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MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 1 minute ago from Illinois

@Casey S ~ Just a guess...

The Dive from Clausen's Pier (2005 TV movie)

IamBatman 23 minutes ago

There's this movie, where something bad happens, and earth (or only a certain country) is frozen, and the protagonist is made to leave on a plane leaving his wife and kid behind. Several years later he;s sent with some group to find a satelite control room to redirect sun rays to unfreeze earth. After succeeding he goes and finds his wife and daughter frozen to death while hugging eachother in bed. I've seen this when I was a kid so I don't remember it so well, but I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

John 36 minutes ago

There was this movie where, basically something bad happens and earth or only a certain country freezes and a man is forced to get on a plane without his wife and kid. Then it switches to a couple of years forward. The man is sent with some group to find some base where they can control a satelite to redirect sun rays to unfreeze earth. In the end the man finds his wife and kid frozen to death while hugging eachother in bed. I would really appreciate if anyone could help. I've been looking for it for a couple of weeks now.

Daisy 5 hours ago

Heyy guys, looking for a movie where two police officers are looking for a serial killer. They ring the doorbell on the presumed killers father's house, and then they find out by his medicine's prescriptions that its the killer pretending to be his father... After questioning him, they find out he owns the house next door as well and they identify it as it 'murder' house, where he keeps all his murder stuff.

Haha, weird description, hope someone can help me!

John Johnson 7 hours ago

Already posted, but I can't find my comment.

I only saw a trailer for this movie but this blonde woman was looking for her husband or something.

In the trailer she was at an airport or something while security was holding her back saying "Just tell me where my husband is!"

It was released between 2006-2008.

bev-er-ley 8 hours ago

group of young kids on school holidays want to build a den in forest. they want this particular door a woman left outside her house but a guy on a bike gets it and takes it to his yard.

also in the movie these young kids tease the girls with frogs!

cant remember too much else but will update if do......


Casey S 11 hours ago

I only saw a few minutes of this movie years ago. A girl returns back to her home town with her boyfriend and meets back up with her ex boyfriend who was in an accident and is in a wheelchair now.. and she falls back I love with him.. I remember the scene when she meets the ex boyfriend at the end of a pier looking over a big lake. Thanks

BrooklynP profile image

BrooklynP 13 hours ago

There is this group of guys with masks ,I'm thinking clown masks but I'm not positive, that kill this girls parents in her home. The little girl is hiding under the bed. One of the guys find her but spares her and leaves her a flower like once a year or something. Then she's all grown up and they come back and she gets the flower again.

That's all I remember about it..

-I watched this movie with my dad once when I was younger and neither one of us can think of the name

Maura 13 hours ago

Early 90s movie, possibly made for tv, where woman with blond hair witnesses a murder from her window or behind a dumpster and the killer sees her and She spends the rest of the movie scared. I think having nightmares about him as well.

Brooklyn 13 hours ago

guys in masks kills girls parents. girl is under bed. guy spares girl and gives her a flower once a year.

-I watched this movie with my dad once when I was younger and neither one of us can think of the name

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 14 hours ago from Illinois

Val E. 14 hours ago

Black and white movie where a painter falls in love with the women he paints but his mom kills the women because she's jealous

Kyhna 15 hours ago

I am looking for a horror film where there is a scene with a little boy pulling down under his eyes while looking at a ghost behind his mom. Another scene the mom is making the bed and an entity's legs appear as the sheet goes up and disappear as the sheet falls into place on the bed.

keith 16 hours ago

there was a movie where a guy has a book mass produced that protected people from bad things.. it was a horror movie some folks were against his book and some started throwing the book away ... he was selling the book

samer 17 hours ago

There is an anime movie I watched in 90s can't remember the name. I remember a boy with old clothes and his sister. around the end of the movie the boy and his sister got stuck in the house while there is a flood. he break the roof with his bare hands. After that he rescue her and he die and sink. It's either a Japanese or chinese (Asian in general) and anime. hope you can remember it.

