdown. Well, easy way out, just copy and paste who cares we Indians are used to faking.

    • Sam 4 years ago

      I never had an idea that plagiarism is a serious offence until one of my pal told me about it. he is a professor, and said that in academic, it is a highly committed sin and the plagiarist when caught is not only ridiculed in the public, but posted as a fraud and that ends his/her job whatever he is at. Plagiarism is entirely not at all tolerated in research and academics, and they have stringent punishments. so why bollywood should be spared when there is so much of plagiarism? according to the definition, copying more than 2 sentences is plagiarism, and folks, we are here talking about whole song or scripts ripped off.

      Visit this site and find what people all over the world are discussing about plagiarism:

      Let me quote from this site what they say :

      "suppose if someone steals a packet of pen and some else steals a bottle of costly wine in a supermarket, who would you let you away?"

    • Rony 4 years ago

      Great Job Pranshu, nice work really i would like to tell you. You are an eyeopener. Keep it up! 3 cheers...

    • Sam 4 years ago

      @Pranshu; keep exposing the culprits and let the people know what is right and what is wrong. cheers!!!

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Sam : Thanks Sam. Cheers! :)

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Thanks Rony. Cheers! :)

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      You are right Rony. Hopefully, people like you who demand honesty would bring a change in Indian movie standards someday :)

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Plagiarism is indeed a serious offense. I'm surprised how these Bollywood film makers are making millions of bucks dishonestly by copying Hollywood shamelessly. There should be a system for punishing such lazy and corrupt men.

    • La_Z Boy- Chicago 4 years ago

      @Bollywood…what do you have to say about Indians copying Pakistani songs? The same language barrier applies there too? Check out Kabhi Bekasi Ne Maara-kishor from Alag Alag and Pakistani song Kabhi Khahishon Nay Loota, Kabhi Bebasi Nay Mara from Mehrabani. I don’t see a language issue there…not only song; but, the situation is copied too…I don’t play Indian songs in front of Pakistanis as I am scared that they will point out that the song was copied from one of their songs…

    • dgx 4 years ago

      @all doing support such type of practice ,I don't know what they have in mind. But for last 4-5 years I have left watching such movies in theatre. But for sure I go for legitimate one.

      Thanks @Pranshu for such a blog.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @dgx : I also have not watched a single hindi movie in theater since a long long time. We'll wait until we can get something original from them. :)

    • daz 4 years ago

      @Pranshu even the name Bollywood is Hollywood with the first letter swapped. Why can't the Indian film industry be true to itself and make films based on Indian history, culture and lifestyle (Dev Das for example) instead of acting like lazy unashamed copycats. What makes it worse is that they arrogantly make out its their own work and ideas!! I know some boys from India and they were offended when I pointed many films were copies! I hear some in Bollywood are looking for a new name for the ir film industry - Copywood might be appropriate!!

    • Elmir 4 years ago

      i'm looking bollywood movie but i don't know name of film. one thief run from police and go to wedding who ask in wedding who are u he said i'm millers son. actor with beard. if know someone write my mail

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @daz : You are right. Typical Indian people get highly offended when you point out to them that the movies they love are actually shameless copies of someone elses work. The first step to correcting a problem is to admit that there is a problem, but I don't know when we would be brave enough to accept that Bollywood copies Hollywood.

    • shraddhey 4 years ago

      Pyar to hona hi tha - A french kiss

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Pranshu you are scamming people for money. It's business you want. Get some,

    • Fora 4 years ago

      No offense bro money makes world go around I ain't joking. We can't do a thing but accept criticisms. I agree that bollywood copies Hollywood but it's so obvious. Who knows whom copies others. Every one can't think alike.

    • Daisy khanna 4 years ago

      Fora be quite. He is always pretending to be nice just when he finds someone. Don't be offended. He talks trash. Can't reach conclusion. I'll apologize on his behalf. Hey. Did you know pranshu Hindi film ready 2011 is copy of Tamil ready is bodyguard.everything in this world will soon be a copy. I see that in America kids cheat on tests as much as I seen and heard from various teachers.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Fora: Scamming For Money?? I assure you I don't get a single penny from this webpage. The few google ads you see on the sides are put their by hubpages, not me. And Hubpages may earn something from this page but my own earnings are 0.00

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Fora: You first commented with the username "Fora" and then supported your own comment by responding as "Daisy Khanna". This is idiotic and childish. I know this Because the IP address of Both "Fora" and "Daisy Khanna" is the same which is from "Euless, Texas" . You are the one trying to scam and cheat.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Daisy Khanna: You first commented with the username "Fora" and then supported your own comment by responding as "Daisy Khanna". This is idiotic and childish. I know this Because the IP address of Both "Fora" and "Daisy Khanna" is the same which is from "Euless, Texas" . You are the one trying to scam and cheat.

      Btw, You're one who's talking pure trash and making no sense at all. How old are you, 12? And the "conclusion" shall be reached when people like you stop defending such shameful practices.

      And you say "in American kids cheat on tests", how in the world is that relevant to this discussion? Seriously, what are you, 10?

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Daisy is my sister and no I don't support these factors. Iam not scamming or doing for money. Yes my topic about American kids cheating on tests relates to plagiarism. My talk makes sense somewhat. You are big supporter of this I can tell. I am trying to be a friend not an enemy of anyone here. Truth is what i support. If iam 10 then everyone is 10. Treat others the way you want to be treated. From what I can see I don't scam or cheat what are you 5 or something. Whatever. Iam impressed at your hulupage and ways of arrangement.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Fora : I m big supporter of Originality and always will be. These producers or directors are earning millions of dollars by Intellectual Property theft and getting away with it. I major in Information Security and Cyber Law and in Law there are provisions of heavy penalty and prison sentences for such practices. Yet how are these people getting away with such a crime. Being from Texas, US, i don't know if you realize what it is to be poor in India, and while a labor here barely gets something to eat to keep himself and his little kids alive, these rich producers and bollywood industry is getting richer by fooling people and scamming them for their hard-earned money, when they plainly copy stuff.

      Try to understand that I gain absolutely nothing from this blog or page or any of my pages, I am doing this purely to raise some awareness and urging bollywood to try to create something original and something relating to their own culture and values, instead of making pathetic attempts at copying.

      I can't understand what made you say that I am scamming people for money by this page. Read it again and maybe you'll see that I gain nothing by this and I m just tiny part of the 2nd largest population in the world, who demands originality

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Understand your point I do. I come from India new Delhi. The conditions I see on zee news on tv where there is poverty. People are on the streets with no food, home, and electricity. I watch Indian serials and see how little kids are forced to work and get nothing but cuss words and slaps from their parents cause of one little mistake they've made. I can't see child abuse in India though it's exact reason why I moved to America. My mom could barely earn there. Goons were out on the streets late at night frightening people including my mom. Money was an issue my mom earned 30 rupees at toll rail station. Fathers are so mean that they abuse women. It's outrageous they think they can treat women like a servant and make her do the dirty work. Worst of all they beat them up. I cant see that happening at all neither anyone goes against head of house.If bollywood movies keep making money for plagiaristic thoughts it's because of money, power, fame, entertainment, and lack of ideas. I believe what you say. what made me believe. Iam high school student at Texas.

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Hey Pranshu go fight for what is right. I have not been in India for long time. I forgot how to write Hindi, but I can translate what others say in Urdu and speak it at home as well. Sorry, for doubting you. I judge too quickly people, instead I should rather know more about him. A famous quote we all hear "never judge a book by it's cover". In Texas teachers are not big on plagiarism issue. I see students copying and pasting questions on assignments given in classs onto Microsoft word. I don't do that because I can't afford to let my grade fall down completing sophomore year is required. The teachers are nice students are bad in America. I will further explain at my school there are lots of people from different school has predujice against weird or abnormal students who first don't know how to speak English or write English. Second have a girlfriend which means fights occur often between two men fighting for girls love and respect.Third who are very slow at studying or completing a given assignment on time . I take my time to complete my assignments as well as research my topic thoughrly.

