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MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 64 minutes ago from Illinois

@Dumbfounded ~ Except for the presence of a father, I would think it was this film: A Home of Our Own (1993).

madhukumaartr profile image

madhukumaartr 4 hours ago


Movie Year Range : 1970 - 1990

Film : Color - not black and white


A guy has sex with only men because his penis is huge and ends up killing that man. A woman who has sex with only other woman where she inserts other woman's head into her vagina and ends up killing her.

And thats all i remember

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 8 hours ago


I just like anything cool and good you know, haha how very specific of me,

I love my disstopian films but its hard to find one that top's 1984.

I like seedy underground type vibes, open to all genres really, not a massive fan of horror though, i like a good thriller, I love a good story with a good twist.. but yeah i feel what you say your into the random bottom shelfers, you gotta look in the rough if you wanna find the diamond or cult classic,

i watched midnight cowboy last night for the first time, hell my eyes well up every time i think of Dustin Hoffman as Rizzo.

know of anything that is as profound as this?

due to me being born in 89.. i would have missed even a lot of mainstream hits of the times, but to me there all archaic and special in there own right.

I'm open to anything really, something that made you think

Thank youuu ;)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 19 hours ago from Illinois

@Moonshadow ~ I know this is a popular set-up, and I don't know if this starts with a car crash. Here's one of people being confronted with misdeeds:

Kingdom Come (2014)

From IMDb:

A group of strangers who wake up in what appears to be an abandoned building, unable to remember how they got there, find themselves haunted by strange visions and are forced to face all the wrongs they have done in their lives.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 19 hours ago from Illinois

@Jessica Thorntob ~ Was it her male cousin, not a brother? The mothers are twins, so the two cousins look like brother and sister. If so...

Haunting Sarah (2005 TV movie)

From IMDb:

Writer and college professor of mythology Erica and her pediatrician sister Heather are twins and have been closely connected since they were children. Erica's daughter, Sarah, and Heather's son, David, are as close as siblings. However, after David is hit by a car and dies, Sarah has premonitions and claims that she still talks and plays with her cousin. Meanwhile, Erica finds that she is pregnant and needs to rest, and Heather is informed that she cannot have anymore children. Erica is told by her maid, Rosie, that the spirit of David does not realize that he died abruptly and is waiting for the chance to be reborn.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

@Savalas ~ Twilight Zone: The Movie (1986)

"It's a Good Life" segment (a remake of the original "Twilight Zone" episode)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

@Ashleigh ~ You're welcome!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

@Nelle ~ This could be the most asked-about movie at all of the answer sites!

The Invisible (2007)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

@Des ~ Tenderness (2009) starring Russell Crowe

From IMDb:

Buffalo Det. Lt. Cristofuoro, whose catatonic wife is in hospital, takes a special interest in Eric Komenko, a juvenile who killed his parents and will be freed on his 18th birthday. So has teenager Lori Cranston. She keeps a scrapbook about Eric; and, when he's released from custody, she hides in the backseat of his car, insisting he take her with him on a trip toward Albany where he's planning to meet a girl. Cristofuoro is certain Eric will kill again, so he follows. It's clear early on that Cristofuoro's probably right, but what's Lori's motivation?

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 20 hours ago from Illinois

@Alexander Muoio ~ You're welcome! This is the first non-Mummy movie I'd seen Arnold Vosloo in unless he didn't "click" with me before.

Other movies? I do love to make lists of films. I especially love the offbeat ones that used to be on the bottom shelves of video stores.

What genres do you like?

Jessica Thorntob 23 hours ago

Movie aired on lifetime a few years back. About a little girl who's brother died and he controlled her and made her do things. The parents didn't believe until the end.

Juan Hernandez 24 hours ago

movie where daughter goes to party and father comes to kill her thats the second one

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 29 hours ago


man aint Donald Sutherland just the king,

i will definatly check this one out, have you ever seen the day of the locust, WOW JUST WOW, Donald's best role, as the character Homer Simpson.. wow just epic, Its one of the greatest films iv ever seen hands down, its a movie buffs must watch!

MN 29 hours ago

To TiredMomma5 hope you/ someone identifies it for you.