Bob12345 20 hours ago

I watched part of a movie a long time ago about two young black guys who go on a road trip. One is kind of heavy and sensitive and the other is thin and rude. I remember at one point they bring two women back to their hotel room to sleep with them but the fat one breaks the bed and leaves humiliated. And at another point he falls asleep while driving and dreams about running very fast on the beach with his dream girl and then eating a giant hamburger. And he was also a poet, I think.

israel66 21 hours ago

What's the name of the movie where the husband pretends to give money to her wife who is a sex book writer in order to have sex with him? the movie starts with that scene of sex.

honour 21 hours ago

@Truestory242 thanks as I was also looking for that movie.Tnx to everyone else who answered.@ryan Jackson. It's the adulterers!!! Bye guys!

anonymous_lol 22 hours ago

I believe that this movie is one from the early 2000's. I'm not 21 yet and I watched it when I was 6 or 7. It has four brother (I think that they were brothers) and they are black. They were in a club in one scene, and they were arguing over a girl because she was one of their ex's. One of the brothers was having sex with his girl and she found a gun and they started yelling at each other and then their little girl walked in. That's all that I can remember, but I really want to know what it was called

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 22 hours ago from Illinois

@Colin ~ I've identified this one so often lately!

Living with the Dead aka Talking to Heaven (2002 TV movie)

From IMDb review: James Van Praagh (Ted Danson) is a man who has seen and communicated with dead people since he was a child. After the death of his mother (Diane Ladd), he resolves the murder of an old man, and Detective Karen Condrin (Mary Steenburgen ~ Mrs. Ted Danson!) gets close to him. He starts investigating what happened to a dead boy who insists on trying to communicate with him. Later, James and Karen realize that many boys have been murdered and buried in an isolated forest for seven years. // Yes, the mother of a dead boy abducts and kills other boys to keep him company.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 23 hours ago from Illinois

@Andrew ~ Shame (1992 TV movie) starring Amanda Donohoe and Fairuza Balk //

From IMDb: In this remake of the 1987 Australian movie of the same name, Diana Cadell is a Los Angeles D.A. traveling through the Pacific Northwest on holiday when her motorcycle breaks down in a small logging town. She becomes involved in helping Lizzie Curtis, daughter of the local mechanic, in pressing charges against the local gang who recently gang raped Lizzie and another girl. But, the leader of the gang and the locals become determined to keep the incident a secret and target Diana and the Curtis family to shut them up for good.

Rebekah 25 hours ago

There is an old movie that I watched as a child and cannot remember the name of it. I ony remember one scene. The scene is in the forest area or at least there are big leaves and a child appears. A mother then appears and sees the child crying. The mother throws her hat and runs away. It was a dream in the movie.

Debbie 27 hours ago

Help this film a man is held hostage in a large warehouse..trailers with his family appear and he has to chose who to save

Auron 30 hours ago

I need help people, My sister was talking about a movie from the 2000s where a group of friends go into an abandoned building and evil spirits are killing them one by one, one guy tries to continuously help the main character but he ignores him and he wakes up but realizes he is dying from an overdose on the side of a road outside of a van and the friend that was trying to help him was an angel wanting to save him from going to hell. And the factory never actually happened it was a test to see if he could go to heaven. None of his friends actually die. she also says that they weren't A list actors, low budget horror film.

Turkeyfaces Mommy 30 hours ago

What's the movie/show where a girl is sent away by her parents after being raped and getting pregnant, only to return years later and confess to her high school love (whom her parents assumed was the baby's father) that his brother (may have been a twin) raped her and that she never stopped loving him, didn't abandon him and didn't leave of her own accord?

Megan 33 hours ago

I saw this movie one night it was on one of those channels in the UK that show the movie after 1am. all i can remember from the movie is that a male figure falls in love with a vampire who ends up killing his friends and family. He ends up having a threesome with another girl and her but wakes up to find the other girl dead. the last bit i remember is that the vampire gets killed but the male gets turned and his friend looks after him and he is drinking blood out of a dog bowl. anyone got any ideas what this film is ?

kevpod 37 hours ago

'70s action horror film I guess.

