Worst Films of 2019

Updated on February 3, 2020


The reason why I hesitated to start writing up this article is because of how much I seem to get flack from certain friends and family for disagreeing on their views about certain movies such as what has made it to my ‘Worst Films of 2019’ list. For a week or two I wasn’t even sure if I would ever write up this list because I truly do not want to deal with some of the headache that it might cause me later on. Then I realized that these are my genuine opinions and I should not feel discouraged to speak my mind on anything, especially when it comes to talking about film which I clearly love so dearly. So for better or worse, this is my personal list of the movies that I found to be the most revolting experiences I had all year.


Instead of littering my entire article with a bunch of disclaimers, I think I’m just going to get it out of the way right here and only once so I can actually talk about exactly what issues I personally found with the movies on my list. Because I have a few features on my list that fall under religious genres, I feel I need to clarify that I do not have a problem with Christianity or anyone who falls under the Christian faith. I have a problem with movies that claim to be Christian, but use that status to harm or manipulate others or are simply bad movies in general. My personal belief is up in the air slightly as I don’t feel that I can concretely classify myself as an atheist or Christian or any specific faith as I am not entirely sure on the subject.

Also, no, I do not have a problem with anyone who is pro-life or pro-choice on the topic of abortion. I will admit that I particularly fall under the pro-choice side of the argument, but the way I see it… I’m a man, which men should probably have the least amount of say when it comes to what a woman does with her body, so who gives a sh*t about my opinion on that? If these statements offend a reader in any way, I truly do apologize and we can talk more on these matters in a decent manner down in the comments below if they so choose. However, if my words have already offended then maybe it’s best not to continue reading any further. You have been thoroughly warned.

Moving On

Please keep in mind that while I did see quite a lot last year, I did not get around to seeing absolutely everything under the sun that was released. Also, this is an extremely subjective list. Meaning there will more than likely be selections that a reader might highly disagree with or believe that there are other titles more deserving than what I have placed. This is all opinion based and what you’re reading is simply my opinion, no written in stone facts. Except for the fact that I am always right. Nanna nanna, boo boo! Only joking. In all seriousness, if anyone would like to discuss these topics further then by all means let us have a calm chat about it in the comments! Without further ado, here is my list of the crap-tacular movies of 2019!

So... Here we go?
So... Here we go?

Dishonorable Mentions:

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10) The Reliant

The Plot:

Economic collapse causes widespread rioting and social unrest, leaving a lovesick 19-year-old girl (Mollee Gray) struggling to care for her siblings in a stretch of woods bordered by lawless anarchy, wondering why a good God would let this happen.

My Thoughts:

Kicking off my list with a movie I suspect to be a source of minor controversy that caused my initial hesitation. This is a sort of Kevin Sorbo lead religious flick that is basically Red Dawn on a significantly cheaper budget. Advertisements made this movie out to be about some strange and terrible event that occurs, causing the whole country to go mad and cause a pseudo-apocalypse to happen, leaving it up to Kevin Sorbo to protect his family by any means necessary. Sounds fine enough, until the movie actually starts. Unclear as to what is actually causing the country to go haywire, it just all of the sudden is filled with people wreaking havoc for no reason. I guess it’s supposed to be that there is some sort of revolt within the country to overthrow the establishment, but there is nothing within the writing to legitimately confirm this to be true. Doesn’t help matters that this vague apocalyptic event only becomes more muddled as the story goes on a snail’s pace when the focus shifts extremely early on from Sorbo to his bratty kids who camp in the woods for the majority of the film’s runtime.

Morally speaking, I don’t see anything particularly wrong here as the movie is at least trying to have a discussion on guns and why God would let such terrors happen, etc. Although the dialog is so clunky and the acting is so dreadful that it doesn’t muster up anything all that provocative when all is said and done. The worst and absolute most annoying character that really makes this movie drag is that of the teenaged daughter played by Mollee Gray… talk about a stick in the mud. Constantly refusing to handle a gun and is even the reason her own father is murdered because she hid the key from him that would unlock the safe to his weapons in order to protect the family in the middle of the apocalypse. What a moron! Sadly she only gets worse as time goes on and I could not stand her. This is a setting supposedly filled with individuals that only want to rape and murder everyone in their path, yet somehow using a gun would be wrong… I’m sorry, I will be honest, I’ve never handled a real gun before in my life. But if it comes down to me and my family meeting a horribly cruel fate or surviving another day together with the help of a gun, I’m pumping the entire clip in the unlucky son of a b*tch trying to hurt us.

