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What's That Movie?

Updated on June 06, 2016

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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than the above to come up with the answer, but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them, and then some!

Test My Knowledge!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest: Utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head, I will do my best to find the it for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

Just type your question in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Sorry if it takes awhile for me to answer. I am not on the Web 24/7. Your question could be answered in mere minutes, or it may take a few days. Bookmark this page and keeping checking back.

All in Good Fun

I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me. I just thought this would be fun. Who knows? Maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care. I just enjoy movies and find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating total lack of recall.

So go ahead, ask away!

Tips for Your Movie Search

If you decide to search online for your movie, is a great database to use. Tthere are lots of ways to search on this site: by title, actor, plot, or keywords. The latter two are the best, if you have that pesky unknown movie in your head. It may take some time and patience, but you will find the movie most of the time.

Also, click on your search engine's "Search Tools" or "Advanced Search" button. There you can use filters to narrow down your search.

Some Friendly Requests

  • Be nice!
  • Scroll through other people's questions. If you know the answer, post it. Just make sure you specify the name of the questioner to eliminate confusion.
  • If you post a question but then find the answer on your own later, please come back and tell me. That will save me from wasting time searching for your movie.
  • Finally, (I'm starting to develop a pet peeve about this one), when posting a question, if you know about how old the movie is, please add that bit of information. Telling me that it came out when you were young does not help when I don't know how old you are.

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Note to Readers

Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge thank you to all readers who picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Although I'm not as active as I was in the past, I am still around, so keep posting your questions! If I don't get to it, chances are someone else will. Check back periodically to see if your question was answered.


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    • Jimmy Flahive profile image

      Jimmy Flahive 8 minutes ago

      There was a comedy movie I watched a few years ago where this group of 2 guys and a girl get fake ID's from an Asian guy who ends up owning a "titty bahhh!". They need to ID's to get into the club and I think the guy ends up losing his virginity to the girl in the group. It was mad funny and have trouble trying to find it

    • Mikkayla 87 minutes ago

      There is a movie I watched years ago, and cannot for the life of me remember it. I would have watched it in the early 2000s maybe 2003-2010 but it may have been filmed in the 90s. The plot was a man and woman sitting beside each other on a plane. They are complete strangers and one of them ends up convincing the other to go with them and pretend be be a couple. It ends with them falling in love. I feel like the man had dark hair but could be mistaken. I would really appreciate it if you are able to figure it out. Thankyou for your help!!!

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 99 minutes ago from Illinois

      @Diego Sada ~ Get Real (1998)


    • whodiwho 2 hours ago

      movie made for straight to video, released in 1996 to 1997, man and his adult stepdaughter plot to kill her wheelchair bound mother (down the stairs) and have an affair, stepdaughter sneaks in house in all black prowler suit looking like a ninja, her and the man make out on a kitchen counter, the end the wheelchair woman is actually still alive . the stepdaughter had medium short dark hair

    • Jamie 3 hours ago

      It's not that old maybe like a 2010 movie there's this family and everything's green I think like the filter I guess I don't kno and they're not allowed to put their head in this box and it used to be on Netflix but I can't remember cause I forgot the title I watched it back in like 2010 and yea that's about all I can remember there was this little girl the family's daughter I think it was a horror film and yea if you could help that'd be great thanks

    • Diego Sada profile image

      Diego Sada 3 hours ago

      A British film from the early 2000's, possibly from 1999. A young school boy has a crush on the tall football team captain and a chubby girl for a best friend. He sees the tall boy one day at a meet point for gay men in a public park. They have a romance but the tall boy beats up the other one in the locker room so his friends won't know about the romance. Can't remember the name. Roger Ebert liked it and that is how I came across it.

    • Lacie 4 hours ago

      I'm looking for a lifetime movie

      I remember that there was a boy and girl who shared custody with their mother and father. The boy was physically abused by his father but, the girl hadn't been yet. I remember their father lived in like a really big house and the boys sister was playing ball in the house and broke a lamp. The boy told the dad he did it and got beat. The mom then showed up after talking to his sister who told her what was happening. The immediately tries and get the kids to the car and they do but, the dad comes downstairs and starts a fight with the mom. The boy ended up coming back in and stabbing the dad. He chased after them and ended up falling in the snow. Do neighbor saw it and the dad yelled at him to call the police. The dad then reports it as kidnapping and the police are trying to find them. The mom ends up getting help from a old lady who tells her about this underground railroad for abused women and their kids. So they travel house to house. I remember a young man was introduced and was the cop or driver from place to place? The little girl ends up slipping out the back door and the neighbor sees and calls the cops. I remember there was another guy with his kids staying there, he ended up getting shot by the police and killed. I'm pretty sure the man and mom end up together? Please help me, I really want to watch that again.