Update on my own enquiry-I Googled some keywords and tracked down the film I was looking for :Natural Enemy starring Donald Sutherland and William McNamara. From way back in 1996. Here is some info if anyone's interested:

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 30 hours ago


yeah cheers man, it ended up bugging me so i had to look it up, found it on you tube but its low quality, just skimmed through it really, got a little thrown of from the lead male role, real bad acting,at the time i just over looked it so caught up in the surreal vibe, i loved the premise of that movie, so much like dark sky's in the seance of the whole manipulating people to make out that there just crazy.

got any cool movie references? I'm looking for something cool and different, there is so much out there.

Des 30 hours ago

Friend made me watch this weird ass movie a few years back

It involved a boy who got released from jail who killed someone , or was found not guilty, it shows him adjusting to being home and his mom acts very strange around him. Theres a girl whos like obsessed with him and tries to be his friend , (most of the movie is between this girl and the boy )and she saw him caressing / holding this naked girl in the woods next to a creek or a river, and the girl hes holding is actually dead.

Sarah 32 hours ago

I can't remember much but all I remember is a family goes to the video store and when they get home a gun man is waiting for them and shoots the family apart from the girl, so she is sent away to live on a farm with relatives and finds love

cleah 35 hours ago

I remember my mom watching this movie when I was a kid.

a young boys mom is getting remarried and he is upset. the boy accidentally throws his mom's ring in the fire with the scraps. he is afraid they will he mad so he runs away. the step dad leaves to look for him. while they are gone the mom tries to cross a suspension bridge which collapses. she pulls herself up but breaks her arm. back at the house she sets the bone back in place and screams.

eventually she has to give birth alone standing at the end of her bed with blankets under her.

something happens with a bear I think. at the end the boy and stepdad return safely.

this has been driving me crazy for years!

thanks guys!

Jake 37 hours ago

I just saw a French/European movie on a plane dont remember the title..But the word "reunion" was in it.. Basic plot is a woman returns to work after six months for mental sic leave.. and is invited to a high school reunion..She begins to reminisce about the death of one of her girlfriends.. And there is ofcourse a male suspect lover who may have killed the girl.. but then at the end of the movie she believes that she killed her own friend.. The movie is recent. Any help with the title would be appreciated. Dont know any of the actors but one character called himself constantly "Olaf the Olafian"

Stanfordcardinal 37 hours ago

I have no idea what the movie is about, all I remember was it was a hood movie that has terrible quality and I remember that 2 guys were sitting on steps in front of a house

Nelle 37 hours ago

A high school boy gets beaten up & left for dead for I think a watch by a couple of guys & a girl & thrown in a sewer or well. I believe his girlfriend starts sensing his spirit or that something is wrong & he gives clues as to who did him wrong. The boy leads her 2 the girl I think she starts feeling guilty. So she ends up saving the boy.

Rylie 37 hours ago

Ok so it has not come out yet but I saw the trailer in theaters and I don't remember the name of it. Its animated and its a movie sort of aimed towards families with children. It's about this little girl and her mom is really strict and has like an entire plan for every second of her life but she meets one of her neighbors and he's this old guy and he has a plane and the girls life plans change because she started hanging out with him instead of following the schedule her mom made her and the old guy dies I'm pretty sure and leaves her with the plane. Please help me I really need to find out what its called

Mauricio 38 hours ago

Hi i don't know if the movie i'm looking for is horror or not but I remember around 2000s watching TV and this movie trailer came on & as i'm watching 1 of the scenes it shows was like some boys and girls like grown ups on a not so big boat partying or having fun during night until a shark comes & takes a bite chunk out of the boat hope you can help me out thanks in advance

Isabela 39 hours ago

I've been looking for this movie everywhere. I rented this movie at blockbuster around 2011 or 2010. Its a paranormal movie. It starts out as a party with friends. A group stays in a house and they sleep on the floor and record stuff. They cannot leave that house because The Doors can't open. Once the knives in the kitchen all fall and they are freaked out. I remember at the ending of the movie a woman ghost kills a guy. At the ending you see the house is on sale or something like that. I would really like to find this movie, I searched everywhere.