Besides that, this movie is simply a colossal slog to sit through and is possibly the most boring film I saw all year while watching this small group of young people camping in the woods while trying to act, but can’t. Brian Bosworth I will say does a solid job and really does the best he can to inject emotion in this dead space on screen, but there’s no real saving the picture when he has all of ten to fifteen minutes of screen time to work with. Which I guess is better than how the movie treated Eric Roberts to literally five whole seconds of screen time, yet magically he’s top billing on the IMDb page for the movie. This movie suffers from boring its audience to death, so I say avoid if possible.

9) The Hustle

The Plot:

According to IMDb, the plot synopsis reads: “Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the men who have wronged them.”

That is not what this movie is about. At no point is this a duo attempting to seek revenge against jerks that have wronged them or hurt them in any way. In fact, most of the movie is about them practically at each other’s throats in a petty battle of proving who is the better con artist. The actual plot doesn’t even kickstart until nearly forty-five minutes into the runtime when the movie introduces the wager that Hathaway and Wilson partake in involving the both of them conning a young billionaire out of $500,000. Whoever claims the money first is the victor.

My Thoughts:

Not to be confused with the Jennifer Lopez vehicle, Hustlers, which is by far the better picture. The Hustle is the epitome of everything wrong with modern comedies; retreading a classic movie that was executed with way more talent, working with practically a non-existent script and replacing it with clumsy adlibbing that doesn’t come close to mustering up a snicker, providing no story and scrapping all rules pertaining to structure of screenplay so that it can simply have all its scenes become a never ending catalog of skits instead, and on top of it all painting itself as some sort of “woman-empowerment” flick only it doesn’t actually deliver on that promise as it would rather cash-in on the female demographic as shallowly as possible in marketing and never remotely touch on the subject once in the movie.

I really did hate this movie, I despised it down to the f*cking core. Every minute of Rebel Wilson acting like a big buffoon only enraged me more. Especially since eariler in 2019 I witnessed how she was capable of so much more as a comedian and an actress in Isn’t It Romantic. To see Wilson betray that potential in The Hustle is utterly aggravating. Not to mention Anne Hathaway as her co-lead, even more disappointing as once upon a time she seemed like a rather fearless actress. I would like to know where that ambition of hers has gone to while she resorts to garbage such as this. There wasn’t a single joke that landed or a moment of genuine humor, nothing made this dreadful sit the least bit bearable. Maybe during the production of the film the cast and crew had an absolute blast making it, but as a viewer, I do not feel privileged to that joy and only see a cynical product being released onto the big screen. Please, just never do this to me again, girls. My heart can’t stand it.

8) Trading Paint

The Plot:

Veteran race car driver Sam Munroe (John Travolta) and his son (Who Cares), a fellow driver from a small town overcome family and professional conflicts, balancing competition, ego, resentment and a racing nemesis (Michael Madsen) to come out stronger on the other side.

My Thoughts:

What? Never heard of Trading Paint? What a twist! This is the John Travolta straight-to-video Nascar movie! That’s right and it’s just as tedious to sit through as it sounds. The melodramatically dull rivalry between Travolta’s character and his son is as bland as one could ever get in a film. There is little in the way of a coherent narrative and definitely nothing to contribute to any form of emotional investment in these cardboard cutout characters. The editing is simply awkward as it goes from one scene to the next as if the writer was drunkenly stumbling into the plot points, sort of. The inclusion of Kevin Dunn was particularly strange for the majority of the runtime as his character is only acknowledged by strictly Travolta’s character alone, as if Dunn was a ghost that no one has any awareness of his presence in every scene he pops in. That is until the third act when people actually start talking to him who aren’t John Travolta. It got to the point where I was anticipating the “plot twist” that Dunn was playing the spirit of Travolta’s dead father or something… and then it just never happened.

John Travolta is an actor that I love and adore, he is legitimately one of my favorite actors working today. He can be charming as hell, intimidating, hilarious, heartbreaking, exceptionally talented physical performer, terrific singer, Travolta is one of the most talented actors of all time in my opinion. Every performance he gives, whether it be masterfully taut or over-the-top insane, Travolta knows exactly how to make an utterly entertaining performance and he is a God damn professional that will give pretty much any movie more effort than it deserves. Case in point, Trading Paint, Travolta is given zilch to work with and he makes the most of it with his skills. Sadly, his character is too petty to invest ourselves in as he is so overly controlling of his son to the point where he’ll fire him from his shop all because his son wants to race with another coach that Travolta doesn’t like. No specific reason as to why Travolta hates this man, but I guess because he’s played by Michael Madsen who still has a chance to be in more Tarantino productions while Travolta gets shafted? Who knows.

