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So go ahead, ask away!

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Lucija 36 minutes ago

wife dies and was buried in the center of the house.then she becomes the house ...many yeqars pass and now she is trying to et children....but i cant remember if it eas a film or a cartoon

Dom 81 minutes ago

Hi, Im looking to find a movie i watched back in 2006 / 2007. I think it was either an australian or New Zealand movie based around 2 criminals, 1 shaved head, 1 short spikey blonde hair. the plot was that the guy was going to propose to his GF who worked in a jewlery store to gain access to the vault. There was lots of fighting scenes but funny, main one being a fight with a huge Mauri police officer near the end. Any help or ideas what the name of the film could be? Thanks :)

nina 2 hours ago

it's a korean movie i forgot the details but it's like the wife isn't who she says she is and the guy comes home from work one day to find her missing and her stuff as well and he goes on this journey trying to find her, why she left, uh at some point in the movie she ended up being a murderer

Help me  3 hours ago

a movie about a bunch of people who have special powers and have to stay in a big cage away from the others and a little group of teens get picked to go to school with the others. And the boy likes one of the others (girl) and the girl has a friend who has cancer and the boy used his special powers and a pinkish purplish flower to help cure the girl cancer. PLEASE HELP.ME. FIND. THIS. MOVIE.

Yvette 4 hours ago

Man plants paper on a woman on a train but then dies and she has to solve clue

Fer 7 hours ago

Hi, I watch a movie maybe 15 or 20 years ago, and I´ve been trying to find the name but I couldn´t it would meant the world to me if anyone can help me.

The things I remember is the protagonist is driving and suddenly his car breaks down in a little town, someone offers to help and takes him to a dinner and everyone is so friendly, they ask what he does for a living and he says is an architect (not 100% sure he is an architect, but I think so) and everyone tell him that in that town they need an architect so he should stay, but he doesnt want to but then he meets the mayor and he also is friendly and ask him to stay then he meets a beautiful woman who works at a construction so eventually he decides to stay, and everything is nice, but he wants to go and for some reason or the other he cant, and whenever he tries he just cant, at some point in the end he runs and thunders come from the sky and then he realizes that he can never go from there.

At the end another person gets to the dinner since his car broke down and the protagonist ask him about his job, and he says is an escultor (I think) and he answer that in that town they need an escultor and that he is going to love there, then he says that he is going to write him the number from his mechanic and when the guy sees the message, it says, "GO NOW, OR YOU WOULD NEVER GO" and the movie ends there.

The protagonist is blonde and male, and I kind of think his name is BOO, but I may be mistaken.

I surely apresiate if someone knows about this movie.


Comedy sex movie 7 hours ago

ts a comedy sex movie about two blonde girls that discovered a method how to have sex with hot guys easily by hitting them, they knocked them out and then when they wake up they have sex with them. Please help I've been searching this movie for months what ia that name??

Caitlin 8 hours ago


Thanks for trying to help but sadly thats not it. Its an English movie with a little amount of violence if I remember rightly. It's been driving me mental for nearly 6 years now ha! But thanks again for even looking at my message :)

Joey Montoya 15 hours ago

A young man travel maybe for a vacation. The guy went to a club and he went home walking and there was a man asking for money. That man had a child and the young man gave him money. I remember somehow the guy asking for money knew that something was going to happen to him. The man left his daughter to the young man's place. The young takes responsibility of the child

Kris 17 hours ago

So my sister and I have been trying to think of this movie for years. We watched it back when we were kids probably in the late 90s so its probably from the 80s or 90s. We think the movie started around halloween time and there is a family that everyone hated/made fun of because they were incestuous. Then there is a snow storm and an old man (maybe the grandpa) falls down the stairs while singing the grand old duke of york. (specifically the "and when they were up they were up and where they were down they were down" part). One of the kids tries to call for help but the phone line is dead because of the storm.... Thats all we recall. Please help!

Abby 19 hours ago

Im trying to remeber the name of the movie wherer there is this big mean bully and these kids steal his dog to get back at him and the bully gets really extremely sad because his dad is a deadbeat and he beats him. This isn't the plot of the movie its just a scene in the movie.

Aisha 19 hours ago

There was this movie that I'm pretty sure I watched on Netflix about a year, or a year and a half ago. I dont remember much but it was quite an odd drama type film. I dont remember enough to see if its still on Netflix or to search google.