    • 4 hours ago


    • chuck 4 hours ago

      A group of old friends work together to help one of them save a girl

    • Sharon 5 hours ago

      Looking for the name of a movie : Starts out with a guy working in his front yard and his 4 year old son who is practicing riding his bike. His wife is closer to the porch with the baby. There is some sort of police chase near bye and the chase ends up in front of thier house and the black drug dealer who is being chased runs over the little boy on his bike. The little boy is killed. Dad ends up to be a part-time police officer who since the death of his son becomes very prejudice towards black men until something happens to his second son years later and he needs the help of his Black partner to safe his sons life.

    • Sam 6 hours ago

      Hi. There is a movie I am trying to find the name of. It is about a young girl. Something happens to this girl that allows her to take away other living things sickness and disease. Towards the end of the movie the girl begins to get sick with all the diseases she took from other people.

    • Baron83440 profile image

      Baron83440 9 hours ago

      Hi I need the name of this movie it's about a girl with short hair and her front hair is green, her mother kills herself and ends up living with her auntie and her familly. The girl goes off the rails drink driving etc... ends up meeting this guy really into him and another girl from her school who is also Into him kills the green haired girl. Husband of her auntie also finds out he's got a long lost black son. There's more to the film than that but if you know this film you'll recognise it by know. Thanks for the help in advance

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 9 hours ago from Illinois

      @Labsgalore ~ There are other films titled "The Uninvited", so you will need the date: 2009.


    • Shane Truax profile image

      Shane Truax 11 hours ago

      No it isn't Jack and Sarah. No nanny in the film I'm pursuing. Thanks for the effort Rach.

    • amani 13 hours ago


      your movie sounds like uninvited

    • Kat 13 hours ago

      Long time ago i saw this movie about a guy who seduces a couple (kinda? he sleeps with the girl first and then cheats on her with her own boyfriend??), and is named after a city of some kind? Ironically, the movie is named after the main character, but i still cant find it and im feeling really frustrated. If somebody could help me i would be really grateful!

    • adam 14 hours ago

      i need the name of this movie its about a guy who moves to a new town with his father mother and dad the first scene i think is in their kitchen and then he leaves for school its his first day and then he meets a girl in the movie they go to a place idk where but they are in a car and then there are these guys they are drinking the girl goes up to her bestfriend becuase they just lost their best friend and that guy punches the new guy in the face. then the guy who lost his bestfriend is at a tree and is digging something and i think its in a grave yard and then at the end the new guy who is a christian he goes to the guy who was at the tree's car and then asks if he will go to church and then he says something cool but idk what it is and then they become bestfriends and then it shows like them growing up and getting married and still bestfriends

    • Labsgalore 15 hours ago

      I watched this movie once somewhere after 2005 but before 2010... I seen it on copied disk so I wouldn't know when it was made, looked like perhaps late 90s or 2000s, more so I think 2000s. It may have been a b grade kinda movie but it was actually really good, suspenseful, maybe a thriller type.

      It was about a teenage girl who lived with her parents in this lovely big house next to a lake and throughout the whole movie it was like she was really there but she wasn't (I may have this muddled up... perhaps the teenage girl had a friend over, that she thought was communicating with her family and herself but this friend wasn't really there) anyway the reason why she wasn't really there was because she had already been killed... I'm remembering something about the body being in a dumpster! I think the teenage girl had killed her friend but she had some sort of memory loss while it all went on, so it was like she didn't realise she had done that and the other girl was still there with her in her made up mind.

      Another bit of the movie I remember is about the boat house on the lake blowing up.

      That's all I can remember sorry. Great movie and great plot though.

    • Labsgalore 15 hours ago

      For years I have wanted to re-watch this movie but can't for the life of me remember what it was called. I watched it probably back in the late 90s but not sure if it was made around that time... 90s or 80s.