This movie was really lame. Please go watch any of Travolta’s classics over Trading Paint; Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Blow Out, Face/Off, Look Who’s Talking, literally anything else. Hell, go watch Moment By Moment. That at least has a hand job scene in it. Trading Paint doesn’t have sh*t going for it! And yes, I have seen The Fanatic, which is objectively worse… but I won’t lie, I have a real soft spot for absurdly insane bad movies like The Fanatic and so I didn’t have the heart to put it on this list. Again though, far more entertaining than Trading Paint. At least I wasn’t close to falling asleep during The Fanatic where Travolta’s first line in that movie is how he needs to poop. True art.

7) Jexi

The Plot:

IMDb told me that this is a comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life. Sure. Let’s go with that.

My Thoughts:

I truly have no clue what to make of writers/directors Scott Moore and Jon Lucas in their career as it seems as though they are their own worst enemies. Occasionally they can churn out some legitimately funny comedies like The Hangover or Bad Moms. Then they will pull a 180 degree turn with A Bad Moms Christmas, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and now Jexi; the movie that is “oh so hilarious” because there’s a sentient phone with a foul mouth. Please, stop. I’m in stitches from all the laughter as I watch a ten minute long scene of Adam Devine taking a million pictures of his own d*ck while his phone degrades his looks. Ha freaking ha. Or how about the brilliant comedy of Devine plugging his phone’s charger cord in and out like they’re having sex, leading to the phone having an electrical orgasm… Will the funny ever end?

Adam Devine is an actor I am extremely split on as well because there are times I find him genuinely funny and not a bad actor at all. Then there are those roles where the director lets him off the leash and he becomes one of the most obnoxious beings I have ever seen on screen. Jexi is one of those times I wished desperately for Devine’s character to get hit by several cars and die instantaneously. His schtick is simply grating on my soul with his lowbrow humor constantly shoved in my face. The concept alone doesn’t seem remotely clever as it’s obviously Spike Jonze’s Her remade as a gross-out comedy, that’s it. Sometimes it will go bat sh*t insane with plot lines involving the phone becoming obsessed and in love with Devine’s character, to the point that it threatens his entire life and finances. Yet nothing actually comes from these absurdities in any sort of satisfying way. The entire movie is 80 minutes worth of awkward adlibbing, vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, and juvenile schtick that makes the eyes roll every time yet thinks of itself as being “oh so clever” with the generic message of people needing to realize that technology distracts us from the beauty of life. Jexi is a crock of dog sh*t. Skip it.

6) The Haunting of Sharon Tate

The Plot:

Pregnant with director Roman Polanski’s child and awaiting his return from Europe, 26-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff) becomes plagued by visions of her imminent death.

My Thoughts:

Ever wonder what the disturbing story of Sharon Tate would be like if it were adapted into a tasteless generic modern supernatural horror movie where all the characters speak strictly in wildly on-the-nose pseudo-philosophical and TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL dialog about their inevitable dark fate? Well The Haunting of Sharon Tate is perfect for you then! It’s very likely that a movie like this was not made for a demographic that is even familiar with who Sharon Tate is or the context of her extremely heartbreaking death. So for those who don’t know; Sharon Tate was the wife of Roman Polanski in the late 1960s who was also an up-and-coming young actress at the time, making a splash with pictures such as Valley of the Dolls and The Wrecking Crew. Unfortunately in the summer of 1969 Tate’s home was broken into by members of the Manson Family who proceeded to horrifically murder her and a handful of her friends. Sharon Tate was also pregnant at the time, for obvious reasons the baby did not survive the incident. This is a very dark and disturbing mark in Hollywood’s history, yet somehow writer-director Daniel Farrands thought it would be appropriate to turn this tragic event into a haunted house styled horror product with a quality not good enough for the Lifetime channel.

To me, this is not being respectful to the victims of those horrific murders in the slightest. Honestly, it’s repulsive and irritatingly pretentious in its writing. There are numerous scenes where I could tell Farrands was practically masturbating to his own writing because he probably believed it was that clever to write these characters predicting their own deaths in dialog yet “oh so naïve” of the matter. Discussing fate and destiny constantly, in dialog that never once felt natural. Not to mention the ending that made an extremely sloppy twist in order to rewrite history with a “happier” ending left open to interpretation… sort of. The ending was so poorly executed though that it came off as even more pretentious than the rest of this snooty ass movie. If someone really wants to see a rewrite of the Sharon Tate story that pays homage to her and her talent respectfully in a “what-if” scenario that is genuinely bittersweet, please go see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino crafted a love letter to Tate, as well as old Hollywood in that film which made for one of the best films of last year. The Haunting of Sharon Tate on the other hand is a garbage fire.