A girl got to a guy's country home or cabin for the weekend, but he's a perv who takes pictures of her showering through two way mirrors.

They get attacked by gang of bad guys, who kill the guy and go after her.

There's a scene where she's trying to escape in a truck that gets bogged down in a field while the dead guy's body is in the front seat falling onto her.

kevpod 37 hours ago

'70s movie I think.

A girl to to Asia, or maybe South America, to save her sister who has been forced into heroin addiction and prostitution. Then she falls victim to this as well.

The last scene is of her in a massive brothel.

Ricki 37 hours ago

It's Look Both Ways - I found it, I found it, it is a great movie.

Ricki 37 hours ago

What is the movie about a women who thinks the worst is going to happen every time she leaves her house. She catastrophizes things. She sees the train jumping the tracks and it is shown in cartoon. She is an artist and meets a guy and there is a guy that is actually killed by the train and then there is the guys dog, who he girlfriend finds. It is an Australian movie,

Andrew 37 hours ago

Movie set in a small town made in the 80s or very early 90s

Blonde haired woman rides a motorcycle and befriends the young girl in the town. At the end the girl is trying to escape And the guy kicks her end she flies out of the car And down a hill.

It's driving me crazy

Colin 38 hours ago

Movie about a crazy woman who killed kids to keep her dead son's ghost company? I swear this was a thing...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 38 hours ago from Illinois

@Nick ~ You're welcome! This gets asked about a lot.

Chris P 39 hours ago

Hi I'm looking for two movies.

The first movie is an old black and white movie where the dog ran away. The only part of this movie that I really remember is two people had gone to feed the dog but she wouldn't eat until her food was on a plate because she was a lady dog.

The second movie looks like it was filmed in either the 80s, or the 90s. It is about a family where the father dies and since he has no life insurance his wife and kids end up living in their car.

Carol 39 hours ago

da.ze, I think the movie may be From Dusk til Dawn. Check it out.

Carol 39 hours ago

In reply to :David 3 hours ago

What is the movie in which a boy lost his mother.He goes to a church were he talks to the man on the cross. It ends with him joining his mother.

David, was this movie from the 50's? If so it sounds like one I looked for, for many years. It was THE MIRACLE OF MARCELINO. Hope this helps.

Nick 39 hours ago


Thats it!! Wow you are good! Thank you so much. Great Movie!

Adiella 41 hours ago

To Sactamale

I spent over an hour trying to look it up every which way I could think of. Funny. Thank you! I think it might actually be it. Wanted to watch it with my kiddos. Thanks again

Grace 41 hours ago

What's the movie when the girl's mother decide to remarry again but she doesn't realize that she marries to someone very bad, "the doctor" gives her pills her without realizing it and she becomes very different and she always wants everything tidy, the girl and her boyfriend realize about that and try to change it, but while they're searching for that in step dad's house her step dad caught her and vaccines her and she becomes different too, so her boyfriend try to fix her. I think it was 90s or 80s movies but I clearly remember that the girl was wearing high waist jeans.

julian 41 hours ago

there is a movie where this guy goes to a party and escape bitten but is in transition and doesnt turn but when his girlfriend go to find out what happened she get turned and then later on he is in jail and she kills him

Lillian 41 hours ago

I've looked for this movie for years. I saw it once when I was young at some point in the mid 90s maybe. It aired on a movie channel at night and was set in perhaps the early 1900s. There was a village and this brother and sister fell in love and were separated when it was found out. However the sister had already been knocked up. They sneaked around and saw each other at least once, in a barn where they had sex. The only other thing I remember is them meeting in a church and him sitting a few pews behind her, and that was the only way they could talk. I thought I'd found it when I discovered the synopsis for Jude, but no. The characters were young and the movie could have been English.