      The main reason why students in America copy and paste without given proper citation or providing source is because they are out of time or can't think where to start from. I myself have put up to listening these comments from students at my school on classwork assignments like "hurry it up. The teacher isn't going to know or care whether you plagiarized on an assignment. I never wanted to let myself down nor my members so I talked to teacher she didn't care."

      Iam writing this to describe culture of America to you. Care to share what's it like in India I would like to know. To tell you the truth American girls are really mean at high school . Take drugs and drink at early age without liscense.

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Ydscp. Peace brother.

    • Shubhra 4 years ago

      Well really it's a shame on Bollywood!

      But I disagree with few names you've given in the list. for example, Rangeela: a copy of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. What? Rangeela was out in 1996 and WADWTH was out in 2004. How the hell can it be a copy?? Rangeela was an original. Similarly, Pyar tune kya kiya was definitely not a copy of Fatal Attraction. Have you seen both the films?? Fatal attraction was about sex and infidelity. PTKK was far more emotional. Only the obsession part was similar but obsession is a theme of so may other films-Bollywood or Hollywood.

      My point is you should research well before posting something. I think Ram Gopal Verma is one of the most original filmmakers. Although he made Sarkar based on Godfather. But Godfather was one film which inspired him to become a filmmaker. That's something personal he felt. Plagiarism should not be blamed on a man who made a classic like Satya.

    • Riddle man fora. 4 years ago

      I don't believe it matters to pranshu. Pranshu believes that whoever is responsible for making fake bollywood films should get punished in dollars.American films are a copy of British films. In today's world everyone is doing whatever the heck they want. This thing that people believe superstions and those crazy emotional intellectual techniques from far and beyond. No offense humans are ?^?+:(). Because they couldn't figure this one no can.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Shubhra : I will do further research on the films you listed and then get back to you. I assure you that I have no intention of naming any movies in this list when they're not a copy. But the list is huge and many films to watch, so it's hard to be completely accurate. :)

      As far as Godfather is concerned, if he was "inspired" by it, then did RGV take official permission from producers of Godfather series? or mention 'Mario Puzo' anywhere in the film. If not, then I consider it plagiarism. There's a thin line between "copy" and "inspiration" and Indian film makers frequently cross it.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      @Fora : Hi, I would like to know more about what it's like being an Indian in Texas. You can reach me at

      Hope to hear from you. :)

    • Fora 4 years ago

      It's great being an Indian in Texas. Here at Texas there are celebrations of Indian festivals, cultural dances, lots of Indian restaurants that serve imported food like my favorite gulab jamun, taandoori chicken, naan, butter chicken, chole buttore,and all you can eat buffet for $5. People near my neighborhood who are born in Texas or come from different countries greet me in namaste. They are learning how to speak Urdu and some learn it fast.

      In Texas crimes are less because police patrol the streets all day and time. The result make it safe for citizens to walk from morning to evening. People bring their dogs to walk with them because dogs is a man best friend and loyal companion.

      Bicycling on sidewalks is become common around euless as students who attend my high school use bicycles as transportable means to get to school on time. Also There are local buses that students from grapevine colleyville and euless that provide free transportation to students. The bus drivers are nice and teach the student passengers the safety rules of riding a bus. Students disobey bus drivers for no reason , throw trash and cuss other students because of their reserved nature. They don't like quiet people, but I do because I can sit at ease and listen to my music. Bus drivers give consequences for disobeying their orders. First consequence if any student cusses anyone within the bus or throws trash he or she has to sit in the front row and clean the bus. It's common. Second consequence if the student threatens anyone in bus or actually hits any student and involves the student in fight the bus driver calls their parents vice principle and principal and expels them from school and never allows them to ride bus again. It has happened in past lots of property was damaged inside the bus, some had theirs stolen without notice. Students even leave stuff inside unattended, later realizing their clumsy nature. Some students are are nice by allowing me to sit with them at a seat, some say "Sorry, this seat is reserved,you stink, or get lost".

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Students who are born here or America hate math. Math teachers make so much sense while teaching basic math problems. I enjoy working with math problems as for my self.

      More about school culture. Students skip school without informing teacher or other students. They drop out of high school because they make bad grades due to lack of attendance, some can't make good grades abecause they can't understand the material, and some go through their way of cheating by asking for answers to questions or stealing papers from teachers, taking pictures of tests and quizzes. About 65% student body cheats at school. I myself don't because it's not fair game at school . I believe hard work, responsibility,and maintaining good relationships with students and faculty body is key to high school success.

    • fora 4 years ago

      What's your favorite sport pranshu?

    • Fora 4 years ago

      Soccer is mine. Italy is best team. Sonia Gandhi is from Italy and is pm of India.

    • Shubhra 4 years ago

      In all Sarkar interviews, RGV mentioned Godfather and Mario Puzo. Although he wasn't ready to pay him for the remake. Anyways, it's not that I disagree with you in any way. My heart breaks too when I realize that some of my favourite movies are rip offs.

      I would suggest you to make a post of the plagiarized scenes (not just plots) of Bollywood. Just like you have this scene of Akshay Kumar which is a straight lift from a Swedish movie. Its amusing to see how these creative(read uncreative)cheaters have stolen a complete scene action-by-action. I have seen many such scenes and would like to see a complete list of plagiarised scenes. Please work on it. It will be an interesting topic. I may even help you in this. Find me at

    • genji 4 years ago

      murder 2 = krorea movie 'the chaser'. dabaang= 'rome must die and hong kong movie 'flashpoint'. Ranbir Kapoor 'Rockstar' =hollywood film 'the doors' based on jim morrison. click = 2004 thai movie ' shutter and 2008 hollywood movie ' shutter'. khiladiyon ka khiladi = lion heart. dhoom = torque and ocean eleven. karam = hong kong movie ' the killer'.madhosi= beautiful mind.

    • genji 4 years ago

      peepli(live)= invitation to a suicide. . phir hera pheri Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.dhamaal= rat race. lagaan= escape to victory.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 4 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      thanks for suggestions.. i'll look into it :)

    • Marsha 4 years ago

      Hollywood have ripped off plenty of movies from other countries and they don't complain about it.... If i am not mistaken they now have no more original idea's of there own, and are now ripping off their own films from the 80's e.g. TOTAL RECALL!!!!! But if you don't want Hollywood films being remade by other countrys, they should keep making crap like...oooo i don't know DRIVE for example!!!

      And Koi Mil Gaya is soooo much more interesting than E.T, you must admit.

    • Marsha 4 years ago

      ....Oh and I remember seeing an old black and white hindi film that was very similar to Mrs Doubtfire and I am dying to find out what it is called, I don't know who was in it either, if anyone can help.

    • RAVI 3 years ago

      EXCELLENT work but didn't satisfied with some movies like THE GODFATHER and When Harry Met Sally

      godfather is copied earlier as DHARMATMA of Feroz Khan..

      and WHEN HARRY met SALLY is not at all similar with HUM TUM. maybe some scenes are copied..

      and u missed BLUE of akshay kumar.. concept of this movie is copied from into the blue, bike racing scene is copied from TORQUE and few action sequences are copied from BAD BOYS 2..

    • aslam 3 years ago

      which indian movie is similar to hollywood movie the gulliver travels.

    • fora 3 years ago

      Really. I believe watching movies teaches nobody nothing to real life. In fact because of movies today's society is corrupt immoral immature psychodic crap emotional uneventful boring has no life but a offense movies and sports are artificial ingredients.happiness is psychotic. Everyone is psychotic in emotions. It's all about humans nothin else. Pranshu i believe we can't change people opinion. I agree with every point of yours but who cares about movies. They are useless bunch of characters in each movie. I myself quit watching movies and thought of food. Food that satisfies stomach more than talk, I hate movies. Period. U can't change my thoughts or opinion.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Agree guys if you support not going out of your house And love to live alone not believe in god be ruthless starve to death and talk to nobody. Indians don't like going out I can prove this to anyone.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      David villa is ugly shahid kapoor is cool

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Rolo is ugly. She likes to sleep with David villa FIFA soccer player from spain. Shahid kapoor is cool.

    • Sonia 3 years ago

      @fora slumdog millionaires not an Indian movie...