5) The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

The Plot:

As the social fabric of life in rural India disintegrates in the late 1990s, journalist Manav Banerjee (Sharman Joshi) moves with his pregnant wife to the State of Orissa in hope of a better life and the promise of a lucrative career. When speculation mounts that local Australian missionary Graham Staines (Stephen Baldwin) is illegally proselytizing leprosy patients, Manav agrees to investigate undercover for the newspaper.

My Thoughts:

Quite possibly the single worst editing I saw all last year in any movie, this thing wouldn’t know how to follow a coherent narrative if it was given a map and Nic Cage for assistance. The majority of the runtime pretty much forgets what the plot is supposed to be focused on, which is that of Graham Staines; the Australian missionary played by Stephen “I have given up my career for bad religious films” Baldwin. Literally the total screen time for Baldwin has to be no more than fifteen minutes maximum, the actor that is supposed to be playing the real-life character this premise is revolved around yet we get so little time to develop him that all I know about the dude is that he’s religious and Australian with a couple kids. Okay then. Speaking of him being Australian… Wow Stephen Baldwin clearly cannot depict accents if his life depended on it. I didn’t even know this guy was supposed to be Australian until like halfway through the film.

What this movie ends up actually being about is an Indian journalist who is attempting to research and interview Staines, but accidentally inspires a bunch of refugees to murder Staines and his children via setting them on fire while they were sleeping in a car. The Indian journalist is the actual lead, with plot lines about his pregnant and sick wife taking precedent over Staines in every way. Oddly enough, even though the journalist’s life is the focus, I still in no way feel any connection to this guy. Besides the lackluster performance by Sharman Joshi, this character is a self-absorbed and unlikable douche with nothing in the way of charisma. And getting back to the editing, there is a ridiculous amount of padding that contributes absolutely nothing to plot or story. At one point, if I remember correctly, randomly sprinkled into the editing is a scene of Baldwin asking if his coffee is ready… then that’s the end of that scene! There are so many instances where something akin to that will just happen for no reason other than to depressingly meander its way to the two hour mark… Also, The Least of These? The hell kind of title is that anyways? What does it even mean in the context of this God damn movie?! Nothing! Freaking nothing! So dumb!!

4) The Kitchen

The Plot:

The wives of New York gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen in the 1970s continue to operate their husbands’ rackets after they’re locked up in prison.

My Thoughts:

Here’s the kicker about The Kitchen for me; me and my mom actually planned on seeing this one in the theater. We were completely sold on the trailers as it looked like a really fun and solid crime thriller with three badass female leads. Due to some sort of scheduling error with our theater, we couldn’t see The Kitchen, but instead got a chance at an early screening of Ready or Not. Ready or Not being one of the most fun theatrical experiences I had out of 2019 and easily one of the most charismatic female leads of last year as well. Turns out this was a blessing from God himself that I should not have ignored, because months later I still maintained enthusiasm in seeking out The Kitchen and I have regretted it ever since. Despite the massive potential that laid dormant within its writing, The Kitchen is no real film, it’s a product to make appearances with the political climate of today.

All this movie is, and I do mean ALL, is a string of scenes that just happen and end. No real story, no real character development, no tension building, no world building, no atmosphere or mood setting, nothing. All this movie is focused on is to cynically make a woman empowerment movie that condescends to its demographic rather than genuinely entertain them. These three woman leads do not ever feel like truly cool or interesting characters, these feel like caricatures of what the studio thinks will appease the female population in order to get their tickets sales. If a studio truly wants to make a crime thriller, woman empowerment flick, by all means do so by actually writing characters we get to know and give a crap about. Want a great example of exactly what this movie is failing to be? Steve McQueen’s Widows. That’s what The Kitchen wishes to be and never comes even close. Another awesome title that women are total bad asses and we as the audience slowly grow to love? Last year’s Hustlers. Watch those movies, don’t ever bother with The Kitchen. It’s worth no one’s time or money.