Leila 42 hours ago

What's that oldish movie where a guy in his last year of high school I think, has a relationship with one of his teachers? There's a scene where I think it's his younger sisters party and she invites the teacher her brother is in a relationship with. However her parents disapprove of the relationship and so her mother screams at the teacher to leave, saying "I don't want that woman here!" Or something like that. The father tries to calm the mother down and takes her to the side of the house. The little sister gets upset at her mothers outburst and just gets really angry and emotional and is crying. She leaves the party and her friend tried unsuccessfully to calm her down but she won't listen. The sister hops into her car and starts driving away backwards furiously, stil crying and ends up getting hit by a truck. There is a crash and her friend screams her name. Her mother and father also hear the crash and the scream.

Jayy 43 hours ago

This is either. a movie or a mini series that was on syfy. It had a girl with a lypse who would transform herself into a beautiful woman. Also it had a guy who slept with a man's wife while he was off at war. Does any of that sound familiar?

Lee 44 hours ago

what was the movie where a girl decided last minute not to get on a plane that crashed then ten years later put into commission again

Dave McLuvin 44 hours ago

This is a movie where a white teen (he is about 17-19 years old) plays basketball and has a tough life, his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend and at the end the boy commits suicide and his friend decides to never speak a word after that day. The movie ends with the police asking the boy what happened and he just wouldn' speak a word

Ash 44 hours ago

Guy has keys taken off him. And there kept safe in other guys underwear ( possibly police officer )

Lusting over a women and she robs him at the end...

80's movie??

Sorry I'm vague

David 44 hours ago

What is the movie in which a boy lost his mother.He goes to a church were he talks to the man on the cross. It ends with him joining his mother.

Kdratlover 45 hours ago

This is a movie i saw a couple of years ago about a girl whose mum is a drunk and he volunteers at a hospital but she likes dancing. a boy askes her to tutor him and it turn out one of her patient is his mum. they enter a dance compitiion and win. To be helpful i defiantly know it is not any of the step up movies.

Bruna 46 hours ago

Looking for a movie where the main character is a married woman who is currently having second thoughts about her decisions in life. One day, she wakes up and she is single, and she can now choose something else for life, she can even have a relationship with this ex boyfriend of hers.

I remember she had kids, a little boy who couldn't go to the bathroom by himself and a daughter who got her period. That's all I can remember.

Please, help me.

Randy 46 hours ago

Ha ha, I actually found the film I was looking for just now. It's called Sabotage, from 1996.

Luke 47 hours ago

@ramos "a movie about a couple who felt in love with their young neighbour.... they three stayed together till one of the girl realised that she s not in the right place anymore"

It might be Vicky Cristina Barcelona...? Except the girl in question in that film was a tourist.

Randy 47 hours ago

There's a movie where at the end the villain traps the hero and a woman and her daughter inside a house out in the middle of nowhere with a bomb set to destroy the house or something along those lines. But they manage to escape somehow and then the hero shoots the villain in the back of the head with a sniper rifle while he's driving away. The villain sees the muzzle flash in his rear view mirror but is killed before he can react.

If it helps, I'm pretty sure the actor who played the villain was a black man.

I think the daughter complained to her mom when the hero said a bad word, but the mom told her that he was allowed to.

I can't remember anything else about this movie because I only caught this final scene while channel surfing years ago but I didn't catch the title.

Nolant 2 days ago

What is the movie where there are a father and son and the mother is just a kidnapped woman, the boy is about to introduce himself to a girl but she hits him with a bat with nails in it? The movie then goes to modern day and a girl finds out her boyfriend is charting on her and she meets a girl and they go to a club with one of the girl's brother and a boy she meets online. The girl's new friend then gets captured by the club and her friends with the other girl's new cell phone so they use an app to find the phone. It then is the family from the beginning and the girl captured is part of the family and they are stuck in the house.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Deanne White ~ Hide and Seek (2005) starring Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Karla Angulo ~ Campfire Tales (1997)

Karla Angulo 2 days ago

There's a movie about these teens who end up at the end of the road, because they have a cara accident, so while they wait for assistence, they start telling horror stories. One, is about a girl whose dog used to lick her hand while she sleeps, but one night a strange bold man enters her house, kills the dog and licks the girls hand! At the end of the movie, the ambulances and patrols starts to appear and they realice that in fact they are all dead.

