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Francoi Shores profile image

Francoi Shores 2 hours ago

@Anna you're describing The Wolfman. Anthony Hobkins is the father that is also the Warewold who infected his son...

EdKroket 3 hours ago

Hello everybody,

So I am also looking of anyone can tell me this movie. don't have a whole lot to tell about it though so sorry for that.

I watched the movie early or mid 2000's, so it was made then or before that.

It is a ''sword and sandels'', and the scene I can remember was in the middle/end of the movie where a (I think roman) general/legion leader who was fighting against rome, switched sides early or mid battle with his legion and again fights against who they first helped.

hard to explain since it was like 10 years ago that I saw it and I was young, and I have wondered what the title was every since.

Thank you in advance in case anyone wants it ^^.

With regards,


Steven 6 hours ago

@Stealth Man

Thank you, i've been searching it for a long time.

Anna 7 hours ago

This is a pre 2000's movie, possibly make around the time as the spaghetti westerns due to the sets and overall look. It may be an Eastern European due to what the lore is of the movie. A family living in what I'm thinking is the 1800's is being plagued by a monster out in the countryside, the father goes out hunting for it, but becomes affected by the monster and comes back to hunt his family.

Steven 8 hours ago

Movie about a boy who is invited to the girl of his dreams house because she wants to repay him for doing something for her. When he goes to leave his house his parents toss him the keys to the car he falls in his attempt to catch them. He priced to her house where in every attempt to impress her he screws up. She invites him into a bed room where she tells him to strip down as she leaves and in comes in a hooker. He then wakes up back at his house where he had fallen in attempt to catch the keys a parent he dremit the whole thing so when he goes back over he correct all he blunders that he dreamed about and when she brings him the hooker he sends the kooker away and tells her how he feels about her and they end up hooking up.

Steven D 8 hours ago

Hey I'm looking for a movie that I think came out in either the 80's or 90's. Its about a high school boy who gets invited over to the girl of his dreams house because she wants to repay him for something he did for her. As he goes to leave his house to go to hers his parents toss him the keys to the car he ends up falling in his attempt to catch them. He gets up and goes over to the girls house and spend the whole time there making little mistakes in his attempt to impress her later when she say she wants to repay him she invites him into a bedroom only to leave him and in walks a prostitute. He then wakes up at his house where he realises he's dreamed the whole evening and when he goes back the second time everything happens in the same way bUT he's learned from his mistakes and impresses the girl and when the prostitute comes he turns her down to go and comes his love to the girl who finally sees him the way he wanted her too.

Not sure if I'm a hundred percent on that movie but that's the best of my memory oh and theres a part when he first goes over to her house and asks about an item that apparently has something to do with her grandma that he was insensitive about the first time but fixes the second time arround

PoppyRot 8 hours ago


Pretty Woman ?

Vanessa 9 hours ago

Hi what's that movie where a man meets a girl and he finds out its his sister. She falls in love with him but in the end they find a tape thier dad made of them playing togethr in a park when they where young.


Andrea 10 hours ago

Movie scene: gymnasium of maybe a psych ward, smaller framed male wearing a white helmet sitting parallel to the wall, bouncing head off the wall. Later in the movie, cuts back to same guy and he has bounced his head so many times he's dead with blood on the wall.

Francoi Shores profile image

Francoi Shores 11 hours ago

@Aeyt you're almost describing The Call. Movies around 2013 starring Halle Barry. She worked at a 911 call centre. Girl calls for help and Halle answered. Before she could lock the address in the system the call got disconnected....Halle filled with guilt used what little information she got to recreate the convo before it got cut to pinpoint the location. Remember the cops are now not involved because "no location no help"..she went herself to track the kidnapper/murderor.

PoppyRot 11 hours ago


sounds like opening scene of PULP Fiction.

amanda 12 hours ago

What's that movie that came out fairly recently, I believe, it starts off in an art class, an older woman and a teenage-ish aged boy, they're drawing a naked woman who is posing in the middle of the class, the woman and boy start to get along, he starts coming over to the woman's house, she has a boyfriend (i think a cop) and a teenage daughter, blonde hair, can picture her face but can't think of her name, the guy starts to fall for the mother, and the daughter starts to fall for the guy, the guy has sex with the mother, daughter gets mad, runs away to a dangerous guy, they come and rescue her, eventually the mother gets into drugs like she was in the past, her life is falling apart, guy is still hopelessly in love.

lahti 12 hours ago

what's the name of the movie where the kid gets shot in the back at the end by a kid he blew smoke in the face of at the beginning

Veola 13 hours ago

I saw this movie when I was a teenager maybe aroud13 or 14. I'm 46 now!!! It was black and white. I believe it could have been an all girls house. I remember one girl in the movie was mean of bratty. That's all I remember. It use to come on late night. I never finished watching it and don't know the name.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 14 hours ago from Illinois

@Lauren ~ This is a wild guess.