      It's about a man and his wife/girlfriend and baby, they at hiding out in their house because the police or military (I can't remember who) but they wanted the man for something... I think it had something to do with he either had to go to jail or join the army but he didn't want to do either. Anyway, eventually after a time of hiding out in the house, the power and water gets cut off and so now they can keep the bottles cool for the baby and can't heat them up when needed. So they are starving and thirsty. A mob starts to surround the house as well and protest to let them have the water and electricity so they can feed the baby. The mob starts throwing food and drink towards the house and the man in the house sends his dog out (I think it was a German Shepard) to get a carton of coke cans and the police shoot the dog so he can't take the drink back into the house.

      Eventually someone gives the man the choice to join the army instead knowing full well he won't be able to but it had been agreed already. The man attempted to enlist but was not accepted because he couldn't read or write and this ends up being his ticket to freedom because of the agreement. So in the end he didn't have to serve time anywhere he could just go home.

    • Sam 23 hours ago

      So what I'm trying to think of is a movie that has an anime art style (it may or may not be Studio Ghibli, I'm not sure) and what I remember from watching it so long ago was that it starts off with this kid and he has a knife and there's this man, I think he's a king/is the boy's father, and the boy stabs him. After the older guy is dead, the boy runs away and is found by a different guy and they travel together and I think it ends with the boy saving this girl from a witch and a tower by killing the witch.

    • Katleinic 23 hours ago

      There was an animated movie I watched when I was younger. The characters look similar to a Barbie or Bratz series. I remember a group of girl friends who were all involved with guys in a band, who won the chance to go to an island to perform. One of the girls, a black character, was their manager so she went with. The rest of the friends decide to go down and surprise them, and end up suspecting the manager character and the lead singer of having a relationship, meaning he was cheating on his gf. Help?!

    • Holmes246 25 hours ago

      Movie where a boy gets a polaroid camera and then takes pictures of people who survived a disaster to reunite the families, and then they take pictures of the dead people and post them all on the bulletin board in the town, so people can look at them.

    • joe 27 hours ago

      hi my friend is looking to find the name of a film she says its about a man who returns home to find his wife an son along with all his home town have been taken over by a group of rebel soilders an the guy carries a teddy with his son gave him before he left any suggestions please

    • troy thompson 27 hours ago

      what horror movie in the 90's i think, starts when a couple driving down the road on a rainy night gets a flat and the wife is real bitchy and rich and sees the light from a large house and stays the night and gets picked off?

    • I am looking for a movie about two best friends. A white female who is a singer, and her best friend who is African American. The African American girl gets pregnant by her boyfriend who breaks up wit 29 hours ago

      Please let me know, if you know the name of the movie.

    • Queen Bilasa 30 hours ago

      I found the movie, it was called Impulse.

    • Sophie 31 hours ago

      I'm looking for a lifetime movie (I remember the word odyssey) that was made in the 90s (early). A woman in her 20s with brown hair married a man, they had a house in the country where she would ride the horses. From what I remember she fell from the horse, hit her head on a rock and died. The finale was that her husband was behind it for life insurance, I believe she was pregnant or he just said she was. I thought it was Tiffany thiessen or Danica mckellar but I can't find the movie on their imdb profiles. This has been bugging me for weeks so any help would be greatly appreciated! Also I remember I had it on video tape so it was readily available at the time in the UK (as most of the lifetime movies now aren't readily available here on dvd/vhs)

    • Rachel83706 31 hours ago


      With nothing else to go on I will say Prelude to a Kiss

      (There are many others it could be!!)

    • Rachel83706 31 hours ago


      I realize my reply seemed a lot ruder than I meant it to be - I apologize.

      Your friend is lucky! I wish I lived on a floating home!!

    • Rachel83706 31 hours ago


      You are never going to find an answer unless you give more details - TRY. Anything will help, but you gave nothing to go on.

      Any idea what decade this show is from?

      Lots of movies become shows ... you could be talking about Alien Nation for all I know.

    • Billy 32 hours ago

      Name of movie where guy works out in his head how he's going to kill everyone in the room in his head before he does it to rescue a young boy they are "renting out "?