All I remember of it is that a man was always talking to a woman on his computer/laptop on some really dated looking instant messenger type thing. The woman he spoke to was living in a rural looking house in a desert looking area, or maybe near the sea not too sure. But I am sure that all together there was 1 male and 2 female characters (all main charactors) and there is also a child involved. And I think there was some big twist near the end to do with the child being his or something along those lines. If anyone knows that would be so greatttttttt

Jan 21 hours ago

Movie about parents who don't know one daughter is married to a black man and the other daughter is gay

Brad 21 hours ago

Hey! I'm looking for the name of an older horror movie. I know that it involves to younger kids, one gets kid napped and the other ran over by the kidnapper which cuts them in half. I want to say I saw this movie in like 1999? Any infor at all would be great. Thanks!

Rachel 22 hours ago

Its a movie on netflix and Im not quit sure what it is about because I can't remember but in the movie there is a dead son who was an athlete and the dad really loved him and then somehow( i forgot) their house starts burning but the dad can't get the stuff from the house. Someone please help me! I really want to re watch this movie!

sammi 23 hours ago

okay me and my partner have been trying to figure out this movie, i think i watched it last year some point after watching the helpers! I can only remember it was a man I think he was a fisherman, or had a hook for a hand.. and in a scene i think it was quite early in the movie he locked a girl, think she was in her late teens/early twenties, in a sunbed. if it helps i think she was blonde but idk

BM 23 hours ago

Hi! I don't actually remember anything but a song? It goes something like I'll call you later mom I have to dispose of the body? I have no clue what movie its in but its been in my head for ages.


MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 24 hours ago from Illinois

@Angie ~ Pizza (2005) ?

From Wikipedia: Cara-Ethyl (Kylie Sparks) is an overweight, eccentric girl on the eve of her 18th birthday who desperately dreams of an exciting life. Instead, she has her temporarily blind, clueless but well-meaning mother (Julie Hagerty); a pest of a little brother; and made-up friends (Cara provides their voices for her mother's benefit). All that changes when pizza man Matt Firenze (Ethan Embry) comes to the door. Soon, Cara persuades Matt to allow her to go with him on his deliveries. As the night progresses, Cara-Ethyl and Matt impart their wisdom and learn from each other, and both are forced to evaluate their lives.

Benjamin Unknown 24 hours ago

Its a movie where this one guy has to take out a few people and then he picks up a rock, runs and this a guy in the head... then he picked up his gun i think... The setting was in a construction yard and it was nighttime. Help please

Jay 26 hours ago

Hey what's the movie with that one lady and that one guy

Angie 26 hours ago

So I can't remember too much of this movie other than I saw it about 7 years ago and it seemed like it had been made around that time. All I know is it's about some weird white girl that has glasses and overweight so she's looked at like the weird girl/awkward/nerdy. I think of a girl napoleon dynamite and it was like an indie type of movie that was similar with the humor of nap. dynamite. She walking around and it's about her day. Again don't remember much she might have been skipping school but she ends up at some party with other teenagers and they are being mischievous and her getting peer pressured. I wish I could know more but must have been because I smoked a lot lol so I just want to find it I knew I liked it. It was a weird/funny movie. Thanks.

Jameslather 27 hours ago

I'm looking for a movie where these guys im assuming are friends who got together and decided to break into a storage mostly in the beginning of the movie and I remembered a single mother in a scene where she couldn't pay for her rent so she put the child out in the hallway and handled her business with the landlord

28 hours ago

It was a movie about a girl that was affraid of water and her single mom . The girl was bullied because she was afraid of water and because she don't know how to kiss at a swimming lesson . The girl and her mom moved to a house by the lake and they were visited by the girls old friend and his father . At one point the girl wanted to drown herself . in the end she burnt the barn , I think .

Lenny 29 hours ago

A film where a gentleman breaks up from his relationship and meets a woman who catches cheats (men), trains said gentleman on seduction... The only point that really sticks to mind is whilst learning he has to have a solid understanding of Astrology?

Jakmetalgearfan 33 hours ago

A movie where a woman steals a baby and gets away with it and the mother is locked away?

ivy Laugene 33 hours ago

Whats that movies name, I think its a Woody Alen movie. The guy dates this artist girl, the fight and break up all the time, and every time they do she moves out. And they keep getting back togheter. She made a bust od his face as a gift and every time they break up je gives it back to her, and she to him.

Kissa 33 hours ago

HELP! I'm looking for a movie about a boy writer (journal, blog, not sure) and I only remember one scene. At the end of the movie, he cooks with his father or mother and I believe his sister. They're having a blast cooking for Thanksgiving, I believe. When they sit down to eat, someone knocks at the door and it's the girl he was involved with or his mother who left her boyfriend.. something along those lines. I can't get the details completely clear. ANYONE know?