Truestory242 2 days ago

@Keith Moon

This is a random shot in the dark, but the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003) has a subplot like that.

Keith Moon 2 days ago

What's the movie where there's a scene(later on in the movie) and the father is grieving that his son has died, but he actually hasn't and needs to be stopped before he kills his son?

t3ch691 2 days ago

What movie is it where the lead female character is rehearsing a play, poorly, and the theater teacher gives her tips for her performance. The killer then walks in and sits down locking eyes with her, then having her scream bloody murder "there he is, he's right there!" However nobody is helping her as they believe she is just acting. It is not Scary Movie, it is a serious scene not played for laughs.

iryll 2 days ago

Hello. I am looking for a movie about a man who cheated on his wife over some stranger in a poker game online.

Martin 2 days ago

whats that movie where a guy meets a girl in the subway and she's really drunk and he saves her from being hit by the train, he has to carry her to his dorm. the girls fiance died and thats why she was drinking. they started going on dates with this guy and she re-enacted everything she used to do with her fiance with this guy. they then broke apart for a year

Sophie 2 days ago

I remember a movie that I watched while I was falling asleep. The scene that I most remember had a blonde guy dancing to a guy, while a girl was doing it to another one, then they get mad and hit them. It was kind of weird, because they were touching themselves before that. I want to know what movie is, because a lot of people has asked me about it

ramos 2 days ago

a movie about a couple who felt in love with their young neighbour.... they three stayed together till one of the girl realised that she s not in the right place anymore

Trevor Carey 2 days ago

A movie about a hitman that work for some the mob. He picks up a young man and most of the movie is them driving in a car. At the end of the movie the hitman ends up killing him in a wooded snowy area.

Sactomale 2 days ago

this is the answer to ADIELLA

The name of that movie is, "A Season for Miracles.. You'll find it being played on one of the Hallmark Channels of which there are two. They repeat them over and over again...we just watched last week..

Hope you find it...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Tony ~ Nocturnal Animals (2016) ?

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Jonathan Wallick ~ Flight of the Navigator (1986) ?

Jonathan Wallick 2 days ago

I remembered! Answer to my own question is Flight of the Navigator.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois ~ This is much later than your estimate.

A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story (1989 TV movie)

From IMDb review: The scene of Buck's final, near fatal attack on Tracey is extremely violent and a almost TOO long. Buck chases Tracy, throws her to the ground and stabs her repeatedly. As she lays helpless on the ground, he kicks her, jumps on her head and screams at her that she MADE him do all this, it's all her fault (isn't that what the abuse always says)--stopping a couple of times and wandering a few feet away only to return and continue his attack. During this time, a police officer stands there, and, as he says later, "I continued to observe the situation."

Deanne White 2 days ago

It is a " horror" movie, it stars a little girl and she has a evil "pretend" friend, who ends up being her crazy father who killed her mother. Do you know which movie this is?

Jonathan Wallick 2 days ago

Looking for a movie maybe from the late 80s or early 90s about a kid who goes missing and then is found but doesn't know really what's going on. His parents put him in a special institute or something similar so that scientists can study him. That's all I remember. Thanks in advance.

Freeride720 2 days ago

@jkaa thats the movie called hardflip

Jkaa 2 days ago

I'm pretty desperate for this movie, I watched it on Netflix a couple years back and it's about this teenage boy whose mom dies and he's a skater and one scene he gets punched in the stomach. In another scene he's suicidal and wants to die so he finds alcohol and takes pills and drinks it and his dad finds him and takes him back to his house and calls a doctor and then gives his son a cheeseburger. I think it's a movie on faith, but I don't totally remember. I remember two really random scenes.