    • Queen Bilasa 32 hours ago

      @Frustrated I think you may be talking about "When the Bough Breaks" (2016)

    • Queen Bilasa 33 hours ago

      I watched this movie years ago, maybe 2008 or 2009 on TV and in the beginning it was about this woman who was in some type of modeling agency and her husband and her where going to have one of those romantic anniversary dates at a hotel and pretend to be different people. When the wife gets to the hotel, she meets up with a person who she thinks is her husband and they end up having sex at the hotel. The wife later on calls her husband and says how much she enjoyed but I think her husband says he's been at home since last night. The plot progresses and I forgot what happened. So now the wife is confronted by her husband and his "twin brother" I think and they're in this diner type restaurant and the husbands like "Yo can you believe I have a twin brother?" The husband has no idea that his "brother" and the wife have met and had sex and I think her husband leaves for a split second then the twin tries to get up in her pants again and shit gets weird. AT the end of the movie, the twin ends up kidnapping the husband and pretends to be him. But something happens and she finds out and then she's faced with having to shoot her husband or the twin and she shoots one of them i think and then the movies ends on that but no one really knows if she actually shot the twin or not. But then i think she shot both of them but I honestly cannot remember for the life of me. I could've sworng the movie was called Doppelganger but I searched and I couldn't find it anywhere. Anybody know what I'm talkin about?

    • stacey 34 hours ago

      Whats the teenage and coming of age movie. A french movie. There is a cute scene, while the young girl is in class at school. She notices her male teacher, turns his back and then you see young girl day dreaming about her teacher without any clothes. Please help I'm trying to figure out the name of the movie. Thanks.

    • Antonio Barker 34 hours ago

      There was a Thriller YEARS ago I watch on VCR, it was about a son who use to follow his father on a bicycle every evening to find out where he was going and every day he would get further and further til he eventually found where he went and saw him from through the window that he was having an affair. This is a really old movie, probaly in the 80s or 90s...I am hoping someone knows the name.

    • Ale 35 hours ago

      a movie that became a tv show. i dont remember what it was about but she turned out to be something more than a human. the tv show is different. diffetent cast members and stuff.

    • antoneta 35 hours ago

      i have been trying to find this movie for years but never did have luck, please help

      its a movie about a boy who sees his cursh kidnapped and he goes after them and somehow this other man is invoved that has a bike and i remember that he said that he never saw the ocean

      and i think it 80s or 90s movie

    • Ashley 36 hours ago

      In the movie, there's a few couples (maybe only 2) that go on vacation to I think Vegas. One of the women gets pregnant and everyones all excited, especially her husband. But while on vacation, the husband gets a call that he's infertile. So upon this discovery, he realizes that the wife has been unfaithful. At some point he realizes it's one of the friends on vacation with them....thats all I really remember. Anyone??? Help!!!

    • @Snowy2 36 hours ago


      thank you for clarifying. i have a friend who has a floating home but i wanted to be sure we were both on the same page

    • Moonplume profile image

      Rhea Clair Richmond 45 hours ago from Austin, Tx

      Another movie I can't seem to find no matter how I dig (Still can't find the first one or remember more details, but this one I remember a bit better)

      It was either horror, or mystery, a mix of both perhaps?

      The start of it, or early in was a man and his son driving in some kind of desert, and the son was either pulled from or suddenly vanished from the car.

      They were in one of the deemed 'Vile Triangles' of the world, like the Bermuda Triangle, but this one having been on land, in a desert area, perhaps Africa?

      The man becomes obsessed with experimenting with the energy in and around the triangle, trying to bring his son back maybe? I don't really recall, or just obsessed with the anomaly its self.

      The thing that stands out the most in my mind from it, it when they set out rows upon rows of short light towers, and lots of cables running through them all for a big experiment. Naturally it all goes wrong, it being a horror type, and they all die in a huge explosion at the end.

    • Ria 45 hours ago

      In this movie the actress was very beatiful. Blond with blue eyes. She and her lover teamed up to kill her husband and they thought they had succeeded but he was alive. I believe he killed the lover and then made her help him dump the body in the sea. I cant remember many details.

    • Aaron 46 hours ago

      What was the movie where a guy travels back in time and robs a horse carriage full of gold with sub machine gun SMG

    • Kait 46 hours ago

      This is a movie I used to watch with my grandmother when I was younger. She died in 2008 when I was in 8th grade. So there's context. The movie was about a younger man and woman on a plane going somewhere (maybe juvie?). He's a poor "bad boy" and she's a rich snob. The plane crashes. They're stranded. All I remember after that is that at one point there is a scene where one of them steps into a bear trap and their leg is gravely injured. Maybe something about a wolf, too.