      @pranshu I'm so glad I found this website. I really started disliking so many of my favorite indian movies when I found out they were copies

      And hollywoods remakes are actually remakes because lets be honest. Hollywood reaches more people than bollywood. If hollywood made a copy the people behind the originals would find out in an instant. It's the truth. I can a lot of famous remakes off the top of my head and I remember reading the credit in the opening credits.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Hollywood is careless about copyright issues. I bet Hollywood copied films from England. Americans themselves copy england films. Look it up on google. America calls England their mother country. It's called cultural borrowing learned that from geography class. It's become prevalent to even celebrate Christmas in India. Why not ban the celebrations of holidays for all races. Am I right or wrong? Why should we even celebrate someone else religious holiday and eat their food. I think Sonia and everyone else should see the perspective to applying traditional events of another culture. Why should freedom of religion be allowed at America? Why should we speak English here if we are all from india or born from Indian parents who bring us into this world? Why should we criticize idiots? Why does use of money run our lives? Why should we earn money? : note this does not apply to pranshu or anyone else here. Pranshu I agree with you, but we have to think outside the box here. Look society and morality of principles have become corrupt for ages since our ancestors were born from an early descent. India and Pakistan have issues in their govt. Living in America my family doesn't support freedom of speech- meaning I can't talk to other people who are not from same ethnicity as I am. Freedom of religion- no I break my traditions from sense part of Indian community. Freedom to assemble it's possible but consequential to strike. Freedom of press well I can write freely online here. Lastly freedom of petition I can't voice against high authority which is American govt. People in America hate their govt. Why is because govt doesn't work alongside it's citizens. I hope readers on this blog understand my point. We are all hopeless. How can we change society?voice and shout . Words don't mean anything in opposition. Do something against govt or destroy the culprits meaning put an end to plagiarism. What's say people?

    • Sonia 3 years ago

      I completely agree with @fora about disliking the govt but when I read what you wrote fora its almost as your no free speech is dictating your beliefs. This blog has nothing to do with politics of other countries. Honestly I think what Bollywood does is shady. And I back Hollywood for at least crediting it remakes. I saw mark walhberg on a talk show and he said that contraband was a remake of an icelandic film and he bought the rights. Credit on screen and profit are negotiated in the deals. I feel like in the general Pakistani/Indian population there is ignorance (I'm not saying it is limited to these two ethnic groups). If they see someone pointing out a fault they immediately divert the attention to others. Bollywood make FANTASTIC cultural films (i.e. Jodhaa Akbar, kkkg,ddlj) there about tradition. And in Indian producers attempts to modernize they loose the best part and it just looks tacky. I don't wanna see two Indians in a heated love scene. Why? Because I think Indians actually had better morals. Its not that americans don't have morals, it's that it looks natural and common. But I completely disagree in the whole cultural borrowing/bad at copyrights issue. The departed, the eye, dragon tattoo are all credited/or a statement was released about it being a remake. It's a fact. You cant prove any of this with Indian cinema. I think @fora you may have point but it's about politics/culture. It's the wrong blog and subject.

    • anurag sharma 3 years ago

      Players-the italian job and losely based hay babby-big daddy and I tell u a r rahman is also a copier of music listen the music of Enigma and movie criminal song all are copier

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Ar rahman is cunning. He changed his name and rel. I can't believe he even copies songs. Shameful practices that any industry anywhere could do. Am I right with the fact that people these day can't be original with their ideas at all or not?

    • Fora 3 years ago

      I saw a trailer of it on zee tv. I believe it is released on 2010 year. That movie made me feel like I was not a part of reality but loneliness in aspect of psychology. The plot of karthik calling karthik was basically karthik calling himself. It released two years ago. I watched whole film. I can't imagine getting a phone call to myself. Creepy. I felt so scared for karthik. Shonali is a nice girlfriend who calms karthik and shows him how to be socialized and act like a normal human being. I never liked her character role of smoking cigars all the time because cigars release toxic into air. I believe ktk is a copied film, but a flop because it's so obvious that the title states ktk.

    • pit 3 years ago

      Good artists copy , great ones steal!!

    • AKSHAY 3 years ago

      Thanks for the information but you have missed hari puttar copied from harry potter and players from the italian job............

    • khayam 3 years ago

      why dont they just translate the holywood movie indian laguage???

      this way is easier than remaking :D

    • khym 3 years ago

      why dont they just translate the Hollywood movies to indian language???

      this way is easier than remaking :D

    • Fora 3 years ago

      American football copied European soccer games. Americans copy europeans. Movies and sports.

    • iridescent 3 years ago

      It is so sad that these stupid directors and producers are doing something like this. But the thing is, only those mad, money virused ones are doing that. There are still thoose that actually want to create something new and interesting: like Taare Zameen Par, Slumdog Millionaire, 3 Idiots, and Laagan. These movies had unique plot lines and I really loved them. The actors have great potential in my opinion. Its up to the directors and producers to make a plot and movie that can bring out the star potential in their actors. GOODNESS BOLLYWOOD Stop it!!

      Even worse, is that some of the music is also stolen too, For example, a lot from the movie Jab We Met, 3 songs are tunes that previously existed and have been uncredited!!

    • Sumit Patil 3 years ago

      Actually Three men and a baby 1987 is remake of Trois hommes et un couffin (Three Men and a Cradle) 1985 .

      As you mentioned that the ''Hey baby" is remake of Three men and a baby ......wrong , i want to add one more movie in ur knowledge "balache baap bramhchari " 1989 , a marathi film which have a similar storyline . Now u say that that this marathi movie is also inspired from that hollywood movies...................possibly so......or may be no........

    • moviebuff17 3 years ago

      I have seen 90% of movies and their Indian counterpart & I totally agree with the author that Bollywood is high on plagiarism.

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      About 10-20% of this list is wrong... plus, there are a few Bollywood directors who are the culprits. Saying "Bollywood rips off other films" as a whole is wrong because the majority of good directors (Anurag Kashyap, Ramgopal Varma, Vishal Bhardwaj, Mira Nair) will either 1) make original movies or 2) properly buy the rights and then clearly acknowledge in the credits that the film is a remake. By the way, that's the case with Sarkar - it is an official tribute to The Godfather, and RGV properly gave credit in the opening credits.

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      1) Sarkar is not a rip-off, but a credited adaptation of The Godfather with a political angle and character differences. Even The Godfather is taken from a book, but you don't called that "ripped off".

      2) Agneepath is NOT A REMAKE OF SCARFACE. You really need to watch both films again. So both of them have a guy who rises through the underworld. Literally everything else is different, including all the other characters and motivations. Again, even the Scarface you gave is a remake of a 1932 film.

      3) Rangeela was made in 1995. Win a date with Tad Hamilton was made in 2004. So this is just you lying.

      4) Munnabhai MBBS and Patch Adams are two totally different movies. The only similarity is that they follow a guy trying to get through med school, literally everything else is different (characters, plot line, etc.) Only the endings are slightly similar. And besides, MBBS was a much better movie than patch Adams.

      5) Jo Jita Hai Wohi Sikandar: Says it right in the credits; "This film is an adaptation of Breaking Away (1979), by Peter Yates. It also contains many original scenes. So not a straight-up copy

      5) Rang de Basanti is much different from JDM. The camerawork, plot points, and characterization. RDB is a freedom struggle. The only similarity is that the people they envision start to influence their lives, something seen in multiple movies. Plus, RDB was based on a 1991 film script called 'Ahuti' (look it up) dealing with the Indian independence struggle.

      6) Koi Mil Gaya: Common misconception. KMG is actually based on The Alien, a never-released 1967 film whose script was written by Satyajit Ray. In fact, E.T. was inspired by this same script, since the same company contracted to produce The Alien later made E.T., using Satyajit Ray's old script.

      I can keep going, but I won't. Most of this list is correct, though. I was especially sad when I saw Kaante, as it was a scene-for-scene copy of one of my favorite Tarantino films. But don't lay false accusations. And you should only be criticizing remakes where the original authors weren't given credit - otherwise, you could criticize half of Hollywood's movies as well.