Random 34 hours ago

Movie about a woman who sees a guy everyday while he canoes or something in a river in town (like venice but not venice either England or American setting). At some other point in the movie there is a love scene.

I know very vague. . . . The Actress that stars in the movie doesn't do many movies, she's low key and typically only does movies when a director friend she has worked with in the past asks her to do one of his movies.

Judy Tuttle 37 hours ago

That`s the movie Thank you

Sandy blue 38 hours ago

Looking for a movie. The family brings home the sister who has been in a nuthouse. During the movie it is revealed she had a miscarriage. Also her mother had sex with a black man who her father shot and killed. The son if this man has been friends of the family for years. There is also a tree that the three women in the movie are determined to chop down.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 43 hours ago from Illinois

@Burak ~ At first, I thought you might be describing "Rooftops" (1989). However, someone throws the boy through a window; he doesn't jump.

The film is on YouTube, with the pursuit starting @1:14.

McKenzie Poston 44 hours ago

The movie is about a emo looking guy long hair. Who lives in apartments in the style of town homes. Which are brick. A new girl moves in next to him and he starts to like her. They become really good friends and bond. Well, one day he goes over to her house and finds out she has a boyfriend. He gets very upset about this then ends up trying to kill the boyfriend. In the end he ends up killing them both in her apartment. And I think in the end he kills himself. I just I really wanna know the name of this movie because it's been killing me for the past years.

Please help 47 hours ago

Ok so im looking for a movie about a boy and girl start to like each other but the boy is friends with a group of rich boys in like a high shool and I think they also have girl and boy dorms anyway the group of rich boys make a video with another girl of the school going down on them in the showers. The first girl finds out that the boy new what his rich friends was going to do but didn't stop it and is upset with him.

Can't think of the rest of the movie I just like the romance between and boy and girl and i've been trying to find it for ages so someone please help.

robyn 47 hours ago

Ok so im looking for a movie about a boy and girl start to like each other but the boy is friends with a group of rich boys in like a high shool and I think they also have girl and boy dorms anyway the group of rich boys make a video with another girl of the school going down on them in the showers. The first girl finds out that the boy new what his rich friends was going to do but didn't stop it and is upset with him.

Can't think of the rest of the movie I just like the romance between and boy and girl and i've been trying to find it for ages so someone please help.

Burak 47 hours ago

Movies is about a small friend group. I only remember one scene. One of these guys, he was run away to roof from bad guys and he knew he would die. He was starting the dancing and one of bad guys was stabbing him. Last second of life for him, he was just walking to edge of roof and jumped.

sarahjoan 47 hours ago

Its driving me crazay, I think the movie your looking for might be called, Engagement.

Charlie Blue 2 days ago


just a guess

Grindhouse (2007)

Ive only seen bits and pieces of it. Wasnt really my kind of movie but hope this helps

Pomperipossa 2 days ago

Hi, I remember watching this Asian (possibly Chinese or Japanese) movie in film class, and I can't seem to get it off my mind. I think it was on the thriller end of the spectrum, and at times very psychedelic. A wealthy (or just wealthier than the main subjects) girl starts to befriend this working class boy, and the later starts sleeping with his fat brother, and then his dad.

I remember that pigs were symbolically significant somehow, but I don't remember how, maybe something with a gruesome murder? The movie was fairly gory/just plain gross if I am remembering it correctly. Sorry for rambling on for so long, cheers!

sarahJoan 2 days ago

Hello:) I'm trying to find a movie i recently watched. Came out in the 2000's i believe, it takes place over the course of a few days. A women living alone in an apartment on the water, California maybe? she has her neice come visit her for a few nights. Falls asleep to talk radio off her apple laptop. She starts seeing this older guy who makes her laugh and who goes surfing with her below her apartment. The Lady has dark hair fair skin and is skinny. I know this is a long shot but, thanks.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Lola ~ I Downloaded a Ghost (2004 TV movie) ?

I haven't seen this film, so I'm not sure what the ghost looks like.


It is a thriller film released sometime between 2009-2012 where a boyfriend and girlfriend are living together (in LA I think - she might be an aspiring actress) and the girlfriend goes away and her identical twin sister comes to stay and the boyfriend thinks it is his girlfriend? In the end I think he kills the twin and then his real girlfriend comes home unaware. It was a low budget film.