Hide (2008)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 14 hours ago from Illinois

@Aeyt ~ "Intensity" (1997 TV miniseries based on the novel by Dean Koontz)

From Wikipedia: Chyna Shepherd (Molly Parker), who had a very troubled upbringing, agrees to accompany her friend to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. Just when things seemed to be going better for Chyna, she has a run-in with a serial killer named Edgler Vess (John C. McGinley), who murders Laura and her family. Chyna survives the attack by hiding in the killer's vehicle. When Edgler stops at a gas station, Chyna escapes and asks the two attendants to call the police. Before she has time to explain, Edgler returns and murders the men with a shotgun. Chyna then learns that he is holding a 14-year-old girl named Ariel hostage in his basement.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 15 hours ago from Illinois

@holly ~ Compulsion (1959) starring Dean Stockwell and Bradford Dillman

From TCM: A pair of glasses were found near the body, and when Paulie's uncle states that his nephew never wore glasses, Sid realizes that they must belong to the murderer. Afterward, Sid joins his girl friend, Ruth Evans, Artie, Judd and a few other students at a nightclub. After he reveals that a pair of glasses were found near the body, Judd discovers that his own glasses are missing. Upon returning home, Judd frantically searches for his spectacles as he and Artie blame each other for their loss. The boys then concoct an alibi in which Judd will say he dropped his glasses while bird watching in the park and that on the night of the murder, they were cruising for girls.

From TCM: Hard-hitting version of Leopold-Loeb thrill murder case of 1920s Chicago.

Courtney 15 hours ago

its an older scary movie about a group of people staying in a house and this girl dies and is pinned to the ceiling with her guts hanging out and i want to say the house it haunted, there was a scene were a couple is having sex in the bathroom and he has to take Viagra to get it up

Aeyt 16 hours ago


going by your vague description, there are probably a few movies that could be. The first one that came to mind immediately for me was The Game starring Michael Douglas. Great Movie.

Stealth Man 17 hours ago


Sure this isn't your film?

sounds very similar

Stealth Man 17 hours ago

@Tom Muller

Try searching with Cameron Diaz in the key words ;)

I am not at home at the moment, but if its the film i think it is then its about these young ... sisters (i beleive) and their parents, the mother being C.D, one of the sisters (think there are 3? or one is a brother?) has cancer... and they had (one of the other sisters in question) another daughter JUST to cure her sisters cancer, but they find out all they needed supply was a bone marrow transplant and both survive - its like a race to get the news to the family etc (hope this is your film)

Tk 17 hours ago

The dude gets hired to crash this other dude so he goes to the convenient store and buys a bicycle helmet and neck protecter and mouth piece and proceeds to crashing successfully into the other dude???

Steven 17 hours ago

Hi. I'm trying to find a movie where the father kidnaps his son from the mother and starts travelling across the country and the child gets attached to this man and at the end he gets caught and shot by police while the boy drowns in tears.

Johnny 17 hours ago

Main character is being chased to murder throughout the movie and at the end finds out that he was prankd.

holly 18 hours ago

I am trying to find the name of an old black and white movie which was based on an actual court case at the time, the story had to do with 2 guys killing someone and I remember eye glasses had some role in the story line

Aeyt 18 hours ago

I saw this movie when I was pretty young. I think the movie was made in the late 80's early 90's. It's about a woman that follows a kidnapper/murderer along a fairly rural road. There's a stop at a gas station where he kills people inside but takes a picture of a young guy to take back to his kidnapped victim, that's a little girl he has locked up. He also kills a highway patrolman or cop. The woman eventually rescues the little girl, and at the end of the movie she's trying to get custody of her.

Doug Francis profile image

Doug Francis 18 hours ago

sorry just saw this had already been suggested.

@Izac could it be murder by numbers?

Two gifted high school students execute a "perfect" murder - then become engaged in an intellectual contest with a seasoned homicide detective.