Ashleigh 40 hours ago

@MysticMoonstruck This was the movie. Thank you so much for your help

Savalas 40 hours ago

Whats that movie from the 80's where the little boy had powers n kept his family hostage in the house doing his bidding

Arshawna 40 hours ago

What is the movie in the victorian era, where a woman thinks of this guy as a friend, but falls in love with him. The problem is she doesnt tell him. Her best friend falls for a farmer, and the woman doesn't want her friend to fall for him. The friend ends up falling for the woman's guy, but the woman and the man end up engaged and the friend finally ends up with the farmer

Jhenna Marie 41 hours ago

I'm big into horror movies so theres a strong possibility that what I'm trying to think of is one. Just an fyi. Anyway, theres a scene constantly stuck in my head and its a flashback, its all blue. A guy and a girl are driving in the rain and he tells her to climb in the back seat to get something out his backpack. She pulls out an engagement ring and while hes driving he keeps looking back at her smiling and because of this he swerved in front of a semitruck. I'm almost positive the girl dies in the accident and he survives. But thats all I can remember

DLearo 42 hours ago

@ Eric: Do you mean the trailer or the clip with the guy on the bike?

Andrew 43 hours ago

What is the movie that is a college coming of age movie following a guy and this girl as they explore sex and sexuality with both sexes each. Also, there are kidnappings or killings on the campus by a group of people in animal masks that keep getting more and more violent over the course of the movie. It ends with the kids in a car going over a cliff and it cuts to a white room with Nazi symbols and then they press a button and blow up the world... I swear this is a real movie and was really good and I've been looking for it for years. I think came out between 90's and 00's.

noah aton 44 hours ago

I believe it's a 90's movie

Set in a small town. This guy's sitting in a jail cell taunting the cop and eventually starts screwing with him by breaking out, Stealing the squad car, shooting a store window, and getting back to thee cell before the cop gets out of the John or whatever. Not a comedy though. Played very dramatic. At one point the guy has a flashback of his buddy driving. Anything?

Jess chew 45 hours ago

The first, this little girl had been kidnapped and then they got her back, then they were trying to track down who kidnapped her and so they arranged for the girl and guy to meet at a shopping mall near a cinema. And then the kidnapping guy timed it so that they'd meet just as a movie finished so the crowd would enable him to kidnap without everyone seeing him.

The 2nd Was years ago, an innocent girl at a posh school but then she got moved to another school I think and she started hanging out with druggies and just turned into a bitch and dressing like a slut and things

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 45 hours ago from Illinois

@Jack ~ Does he plan to get hit or expect to be hit? There's a scene in "Miracle Mile" (1988) in which, having jumped out of a vehicle, he's been lying on the pavement, dazed. When he regains consciousness, he sees two lights headed for him and manages to stand up, only for it to turn out to be two motorcycles that speed by him.

The scene is at 1:29 in this trailer on YouTube:

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 45 hours ago from Illinois

@Alexander Muoio ~ That sounds like "Progeny" (1999) starring Arnold Vosloo.

Here's the trailer on YouTube:

I have a copy of this on videotape, which I finally managed to track down. I'm not sure if it's on DVD or available anywhere. But, it's definitely an overlooked film!

millerfmly 46 hours ago

What is the name of the movie where the boy was working on a project with his dad. Then his dad died and the boy finishes the project?

Moonshadow 46 hours ago

movie that starts with a car crash. The people involved wake up in a run down building that they can't get out of. One by one they are tested based on past sins. This movie was released after 2005. Any idea the name of this movie.

TiredMomma5 2 days ago

To MN: thank you, I reviewed Meet the Parents, however that was not the one I'm thinking of. I'd like to try again though everybody :)

I believe the movie I am thinking of was sometime in the 2000's. (chick flick) the only scene I can recal, I want to say was at the end and the guy goes to the girls work, it's some kind of classroom maybe a daycare, she then sees him outside so goes to talk to him meanwhile the kids line up holding letter signs in the window spelling out marry me or maybe the whole line of "will you marry me". one last thing, the scene may or may not have been set in winter, it's been a very vague memory in the back of my head so that's about all I can remember. Hope someone can help, thank you!

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 2 days ago

I got a crazy as F one,

ok its an Alien Film,

it has to do with like encounters of the 4th kind, obduction and expermenting and what have you.

anyways its about a regular american couple, he is a doctor, they are trying for children.

and all this weird shit happens, and i recall when they come, there lying in bed and can not move like there frozen still, and the woman gets levitated out of the bed and out the window,(not sure if im mixing up a similar scene from dark city).. then there is like a crazy creepy alien rape scene, anyways she gets pregnent with the alien and he is a doctor so he can see that its not his baby as the weird shit is happening to him, then all there people try to stop him because he is going nuts, but there all aliens in human disguises, then he ends up opperating on her to cut the alien baby out, but when people walk in she is like dead on the table all opend up and he's like i had to get the alein out to save her, and the aleins in human disguise are like, youre just crazy, and he ends up in a mental hospital.

great movie would like to see it again.