    • Aladdin 3 years ago

      And still more Bollywood movies tickets are sold then Hollywood

    • Tourist-guide profile image

      Tourist-guide 3 years ago

      Very interesting article. . .

    • DK 3 years ago

      movie teen patti is a detto copy of movie 21...

      when will tthey stop copying???

      singhams car stunt resembels the one in bruce willis code red.

      and abcd movies rain dance steps also look alike the steps of step up3

      there are a very very few some real nice movies too which were not copied from hollywood like


      some indian directors have potential but still they go 4 copying hollywood sad 4 them.......

      even tv shows are also copyied from hollywood ones the latest being "welcome-baazi mehman etc etc" aired on life ok.......

    • narulagaurav 3 years ago

      Pranshu, this is a great effort! I have a list of some 375 movies, including names that you've mentioned. Whatever anyone says above, Bollywood wale salle CHOR hain; amongst the music fellows, the biggest haramzadas are Burman, Anu Malik, Pritam.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      You all need to get your facts straight. I know Hindi music artists copy like himesh, yo yo honey Singh, anu malik let's play holi, pritam, sachin-jigar, atif aslam, dj lloyd, vineet singh, moohamed rafi, all Americans, and sunidhi chauhan. Why the heck do people here not read my comments. Pranshu you see my point.

    • Comrade 3 years ago

      Quite a comprehensive list! I’d like to add a few of my observations as well. Sholay (1975), arguably the biggest Bollywood blockbuster, was in many ways influenced by contemporary Westerns. The soundtrack was influenced by the soundtrack of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1966). The Thakur family killing scene was a ‘remake’ of a similar scene from Once Upon A Time In The West (1968). Talking about ersatz films how could one forget Sadak (1995). It started as Lethal Weapon (1987) and ended as Cyborg (1989). I’ll keep posting my comments as well if I remember something else worth-mentioning here. Be well!

    • Savana 3 years ago

      Hey Pranshu, do you mind if I post this on another site. I'll credit you for it.

    • Natasha Livin 3 years ago

      You can add these -

      1. FALTU (2011) - Accepted (2006)

      2. Barfi (2012) - The Notebook + The Adventurer and few more Charlie Chaplin Films

      3. (ABCD) Any Body Can Dance (2013) - Step Up Series

      4. Heroine (2012) + Fashion (2008) - Gia (1998)

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 3 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Please share the link:

      But not the content itself.


    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 3 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      thanks for your input

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 3 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      thanks for your input :)

    • Pal 3 years ago

      Roja-proof of life

    • Copier 3 years ago

      Umm I agree with alot of the films you have put down as plagerised, but there are a few odd ones that don't make sense, correct me if im wrong but badshah came out before rush our hour I'm sure

    • Copier 2 3 years ago

      Its saddening to see cheap imitations but i think the latest films like my name is khan and taalash are more original, well I hope they are original.

    • Gina 3 years ago

      Mann Bollywood movie 1999 is copy of Hollywood movie an affair to remember 1957

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Chasegolf00 is a high school cheater. His name is Chase.

    • abhishek 3 years ago

      if fashion is a copy of gia..then i think u should add mohra as a copy of Hard Boiled (1992) .last scene is ditto copied...although i liked mohra.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Rolo is ugly because she loves David villa who is ugly as a roach.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      I hate new things. Films, video games, books, modern foods and drinks, clean stuff, and tvs. Hey pranshu what's your opinion of new stuff. I hate everyone else on this site because they are shy. Hey listen up shy people I'm the bully of this site and a friend in need. You all understand that film industry copies each other. We as useless people try to criticize them. Instead how about we wage war. Who agrees? Only fools who listen to gandhi believe in nonviolent techniques. Violence got me everywhere. Every day I fought against my dogs. Yo yo yo lol lol lol!

    • Jia 3 years ago

      Dil Diya Dard Liya is a copy of weathering heights

    • Saurabh 3 years ago

      Whoever wrote this post has not done the complete research...

      for eg:-

      RGV paid the copyright of Godfather and made Sarkar. Pls check before you post.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Everyone listen up pranshu is fake and does not exist could it be someone is posing as him. I haven't gotten a response from the real pranshu. Guys and gals what is wrong with this picture. Pranshu has been missing out on our posts. There is something strange about this site.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 3 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Hello Fora. I assure you I am not fake. Haha. Well I'm sorry I couldn't get involved in discussions here. It's just because I have been busy with some ongoing projects in my Master's course. You can reach me here for a talk: joviboypranshu [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in

      Have a nice day

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 3 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      I tried being as accurate as possible. But you see there are a lot of movies and I haven't personally reviewed 'each' of them. So don't mind if there are a few discrepencies

    • Fora 3 years ago

      That's more like it. Boy for a moment I thought you disbanded this site. Pardon me for my rude behavior. I'm just out of ordinary. This site is back to date. We all resume back to regular programming, so continue to keep watching our feedback. As I am loyal fan of mr. Pranshu the great. Nobody dare point their finger on this top of the gear computer expert, and please someone add some flavor and comedy to this site after all hackers are not allowed. Keep away from this site if you don't agree with our opinions. We need more of respectful kind of human with strong and sharp minds and ideals. Well be glad to give a credit towards your feedback. Carry on pranshu. :D

    • Divij 3 years ago

      That's a big list and while some of which may be true, others are not completely so. For instance, Krrish is not a copy of Paycheck. Krrish was a superhero movie which was more in the spirit of movies like Superman (for his powers) and The Matrix (for the look). The part you're referring to is probably the supercomputer which is capable of predicting the future - its design was just like the one in Paycheck but that's probably about it. That doesn't make it a copy of Paycheck - its more like a plot point is taken from Paycheck.

      This is not to say that I'm supporting Bollywood by any means. The truth is, even I as a child was enamored by these movies and thought some of them to be quite brilliant. That is until I truly exposed myself to Hollywood movies some 4 years ago (yeah I know its pathetically late). And 4 years later, I haven't bothered to look back. My family still craves and is excited about Bollywood movies but for me, Hollywood is all that matters. There are only a couple of movies in Bollywood that I care about in a year and that's it.

      Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that a lot of people in India do not consider Bollywood as a proper industry and in their quest to attain a "stable and secure life" opt for Engineering and MBA courses instead of actually jumping into films and changing the scenario themselves. I'm sure there are a lot of budding filmmakers trapped out there under so-called family pressures who, if given the chance, could actually churn out original stuff. I seriously hope the situation improves and originality increases.

      This is really an endless debate. To thus cut a long story short, Bollywood is indeed wrong in plagiarizing or to put it appropriately, copying without crediting. And frame-by-frame copying is simply horrible. In my opinion, there is no dearth of original stories and Bollywood ought to exploit those opportunities. After all, all it takes to spawn original ideas is simply a peaceful walk in the park.

    • Divij 3 years ago

      Sorry for posting the same comment twice. Bad internet connection !!!

    • 3 years ago

      Milenge Milenge is copy of serpendity

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Apperantly everyone is trolling. The darkness is yet to come.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Rich people need to pay up more taxes the poor need to pay less. Rich people are classified as losers according to my friends.

    • BeautyWithinTheBeast 3 years ago

      BTW Fora... while all forms of plagiarism are wrong, how can you compare a kid copying a couple facts for a school paper to a company making millions by re-filming an existing movie?

      And I'm so sure nobody cheats in school in ANY other country? Like when I was in a foreign exchange class in Japan and the kids were cheating just as much as American kids.

      So what's your point?

      You are ignorant and should not post unless you know what you are talking about.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Bunch of frauds. Chasegolf00 is scared of the truth that he cheated and poses his alias on this site. I will confirm no answer but the truth. To all you disagree are bunch of illusions.

    • Arghya Kamal Roy 3 years ago

      Chakde! India (2007) copied form Miracle (2004)

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Hey pranshu I can compile a list of copied movies for you as well. I'll post the link to it as well.

    • foraisanidiot 3 years ago

      Shut up fora I love myself and can cling on to pranshu all the time because iam nuts.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Chasegolf00 you are a meek and need help you are abnormal along with your supporters. Listen pranshuif this doesn't bother you. I know your a great person. Why? I believe our friendship is a blossom of flowers on the field of essences respect. Tell me pranshu what are your hobbies.