Victoria c Bridges 2 days ago

Movie with little blonde boy with raspy voice and he Plays in the 1990's.

John 2 days ago

It's a movie in which a man is sent to prison. There his girlfriend comes to visit him and in the prison a old timer sees her and forces the boyfriend to get her for him in prison. She then falls for this old timer when he comes out. I saw it around 2001-2002. 2 days ago

A made for TV movie in the 70s about a girl who works as a maid in a motel. She meets this cute guy playing poker at the motel. They start dating, he moves in and start beating her. He always says I 'm sorry and she always takes him back.

At this point in time cops weren't so empathetic with beaten women.

At the end he kills her, he's kicking her, stomping on her the police are standing there and do nothing to defend her.

It's not the Burning Bed, the actress is a brunet.

I would really like to know the name of this movie. Please help me if you can.

Kathryn 2 days ago

A friend of mine and I saw this movie at his house and I swear I remember it but he doesn't lol this was around 2010 or so, I remember watching a movie about these zombies but they're sexy girl zombies that are bound to metal beds in some attic and at the end, I remember these zombie girls being in an SUV type of vehicle and they attack the guy that was holding them captive. AM I CRAZY!?

Adiella 2 days ago

I do not know the age of this movie. I'd say I probably watched it about 10 years ago. I don't know if it was new or not then, sorry. Movie was set around Christmas time and was about a woman and one, possibly two children who had found themselves homeless. They moved into an abandoned home in a decent neighborhood and gave the neighbors a story about being some sort of relative to the owner. I remember Christmas light going up and the woman having to jerry rig the electric on. Might have been a romance that blossomed at some point? But I can't recall.. Fairly sure it was on Hallmark or Lifetime but I've exhausted myself searching. Help would be much appreciated. Please and thank you.

Natalie G 2 days ago

I feel like I'm the only one who has ever seen this movie, which is why I came here. I don't remember a whole lot, but I remember the movie being animated and the main character was a little boy. He was in this big house (I don't remember why) and he encounters 3 little ghost girls. One of them was Native American, one was French (I think) and I don't remember the last one. But these girls were from waaaay back in the past. The little boy ended up being the love interest of the little Native American girl. They ended up having a cute little relationship or something in the end. I think it's not really an English movie because I remember watching it in Spanish, but I don't know. The movie could have originally been in English and the version I watched was a Spanish dub. But I have a strong feeling the movie was originally in Spanish. I saw the movie when I was a kid, so it's pretty old. If anyone knows it I would be really happy.

amani 2 days ago

hey guys, back again I have been looking for this movie for a while now so I wanted to see if you guys can help. there is a movie about a wealthy family who son always asked his family to take him to church but they never do, the mom and dad is always busy and the older son always goes folk climbing. the little boy ask his brother all the time if he can go rock climbing with him but he tells him no one day he finally let's him go and he doesn't pay attention to him and the little boy falls and breaks his arm. the family loses all of their money and have to go and stay with an uncle who family believes in God. I can't remember much after that but if you know the name please let me know. thank you so much.

if you find the name please email me please

amani 2 days ago

hey guys, back again I have been looking for this movie for a while now so I wanted to see if you guys can help. there is a movie about a wealthy family who son always asked his family to take him to church but they never do, the mom and dad is always busy and the older son always goes folk climbing. the little boy ask his brother all the time if he can go rock climbing with him but he tells him no one day he finally let's him go and he doesn't pay attention to him and the little boy falls and breaks his arm. the family loses all of their money and have to go and stay with an uncle who family believes in God. I can't remember much after that but if you know the name please let me know. thank you so much.

if you find the name please email me please

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Nick ~ Just a guess...