Frustrated searcher 22 hours ago

Gripping French ? 60s thriller ? filmed in black and white. Basic plot - girl employed by family as nanny. Husband kills wife, frames nanny for murder. Nanny goes on the run with the child while desperately trying to avoid police and child's father. Most of the story is centred on the girl's efforts to avoid being caught and her efforts to clear her name and make the truth known.

Dominae 24 hours ago

Axel - the movie you're looking for is called Joshua directed by Travis Betz

Ang 24 hours ago

The movie I'm thinking about is a girl who moved to new York after her mother died and now she gets a call that her father is I'll so she goes yo her childhood house and sees one of her old horses and so the father needs to go to a special doctor and it costs a lot of money and the doctor taking care if him is from a family of lawyers and he pays the bill for her even tho he was disowned from his family bc he became a doctor and not a lawyer then the father dies and she burries her mother and father together at the end and she ends up falling in love with the doctor.

Alisa Benningfiel 24 hours ago

I think this movie is from the 70'same. It starts off with a wagon train, one family dies except the father and son. The father is sick, so his wagon is left alone, the teenage son goes back to take care of him. The father dies and the son is left alone. He come across an indian girl who leadsaid them to a cabin. Have a baby and start a life in the cabin. A wagon train comes by but theyou decide to stay at the cabin.

F. 24 hours ago

This one is actually from a collection of short movies. I think there were 6 -7 short movies bundled into one. A black woman (whom I thought was Halle Berry at first) gets followed to her house, then gets raped in her living room. It was around Christmas so there were Christmas lights in her home, which she fixates on. After the assault the guy leaves, but the woman starts obsessing over him, tracking him down, stalking him, while keeping Christmas lights up in her home still, in order to get him to recreate that specific scene. At the end the guy was about to lose his mind, came to the house and had sex with her again. I'm not exactly sure about the age of the movie, it's at least 3-4 years old.

Axel 26 hours ago

There's this one movie about these boys that find a baby and say they'll take care of it, but they end up sharpening the baby's teeth, feeding him raw meat, and abusing the baby. They do it again to a girl later in the film I think. One of those fucked up movies I saw on a shady channel once that I'm dying to learn the name of

Tom Muller 26 hours ago

Movie where little boy thinks he's giving up his life for his little sister, but finds out that he can live with just one kidney - ? Thanx.

Lauren 26 hours ago

What film starts with 2 people, a man and a woman sitting in a cafe/ restaurant talking and all of a sudden they both get up and start shooting?

Leeloid 27 hours ago

@buruj It might be one of the movies from the "Wild Things" series. There are usually pools, bikinis, and kissing women involved. :)

Wild Things (1998) w/ Neve Campbell & Denise Richards

Wild Things 2 (2004)

Wild Things 3: Diamonds in the Rough (2005)

Girl 28 hours ago

An indian movie old but not black and white about two families. The fathers are kind of best friends. They want their children to get married but they hate each other. The boy and the girl go on a trip and theres rain so they got trapped and spend the night away from the others and fall in love. When they return home someone make the fathers hate each other and their tell the children the other has betrayed him.

Douglas 28 hours ago

TThanks Leeloid

Hugo Rob 29 hours ago

WOW. I didn't think i'll get an answer that fast. Thanx to Carmine 44 who found the movie i was thinking about, and to MystMoonstruck for this new one i get to watch ;)

buruj 30 hours ago

im trying to find a movie i dont now the name obviously and i dont remember exactly but there is this one scene which is stuck in my head and bare in mind i watched this movie when i was 8 years old and i all i remember is this one scene a .

there are 2 women who are making love on a floor one is wearing red bikini and the other one was wearing black lingerie and i think they are near a swimming pool but im not sure and while they are at it a man comes in im not sure if he confronts them or not i know im not helping any one with this information but here is the catch i remember i watched on a vcr tape and on the tape it the title was (Another Women ) i checked that movie but it wasnt the one i saw maybe it was a prank from my uncle who labeled it that way or that was the only way he would remember the movie by

Leeloid 31 hours ago

@tataia Switchback (1997) w/ Danny Glover, Dennis Quaid & Jared Leto ??

The showdown of the movie is a fight on a train, if I remember correctly.

@Douglas I think you mean Wrong Turn (2003) w/ Eliza Dushku

From IMDb: Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding."

Bjarki 32 hours ago

I'm trying to find a movie where their is a family who go i think to alaska and in a cabin but the mom is pregnant so the parents have to leave the kids and a polar bear attacks i think that's the beginning of the movie and i think the movie has some connection with ghosts but i'm not sure.