#########movies######### 2 days ago

Hey there I'm looking for a movie where a young girl who lived with her Grandmother decides to run away with her boyfriend whom she loved alot. But the boy sells her to a bunch of guys who sexually assault her and then she goes on for prostitution. Thank you

Moviesforlife 2 days ago

Hey thereee I'm searching for a movie that is probably 5 or 6 years old where a young girl loving with her Grandmother decided to run away with her boyfriend who she loved alot. But this boyfriend sold her to a bunch of guys who sexually assaulted her and them the girl went O to prostitution.

stuart 2 days ago

Film where in an american diner/cafe someone says about the table does it have your name on it? And he pushes him under the table to show his name in writing. I'm feeling its clint eastwood, but not 100'/, sure.

massy 2 days ago

SOS PLEASE a movie where a kid a small girl i think gets kidnapped and held in a basement she reaced the police actually she made it to talk to the police she tried to talk so the man couldnt hear and at the end a man puts her in a plastic bag i think and lives her buried alive he makes her a hole uder solid but she is alive please let me know how ti called:/

Trevor 2 days ago

A movie that takes place in Europe, two young girls are best friends, than wind up competing in dance and falling for him, it might be a dance school or something else I thought it was toppagia, or something like that, hopefully you can help

Caitlin 2 days ago

Its been two weeks and I've still been searching so I'll post my comment again incase anyone knows what I'm talking about ha!

This is such a long shot but there was a film on virgin on demand in 2010 I think it was around august I watched it and it was set in a bar or a club and it centred around a group of people and if I remember rightly the girls in the movie get kidnapped. But the movie is set in this club/bar and each character's story gets told and at the end the two girls kill the bad guy and they wrap him in a carpet and dispose of his body. The two girls are blonde. Ive been trying to find this movie for years and still cant find it.

Lola 2 days ago

The movie is pretty old perhaps early 2000s where a man with grey hair gets hit by a bus and ends up being a ghost that comes out of teenage girl's computer. A teenage girls that's obsessed with Halloween or costumes. If I'm not mistaken there's lots of slime in the movie

Vee 2 days ago

I been searching for this movie seems like forever. There is only one part I can remember n its driving me crazy. This movie was made I think 90's maybe early 2000. It's setting is back in the 60 's n in the South. If I remember correctly. But there is a lawyer working on a case that takes a toll on his wife who leaves him. It was a cover up of some kind that at one point while he is thinking something jots his memory n shows up at his mother-in-laws. She has a group of women over playing cards as he comes bursting in n running up the stairs to her master bedroom. There is a treasure trunk chest at the foot of the bed where he finds a rifle that was used in a murder that his father-in-law was covering up. I want to say the wife of the lawyer was Virginia Madsen n the lawyer was Josh Lucas or Matthew Mcconaughey. I can't say for sure. But that is the only part of the movie I can really remember. If u can plz help me before I loose my mind!!! Thank u in advance.

Ashton 2 days ago

Hi there! I'm trying to remember what this movie was that I saw a part of ages ago. There was a husband and wife, and if I remember correctly, the husband cheated on the wife. It was a funny movie, though, and the husband got into an "accident" and died. He was in hell, but it was super weird, and I'm pretty sure the wife was there too, even though she was still alive??

Jacob Howland 2 days ago

There was a movie i watched in high school literature and film class that ive been looking for but cant remember the name.

It is a cartoon that is done in black and white all the way through about a middle eastern family, but the focus is on the little girl growing up in the midst of the war that is happening there. Oddly enough one of the most specific times in the movie that i remember that might help is when the little girl was laying with her grandma and asked her how her breast stayed so perky and the grandma told her she put them in cold water to keep them perky.

that is an odd line to remember but it is one that really stands out. Remember this film is in black and white and is actually cartoon. thanks!

NaomiS 2 days ago

Evey it sounds like you may be taking about She's All That.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Jon ~ Friday the 13th: The Series aka Friday's Curse (1987-90 TV series), "Crippled Inside" (episode)

From IMDb: A vengeful quadriplegic discovers that she can regain control of her body with the help of a magic wheelchair.

