Yet Another Remake: Thoughts On The New Rocky Horror Trailer

Well, I just discovered that this Halloween, Fox is putting out a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Let's get right to the chase: I'm not immediately on board. As a fan of the original movie, I just really don't think you can exactly re-create the same awkward melodrama that made the original so much fun. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a "so bad, it's funny" kind of movie, and that is hard to re-create.

But it also gets me thinking about the bigger question: What the hell is up with all these remakes? It's not just Western film either, anime is doing it too. Here are some answers I've come up with:

  • Money and copyright: the businesses that own certain famous intellectual properties are trying to recruit younger fans to liking older names, while there is also the idea that they might need to make new movies to keep holding old copyrights and trademarks.
  • Nostalgia is an easily bankable force, and the recognition of an old story makes something much more marketable than a wholly new idea or story.
  • Desire to change an old story to make it fit current political correctness standards (this is 1984-ish, and obviously something I'm generally against).
  • Desire to improve the original, with new technology or just a new vision (like the live-action Cinderella that came out recently, for example, which was a new way of telling Disney's old classic).

So, there are good and not-so-good reasons for doing this. With Rocky Horror Picture Show, like I said, I think it will be very tough for them to recapture the essence of what made the original movie likeable. This kind of looks to me like a low-class, low-budget attempt to squeeze a cash cow franchise that's already been milked to death, unsurprisingly at Halloween, when the show usually already plays at live theaters and cinemas all over the country. Maybe it will be good, but I'm not exactly shivering in anticipation.

But, feel free to watch the trailer and decide for yourself. What do you think? Comment!

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