Douglas 32 hours ago

Hi. A fairly easy and blockbuster-ish film I would imagine would be no trouble to you film guessers. A post-2000's fairly big budget hollywood (I suspect) 'horror' film where a group of youngish people discover/come across a backwoods mutated, possibly incestuous and probably canniballistic family. One of the first encounters is around fixing a car in the cannibal family's garage from which we find that the cannibals are harder to kill by gunshot than ordinary human beings. The final third/set piece of the film revolves around the 'humans' escaping up into trees in the nearby wood or forrest, being hunted by the mutants. They try to be silent as some have their throat cut and others escape. Definitely post 2000's big budget, possibly low ratings but hard to find due to the abundance of that trope! Do you know the answer??? Please help if you do. Thanks

euronymous 32 hours ago

What is the movie where the girl unbutton her shirt while being watched by two men. One is a good guy, the other is bad guy which is holding a gun point at those two. As the bad guy watching the "unbutton" session, the good guy quickly knock him.

Amber C. 34 hours ago

The movie has an all African-American cast.

It 's been years since I've seen it. All I remember is a grandmother who gets a call that her grandson was left alone in a hotel room. The grandmother takes the child and watches him until the mother comes back. after a while the mother leaves permanently, leaving her son in the care of her mother.

The only other significant scene in the movie that I can remember is the end, where years after the son has grown up, the grandmother turns 90 [I think] and every member of the family whom she's ever helped pins money onto her as their way of paying her back for all that she's done. The son is the last person to pin money on her and thank her.

James 35 hours ago

Is there a movie where a guy is cheating with a woman and her brother gets home so he has to hide under the bed?

Dan 36 hours ago

What is the name of the foreign film, eastern European/Georgian perhaps, where a couple is hiking through the mountains when they're confronted by armed bandits the man uses the woman as a shield and the entire dynamic between them shifts? Thanks!

Francoi Shores profile image

Francoi Shores 37 hours ago

What's that movie?

It's taken late 90s. A guy with his sister move to a new school. School has a bully that gives him he'll but likes his sister. The guy decided to dress up like a girl and go to school with an alias. The bully went crazy ove "this new girl" and do anything she wants and sort-a-like works for her for a price of a kiss. The girl plants him I kiss and the bully was's like a funny late grandma really likes the movie...I need it pls.

My second movie. Taken 70s or 80s, it's a post apocalyptic movie. There is an island that come out of the sea engulfed in a bubble like sphere that opens up when emerged. One scene is a guy riding a bicycle and was cut is half as there was a wire across the road as a trap. The other scene was this haunting sound, always repeats itself and later found out to be a hanged body swaying from side to side caught by a light breeze causing the sound...

Third movie takes place in the Pacific Island. Movie taken around 60s to 80s. A white guy washed up in an uninhabited pacific island. He lived there for a while and little by little he uncovers signs of him an activity by the natives. The natives do not live in the island but do visits occasionally....he didn't want them in his new home and at the same time he discovers a huge tiki head statute...he starts to set a trap to scare the natives from the island for good. At the time of the trap, he used a microphone for a booming voice and gasoline from a fiery breath from the statute. That caused the natives to think the gods were angered of them setting foot on the island and they left for good....and no, it's not Robinson Crusoe or The Silent One.

Fontanna CarlosJr 37 hours ago

This is a movie I've only heard abount in school. So it's before 2007... A sick man, almost sure it was cancer, falls in love with a woman, in the end of the movie there's a weird sex scene under a tree, including vomit... and then they just walk over the field hand in hand... This is what I remember, clearly... Sick cancer man, woman, and then she loves him even with his sickness and all that... and this final weird scene. Someone saw this?

tataia 37 hours ago

Have you seen "Derailed" with Van Damme? It has a fight scene on an autorack train car when the good guy fights with one of the bad guys, and they hide behind those cars etc. Well the problem starts here. When I saw the scene I mentioned above, I rememberd that in my childhood I saw a movie with a similar scene. Van Damme's derailed is far to recent to have seen it my childhood. I believe the movie I want fo find was from late seventies or early eighties. Thank you for your time,

Francoi Shores profile image

Francoi Shores 37 hours ago

What's that movie?