From IMDb review: Stephanie Morgenstern is terrific in her role as Rachel Horn, a girl who is paralyzed from the neck down after being struck by a car while fleeing from a gang of would-be rapists. She is left broken in more ways than one until a mysterious and seemingly benevolent stranger offers her the means to avenge herself and take the law into her own hands.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@halocoolguy / Brian~ American Anthem (1986) starring Olympian gymnast Mitch Gaylord

From IMDb: Steve is a talented gymnast who has given up competition and is working at his father's bike shop. Julie is the new girl at his old gym, having moved to town to train with their powerful coach. Inspired by Julie, Steve resumes training. While dealing with the conflicts in their personal lives and the stress of training, they prepare for the U.S. Olympic Trials.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Annoy nous ~ Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

Bobbi 3 days ago

Hi I'm looking for a movie I saw my dad watching once when I was a younger child. I am about 15 now but all I remember in the movie was a house near a lake. There was a dock and a lady (I'm pretty sure it was his mom) drowned a little boy in the lake yet grieved over him often. There was a scene with her looking at pictures of him in his bedroom drawers. Another interesting this was that she used to give him back massages and there was a new person who she gave a back massage and she scratched up his back really bad. He found the pictures in the drawer of the scratches on her son's (which she drowned) back. I'm pretty sure he was eventually the one who found out she drowned her son

Annoy nous 3 days ago

What's that movie that has a women visiting a retirement home because some of her family or somethings their but she meets a women who is ever telling her life story or what happened when she was younger there was a science of a kid getting run over by a train but in the end I do believe she dies or somthing on that line.

Kayla 3 days ago

I'm looking for a foreign gay film. I know it's about 2 couples who are doing some sort of vacation/get together and one couple has an older son-maybe mid 20s and he starts sleeping with his parents friend, the husband specifically. They have this affair throughout the whole movie even though the husband denies being gay and the son has a girlfriend. Eventually, they are getting hot and heavy and I'm pretty sure it's the husband's wife you comes to talk to the son and walks in on them. She runs away from the scene and is hit by a cat and dies.

I have looked and looked and I know it used to be on Netflix but I can no longer find it anywhere and it's been years and I can't find it on the Internet anyway. Please help!!

halocoolguy 3 days ago

80 or 90 movie where guy goes into the woods and uses a high bar I think he was on high school gym team

brian 3 days ago

its a 80s or early 90s movie where a guy goes into the woods and uses a high bar I think he may have been on a gym team or something

Jon 3 days ago

Whats the name of the movie where a girl was injured by a car? And she was given a special rocking chair by someone that would help heal her if she slept in it but in return would harm someone else...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Timothy frances ~ My Six Loves (1963)

From IMDb review: Debbie Reynolds plays a musical comedy star who is sent to her country home after being told by doctors that she is exhausted and needs major time off. She and her assistant (Eileen Heckart) arrive at her country home. Shortly after her arrival, they discover six raggedy children secretly living on her property.

Relica 3 days ago

This was a Japanese movie I saw on youtube. I cannot remember the title for anything. It was about two girls. One lost her entire family when they got murdered the other is the daughter of said murderer who runs a bar called Ice Storm. She is also in an abusive relationship with her BF. The daughter of the murdered family tracks down the girl who runs the bar and they unexpectedly become friends.

I should also mention that the motive of the man that murdered the first girl's family was I think, because he was a coworker that stole his wife's life insurance money?

Sarah 3 days ago

Olivia gerkin the movie you thinking of is Time lapse

Angui 3 days ago

Im looking for a movie about this couple, a psychopath woman and her cheating husband/boyfriend. This movie is 18+. So at first its all good and well and the couple go live together, and the psycopath woman pretends to be good and that, always saying "i wont be like them controling, boring, jealous women".. but then she finds out her man is cheating on her, and she disapears and makes some elaborate plan to frame him for her death. They were in mississipi, a state where there still exists a death penalty (at least in the movie) so the consequences would lead to death. The dude managed to revert the situation and find her with his own elaborate counter measures...

Although i watched most of it, i didnt pay 100% attention altough it was a great movie, i was at someones house and this hoe kept bothering me, i was tryna watch this movie loool. See if you can figure it out, i hope thats enough info

Dan 3 days ago

Hi the movie I'm looking for, I believe is possibly South Korean, certainly Asian. Would have been made in the last 10-15 years, about an old lady in a town who needs to make money. It strikes me as being very familiar to Mother but it's not that. I remember one scene on a bus where she gets off at some kind of Dam. (There's a body floating of a girl at the start of the film down a river)

Mark Davies 3 days ago

i need to know about a film from the late 1960's to early 1970's, a father saves his son from a bus and he gets killed, he then comes back to visit his son in the garden but as a monster

Timothy frances 3 days ago

Hi, I am looking for a movie set in the 60s I believe. It's about a lady that finds some children living in her barn and the parents are gone and she takes them in as her own, the parents come back to get the children to claim government help to use for themselves, I remember the movie being on Hulu but I cannot remember the name for the life of me

Sam 3 days ago

Hello! I am trying to find a movie made, I believe, in the 1970s. It's a film about a young girl who grows up in the mountains with her (single, I believe) father, who saves up for a pair of skis. She skis off trail and gets caught in an avalanche. The father and I believe also a dog finally arrive to rescue her. Please do let me know if this rings any bells! Many thanks! Sam

Ebz 3 days ago

Olivia Gerkin, is the film you are looking for called Timelapse?