3) A Madea Family Funeral

The Plot:

A family reunion planned to celebrate the anniversary of a longtime married couple takes a turn for the worse when the husband and father of three unexpectedly passes away from a sudden heart attack. Leaving Madea (Tyler Perry) and the gang (Also mostly Tyler Perry) to plan a funeral and help this grieving family in their time of need through “hilarious” shenanigans.

My Thoughts:

Tyler Perry is undoubtedly a one of a kind filmmaker… And I definitely do not mean that as a compliment as this man finds new and inventive ways in making his movies worse with every passing production. I don’t know how Perry manages to be the only writer/director in history to decline in talent and quality over his entire fourteen year career in making movies, but what can I say? The dude is relentless at becoming the next Ed Wood. Whether it is in the downright broken to the bone tone of his movies stumbling in the horrid balance of comedy and drama, the either over-the-top mugging to the camera or melodramatic acting that rears its ugly head, the bafflingly inept production value of his cinematography and editing that makes a kindergarten school play appear on the masterpiece levels of Citizen Kane, the endless supply of ear grating characters who I wish so badly to die yet they refuse to every time, and not to mention the mesmerizing degree of how this son of a b*tch figures out a way to simultaneously be the laziest and the most unpredictable storyteller in all of cinematic history.

There is truly no understanding this insanity, but I can’t believe he still keeps it up to this day. Every time I hear that Perry has a new picture coming out, I oddly enough dreadfully look forward to it in morbid curiosity that I know I will regret soon after watching yet be totally satisfied in the misery as well. It’s like Perry’s movies open up a window into one of the many levels of hell and I can’t look away from the chaos. A Madea Family Funeral is no different as it goes so overboard in the madness that my own written review went a little crazy too since I went into painstaking detail on practically every second from the movie’s runtime. I will leave a link down below for anyone curious enough as to just how bad this little venture got in the “final Madea movie ever.” Spoiler alert, it’s f*cking not. There will be more, this one doesn’t even come close to retiring the character of Madea in any way as it comes across as a normal sequel like any other. Probably a marketing scheme to gain yet another fortune at the box office.

2) Loqueesha

The Plot:

In my opinion, IMDb summarizes the movie best so I’m going to recycle it.

A white guy (Jeremy Saville) pretends to be a black female talk radio host and becomes a huge hit.

My Thoughts:

In the grand scheme of cinema, there have been countless beautiful examples of the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into the artform. A medium that can instill hope and inspiration to millions around the globe, delve into the psychology of the human soul in order to help us reflect on who we are and what we could choose to be, and of course entertain with copious amounts of spectacle and timeless comedy to spark joy into basically all of mankind. Then walks in Jeremy Saville, instantly at the ready to take the biggest and most wretched sh*t on filmmaking that he possibly could with his sophomore picture Loqueesha. This is a movie so terribly made and jaw droppingly racist that Tyler Perry would look at this and be like, “Damn, man. Have some shred of respect.”

Loqueesha is another misfire of comedy that I went so extremely in-depth about during my review that it mostly feels pointless to touch on it again, so I’ll do my best to keep this short and concise. Loqueesha is an ugly looking movie that is misguided in every way possible that a film ever could be. For instance, the movie is racist as hell! The script and dialog attempt to be provocative or edgy in its humor, but falls so flat on its face that it’s embarrassing to watch. The acting is somehow worse than a Pure Flix production, how that’s possible I will never know. And the filmmaking quality alone makes Youtube videos look like they’re directed by Stanley Kubrick. This is some pure insanity to think that anyone would make this movie and think to themselves, “Yeah, this is okay.” When it is so clearly not okay at all!

1) Unplanned

The Plot:

We follow along the personal journey of Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher), who winds up being one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors in the U.S. Then one day she witnesses something so upsetting within the clinic that it forces her to change her whole perspective on abortions as a whole, resulting in her resignation from Planned Parenthood to become a pro-life activist.

My Thoughts:

Unplanned… This movie is a major reason as to why I took so long in bothering with making a ‘Worst of the Year’ list. Here’s a little story all about how my life got twisted upside down. One day a friend of mine on Facebook inquires from everyone what their opinions are on the worst movies they had seen so far last year. In a bit of joining in on the fun I listed a few movies off, including Unplanned, as examples of the stinkers I’ve sat through. Apparently him and another friend of his did not take too kindly to the fact that I disliked Unplanned, to the point where my friend’s friend more or less called me a sinner and I was going to burn in hell for being a “liar” and supporting pro-choice rather than pro-life all the way. Admittedly, this took me off guard for a time being as I started questioning whether my bias on the subject really did cloud my judgment on the movie. Then I started realizing how one-sided and strawman-ish their arguments were towards me; ignoring every single issue that I brought up about the poor filmmaking, the subpar acting, the obvious and on-the-nose propaganda the writing shoved in the viewer’s face, and the fact that it paints such a cartoonish light on the debate between pro-life and pro-choice as it portrays everyone who agrees with the writers’ opinions as saints and everyone else as two-dimensional villains.