It's taken late 90s. A guy with his sister move to a new school. School has a bully that gives him he'll but likes his sister. The guy decided to dress up like a girl and go to school with an alias. The bully went crazy ove "this new girl" and do anything she wants and sort-a-like works for her for a price of a kiss. The girl plants him I kiss and the bully was's like a funny late grandma really likes the movie...I need it pls.

Taylor 37 hours ago

A movie about these green Martians that go into this families house and they knock out the children with this green-ish gas from their mouth or hand. And then the dad or some friend goes in and saves them and the Martians are in the house and I think something exploded.

TheEvilOne 37 hours ago


I can't remember the name of an italian old film I watched once a few years ago.

I can only remember one scene of this movie. There were two boys watching nude woman pictures inside a hut, and then one of them go outside and peeks at a group of nuns bathing in a nearby lake.

Sorry if I have bad english, and thanks in advance.

jessicaadams706 37 hours ago

I need help remembering this title of a movie where two friends like to build exploding machines. Also over if them challenges a girl to eat crickets at a bar. They both end up falling for her. At the end she screws them over. It was like "War flower" ??? Thanks:))

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 38 hours ago from Illinois

@ameena ~ There are many versions of "Madame X":

Madame X (1937) starring Gladys George ~ This might be the version you saw, as it is in B&W.

The Trial of Madame X (1948)

Madame X (1954)

Madame X (1966) starring Lana Turner ~ This is the most-famous version, but it is in color.

Madame X (1981) starring Tuesday Weld

There also are Silent films based on the novel.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 39 hours ago from Illinois

@Bernard henry ~ The Chronicles of Narnia ~ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), Prince Caspian (2008) and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) // You can read about the film series here:

A miniseries was made for television many years before.

SJ 39 hours ago


"Where's his glasses? He can't see without his glasses!" is a quote from movie My Girl #1.

Brittney 39 hours ago

It's an older movie (80s? 90s?) with this guy that has cold feet about his upcoming wedding. He has this dream where his fiance is in a wedding dress and they are either in hell or a giant stomach. He ends up cheating on his fiance with this blonde chick who I think told him she'd never been to a wedding or something. He ends up marrying his fiance and the blonde chick watches from the back of the church. Saw it a long time ago on comedy central I think.

Bernard henry 40 hours ago

trying to get the name of a old movie four kids go to visit their grandfather 2 Boys 2 girls the oldest boy is about 12 or13 the oldest girl is about the same the two young kids look to be about 7 or 8 the youngest voice find a closet in his grandfather house he opens the closet and sees nothing but coats he goes in the closet and to his surprise he keep walking until he walked right through the closet into another world he comes back to the closet and tell his sisters and his brother but of course they don't believe him so that goes on for a day or two with him trying to convince them about this other world finally all four of the kids won't do the closet end up in another world they stay in that world for years and years and years fighting the evil forces then one day while they are out playing riding their horses they come upon a site that looks very familiar it's been years and years and years but they decide to go to this little Passage and they end up back in there grandfather house and now they are little kids again .

can you please help me to find out the name of this movie


ameena 40 hours ago

There was this movie , i think it was black and white. This mother has a child and she is framed for murder by her mother in law. By the time she comes out of prison she become really old and her son is a lawyer. But he doesnt recongises her. The plot goes something like that. I dint really rememebr.

salah 40 hours ago

hello, I'm trying to find a movie but I can't seem to remember it's title so if you could help me I'd appreciate it,

it's an old alien movie with some creature descending from the sky and seeing every thing in red and seeing people and a woman meets it and tells the story, and ther's also an investigator staying in a hotel room and trying to find out about it... that's pretty much all I can remember about it, help me if you can.

Chantal 40 hours ago

I have been trying to get this movie for ages. I only remember the closing scene. The movie is based in 50's I think.there is ablack boy sitting on the sidewalk. He is dressed immaculately with pinstripe suit, brogues and black hat He says something and that's where the movie ends with the name of the movie comung on as if some one is writing it in fancy writing...... and I vaguely remember something gang related like eastsidea vs westside.... but I could be wrong. Any ideas? Even a vague one would help. Tia

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 40 hours ago from Illinois

@peggyyah ~ Year of the Carnivore (2009)

From Wikipedia: Sammy Smalls, a 21-year-old tomboy, works as a grocery store detective at Big Apple Food Town. She tracks down shoplifters and transfers them to her boss, Dirk, who beats up the shoplifters as punishment. ... Sammy meets and becomes infatuated with Eugene Zaslavsky, an equally quirky musician who performs outside her grocery store. The two develop a friendship that culminates into a disastrous one-night stand. Eugene, unimpressed by Sammy’s immaturity and sexual inexperience, suggests they maintain an open relationship. Sammy concocts a plan to gain sexual experience to impress Eugene, which leads her into many sexual misadventures.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 41 hours ago from Illinois

@Hugo Robb ~ Oops! I see you have an answer! There is no way they didn't "borrow" from the 1992 film!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 41 hours ago from Illinois

@Hugo Robb ~ It sounds as if someone copied "I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore" (1992). I'll see if IMDb lists connections.