    • Sugarmamajay 47 hours ago

      What's that movie where there's a chubby kid in a wheelchair who everyone calls "legs down" or something along the lines of that. It doesn't focus on him but that's all I can remember lol there's a scene where he explains to the main character they call him that bc he had sex with a girl who screamed she's glad he's only paralyzed from the legs down

    • karaokechic52 profile image

      karaokechic52 2 days ago

      @ Alec Zander was it The big trees

    • Jim 2 days ago

      Movie where a dad pays an actor 100,000 to pretend to be his son

    • karaokechic52 profile image

      karaokechic52 2 days ago

      @ waltkath .. The Hot Chick

    • Andrei 2 days ago

      I'm looking for a movie when some guys tries to break an apartment. After a couple of hours of breaking a wall, they found out it's the wrong wall. The movie begins when they are kinda homeless. It's an old comedy movie.

    • waltkath 2 days ago

      I am looking for the movie where a guy kisses a girl and he becomes her and she becomes him

    • superiorunderdog 2 days ago

      I am looking for a movie where guy runs from the police because he killed drill sergeant and has nowhere to hide so he purposly injures him self to appear like he got accident, so some girls who live alone take him to the house and fall for him. Later he escapes with one of them and police catch him

    • superiorunderdog 2 days ago

      I am looking for a movie where some guy is running from the police and has nowhere to hide so he purposly injures him self and some girls took him to his house, and then after he runs with one of them across the border and police cath him

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 2 days ago from Illinois

      @Alec Zander ~ I considered "Spencer's Mountain" (1963), but two men are killed when a tree is cut down. A father and son are cutting the tree while the grandfather wanders elsewhere; as the tree is falling, the father races to save the older man, but both are killed.

      Two men are injured then later die in "Sometimes A Great Notion" aka "Never Give A Inch" (1970).

      In "The Fox" (1967), there's also a fatally fallen tree, but I don't think a number of people take the dead person away.


    • Frustrated 2 days ago

      I am looking for a movie that came out in 2016 about a mother, her boyfriend and her daugther. The daughter is in love with her mom's boyfriend and she suduces him. Then she plots to kill her mother to have the boyfriend to herself. The cast was all black from what I remember. Please help I have been trying to find this movie for a month!

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 2 days ago from Illinois

      @iz ~ The only film that comes to mind is "Now and Then" (1999).

      From Wikipedia: The story flashes back to 1970 when the girls had two goals: saving enough money to buy a tree house and avoiding the Wormer brothers. One night, they sneak out to the cemetery to perform a seance. A cracked tombstone convinces them they have resurrected the spirit of a young boy identified only as Dear Johnny, who died in 1945 at the age of 12. ... Later, they head for the library in a nearby town...


    • Alec Zander profile image

      Alec Zander 2 days ago from Sylva, NC

      This has vexed me for years. All I remember of this one movie is this: Two people were chopping down a tree. The tree fell on one of them. Then several people came to carry the man back into town in a wagon. I can't remember anything else beyond that scene.

    • Jessie 2 days ago

      What movie is it that Someone knocks on the door and the daughter opens it and they shoot her And so the dad goes looking for the killers

    • Thefacewithnoname 2 days ago

      Hi, what's the movie called where a pregnant woman is running from home, (she's an adult, I think) and she goes to a place where other pregnant women live, I think they are cared for by nuns or something like that and are able to raise there child there.

      Another scene is where I think the mother is out on the porch sitting in a rocking chair and her child is talking to the woman.

      Another scene is where the woman has her child in the drivers seat of her car with her and is going around in circles teaching her child to drive.

      Another part was where the mother or child was running down a hill, but im not quite sure about that scene.

      I'm sure I saw this movie before 2010, it looks like quite around old movie, it was a colour movie as well.

      Thank you

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 2 days ago from Illinois

      @Jay ~ The Rage: Carrie II (1999)

      Here's the suicide:


    • Frustrated 2 days ago

      I am looking for a movie that came out this year about a mother, her boyfriend and her daugther. The daughter is in love with her mom's boyfriend and she suduces him. Then she plots to kill her mother to have the boyfriend to herself. The cast was all black from what I remember. Please help I have been trying to find this movie for a month!