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 2 days ago

So im looking for a early to late 90's film, i recall hireing it on video tape.. i remeber the movie pretty clear just need a title.

anyways, its about a dude who lives with his parents and there rich and he;s a little esentric, long hair kinda stocky, anyways He films everything he does on a hand held camera, like everywhere he go's hes filming, he ends up meeting a chick and they go for a road trip across america, love story shit ect, anyways at one point they end up in a comune and for them to stay he has to give her up to the cult leader as he has to "have a go" for there stay, that is the price, and i think there is drugs involved there too, anyways the main dude, ends up loosing it and murdering the cult leader and grabs his Gf after shit went down, shes all out of it... cant really remember the end i recall this was towards the end.. i think they end up getting shot up by police or he kills himself or some crazy ass shit. its the whole love story that tailspins into a burning wreck.

i figure the fact he always films stuff would be a give away.

Alexander Muoio profile image

Alexander Muoio 2 days ago


Slum dog millionaire

Its actually Indian (hindi) not Hispanic, it takes place in the slums

and yes those bad men, line the boys up to sing and the boy with the golden voice they burn his eyes out because a blind child beggar with a good voice makes good money for the Evil as fuck ma

enjoy the film, you will actually see how heavy it is now that your a little bit older and little bit wiser.

Alex M 2 days ago


The movie you are thinking of is called slum dog millionaire, and its actually an Indian (hindi) film and was actually a huge success a very popular movie at the time.

I recall the scene of the boys getting lined up, and the one who sings well they burn his eyes out, because blind beggars make more money, as the bad men take there cut.

its a really good movie. you can go look it up now, enjoy

Tara 2 days ago

.It was about like 6 or 7 kids that lose there mom and dad and they are going to get split up (cause there parents suck and didnt make a plan i guess) so they find a homeless guy and make him cute and say hes there grandpa and in the end they get found out and go to court and the baby girl (who doesnt talk since the death of her parents) crys out grandpa and runs to him and everything is happy....

Jenni 2 days ago

There are two best friends (guys) and one of them breaks their arm because of the other....something to with a drain?!

Eric 2 days ago

I'm not sure if it's a movie or a drama tv show, but here it is:

Can anyone identify it? thanks

Sleepy Kat 2 days ago

Hello, I just had a nightmare and feel like maybe it was from a movie I saw...

In the scene tht I "remember" a girl who usually has 2 boys over has those 2 boys and 1 of her friends over. The friend goes to the bathroom and hearsee the friend start moaning he/she thinks the friend is having sex as she tends to do so out of respect he/she stays in the bathroom. Could of minutes later the "moaning" stops and she hears 1 of the friends say she's dead. he/she locks the door as they try to open it. The friend that wasn't having sex with the girl shots the door so runs away..... can't really remember the rest.

Please someone help. Thank you!

Cat74 profile image

Cat74 2 days ago from San Diego, California

@Sarah is it "The Man from Elysian Fields" ?

Sebastiaan 2 days ago

I am looking for this old movie where this man is set in a certain time where he meets a girl. Later he "wakes " up and sees this woman on a large painting in a museum(?) Where he sais that he knows that woman and the curator sais that she lived years and years ago (centuries).

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Ashleigh ~ Just a guess...

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

You can read the plot summary here:

Anonymous 2 days ago

What's the movie with the girl who gets sick and she lives in a train. It's kind of creepy and weird and is animated. It kind of had the same animation as the last unicorn?

Britney:) 2 days ago

This one is gonna be really hard because I only remember a few scenes from it and this movie doesn't seem that common. I remember watching this with my dad when I was about 9 and I'm sure it came out years before that too. I am 16. This movie is a Hispanic movie about children who grew up in really bad neighborhoods. I'm pretty sure the kids were all alone too with no parents with them. This movie was a very serious movie and very hard to watch because it resembles actual things that happen to kids in other countries. I remember one scene where some bad people tried to act like the kids friends and made them sing. One of the little boys was a bad singer and was picked on by the other children. Later on the bad people told that little boy to come with them. (This next scene is gonna sound really bad!! But this is what goes on in other countries):) I remember that the bad people had the little boy try to help them kill the other children. I think they would blind the children's but I don't really remember. In another scene some other kids tried running away from those bad people by climbing into a moving train. Two childeren made it in the train and another little girl was running. The boy in the train reached out his arm to help her in but as soon as the little girl put her arm out the boy in the train snatched his arm back and laughed. Then the bad people caught the girl. I don't know why that boy did that by I remember the other girl in the train was really mad at him for doing that. That's all I really remember from that movie. I don't know any of the actors or actresses. I just remember watching it with my dad when I was younger but I couldn't watch anymore cause I was too scared! If anyone knows this movie please help!!