Chantal 41 hours ago

@Rachel S

I think the movie you're looking for is Silkwood - 1983 starring Meryl Streep. She gets conteminated.....

Angie 41 hours ago

Hi I'm trying to find a movie that was on netflix but cant seem to find anymore. It is a romance movie about a girl who moved to new York I think, she lost her mom a few years before that and now her father is ill so she goes back home to her childhood house and while she is there she meets an old friend who is a doctor or paramedic I don't know. At the end I'm pretty sure she hurries her mother and father together and her and the guy fall in love.

If you could find the movie that would be awesome, thanks.

Carmine44 42 hours ago

@Hugo Rob

The Shape of Things with Paul Rudd

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 42 hours ago from Illinois

@Abz ~ I've seen it, so it isn't tough to identify. My brain is packed with what I've watched!

My One and Only (2009)

From Wikipedia: The film is loosely based on a story about George Hamilton's early life on the road with his mother and brother, featuring anecdotes that Hamilton had told to producer Robert Kosberg and Merv Griffin. Kosberg pitched the idea of this true story to screenwriter Charlie Peters, then Merv Griffin shepherded the project from screenplay to production, until his death in 2007.

Abz 42 hours ago

Hey. This one is tough. been looking all day.

The movie is about a mom who left her husband and took with her two teenage boys. Then she went through rough times, married a man who was abusive to one of her kids. Also one of the boys aspired to be an actor. That's all my sister can remember

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 43 hours ago from Illinois

@Arush Dayal ~ Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)

From Wikipedia: Pandora (Ava Gardner) agrees to marry land-speed record holder Stephen Cameron~but only after he sends his racing car tumbling into the sea at her request. That same night, Captain Hendrick van der Zee (James Mason) arrives in Esperanza. Pandora swims out to his yacht and finds him painting a picture of her posed as her namesake, Pandora, whose actions brought an end to earthly paradise in Greek mythology.

Here's a film clip on YouTube:

peggyah 43 hours ago

A teenage girl works as a store detective who has a boss that beats up the shop lifters and displays photos of their bruises, etc. The girl also has a crush on a young man who plays in a band. There are other incidents between the girl and the young man's groupie and a scene that happens with a couple she is babysitting for, plus a male shop lifter she convinces to teach her things about sex.

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MystMoonstruck 43 hours ago from Illinois

@Kayla ~ Deadly Friends aka The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton (2003 TV movie)

From IMDb: The film portrays the tragic death in 1985 of Nancy Eaton, department store heiress, who was brutally murdered by her childhood family friend. ... Eaton pays the ultimate price for her kindness to a troubled childhood friend. The obsessions and delusions of 17-year-old Andrew Leyshon-Hughes end in a bloody encounter with devastating effects on two of Canada's wealthiest families.

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MystMoonstruck 43 hours ago from Illinois

@Crystal ~ The Quiet (2005)

From Wikipedia: It focuses on a deaf-mute teenage girl, Dot, who goes to live with her godparents after her father dies. She slowly learns the disturbing secrets of the family, primarily concerning their teenage daughter, Nina. ... Dot dances with Connor then reveals to him that she is able to hear and talk.

Stealth Man 43 hours ago

@ Eric

Your movie is definately Revovler with Jason Statham and Ray Liota

how do i know this? becuase its such as awesome, trippy, sliding-doors, what could have happend if? movie!!!

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MystMoonstruck 43 hours ago from Illinois

@John ~ Virgin Territory (2007) starring Hayden Christensen

From Wikipedia: The film is set in Tuscany during the Black Death. As in "The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio, 10 young Florentines take refuge from the plague. Instead of telling stories, they have lusty adventures, bawdy exchanges, romance and swordplay. There are randy nuns, Saracen pirates, and a sexy cow.

Stealth Man 43 hours ago

Sorry i lied... THIS is the last one...