    • Fora a friend in deed no need to appease 3 years ago

      Please if any of you try to insult me I will insult you back. People are easy to insult everywhere if they have a grudge against me. I will never cease to give up against my enemies. Rumors ka chakkar aur dramebaaz bund ki Bose bund karle.

    • vijya 3 years ago

      Nice Work

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Pranshu has disappeared once again.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      No one has guts and no one ever will. Ohh your silent techniques prove nothing. Next one who posts needs to be smart enough to tell me I am wrong.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      That's what I thought. Chasegolf00 is retarded.

    • sss 3 years ago

      it is indeed that a country with 5000 years of history and culture has to copy other countries

    • Fora the Guru 3 years ago

      Just relax for a moment and absorb the sunlight. Feel the breeze flowing on your knees. Concentrate and turn around and imagine horses riding on the praries and cows feeding on the pastures in herds. All Your worries will dissipate. We all are human beings and love nature. @trevor_gore24 is retaded person who can eat junk in his pants.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Good morning guys! I saw the comment rule section and I completely disagree comments are related to experiences and I absolutely do not promote other sites because it is my duty to keep updated on this site. Now pranshu made me in charge and any one of you little kids who play with fire shall not get hired. So anyone brave enough to step up to plate and try to bulky me cause you are scared of yourselves. I know everyone on this site and newcomers are easily choose by yours truly. Rich people are making money off scandals. Everyone except good people should leave this site forever and the next person who comments needs to scam for illegal bargaining. If anyone poses as me I will laugh and call you a loser.

    • Fora analyst 3 years ago

      Pranshu, you kind of look like Arbaaz Khan.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      No offense, but seriously I do not fight and I am the nicest person on earth. I go through stressful conditions in my life. If anyone is offended i'll take the blame. There are very insolent people in this world. I was insulted as well.

    • Forasalwaysays 3 years ago

      everyone is a liar. The truth is hidden. Why let it come out. Negativity is good for anybodys health.

    • mulla4sale 3 years ago

      'Dil Aashna Hai', starring ShahRukh Khan and Kabir Bedi, produced by Hema Malini was a copy of 1983-84 Tele-film 'Lace'Lace is an American television two-part miniseries, based on the novel of the same name by author Shirley Conran. The series aired on ABC from February 26–27, 1984. The plot concerns the search by sex symbol Lili (Phoebe Cates) for her natural mother, who surrendered her for adoption as a newborn. Lace was one of the highest rated television movies of the 1983-84 television season.

      The miniseries is infamous for the line "Which one of you bitches is my mother?" spoken by Lili, when she finally assembles the three potential candidates: Pagan Trelawney (Brooke Adams), Judy Hale (Bess Armstrong) and Maxine Pascal (Arielle Dombasle)

    • Josh 3 years ago

      Life in a Metro also copies the plot of Brief Encounter. I think you'll also find that the pick-up truck scene in Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi is cribbed from The Sure Thing.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Phata Poster

      Nikla Hero (2013)

      Copy of Dabangg, Khaladi786, and Singham.

      Latest film accredit YouTube user on Tipsfilm.

      Chasegolf00 is a copy puss I bet he'll never come to this site cause he is a wuss. I am strong as ever before. Any idiot who copies my name gets his butt blasted into the air.

    • BeautyWithinTheBeast 3 years ago

      I apologize to Fora cause I'm scared of Fora cause he is strong. I'm the most ugliest creature on planet earth. I talked trash about Fora. I'm the real overrated trash ball.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Your a chicken. Apperantly everyone is trolling. Rich people need to get their butts off in the sofa and pay million dollars to poor class. Anyone who disagrees should run away from their parents.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      All right any haters wish to express envy for what I did last night with the remote control spit it out. I want to see if anyone hates me on this site. Even one comment about me can help me realize where happiness lies in? If you hate me you also hate yourself for coming here. I just need a friend but I come here to realize why social networking was a horrible experience. Pranshu yaar come back on this hub page you are a very cool, smart, dashing, inspiring, understandable person. I can't email you till we settle the terms.

    • karthik 3 years ago

      people must realize there are some decent movies but most are copied from hollywood if you are remaking a famous movie from hollywood or any other foreign country bollywood filmakers must acknowledge the work of the original filmmakers and buy the proper rights of the movie

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Karthik about the word copying, we know our parents copied our names from people who exist. Anyone challenge me? I can agree with Karthik. Jab We Met was decent film except the cussing. Bodyguard was a decent film except the violent content. some bollywood producers don't desire their films to fail because of competition. I honestly believe these films contains something that templates us to watch them and then criticize them in a positive or negative way. I can't say that I hate a film or like a film. If there was no ingrain cinema would there be even an Indian community we call pride. Those who hate Indian films might not hate them as they hate Amitabh Bahchan. My favorite actor is Fardeen Khan we don't see him in films, but I like the strong personality and his charismatic acting qualities. I like two actors Fardeen Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Fida was a thriller film that had awesome action packed scenes. I still remember kareena and shahid Jodi. I sure miss them on screen. Yes, Salman and Sharukh are reunited as friends. Relationships are meant to survive and we as humans reunite from past mistakes like I watched Hindi serials I can tell Indian society is generally facing problems. We always don't get a clear answer to everything, but as they say time heals all wounds and we are still immature according to ?????.

    • Fora rules the world not people 3 years ago

      Here are some lists of Bollywood film

      Student of Year(2012)



      Tere Bin Laden(2010)

      36 Chinatown(2006)

      3 Idiots(2009)

      company C(2008)

      Chennai Express(2013)

      I love New Year(2013)

      I hate Luv stories(2010)


      Agent Vinod(2012)

      Teri Meri Kahani(2012)

      Cocktail cock a doodle too(2012)

      Eh I'm macho muhrooko!

    • Naff 3 years ago

      The movie Murder 3 is a carbon copy of the Spanish film 'La Cara Occult' or "The Hidden Face". He hehehe

    • Naff is correct 3 years ago

      Next person you win $3K

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Yes I won $3K. Walah!

    • chasegolf00 3 years ago

      I'm stupid because I don't know anything about movies from bollywood. I play golf and miss the balls. My ancestry chart dates back to expired milk and cheese.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      I rule at racing so anyone who challenges me better gear up for mkwii.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      (@trevor_gore24). If you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe, then you will be successful #TheVille. Famous quote, but needs improvement.

    • Foresta 3 years ago

      I hate people who have clean room and are living luxury lifestyles. Changing myself is useless because no one else can. Attention folks movies copied from Hollywood only teach us how to act, behave, and live. There are far more better things to do, so I encourage you(readers) to work hard, eat roti, drink water, and love your parents.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Khaladi 786 is a copy of Jackie chan film.

      Ohhh balmaaaaahhhh!

    • Daisy 3 years ago

      FORA do your homework? Apologize for his rude behavior. CHAALLOOOO!

    • Fora 3 years ago

      I'll agree with you and believe Bollywood should be pivotal to the point as they are copying movies. Sure, they have the largest collection of films. They are on shelves in the store and they are the most watched films. I watched Bhag Mikha Bhag I bet they copied that film too? Slumdog Milliomaire is copied film. There is no such thing as originality. If India copies films, songs, posters, games, tshirts, cleanliness, food, and attitude our world will be of no conflict. Everyone on this page shut up and leave this page because conflicts are possible and you are below Pranshu. Pranshu is king of this webpage I hail to master Pranshu.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Hriday I assure you the personality disorders were common around your time. I suggest you see yourself in the mirror because there are always two faces hidden behind every one of us. Thank you and come again baby!

    • Fora 3 years ago

      @TeeGore24 and Chasegolf00 have a crush on each other so they paired up to go to asylum. Like I said anyone who is chickening out to get a life comes here for one. No, one can make fun of me because you are all supporting bollywood and have no one around you. Anyways it'll take more than a weak persons insults to win a ride to the doctor. I am nice and respectful to those who have a life.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Hriday and the rest who make idiocy insults are all Internet trolls who got their bums spanked by a Leemur. No one can be a Fora till you have a life which is everything that no one has here because they are all eating their pimple skins and are ugly.