    • MystMoonstruck profile image

      Cyn 2 days ago from Illinois

      @Zanaya ~ Bruno (2000)


    • saige 2 days ago

      whats that movie called where theres a women author but her publisher wants to keep her identity a secret . So they give the author a fake name

    • Pugswithantlers 2 days ago

      There's a film where a child (10-13, I think) is in a small cave tunnel then dies and an old man, who I think have some sort of friendship, and then they're in a church and the paramedics put him in a body bag. The boy then has a conversation with angels/ god Andy they basically tell him that his time isn't up and that he still has work to do. After that it cuts back to the paramedics and the body bag is moving up and down but they convince the parents that it's normal until the boy starts moving and is actually alive. It's an old film but I don't know the year sorry. If anyone has any ideas that'll be great as it been bugging me for years

    • Charles chuck 2 days ago

      Movie I'm looking forward I'm thinking around the late seventies this young Girls grandpa diesby being pushed into a pondby his helpers on the farm or I was thinking they were his nephews cousins to his granddaughter that are living with him and they're trying to take everything from her after he died she ends up killing all three of them but very unusual ways one of them she leads up to a barn and she takes off her shirt and he starts undressing thinking something is going to happen and he falls out of the top of the bar and dies she kills the other two this in similar ways all this is based on an old farm land

    • Rachel83706 2 days ago

      @kylie M @Lisa F

      27 Dresses

    • Rachel83706 2 days ago

      @shane truax

      Do you think it might be Jack and Sarah (Richard E Grant)

    • Rachel83706 2 days ago


      I mean Floating Home

      A housebout has a motor so you can actually use it as a boat ... those big houses you see on the water (like in Seattle) you can not use as a boat and they are called FLOATING HOMES

    • Zanaya 2 days ago

      I'm so sorry. I didn't include the year. I believe it took place in the 90s or early 2000s. Thank you so, so much.

    • Zanaya 2 days ago

      Hi. I'm looking for this movie. It's about a boy. A young boy. I believe he wants to be a girl. He meets this girl and switches clothes with her. His mother does a lot of diets. They never really work. One day, he is hit by a car and a white light is shown on the screen. That's all I know. I'm sorry. Thank you so much.

    • Jay 2 days ago

      And oh yeah when she jumps off the school roof top she lands on a cars windshield

    • Jay 2 days ago

      Hi the movie I'm looking for is about a bunch of school kids and a girl sleeps with some guy and find out she was used and called a cum dumpster and just a pump and she ends up jumping off the school roof top

    • Jess 2 days ago

      I'm not even sure what type of movie this is, but I think it was a horror. I remember there was a young child (I think a boy) and he would sit outside while it was dark until his mum told him to come in. He had a telespoce and looked in at the neighbours.

      Some new neighbours moved in (A man and little girl) and they were quite creepy, as they moved in at night so no one ever really same them, but they did see footsteps in the snow.

      (I do have something telling me there was a knife involded somewhere as well)

      That's all I can really remeber. I know it isn't much to go off but it's really bugging me so any help is appreciated.

    • MANI 2 days ago

      Spanish movie about gay teen who would have sex with strangers in the mall bathroom where the stalls were like doors (that's not the point of the movie thouhh). Also he had a tutor and his dad caught him having sex with him on the table. Towards the end of the movie the mall's bathroom has cutout stalls like we have today in order to stop the sex from happening in there. Netflix used to play it, main character had sex with everyone.

    • Astral Overseer 2 days ago

      @Raymundo S. "Dave" is the movie about the President. @ Dave "Fortress" is the movie about the High Security Prison with the inplants.

    • joe 2 days ago

      girl is murdered and hidden in a place under a trap door in the murderers house. Sister of the murdered girl is on a jog and suspects the guy. She goes into the house and finds her sisters body. She gets chased by the man and but runs away.

    • Silver 2 days ago

      I'm trying to remember a movie. All I can remember is the mom kept losing people in her life. One scene I can remember is that her daughter or son and their spouse die in a car crash and she goes to a church and starts yelling at the statute saying something like "why? What did I do wrong? Why do you keep taking people from me?" And I think somewhere near the end the grandfather or someone was telling a girl about the mom's life and all that she went through. I'm sorry it's not really much to go on, but it's been driving me crazy for I don't know how many years.

    • israel hahn 3 days ago

      help looking for a new comedy of zombie mother

    • Jorsan 3 days ago

      Movie where a woman is pushed into a well. A horror movie. Not the ring

    • israel hahn 3 days ago

      i saw a preview where a mother is a zombie and her spouse helps her dispose of the remains the end of the preview is them in a dessert digging a hole and a vehicle shows up in a distance so they try dumping the plastic container but it spills on the ground any idea what the name of the movie/tv show is???

      please help

    • Ken 3 days ago

      Movie from late 70's early 80's. Boyfriend and girlfriend smoke dope, hallucinate and drive off a cliff. The boy does not remember and freaks out when he is told the girl is dead.

