Why Solo Flopped

Updated on April 24, 2020

Solo: A Star Wars Story tells the origin story of Han Solo. How a smuggler turned into one of the greatest heroes of the Rebel Alliance. The story of the man that became a legend.

Han Solo is undoubtedly one of the greatest characters in the entire Star Wars series. I put him at second right behind Darth Vader.

He is arguably one of the greatest characters to ever hit the big screen, so why did Solo bomb? The film made about 400 million at the box office, but it was made on nearly a 300 million dollar budget, and that's not including marketing. The film just barely broke even.

Star Wars is one of the greatest film series ever created. Each film is a guaranteed box office hit, so what went wrong with Solo?


Production Problems

The film had major production problems. People weren't to thrilled when Alden Ehrenreich was announced to play Han Solo. He isn't a household name yet, and it didn't help when it was reported that he received acting lessons on set.

While his acting on the film is now praised, as was Danold Glover and Emilia Clarke, before it was a huge question mark.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were both fired during production. Nearly 75% of the film had already been shot. Ron Howard took over and he had to reshoot about 70% of the film.

The film had bad press even before it was released.



The marketing campaign was sub par to say the least. The film only had roughly five months of promotion. The first trailer was released during the Superbowl in February. That's a three month time frame from trailer to release.

The film had a lot of bad press before it came out, and they really didn't address it. Ron Howard's twitter was the only reassurance to fans.

They didn't want to conflict with The Last Jedi, so mostly everything about Solo was kept quiet until The Last Jedi's premier, but by then it was a little to late.

The trailers weren't fantastic. The worst part about was that there wasn't a ton of Han Solo. Fans were already skeptical about Alden Ehrenreich, and the trailers didn't make it any better. It's even more unfortunate since Alden Ehrenreich gave an amazing performance as Han Solo. In fact, Donal Glover and Emilia Clarke both give great performances, and they should have been the highlights of the trailers.

Wrong time

Solo: A Star Wars Story was released May 10. It was released four weeks after the biggest film of the year Avengers Infinity War. The film made over 2 billion dollars at the box office. 2 billion.

It was also released just after Deadpool 2, one of the most anticipated films of the year. Deadpool 2 made roughly 735 million at the box office.

It was just bad timing. Disney should have pushed the release date up, but the refused.

Infinity War had been highly anticipated for nearly a decade, and everyone's been waiting for Deadpool 2 ever since the original came out in 2016. Releasing Solo right after the two hottest films of year just wasn't smart.


Viewers Fatigue

I never thought I would live to see the day. People might be getting a little tired of Star Wars, but we're here.

Solo was released only five months after The Last Jedi. Five months.

Ever since the release of The Force Awakens in 2015, Disney has released a Star Wars film every year.

The Force Awakens(2015), Rouge One(2016), The Last Jedi(2017), Solo(2018), and episode 9 is set to release in 2019. Is it too much?

The original trilogy allowed three years in between their films. Even though the prequel trilogy wasn't fantastic they also allowed three years between their films.

Star Wars is an epic space film, and one of the greatest film series ever created, but now in some ways it doesn't feel like that. In some ways it's starting to feel more like Transformer and Pirates of the Caribbean. Star Wars is still great. The films aren't dropping in quality, but in importance.

Each new film in the Star Wars series marked a new chapter in the epic saga. Each release date was an event in itself, but now it's different.

Rogue One was a great movie, but it wasn't an important one. It was the first to not continue the ongoing story told over the three trilogys. While it was a great film it was unnecessary, and it's unimportance might have turned some people away from solo.

Disney doesn't seem the be trying to fix this problem, or even address it. In addition to episode 9 coming in 2019 a Bona Fett film is rumored to be released in 2020. A new Star Wars trilogy is going to be created by Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. In addition to this a Obi-Wan Kenobi film has been rumored, as well as a Lando spinoff.

Disney could release a new Star Wars film every year until I die.

A bad marketing campaign, bad press, and the fact that the film was released only five months after The Last Jedi all lead to the worst box office from any Star Wars film to date.

© 2018 Royce Proctor


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