    • Daisy 3 years ago

      Ever since Fora came here because he was stressed out in his life. He is annoying, but I knew he wasn't smart. He is so predictable and naïve. Anyone is allowed to insult my brother. I don't need to give sympathy. I am the best sister in the world anyone can see how much I hate my brother. He is a loser.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Daisy and the rest who don't know anything on this site about me need to go to preschool. Chasegolf00 has no friends.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      All of you left your life now get some! Work and sleep!

    • Tushar 3 years ago

      (i am a Indian) hmmmm even if they copied from Hollywood movies [which is wrong i agree] but still many of the movies they copied are great and very popular [specially in India at least ] i love them :D i just hope when they copy/remake again they will go with proper procedure :)

      oh oh oh and 1 more thing that these movies are made/edited/modified for entertaining Indian people so ya other maybe won't like these and think its a horrible remake and stuff...

      [sorry for my bad English :( ]

    • Fora 3 years ago

      I'm back and I rule this site. I don't support bollywood and they made multiple films copying English cinema. The films that bollywood made were to impress others who waste their money on cinema so highly reputaded money makers eat 1 million dollars and make a copied version of the economy. Just because mostly we are all from Asia doesn't mean we play around with filmmaking. Chasegolf00 licks his toenails and supports cheating to get into a golf tournament. He supports cheating because he copied all my assignments in high school. He hates his ASL teacher and people who respect him.

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Everyone should give up on supporting Hollywood and opposing Bollywood. Incase anyone needs to get a life and go the asylum FYI Fora your information hospitals can't change my mind because people like you can only find fault in yourself because your ugliness is on the inside all you people are artificial for putting on with your lame shenanigans. I'm literally not insulted by weaklings. You don't even know me and I don't know you. Only our close ones know us. Everyone needs to Shut Up! I'm taking over and hate taking sides. There is no such thing as yourselves and plagiarism is ahead of our lives. Just remember that looks likes yours who come like Chase can be quite boring!!!

    • Fora 3 years ago

      All I'm trying to say is we all should respect each other. I already know the first impression is the last impression. I got criticized by people before. If your insulting my knowledge I will tell you to get a life or go to asylum. I ain't got time for arguing with an expertise movie hub page owner since he and I know how our nation is supporting illegal piracy and plagiarism in Bombay cinema. Be yourself because in life your bound to meet the worst people. If it hurts me it hurts you. We all are human beings who came to the planet earth. Of course we can agree on being nice to our children and going along with their hairiness. Does it hurt you who insult me because you can never come back here again to insult me. I am taking on a platform to promote freedom to a new level. Ignorant people can't face me because they are weird and follow society. I follow only good people. I bet no one here has a mind like mine that can go on forever with straightforward personality. Who ever insults me next eats boogers. Get lost if you can't agree because you cheated your entire life! No one can defy my rights.

    • tushar 3 years ago

      im not gonna read all that fora...

    • Fora 3 years ago

      That's up to you because in India people are reading everyday. Tushar I am sure you've read it by now. Anyways what are your favorite films?

    • Tushar 3 years ago

      from the list above these are the movies i liked a lot :)

      zindagi na milegi dobara

      Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi

      Chor Machaaye Shor

      Chachi 420

      Deewana Mastana


      Pyar To Hona Hi Tha

      Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

      Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye

      Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta

      Awara Paagal Deewana


      Ta Ra Rum Pum

      Fool n Final

      Heyy Babyy




      Ugly Aur Pagli

      Singh Is Kinng

      God Tussi Great Ho



      Garam Masala

      Bas Ek Pal

      Rang De Basanti

      Phir Hera Pheri


      3 idiots



      Koi Mil Gaya

      Hum Tum

      Salaam Namaste

      Bunty Aur Babli

    • Fora 3 years ago

      3 idiots is my favorite film. Will never forget this film. Friendship is the meaning to my life. My other favorite films are paatshala, dabangg 1/2, karthik calling karthik, housefull, once upon a time in mumbai, ajab gazab prem ki kahani, wake up Sid, barfi, Ferrari ki sewari, judwa, andaz apna apna, jayanta bhai ki luv story, life partner, shortkut con is on, khatta meetha, and the new upcoming film phata poster nikla hero since I'm fan of santhoshi's films. I watched the trailer on YouTube check it out. Shahid plays an actor who is playing a super cop!

    • Fora 3 years ago

      Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn! Anyone up for ipl cricket match or NASCAR?

    • mjs 3 years ago

      hey....pranshu..i agree on 60-65 % of u r list.......but not with some of the movies . such as agneepath-scarface nd m mbbs-pat ach adams etc...

      and also i just want 2 ask every one that hollywood movies or some their movies isn't take inspiration from other moveis, not even by 1% ????

      AndMr. Pranshu u should respect a movie industry and their hardwork to make a movie...its not easy as writing or complaining.....

    • milan 3 years ago

      I also agreed to play bollyhood movies

    • Richard 3 years ago

      Best of big B movies also hollywood copycats.....strange...Arthur, Kaante?

    • Amir 3 years ago

      Wow What a copy cat they are man... I do not believe this that they copying movie same and still the movies are flop. HaHahaHaHA

    • HiAkshay 3 years ago

      Mario Puzo and his novel are credited for gods sake! Also Mario Puzo himself wrote the screenplay of The Godfather. So he's credited as screenwriter as well. so ur 1st point isn't valid at all.

      but i agree with the 2nd one Scarface and Agneepath are a lot different

    • Mandar 3 years ago

      Chak De India copied from Miracle (2004)

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      Gosh! Are r e burman's songs plagiarised? I somewhat idolised him though i find a r rahman the best. He is always original.

    • Akshay 3 years ago

      Raaz 3 poster is copied from that of 2005 korean horror film Voice where the main actress shed tears of blood.

    • aj 3 years ago

      come on man!! take rangeela off the list...the actors in wina date with tad hamilton probably wernt even born wen it was released

    • what's in a name 3 years ago

      :) u would like to know that sanjay leela bhansali's BLACK is a cheat of The Miracle Worker

      n amir's GHAJINI is a cheat of Memento

    • Nikki 3 years ago

      Win a Date with Tad Hamilton came out MUCH after Rangeela... which is why you cleverly left out the years.

      If you have so many other movies for your list, no point in lying about even one.

    • Djeb 3 years ago

      That video isn't right , the retourne of the khiladi isn't à réal movie, it's just a fake traiter in another movie and theý e just done à parody of it

    • Navin 3 years ago

      Paa (Amitabh Bachan) = Jack (Robin Williams)

    • sam300 3 years ago

      that's y i dont really like to watch these movies , i mean why not watch original stuff than to copied crappy one. even the latest dhoom 3 has copied stuff from the prestige. what a shame.

      still there are some original movies in bollywood and i really like them like madras cafe, gangs of wasseypur, raajneeti, n movies like that. these movies are original stuff. no doubt.

    • srathor 2 years ago

      hey, pranshu. thanks for the list. it really helped me..

    • sid+- 2 years ago

      Sarkar wasn't a copy, it was based on Bal thakkaray's life (or however that's spelled), it seems similar to the godfather because Bal has a son RAJ, who's a worse politician/gangster than his father is IN REAL LIFE.

    • Observer 2 years ago

      Ladies Vs Ricky Behl... a lift from

      John Tucker must die.

    • Sheldon Graham Holmes 2 years ago

      Ghajini was a copy of Memento (2000),

      If it was there, I am sorry, I did not notice.

      I do not know why Indians keep doing that. I have seen very few Bollywood movies because of this reason and because most of them (almost everyone) has romance in it.

      And I remember a TV show on the national channel when I was very little, that copied Star Wars (the concept of lightsaber and all)

    • SAMEER KHAN 2 years ago

      It's not the end. It will be continued until all indian viewers will start to watch hollywood movie .The hollywood directors create a character from comics like iron man ,thor etc,but bollywood directors doesn't do that.