Any remakes or similar films to The Wraith (charlie Sheen?) i know there was one which involved a female version but with a motor bike (where it was the woman who came back from the dead for revenge etc? but cant find anywhere ... unless just hearsay and rumors? lol)

Thank you

Stealth Man 44 hours ago

@ Tina

The Freshman (1990 film)

Although he is not a cop, he is a film student and falls in love with brando's daughter (named... Tina... :P) ???

Stealth Man 44 hours ago

Now i am desperate, but this will be my final ask about it lol

2 movies (early 00s) roughly when alone in the dark came out.

Both ghost stories:

1 - girl movies into/rents/nannies for this house, there are a few spooky going ons (like piano playing downstairs, no one in house etc). Turns out SHE is the ghost and is buried in the garden next to a pond/well; she realised she just wanted to say goodbye to her mother and brother/sister

2 - Girl owns a motel in some countryside state (New England E.G) or works there, the motel is kindof dark (gloomy) and only has one guest, a man... only other things i remember is phone keeps ringing, its her mum, but there is static so can never get through lol... Fake mem?... Turns out the guest was the one who raped and left her for dead in the woods nearby... end of film = her *spirit* getting back in her body and taking revenge

I know these are not fake memories because i watched them with my uncle years ago... sorry for the long post (try microsoft edge, i can always read all the posts on that)

John 44 hours ago

A film set in, I guess the Middle Ages where they use a lot of swords. This might not be 100% accurate but I saw the film a year or two ago and I want to re-watch it, the film is more than two years old though. It's about a young man who falls for a girl and travels to meet her and there is a bad guy who I think want to marry the girl himself so the young man fights him and in the end wins. It's quite a funny film and there is a scene with the young man in a bath and two topless nuns are with him. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys!

Crystal 46 hours ago

Movie of young teenager who lost her parents and due to the trauma she pretends to be deaf only to find out that her male guardian (godfather) is molesting his own daughter

Sorsaka 46 hours ago

There was this animated movie, probably japanese. There was this girl that would fall asleep and then end up in another dimension or in another world you could say. There there was this I think white floating creature that showed her around everywhere. The other dimension/world is in a sort of forest. The creatures and the characters are drawn sort of like the ones from totoro. It is hard to explain and I saw this animated movie in 1999/2000.

But she was at first afraid of the world she got into, but then all she got caught up into it.

Does anyone know which movie I am talking about?

Kayla 2 days ago

Movie where there was 2 long time friends. A boy and a girl. At the end of the movie, the boy kills the girl. The girl was deaf so she didn't know anything was happening. Throughout the whole movie, she had hearing aids and the boy was violent and tried killing is parents. The girl was explaining what was happening.

Hugo Rob 2 days ago

Hi everyone,

Let's challenge you on this one Imadork !

It's a movie settled in an american college/university. The plot focus on the relationship between two students, male and female, which started, if i recall well, when the girl starts to help this kinda loner boy to be himself, or/and more popular.

Nothing crazy here. The thing is, by the end of the movie, we finally understand it wasn't what we thought it was.

This relationship she developped with the guy, was just part of an experiment, as she was working on her final exam or something. I remember a scene where the guy walk around displays showing items of his life and relationship with her throughout the movie...

I found it back once, but this time can't put my hand on it!

I would say it's from the late 90's or early 2K. What do you think?

Thanks for your help anyway.

Erica 2 days ago

I was at the gym and caught the last 10 minutes of a movie. The man was packed to leave and wanted to take a painting that the woman had bought him, but she said no. Later she accidentally stuck here foot through the painting. And hit the man with the painting and he pretended to be passed out.

While the man is packing, the husbands mistress comes to talk to the wife and reveals that she has a black eye and has been married.

Leeloid 2 days ago

@nothing It's the Belgian movie "Le Tout Nouveau Testament" (The Brand New Testament).

The little girl is God's daughter and she releases everybody's death dates via SMS.