Dumbfounded 2 days ago

I saw this movie maybe 8 years ago & it just came to mind.. Dont remember all the details because it was so long ago, but Okay so there's a huge family.. Mom, dad, maybe 5 kids. They have a house & some land, somehow the house burns down & all of the little money they had was burnt in the house as well. They end up having to live in their car & I believe they ended up rebuilding the house?

Jesse 2 days ago

Do you guys know the name of the movie where it has to do with a Hispanic family and they're all going through different things I don't remember to well but I remember a part where the sister is dating a white guy and she goes to a party with him and she gets raped by a whole bunch of white guys

Anonymous 2 days ago

There was this movie I watched where there was a couple that drove around at night in a truck and it was a new ish movie. I remember a scene that they were staying in this really nice house in the country with a huge lake and they jumped in wearing their underwear into the lake and kissed.. Please help I really need to see it again!! :) thanks

Leeann 2 days ago

The movie where the son kills his mom by pushing her off a bridge

Ashleigh 2 days ago

I also remember that the killer ends up luring the male lead to this abandon warehouse, and reveals themselves as the killer. The killer then explains why they were the killer. Through out the entire movie when they're killing people there wearing this kinda orange, black outfit. The costume kinda resembles a jack o lantern possibly has a pumpkin or jack o lantern on the hood. I remember this movie very vaguely seeing how I watched once— I turned it on cause I was bored. The movie I believe is between the late 2000s so from 2005 and on is my guess. Other information can be found about this movie on the site already. I forgot to put this within my other post. Please if anyone has any guesses as to what this movie could be please comment your answer. It'd help a whole lot!

Dave 2 days ago

A young american guy's mother passes away, he decides to travel through Europe. He meets and falls in love with a Spanish girl, who turns out to be a monster...

Angel 2 days ago

It's a movie about this man and his wife who tries to go to court to adopt two kids I think his grandkids not 100% it's suppose to be an actually happened in real life movie though.

Sampai 2 days ago

I believe this movie is from the late 90's or early 00's. I thought it was a Disney channel original movie, but I can't seem to find it on the complete list of Disney Channel movies. So mayeb it was a made for tv movie. All I remember is a young American girl and her family move to an old farm house in England. This salty girl finds a ring under a loose floorboard. She wishes to be anywhere but there in the new house I think.. she travels back in time to the middles ages. She learns a valuable lesson somewhere in there, saves the day and gets back home eventually.

William Johnson 2 days ago

A movie where a guy in a mask blows up a TV station might of been in England

Jack 2 days ago

Movie where kid stands in middle of road planning to get hit by car seeing 2 headlight in darkness but turns out to be motorcycles

Sarah 2 days ago

Okay what is the name of the movie that has this guy that starts having sex with this woman right? and later finds out that she is married to this old white guy but that they have an open relationship because he has cancer but they're best friends and then the husband dies and leaves everything to them? This is driving me crazy.

Nickie 2 days ago

A girl is looking for her boyfriend and goes to his mothers house. She hasn't seen him for years. She finds work watching this lady's baby at a hotel. The lady is drunk all the time and can't take care of her baby. The homeless girl takes baby to her boyfriends mom house and says that this is her sons baby. Mother takes baby and girl in.

Ashleigh 2 days ago

If anyone can help me if this movie I'd be so grateful. It's a horror movie. The gist of the film is someone is murdering someone and in the end of the movie the male lead finds out that it was his sister killing everyone. She tells him that she did it for him (I believe) because she loves/loved him. Prior to the scene described in the sentence above, the killer is skipping it what looks like a onesie costume with a Jack-O-Lantern as a hoodie. They're also carrying some sort of mechanical tool. I thought it one of the Boogeyman films but I was wrong. There's a scene in the film where there's a couple and the girlfriend is explaining to a therapist of some sort that a couples therapist said they should try something new... So it flips to the scene where her boyfriend dressed up in some form as an intruder busts out of the closet and is trying to have sex with her but the plan doesn't fall through because I think he messes up or something happens. While this scene is going on the killer dressed up as his sister is in the closet watching before she attempts to kill them.