There is no real or fair discussion being developed in the movie, it is simply made to instill hatemongering between the argument on abortion and allow people who already agree with its politics to get some satisfaction of a movie flipping the bird to all the other “sinners” they don’t like. Although any time I tried to legitimately talk through these points, my evidence was thrown right out the window by both parties because they believe in the movie’s morals and fought me with claiming this was a brave true story needing to be told. First of all, this “true story” was discredited by numerous sources and also the movie was written by two men, not the actual woman who supposedly went through this situation. Although maybe that’s why the two men I was debating with liked this movie…

The two dudes that actually wrote this movie. Not the real Abby Johnson.
The two dudes that actually wrote this movie. Not the real Abby Johnson.

If someone likes Unplanned then fine, but don’t argue with me by saying that it’s “good” because it’s well made or written or acted because it clearly is not. Whoever likes this movie only likes it strictly because it supports their opinions and politics. Fine. That is totally fine. Although just because someone might agree with a movie’s politics does not mean that they should like the movie or believe it to actually be good. Look, I will never take this movie away from anyone. But I’m not going to turn the other way when I see how this movie is blatantly manipulating the argument to make its side appear superior while the other side of the debate is made to look like a bunch of monsters for no good reason. Plus, the fact that I was talking with two middle aged men about the subject of abortion is simply hilarious and is just another sign of how this movie was made for a very specific demographic that probably should never have a say on the matter.

If my friend ever reads this, I apologize man. However the way the discussion we held on social media was actually handled was relatively rude on both your parts as I felt personally attacked while trying to exclusively talk about the movie, no more or less. At no point was I telling anyone that they’ll be burning in hell for disagreeing with my beliefs, nor was I saying that the movie was good or bad because of my beliefs. Sadly that seems to be the popular argument though when it comes to movies like God’s Not Dead or Unplanned, both of which are written and directed by the same men; they’re “good” because they support certain beliefs. In my personal take on the topic, those movies are bad because they are manipulating and taking advantage those beliefs to support fear and hatred amongst people who have a different opinion.

Oh and let us not forget the little fact that the filmmakers instantly claimed to be persecuted for their beliefs because their movie wasn't granted the rating of a PG-13... This movie was clearly always going to be rated R. They need to just stop.
Oh and let us not forget the little fact that the filmmakers instantly claimed to be persecuted for their beliefs because their movie wasn't granted the rating of a PG-13... This movie was clearly always going to be rated R. They need to just stop.

To me, Unplanned is an immoral movie not because it supports pro-life, but in the manner of which it is supporting pro-life. I am not angry at the movie for wanting to spread a message of expecting mothers not to go through with abortions as there are other methods possibly available. That is totally fine in my eyes. What is not fine is the fact that the movie’s focused more on spreading a hateful message onto people who are pro-choice or support the availability abortions to certain individuals, depicting Planned Parenthood and the people who manage it as a bunch of super villains who compare abortions to soda and French fry sales at McDonald’s, and dance around certain topics that would hurt their own argument. Topics such as why it is important to not let protestors record the people entering Planned Parenthood because there have been several instances of the protestors using the footage to capture license plates in order to find out where these woman live just so they can harass them at their own homes. Yet the movie glosses over reasons like that to make Planned Parenthood simply look like a bunch of bullies that won’t let protestors have their cameras out and about. Those are the biggest reasons why I hate the movie Unplanned. Then including the fact that it is also poorly made, edited, and acted only gives me more reason why I am confident in proudly placing this as the number one worst film of 2019.

For Anyone Curious Enough...

Down below I will leave a link down to my 'Best Films of 2019' list if anyone cares to see the other side of the spectrum.

That’s All Folks!

The worst movies of 2019… Were these close or were there more out there I should have included? Like or dislike? Agree or disagree? Have anything to add on what grinds your gears on a cinematic level? Comment down below and let me know! Also, if you so happened to have enjoyed my list then please do me a favor and share this article around the social media world. Thank you all so much for reading and have yourselves a terrific day!

© 2020 John Plocar


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