Ajay 2 days ago

movie where a singer falls in love with the girl who hates him but her sister loves him alot. they will meet unfournetly and guy falls in love with her. and she becomes famous by loving the singer. i have seen the movie in starmovies or hbo but i love d the song and forgot later. i think i have seen it between the years 2010 and 11

Dillo 2 days ago

Hey everyone, hopefully someone can help me out

The movie was a newer, independent film. I had to have seen it a few years ago. It was about a kid (young, male Caucasian) who was homeless trying to get somewhere (presumably back to his family) and took place in the southern alligator country. Anyway the only parts of the movie I can really remember are a few scenes at the end: there's a scene where the main character gets high and screws around in a grocery store; a scene where the main character, very desperate to go 'home' and all out of money, makes a sexual advance towards a bus station ticket clerk in order to get a bus ticket. The clerk refuses him angrily; and lastly, a scene where the main character, now very desperate, finds a gun and uses it to take hostage an airplane pilot at some small airport. He forces the pilot to take him up in the air on one of the smaller planes. The very final shot is if the main character, looking out the plane window, to something below him off-screen with a worried look. Hope somebody knows what I'm talking about. Thanks guys

Leeloid 2 days ago

@Bella That should be "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones". Since the movie series was not continued it came out as a tv show this year called "Shadowhunters".

@Izac Sounds like "Murder by Numbers".

From IMDb: Two gifted high school students execute a "perfect" murder - then become engaged in an intellectual contest with a seasoned homicide detective.

nothing 2 days ago

theres this foreign movie about a girl who lives in a flat with god and god likes playing with people (basically, hes an a**hole) and the little girl doesnt like it so she released the death dates of everyone in the world and the trailer looks hella cool and i wanna watch it

Arush Dayal profile image

Arush Dayal 2 days ago

Women is about to be married to this guy. He's bought this new car. She asks him what he can do for her? He says, "anything" or something of that sort and she asks him to throw his car down the hill. He goes on to do so. She eventually leaves him for the other dude in the film.

This other guy is your typical alpha male. Extremely charismatic. He projects extreme dominance and she finds it extremely attractive. He is also a painter and she's fascinated on seeing his painting during their first meeting.

It's a pretty old movie. Could be 50s or 60s. Not sure. Anyone got a clue? Thanks!!

Izac 2 days ago

This is going to be a bad description of the movie I'm looking for cause I watched it a long time ago but it is about these 2 brothers or friends who go on a murder spree and I think they used plastic bags to choke their victims and wore gloves. At the end they end up having a stand off with another lady cop. One of the brothers worked at a pet shop and choked puppies I think. Thanks for reading :) sorry it's a bad description

Bella 2 days ago

Girl is drawing all these weird symbols in her sleep and just normally but she doesn't know what it means, so she goes to her best friend for help and he doesn't understand either..

then she sees someone and he explains that she is special and can see things that others can't, like werewolves and magic. they do stuff with shadows I think

Her mother is apart of it too but she dies and the girl falls in love with the mysterious boy.

it's only a couple years old

Leeloid 2 days ago

@Emily That sounds a lot like one of the final scenes of Deep Impact (1998) to me.

Two of the main characters, the teenagers Leo and Sarah, are send to high ground to save themselves and Sarah's baby brother from a tsunami wave caused by the impact of a comet.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Frankie ~ The Outer Limits (TV anthology series~revival of Sixties series), "Stream of Consciousness" (1997 episode)

From Wikipedia: Due to a brain injury, Ryan Unger (George Newbern) cannot enjoy the benefits of a neural implant that allows other people to tap into The Stream—a direct connection into all human knowledge. He tries unsuccessfully to keep up with everyone else by using a long-forgotten skill: reading books. However, The Stream has been erroneously programmed to crave information instead of knowledge. Soon, it begins to turn the human race into its slaves to attempt to locate and process every single bit of information, a process that will lead to the human race's extinction as people stop doing everything to obtain the desired information. Ryan's injury keeps him from falling under the sway of The Stream, leaving him the only person who can stop it.

Tina 2 days ago

The movie's about a cop(he was blackhaired) who went undercover in a mafia family as a photographer and fell in love with their daughter so he didn't expose them as planned i saw at like 17 years ago

Jj 2 days ago

In 2000s about wife who gets killed by drug dealers. He and his partner go to mexico to get revenge.

MHforgotit 2 days ago

This movie was about a maid or housekeeper who would come and take care of elderly couples then she kills them. Each time after she kills one couple, she goes to another job and do the same thing. The end of the movie, one of the couples she killed had a son who suspected her of killing his parents, but couldn't prove it. The movie ends with her taking care of an elderly couple in the bed and she looks out the window and sees the son who accused her of killing his parents. This movie went on to have at least 2 sequels to it.

PoppyRot 2 days ago


1991 The Doctor William Hurt ??

" two terminally ill people (man and woman)"

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