William 2 days ago

Where a guy in a mask blows up a TV station maybe in England

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Joe ~ Blind Beast aka Moju (1970)

From IMDb:

A blind sculptor kidnaps a beautiful young model and takes her back to his home. He and his mother live in a warehouse that he has turned into a surreal tribute to the senses. It is filled with huge sculptures of body parts and the female form. He is obsessed with exploring the senses to the fullest. At first, the model only wants to escape from this bizarre scene, but eventually she succumbs to his strange vision and even surpasses his obsession.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Steve ~ I can think of two films with that topic:

1) The Mind of Mr. Soames (1970)

2) Awakenings (1990)

Alyssa Lima profile image

Alyssa Lima 2 days ago

@Tony The description of your movie sounds like "Old Boy" with Josh Brolin. Came out in 2013

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Rosie Pepper ~ I'm not sure I'm interpreting your information correctly, but there is a fight scene with three people on a large, suspended piece of glass in "China Strike Force" (2000).

At 4:40, you can see some of the fight scene on glass:

Courty 2 days ago

If anyone can help, I posted a movie summary a few days ago, and, unfortunately, the comments on this site will not load, so I am unable to see if anyone was able to name my movie. The summary was about a veteran cop and a young cop, both detectives working on a murder case. The movie is similar to Se7en, but that is not the movie. The scene that stands out the most is one of the murders. A woman comes home to signs on the door saying, "Come in, " and, "I have a surprise for you." Really, the husband or boyfriend is tied up to a chair, and the door handle is rigged to shoot a shotgun and kill him, which it does, when she opens the door. She and the young cop become romantically involved throughout the case. The, at the end of the movie, sorry spoiler alert, the young cop drives the veteran home, walks him in, walks out to his car, and hears a gun shot. He rushes back in to find the veteran cop had killed himself, but left a note explaining that the young cop is the killer, and has multiple identity disorder brought on by his traumatic childhood. The scene then jumps to the woman coming back home to the young cop to find the same signs on the door as with her husband/boyfriend. She asks through the door if is a joke, he says he is sorry, but as she opens the door, the final scene cuts to him in a chair with the door rigged to shoot a gun just like before. I'm sorry again for posting this again, but this has been bugging me for a long time now, and I cannot remember the name of the movie for anything, and since I can't scroll through the comments, I thought I would post again because I really feel like this is my last hope. Thank you.

Jessica 2 days ago

What's that movie were I remember it had something to do with a ship and water and there was this woman auctioning off the young girls to old married men in secret and there was this pregnant girl and she gave birth on her bed in the middle of her room.

MN 2 days ago

To Tiredmomma5- this sounds like Meet the Parents (Ben Stiller and Teri Polo).

MN 2 days ago

This was from the 1990s or early 2000s- possible a Lifetime movie, but I saw it on television in the UK. It had a family (father, mother, teenage son), father has a company and hires a charming man. We find out the man is out for revenge as (I think) he was given up by the mother for adoption. I remember bits and pieces, such as he kills his girlfriend and hides her body in a suitcase; the family have a swimming pool and towards the end, the man tries to attack the son in the pool; I think the man kissed his mother; also as the father tries to save his family, he climbs up this chute but the man sends petrol down it and sets fire to it so the father dies. Any ideas?

Steve 2 days ago

I seem to remember a movie from the 80's or 90's, about a guy that wakes up from a long coma and has to cope with the world and the way it has changed. I remember very little behind that. Help?

TiredMomma5 2 days ago

I believe the movie I am thinking of was sometime in the 2000's. (chick flick) the only scene I can recal, I want to say was at the end and the guy goes to the girls work, it's some kind of classroom maybe a daycare, she then sees him outside so goes to talk to him meanwhile the kids line up holding letter signs in the window spelling out marry me or maybe the whole line of "will you marry me". one last thing, the scene may or may not have been set in winter, it's been a very vague memory in the back of my head so that's about all I can remember. Hope someone can help, thank you!

Rosie Pepper 2 days ago

what's that movie where ( I can't remember anything apart from this specific detail) there are people fighting on a glass window but the building has fallen so it's more like a floor and if they fell through the glass they'd plummet to the floor and die but they're fighting and they don't fall through? my mum and I were wondering because I keep thinking about that scene and we can't remember where it's from. we kept asking how they didn't break the glass as well it was weird.

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