Butterfly on a Wheel aka Shattered (2007) From Wikipedia: Tom asks them how far they will go to save their child. He requires them to withdraw more than $100,000 from their bank ...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Jeffster ~ Family Flight (1972 TV movie)

From IMDb: During a flight from San Diego to Florida, the Carlyles are surprised by a weather front in the Rocky Mountains. They have to do an emergency landing in a Mexican desert, with their plane severely damaged. Latent tensions in the family interfere with the efforts to solve their desperate situation.

From IMDb review: In working towards repairing the plane and returning to the sky, they work through their problems. Then, Dad~the only licensed pilot~is seriously injured, and the son, who has some flying time logged, has to save the group.

jeffster 2 days ago

Could have been a TV movie where a family flies a small plane to an island. The son stays up late listening to the radio and in the morning, the battery is dead. When the dad (the pilot) tries to start the plan by spinning the prop, he cuts his arm off. The son (not a pilot) has to fly the family to safety.

Shirley Parker 2 days ago

hi, i saw a trailer at the beggining of the year... it had a mother and daughter in it and i think they lived in a cabin and a strange man turns up and lives with them... sorry thats all i remember

Tony 2 days ago

What is that new or upcoming film where it shows a couple chased on the freeway, then some evil guys like kidnap or take the woman, and it shows flashes of horrific things they do to her, apparently to the husband? I have only seen the trailer, but forget the name.

Truestory242 2 days ago


That sounds a lot like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Great movie!

Veronica 2 days ago

What is the name of this movie, its a western movie about two guys who robs banks and is on the run from the law and they have no other choice but to move to mexico and they take a women so they wont look suspicious when they rob more banks and none of them speak spanish

Joe 2 days ago

cont…for an "old" Christmas Hallmark movie.The woman is negative about Christmas. She meets a little girl who helps her. She meets a writer and they fall in love. She eventually loves Christmas and man. The ending shows her at a family Christmas with a little girl like the one she saw.


Maggie 2 days ago

I am looking for a movie that I watch some time ago. It was set back to maybe the 40's but I could be wrong. It was about this girl that was dating this guy named "Gents" or "Jents" and the girls father didn't like the guy so he either took him out hunting or searching for someone and shot him.

Truestory242 3 days ago


That sounds a lot like Black Snake Moan (2006). It's currently on Netflix.

Annie 3 days ago

What's the movie I think it's a Christmas movie where in the end, (sorry) she wakes up thinking she didn't get the guy and when she gets the up she sees pictures with them together and he's comes in the room bringing her coffee and he says here you left your engagement ring on the sink or something last night.

Kelandra 3 days ago


Thank you so much. Your awesome.


Nick 3 days ago

A movie about a couple held hostage in their car and forced to drive to the bank to withdraw money. I think the husband ends up being in on it. What movie is that? Maybe 5-10 years ago..

rachel 3 days ago

i am looking for a sci fi film where there are two guys and a girl travelling to find the cure for a virus, They find out they they and their tribe are not the only humans left and find a city where one of the guys father had found years before and was taken hostage by the cities ruler to develop the cure. the other guy eventually dies and he was the boyfriend of the girl and the son of the chief of their 'tribe',

ShadowFox 3 days ago

Hello.I am looking for a movie that my friend once whatched.It was about a woman accused of killing her husband and gets locked in an asylum because of that fact.There she finds on walls and paper written with blood Not Alone and she finds out that she's haunted by her daughter that died 3 years ago but doesn't remember about her.And they meet at a specific hour at night in the woman's cell.Can you help me find this horror movie please?

Marie 3 days ago


Cow Belles?- with Aly and AJ

Marie 3 days ago



Kristen 3 days ago

During Christmas, and her husband dies in the military and the grandfather is trying to save christmas?

Kayla 3 days ago

Hi I'm thinking of a movie about an artificial human woman who "works at a bar" and she's "leaving" and her best friend (another robot woman) wants to have fun for their last night together, but all of that is progammed and one of them dies that night, a real human shoots her. The first woman wakes up the next day to the same day happening again but she is remembering pieces of the past and ends up running away and a cop/detective helps her escape.

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