Ayanna 3 days ago

Okay so the movie I'm searching for is about a group of people I think 4 there in an olden car or convertible there dressed elegant the girl is wherein a red dress i don't remember if it showed faces it seems like the unconscious and in the car and the car goes flying over the bridge into the water it seems like a big bridge maybe an ocean it went into as there going down it shows the two front seats people grabbing very faintly onto each other's hand that's all I can remember seen this as a kid and been dying to know

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Olivia Gerkin ~ This came to mind, but it's definitely a wild guess.

Smile (2009)

From IMDb: Several students on a school holiday discover a mysterious camera. After several of them show up dead after having their picture taken, they start to realize this camera is much more than they bargained for. In looking at the photos that have been taken of everyone, they find that the deaths correlate to the image. As time runs out, they must piece together the puzzle before they become the next victims.

Deidre Digel 3 days ago

The movie I'm searching for is one I think I watched on the Independent Film Channel, I'm not sure how long ago. I think it was set in the 60's and it was about a young black teenage girl, on vacation with her parents at an Atlantic beach vacation town. I think it might have been a "black" beach like Oak Bluffs. She is not too happy to be there, but after much prodding from her parents she ventures out to explore the place. It seems like she meets a young man, but I can't rememeber what happens then. I seem to recall she may have treated him badly, or does something she feels bad about, but doesn't know how to deal with it. The beautiful young actress who played the part grew up to be a well- known actor, at least enough that I recognized her name. It was really interesting, and I thought it was very good. I searched every way I could think of, but no luck, so I'm hoping you may be able to help. Thank you!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Cassidy ~ I'm not sure which one I identified for you, but... You're welcome!

sonali 3 days ago

Okay so I have been going crazy, for a few years, trying to think about this scene. I am not sure where it is from.

It is an animation. A rich woman full of regrets is on a train going somewhere, as she stares at something in a train coach full of furniture and stuff. She does something or a candle falls (i am not sure what exactly happens but it is dangerous) - she allows it to happen. She mournfully leaves the coach as the camera pans onto the outside of the train and the train explodes.

The music is gorgeous and classical. The feeling is kind of dark. I think it was made in late 90s, but I am not sure. At least that is when I saw it. It has animation kind of like Anastasia. With similar elegant effects.

Cassidy 3 days ago

Came back to say THANK YOU @MystMoonstruck :)))

fruda 3 days ago

I was wondering if you knew the name of the movie where siblungs ( boy and girl) get sent to live withtheir grandparents ib either italy or france over the summer and the girl has an affair that ends badly... yeah thats all i can really say about the movie and that she ( the girl) has dredlocks...

thanks in advance

lucidos 3 days ago

RE@Judy Tut I think...

Deadly Impact (also known by the working titles Angelmaker and To Live and Die) is a 2009 American crime thriller film written by Alexander Vesha and directed by Robert Kurtzman. The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Joe Pantoliano, Carmen Serano, and Greg Serano.

Detective Tom (Sean Patrick Flanery) and his partner Ryan Alba (Greg Serano) have spent the last three years unsuccessfully trying to locate the Lion (Joe Pantoliano), an international hitman that has always eluded their grasp. They believe that they've found his location via a tipster but instead find Tom’s wife Kelly (Michelle Greathouse) tied up in a basement filled with explosives, surrounded by a black outline.

Olivia Gerkin 3 days ago

Looking for a movie where a group of teenagers have a camera, and everyday the camera shows them something in the future. If they don't do what the camera shows them in time then they die. It's similar to the butterfly affect but not. In one clip the camera shows them one of the girls cheating on her boyfriend with his friend.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@maureen harrower ~ Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Mags ~ Ultimate Deception (1999 TV movie) ?

From IMDb: All bartender Terry Cuff ever dreams of is raising a family. When she marries Bobby Woodkin, she finds herself one step closer to her dream. A young wife is desperate to adopt a baby, and her loving husband is equally desperate to make her happy~even if it means murder.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@EE ~ Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

EE 4 days ago

Hi I'm looking for the name of a black and white movie about a group of young girls that go on a picnic or some outing near a mountain. Four, maybe two, of the girls wander away and two of them end up missing. There are two boys on the mountain that aid in the search for the girls. When the other girls return to school the best friend of one of the girls finds out her friend is missing and jumps out of a window.