    • Viz 2 years ago

      Plagiarism in Bollywood has reached a point that if any good Bollywood movie hits the screens, we need to wonder which Foreign movie they ripped it off from. These idiots have absolutely no originality. The main reason for this is NOT the ignorance of Indian audience. Indian moviegoers know very well about Hollywood and other Foreign movies. They just don't care. That's how these creativity-deprived idiots get away with plagiarism.

      You must have definitely come across clowns defending plagiarism. I don't have any problem if the filmmakers get the remake rights and give due credit to the original makers. But the fact that they blatantly steal and laugh their way to the bank outrages me.

      These are the same people who condemn pirated CDs and DVDs of their respective movies. And these are the same people who will make such a fuss and file lawsuits against somebody if he/she used their work without permission. Look at the irony.. the hypocrisy.

      To think that most of the Indian audience is defending such thieves is sad. No wonder these filmmakers get away with it.

      Seeing how things are going at present, I don't think this situation will change for the better any time in the near future. Unless Indian moviegoers stop supporting this and demand good movies from their film makers, nothing will change.

    • Viz 2 years ago

      I didn't have the patience to read through your entire post. Chances are that I'm aware of most of them.

      But let me point out that Dhoom is not a copy of of either Fast and Furious or Ocean's Eleven.

      Other than the similarities like the concept of racing in both Dhoom and Fast and Furious, there's no similarity. About Ocean's Eleven, it's an entertaining movie about a casino theft. Although Dhoom does have a casino theft at the end, the two movies aren't similar.

      Btw, it's not just Bollywood that copies. Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu filmmakers too copy shamelessly from Foreign movies.

    • Aditya 2 years ago

      Bollywood should be punished or what they do. Just adding songs in the movies doesn't make a new movie. Also, Bollywood needs to understand the difference between inspiration and stealing. This is just the list of movies, they have also stolen songs, scenes, action, directing style/acting style as well. They continue steal these things not just from Hollywood but also from various industries around the world.

    • Avinash Choudhary profile image

      Avinash Choudhary 2 years ago from Ranchi

      Nice work!

      Now we are in internet era - Copying in one way leading to recognize the original , depends on person mind set. Its sometimes happen even we know the script /scenes but want to see it again the treatment given by another person.

      Just in case of Agatha Christies - Ten Little Indians or And There were None .

      There are four Hollywood movies in different years(1945 , 1965 ,1974 ,1989 ) - in Bollywood Gumnaam(1965) - i watched all the movies and i enjoyed all the five movies. And in future if any movie will come on same script .... it would be interesting.

      For instance 'Ek ruka hua Faisla'(1986) bring more recognition for Sydney Lumet in India ( remake of his debut movie '12 angry men'1957) then his other Hollywood movies.

    • Zubin 2 years ago

      Is Student of the Year a copied film?

    • Jay Kholia 2 years ago

      Sholay(1975) copy of : Seven Samurai(1954). The character of Gubbarsingh is simply copy-paste of the villain of the movie For a few dollars more(1965). A lot of fight scenes are taken for movies The good, the bad and the ugly(1966) and a fistful of dollars(1964).

    • Jay Kholia 2 years ago

      Oh My God(2012) stole concept of The Man Who Sued God(2001). Two bollywood movies stole ideas from movie It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World(1963). The story was stolen by Dhamaal(2007) and the ending part(in which a ladder throws so many people who were on it at once) was stolen by Bhagam bhag(2006).

    • Foreal 2 years ago

      i don't watch movies often, but they all brainwash people everyone knows that. Hollywood doesn't need to appreciate positive remarks of their films, especially when payment is life's will to earn. Obviously the people on this site waste their time by persuading the inevitable corrupt script jargon and the fact is to their hidden ultimate belief that they hate their lives as much as film making industry to capture audience attention to copyrighting. We are all bad people and anyone can admit that as hidden truth because minds are the key victims to produce information as a way to process its own greed. Pranshu is the one who makes the evidence appear to be real, but globalization of religion and mass media outrules the useless rules for others who oppose his views. Thats the way life works.

    • AshiquiT 2 years ago

      Bollywood is business

      Hollywood is business

      I think media should stop because music, love, and hate can't be real.

      Pranshu stop Indian cinema in the name of AshiquiT.

    • Anil 2 years ago

      You received right

      Keep up

      Thank u

    • samrat 2 years ago

      dil wale dulhaniya legayenge too

    • Mohit 2 years ago

      Krrish is an original one and was not copied.Paycheck was a completely different film.

    • surya 2 years ago

      Since my birth, till now (40 yrs) indian movies are the same boy girl crap. All the intelligent movies are copies. Bollywood is shit....its only about money and item songs for dubai dance bars. Shit indians also want to watch bullshit for entertainment.

    • Tahir Khokhar 2 years ago

      Other Films not mentioned above..

      Alag Alag is a Ditto copy of Pakistani Movie Mehrabani.

      Ooanchy Loag is a Ditto Copy of Pakistani Movie Dehleez.

      Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin is a Ditto Copy of Pakistani Movie Beqaraar.

    • sb63 2 years ago

      Ms/Mr Jia,

      Soccer copied from American football or the reverse (please get your history right).

      Soccer in one form or other was played from BC period. Framing of a national or international rules means the origin of game!!!!

      What's exactly wrong with you?

      Check the popularity of the two games and decide which should be gone (in case there is place for only one, and that will be a strange condition in any field)

      A basic economics would bring out the fallacy of " No one likes FIFA viewers who make money just to watch a sport and leave people poor on streets."

      These gala events do not leave the people poor on street. Usually, if spent without corruption, these channelise the money to them. The important word, as usual is the corruption.

    • anon 2 years ago

      Win a Date with Tad Hamilton 2004 - Rangeela 1995

      this needs to be a very small but separate list where hollywood copied bollywood

    • Guest 2 years ago

      Does anyone here realize that hollywood copies arab movies movies without creditting them?

    • abhilash 2 years ago

      'Aao Wish Karein' (2009) cheap remake of tom hanks classic 'Big' (1988)

      even screenplay of 'My Name is Khan' is copied from 'Forrest Gump'

    • Guy With Logic 2 years ago

      Some of them really don't make sense... Yuvraaj/ Rain Man... yeah no, the basic premise is same but not that much... Like come on, really? Scarface/ Agneepath. O.o

    • Guru Ek Villain 2 years ago

      Ek Villain is a copy of step up and face off.

      Haider is a copy of Shakespeare is any idiot keeping updated.

      Pranshu needs help with his research.

      Don't you? Don't be shy?

    • Naz 2 years ago

      God! They haven't left a single Hollywood great alone.

    • Chasegolf00 2 years ago

      I am golf for balls yup yup.

    • Fora 2 years ago

      I am back after a year.

      Now i takeover in command style.

      So listen up newbies Pranshu set me in charge. He is good person and no one will be supporting plagirism number one rule.

      Second if you try to underestimate me your out of your league.

      Third dont try to pose as Pranshu i will be mad.

      Fourth your minds are crazy.

    • nidhi 2 years ago

      'Deewane huye pagal' is a copy of 'there's something about mary'.

    • Fora 2015 2 years ago

      Everyone here supports nothing that can change indian cinema. Pranshu gives up and so wiil we all.

    • Trevor_Gore24 2 years ago

      Everyone is ugly in one way or another. Even myself.

    • bollyman 2 years ago

      Indians are the most untalented nation on the face of this earth. Never have an original idea in technology, movies or art. NEVER!

    • Milan Bab 2 years ago

      Hey there Pranshu, i was making a similar blog type post in a different place and was wondering if you would mind if I used the list you have? (Not your writing pieces, just the lists)

    • Abis 23 months ago

      I am sick of Fora

    • Fora 23 months ago

      Sick or not there are plenty of your kind in the tropics. LOL.

    • you-know-who 22 months ago

      I would like to say the fact that koi mil gaya(KMG)cannot be claimed totally as a copy because it was adapted from the story "the alien" by satyajit ray and the director of KMG himself acknowledged this fact.In fact ET was copied from the alien but steven spielberg has always given weird excuses. There are tons of articles floating in the net supporting the fact.Otherwise a very good list.

    • Rajnish Raj. 21 months ago

      I am an idiot because i dont know about the future of filmaking.

