Why "Bird Box" Is Changing the Horror Movie Genre

Updated on July 20, 2019
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Kedan is a seasoned movie buff and pop culture fanatic. He loves the escape of the cinema.

Make Sure Your Blindfold is Secure and The Kids Are Asleep...

In 2019, it is safe to say we understand how horror movies work. A group of promiscuous teenagers get lost close to some form of water (lake, ocean or swimming pool), an ominous masked figure who manages to walk faster than normal people run picks them off one by one and of course, a reasonably predictable ending. I see bored people...

Courtesy of Netflix and Sandra Bullock, we get Bird Box, an edge-of-your-seat horror thriller where we couldn't even take a look at the hooded figures, but still felt equally terrified. I give you a look into the years most relevant horror movie and why you need to see this pop culture gem.

Bullock in "Bird Box"


Plot and Storyline

Strange monsters are causing people to see their worst fears and makes them harm themselves or those around them. Our survivors have to wear blindfolds in order to not make eye contact with the "monsters" causing this and try make it to a survivor colony. That's it. Now before you say no one will watch this, the movie was streamed over 45 million times in a 7 day period. Did it just become a cult classic? Spoiler alert-Yes!

At the helm of this anxiety roller coaster is Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock and our favourite golden boy, Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight,Predators). The supporting cast features the likes of John Malkovich, Sarah Pauslon and BD Wong to name a few. If there was anyone that could bring the story to life and make it believable, it would be Bullock and she did. I was so anxious that during the movie I tried to help her by telling her which was to go. Yes, I know she couldn't hear me, but I had to try. The ensemble cast really brought the script to life to create a post apocalyptic world where we have to find monsters and the monsters within. Special mention to Rhodes who was amazing and proved he has range as an actor and impressive ability to commit to a role.

Bullock and Rhodes


Instant Pop Culture Cult Classic?

The question on everyone's mind. Why do people love this movie? Our society and culture is obsessed with dystopian and post apocalyptic content and you don't have to look far to see the proof. The success of The Walking Dead and The Handmaid's Tale carry the same themes and all this content hits close to home because you only have to ask yourself, how close could we be to this actually happening? Hopefully, not too close, I already paid for my Netflix subscription this month.

Bird Box is unique, relatable and keeps you on the edge of your seat, which is the recipe of a cult classic. You may have some reservations on the "relatable" part. By this I mean, when watching dystopian movies, we all ask ourselves, what would I do in that situation? Would I be able to be brave? Could I make the difficult choices? Am I prepared to be the hero I always needed? This is what Bird Box does successfully. It allows us to escape our current reality and for 2 hours, live in a world with chaos, tension and the temptation not to remove our blindfolds! I have seen the movie multiple times already and every time I still feel the same anxiety and intrigue. Similar to when I watch Fight Club or Pulp Fiction. Cult. Classic.

Sandra Bullock


A New Genre of Horror Movie

Bird Box is the latest addition to a new genre of horror movie. Horror-Thriller. In the past, a movie had to be one or the other. For example, I Know What You Did Last Summer-Thriller. Friday the 13th-Horror. Bird Box takes elements of both genres and styles and creates an edge of your seat movie where you are covering your eyes at the same time.

Is there any future for this new style of movie? Short answer yes, just ask John Krasinski, who took the world by storm with A Quiet Place last summer. In contrast, A Quiet Place focuses on speaking no evil while Bird Box focuses on seeing no evil. Could there be a new cult classic movie based on hearing no evil in the pipeline of Hollywood? We can only hope so. Until then there is a so called "renaissance" of horror movies coming out with the likes of IT:Chapter Two and the Child's Play reboot. I guess I will hold onto my blindfold a bit longer...

Cast of Bird Box


"Are You Still Watching Bird Box?"-Netflix

Yes, we are Netflix. Now, if you had your blindfold on this whole time and only took it off now, read this next sentence. Bird Box is going to be a part of pop culture history and you need to see it now, while you still can. A unique storyline and strong ensemble cast performance awaits you. As for me you ask? Easy, I am going to try find my remote and make some more pop corn blind folded, wish me luck!

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