Mags 4 days ago

There's a lifetime original movie likely from the 90s, possibly 80s that I am trying to find. A couple who lives on a farm or in a country house cannot have children. So, the husband goes out and finds a pregnant woman, stalks her and when she gives birth he kidnaps the baby, kills the mother, and brings the child back to his wife. The wife has no idea this is how the husband brought home the baby. Through the course of the movie she starts to figure it out and at the end of the film she is sitting by a detective's desk in a police station ready to confess what her husband had done. Any Lifetime movie fans know the name?

Kelly 4 days ago

I may not have enough information for the movie I'm looking for, but here goes.

Indie film

apx 2008-2014

Guy lives in a small nice cabin of sorts in the woods (likely Pacific northwest.) I get that impression he used to live in the city. Friend comes to visit from the city (I think.) Guy isn't home but a neighbor shows up on a horse. They chat briefly. Guy comes home and the friends talk in the house for the bulk of the film. No idea what they talked about. I think they argue a bit but don't really remember.

I feel like this is a slow conversation-based movie with very minimal action or plot. No idea his it ends it what it's even about. A far as I remember there were only the three characters I mentioned.

Thanks in advance

josh 4 days ago

jody, your movie aboout an eporor and his sister and he dies in the end might be gladiator

Maddy 4 days ago

Recently watched a Korean film in which the female lead does business regarding phone cases lives with her boyfriend.. After dat they have a huge fight and he leaves her.. After some days he'll return.. Please let me know the movie r the drama name..

Jonah 4 days ago

Looking for a movie where it's a crooked cop that kills 3 girls and they come back from the dead as zombies but can talk

Judy 4 days ago

Hi I'm looking for a move about Ancient Rome, there is an emperor and his sister, and he dies in the end that is all I remember sadly

Josh 4 days ago

Hi I'm looking for a story that my friend mention s it was "pretty messed up, you wouldn't believe it.."

the way he described it is set in the French court (?) and a women's husband has gone off to ear idk and she was chased through the ballroom and sexually assaulted while in her gown and hoop skirt or what ever it was, he also thinks it might also have scenes or almost faked Roman or Greek dressed ladies and naked servant. I just want to know if it is a real movie and if so what is it. I feel like it is at least from the 80's I'm unsure though.

maureen harrower 4 days ago

I saw a clip of a film about a little boy who had special powers & he was being told by a woman that all the children at this house had special powers, do you know what this is called

Thebeezus 4 days ago

So there's a movie I watched a few years ago, it was a b-rated movie on Netflix, but I have yet to find it again.

The movie started out with a young, married couple that recently got a new house the husband is a doctor and the wife is a chef. The husband has his friend over who brings his new girlfriend. She ends up killing her boyfriend and moving in with the couple to seduce the husband because he's a doctor by playing video games with him and skinny dipping late at night. She ends up seperating them, the wife gets a hotel on her restraunts opening night the husband tries to make up with her but she's so stressed out that she pushes him to leave. The husband returns home and jumps in the shower where his dead friends girlfriend attempts to seduce him. When she isn't successful she turns into a psychopath and tries to kill him.

ZeroStarkiller 4 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for a movie that may be from the 70's or 80's, perhaps european, don't remember much... The story goes something like this a wealthy men bound to a wheelchair hires a young pickpocket (17-25 perhaps) or vagabond youngman to perform sexual acts for him to observe from seduction to actual sex, the man in the wheelchair has a butler or man servant a "Hans-type" big and muscular sandy blond man, some times this "Hans" guy carries him on his arms inside his mansion, anyways, after observing the young man either pickpocketing or trying to score with a lady on the street he offers him some sorf of deal, the youngman reluctantly accepts, so he takes him home to his mansion, feeds him, dress him and makes him perform sexual acts with prostitutes (the scenes are not explicit but rather sexy) the man in the wheelchair observes this like living his fantasies through the young man, after a time he demands the youngman to seduce a women on the streets, after several failures he gives him an ultimatum to seduce a girl working at a perfume stand whats looks like a mall or "galeria", the girl had previously sprayed him with perfume while he was attempting to seduce another girl, by the time the oldman gives the ultimatum the girl clocks out of the stand and the youngman is forced to follow her, he does so until they reach a sort of park or plaza where she confronts him directly about him following her but the boy chokes and she rejects him saying something about the lines of "You wanna ask me out? fine, but I only date guys with big penises, come on! show me what you got" the boy is left speechless and after an ackward silence the girl leaves... the boy had failed blowing his last chance, later that night back at the mansion, the youngman notices that he hasn't been called to dinner, so he leaves his room and when he enters the dinning room he founds his boss/benefactor dining alone with the very same girl from the perfume stand dressed with an elegant cocktail dress sitting on what once was his place at the table of the man in the wheelchair who barely acknowledges him, atleast until he tries to sit to dine with them, the older man explains to him that since he has failed him his situacion inside the mansion has chance dramaticaly, he is free to stay or go, but he has lost all his former privileges, like food and fancy clothes and if he wanted to sit the floor would be more appropiately for him, from now on the girl will take his place and "job"... that's about all I can remember about that old movie, never actually saw the end and I really want to watch it to the end the story is really interesting.