    • Baaki sab first class hai 21 months ago

      Jai Ho 2014 is a remake of Pay it Forward.

      ABCD 2 2015 is a remake of every dance film copied from America.

      Face it there is no originality. Down with all movies in Hollywood and Bollywood.

      Get the facts straight Englishmen are crazy.

      I come from outer space because i am weird in an ordinary way you dont mingle with the likes of mwahahahahahahaha.

    • Richie 20 months ago

      Mind your own business about film industries copying films from one to another. If you do than you'll be successful. That applies to everyone on this page that criticizes Bollywood.

    • Trevor_Gore24 20 months ago

      I suck at watching movies and playing sports. I don't even know how to write in any language. I rely on idiots or friends to help me. I need a life so filmmaking and my good looks will work for a charm with my cars. To the rest get lost Braydo, Zachary, Sameet, and others. I don't need anyone in life to rely on.

    • @TeeGore24 19 months ago

      No wonder I am so dumb with learning new thinks. I am a sprout just like my friends think of me. To grow tall I got to eat meat. The president of Russia is @TheFakeShiv.

    • Rajnishrajian 18 months ago

      This is stupid article I support idiots because I myself am the biggest.

      I suggest supporters pay no fine. The unsupported need to research Bollywood films and complain to Hollywood.

    • killer 17 months ago

      fora ur a tuls

    • Fora 16 months ago

      LOL! You are here to give a show.

    • chasegolf00 16 months ago

      I am a tuls sorry Fora.

    • Peon 16 months ago

      Killer is mentally retarded like chasegolfOO and @TeeGore24 need to go to get a checkup. Losers who support killer and his balls of pees are his tuls because the guy is thirsty. Good one Fora.

      Killer spells his name ssa.

    • killer 16 months ago

      ChasegolfOO is pathetic I am chicken on flames.

    • @chasegolf00 16 months ago

      Waaaaaahhhhhhh. I cry .

    • Nick Hayworms 16 months ago

      Chasegolf00 is a orangufag. Po oo aa ah.

    • Fora 16 months ago

      I am watching the world so you everyone better stop doing what they believe is possible to be better than anyone else. Mind your own business if you think your mind can think anyway.

      I believe what Pranshu is doing is right.

      He has a legitimate reason why films are plagirised and how this practice changed indian filmaking. Accept your mistakes and learn from the wise.

      Anyone who is fed up of me just didnt know whats better for themselves so i suggest they leave for they are camels who eat roaches from toilets so they can spill the nonsense from their ?????.

    • Fora 15 months ago

      I rule you're comments are pathetic go back to your mommies.

    • RajnishRaj 15 months ago

      Hi there aliens I am ughee poo.

    • @chasegolf00 15 months ago

      Whitney is ugly so is Rylie and my other friends.

      McKenzie sucks at styling my hair rather I go bald like everyone in this world.

      I don't need anyone.

      I pee alone.

    • Pool eaze 15 months ago

      Swish and wish.

    • RajnishRaj 15 months ago

      I am a loser.

    • genji 14 months ago

      Singh is bling is copied from Korean movie " my wife is gangster 3".. Please must watch this movie.

    • RajnishRajian 14 months ago

      I am Fat lug,come from thief of nation of film making, but not a supporter of films. I somewhat agree that bollywood copies hollywood.

    • Towsif 13 months ago

      There are a whole lot of bollywood movies that are copied from hollywood for instant take aisha=clueless....and many more...forget it...even bollywood is copied from mind!

    • Aamir 13 months ago

      Lots of more you didnt mentioned.

      Actually bollywood have no their own story even on a single good movie.

    • McKenzie and Chase 12 months ago

      We atwo are an ugly pair of camels for New Years.

    • Abis 12 months ago

      Happy new year. I hope Fora doesnt ruin this year

    • Nick 12 months ago

      Abis likes Fora.

    • Nick 12 months ago

      Don't worry Abis Fora will return.

    • @TeeGore24 12 months ago

      @Bradley_Farmer1 and I are on the SSA team or a team farting gas big belly. Wooohhhhh Nelly @chasegolf00 is nut bag on flirt disease.

    • killer 12 months ago

      Abis is tuls along with me.

      Fora is the flour to all your hour-glasses.

    • Abis 12 months ago

      Fora I love u too... Lol

    • Abhishek 12 months ago

      Don't mind Abis he's to small to understand.

    • Fora 12 months ago

      Smaller than his tushie.

    • Rylie 11 months ago

      Chase resolution get triple chin layers HNY.

    • Fora 11 months ago

      Glad Abis left this site. 2016 is the year for me like all of you i am your darth vader.

    • Fora 11 months ago

      There are a bunch of dumb people in this world everyone I know and don't know and this question comes to mind who is that true person watching the universe that constitutes natural order and religious freedom. I will put an end to all of this madness starting from the beginning of mankind. First I will laugh and call myself stupid as everyone is.

    • Foracube 11 months ago

      That's right Fora the world is in for stupidity and danger of highly lack of control of emotions. I smell a conspiracy in this WORLD. Obviously no one knows the secret.

    • ????? 10 months ago


      O. L

      Get real #*$- SER

    • @chasegolf00 9 months ago

      I need tips for my fat belly.

    • Oranshu 9 months ago

      Shipway Junoon.

    • @chasegolf00 9 months ago

      With me dropping 19lbs on twitter my hair will fall off.

      Mwaaahhhh my head..... aaahhhhh..... love me or fart on my lands ford lansford sissies cause i am ninnie.

    • @smad97 8 months ago

      Chasegolf00 is my boy frank further.

    • Fora 8 months ago

      Fools no one can find me since I am watching the world.

    • Fora 2013-2016. R.I.P. 8 months ago

      To Pranshu and all my hater fans since haters are my fans. I am leaving this site. It's been fun when I ruled this site, but now someone else will come and take over. Whoever it is better try hard as the stone. My heart is broken since my love left now I will search and find her.


    • Fora 7 months ago

      I found her today. Now Fora is changed person.


    • Fora 7 months ago

      Pranshu what's the most original Hindi film you think of?

      Never heard from you.

    • Pranshuxon 7 months ago

      Meta naam joker.

    • Maya 6 months ago

      Wow…just wow. As an Indian I feel ashamed after looking through this article. More action should really be taken

    • Soumya Mukherjee 6 months ago

      Some of the movies are indeed blatant copy and the owner should have got compensated to make it a legal Remake.

      But many movies enlisted here cant be called as a blatant copy.

      You can not just generalize everything just because it has done earlier by Hollywood so no one else cant even think that concept its protected.

      Is there any such patent/copyright thing in film world where one can protect some story even if it reflects daily life?

    • Fora 5 months ago

      Haha doofunguses I am back. Chasegolf00 is getting KOd nut sacked on Call of Duty Auntie babysitting his tiny weeners and having his pacifier prepared with the rest who support him.

    • Abis 4 months ago

      I am yag.

    • Ankit 4 months ago

      Win a date with Tad Hamilton is a copy of rangeela.

    • Chasegolf00 4 months ago

      Colleyville billi kaha hai. Jungle Book by look.

    • Majid 3 months ago

      Hhahahah WTF every movie is stoled

    • Bear Creek Elementary School Janitor-Uylezz 3 months ago

      I am an elohssa.

    • RAGE 2 months ago



    • Chasegolf00 7 weeks ago

      Whitney Broussardz and her Milktank on my team. I'm a pro golfing thug.

    • Whitney B. 7 weeks ago

      Chase licks toenails.

    • Fora 6 weeks ago

      2013 films changed Indian Cinema.

      Audience is becoming mature and sensible.

      Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is my favorite film. We should all learn that friendship has many meanings.

      Pranshu what's your favorite film. I am sure that you grew up having at least one.

    • D.T. 6 weeks ago

      Make India great instead of America.

    • Fora 3 weeks ago

      Happy Not New Year to everyone.

    • Himesh 2 weeks ago

      Baar Baar Dekho is a copy of .......

    • Cyber Ruler AKI 2 weeks ago

      I found the planet Earth. Now to break Earth. Quaker Oats.

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