Bonus scene, one of the sexual acts the man in the wheelchair asks the youngman to do is some S&M play with a specialized callgirl, the girl is waiting in the usual bedroom tied to the bed, and in that very moment Hans gives him a horse whip or paddle to punish her, but he didn't have the guts the whip her and the oldman has an angry fit, so the youngman propose to be the one whipped instead of the girl taking his plase, so a few minutes later he is naked and tied face down to the bed but instead of the girl, is Hans who shows with the whip and dressed in leathers, the youngman freaks out and screams to the oldman to stop his servant, but nothing happens at all, he is not whipped just left tied to the bed and the scene ends. This was just a way for the oldman to punish him for failing his request. I believe this happens inmediately before the ultimatum to seduce a women.

brad kaye 4 days ago

I am writing about a trailer I saw in the last year. The film was foreign and started with three people stuck at a crosswalk that was stuck at a (foreign) version of "Don't Walk." One of the people finally gets annoyed and doesn't see any cars and they begin to walk across and are immediately hit and killed by a car. It's driving me insane I can't find it again.

Lucia 4 days ago

Em qual filme o menino compra CDs só para ver a menina da loja?


Brad Kaye 4 days ago

I am writing about a trailer I saw in the last year. The film was foreign and started with three people stuck at a crosswalk that was stuck at a (foreign) version of "Don't Walk." One of the people finally gets annoyed and doesn't see any cars and they begin to walk across and are immediately hit and killed by a car. It's driving me insane I can't find it again.

JudyTut 4 days ago

I posted about this some time ago now I know the actor who plays the hired killer his name is Michael Ironside and they call him "The Lion" in this movie, This cop has been trying to catch this Hired killer for a very long time and knows more about him than anybody else . It`s on Christmas Eve and the cop and his partner and partners daughter are decorating the tree. He ask her where his wife is she said out for some last min. things oh she going to get me that present I wanted the girl just smiled the cop said that's okay I like surprises He gets a call from his captain telling him they got a tip from a guy saying he was the Lions father and told them where to find him He had been chasing him so long they knew he would want to be the one to take him down he gets his Men together and they go to try to make the bust when they get there all they find is the cops wife tied to a pole in the basement it was a setup. There is a phone on the table it rings the cop answers it the lion tell him he has the place rigged to blow up if anybody tries to leave he tells his men to check, they do and tell him yes it`s true. The lion tells the cop that he has to make a choice the bomb is set to go off in five minutes or he can turn it off by shooting the red heart that is painted on his wife and placed over her heart or the bomb will go off in five minutes killing all his men his wife and himself. He shoots and kills his wife in order to save his men he quits the force moves to Mexico and drinks to forget time passes he has become a drunk but he gets a visit for an F.B.I. agent a lady she wants him to come back and help her because " The Lion" is back in town and the cop know him better he says NO he won`t she then ask him to listen to the tape she has and tell her if it is the Lion or not he does it is she leaves without him but he shows up at the place they are watching for the Lion. He starts helping her a lot happens they almost get blown up a couple of times the lion leads them back to the house where the cop had to kill his wife he has the lady F B I agent ted up and tells the cop to give him his bullet proof vest and he leaves the cop manages to get them out of the house just before it blows up he calls the Lion lets him know that he and her are safe and says something about his vest the look on the Lions face when he realizes he is about to blow up tells it all. they give the cop the present that his wife had gone out to buy for him it was what he wanted. Please Help me with the name of this movie. Thank you

scinnzer 4 days ago


No it isn't mimic it was more recent than that its set in a high end apartment building one of the other scenes i remember is they are having a kind of cocktail party and the lights go out and one person sees in the window of another building gunfire and then blood splattering on the window.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 days ago from Illinois

@Scinnzer ~ Mimic (1997) ?

There are two sequels:

Mimic 2 (2001)

Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003)

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