    • Tina 3 days ago


      I have been thinking about this movie for years I think it was made in the early to mid 90s it's about a serial killer that the police think they have found or they may have stated that the crime had been solved however it upsets the real killer to the point that he gives them I think 24 hours or 48 hours to find him and I remember on the trailer it says "and he is in one of the biggest places New York City" I think I also think he kidnapped someone and if they don't find him in time he going to kill them or he was killing people every so often until they stopped him I have been trying to find out the name of this movie for at least 15 yrs please help me

    • Raymundo S. 3 days ago

      What is that movie where the president dies and then they find and use an identical replacement to run the country in the meantime..

      they also have the whole conversation in the presidential limo or something where the identical person to the president is given contracts to sign or maybe that may be off..

    • Reply to Rosaura Q 3 days ago

      @ Rosaura Quinonez it is a tv show called " Designated Survivor " on abc

    • Rosaura Quinonez 3 days ago

      There is film, probably made within the last 3 years, that has a man who is in The United States presidential line of succession, go to a separate, isolated building just in case of a disaster or sudden deaths of the men ahead of him. After, during a meeting the president and men under him are having there is a bomb incident and they all die, and the person in the isolated room becomes the new president.

    • Lisa F 3 days ago

      Kylie M

      I think it's called In Her Shoes

    • Help 3 days ago

      We were trying to figure out at a movie at work today. According to a co-worker, there's a scene where a rich man and his girlfriend are driving around and she spots a house that she adores, and makes mention of such to him. To prove his love, the man walks up to the home owner and writes down an offer, to which the homeowner refuses. The man then increases the offer on the spot, to which the homeowner agrees to sell. Any ideas? That's all that can be remembered from the movie she saw "that one time."

    • Summer towe 3 days ago

      What was that movie where it was set back in the 90's or 2000's where the girl breaks up with her boyfriend then he stalks her and tries to hold her and her family hostage and kill them but she ends up killing him I think.

    • Emily 3 days ago

      There's a movie I watched as a kid possibly came out 90s not sure. Basically the beginning of the movie there is a young couple and someone is narrating their story and how much they love each other. And later on the movie they are at this house and there is a body of a witch in the basement and it's trying to take over the woman's mind.

    • iz 3 days ago

      In the last 8 years, most likely 3 to 5 years ago, I got a movie from Redbox that I am trying to recommend to a friend. It was a coming of age movie about a group of girls taking a bicycle trip to a nearby town set in 70s or early 80s. I think there was a number in the Title, but am not positive on that. It is definitely NOT Thirteen nor Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I want to say it came out about the same time as Perks of Being a Wallflower.

      Any help is appreciated!!

    • Snowy2 3 days ago

      @lacie k - moneypit

    • Snowy2 3 days ago


      when you say floating home do you mean like a houseboat or floating how?

    • Snowy2 3 days ago


      when you say floating home do you mean like a houseboat or floating how?

    • Lorria 3 days ago

      home town have been taken over by these group of rebel soldiers and he stands alone and fights to find his wife and son and he carry's a teddy bear

    • Sheila 3 days ago

      @kylie m

      I Think you're thinking of 27 dresses?

    • icevn 3 days ago


      what's that movie which was about serial killer, he has the target to torture then kill many young ladies after made them fell in love with him. while on the way find the new victim, he met a married woman who has some problems with her family, and also made her to be unfaithful with him. After a long time, she realise that her new lover was so weird so she keep a distance with him. But unfortunatly, at the time "the murderer" got around her, he found out that she had a beautiful daughter so tried to bang the young lady. After that, both mom & daughter has killed this murderer, then turn out that her husband is also an another killer. I think this movie is kind of thriller, a bit detective. All actors/actresses speak English.

    • Lacie K 3 days ago

      There is a movie that has been boggling my mind for forever now! It's about this newly wed couple and they buy their dream house but it takes forever to build and repair because it's a rundown home. I think the husband goes away on a business trip and the wife thinks she cheated on him, but she actually got really drunk the night before with a co-worker or something and he's blond. He tells her that she did cheat but she didn't, she just couldn't remember it. The actors who play them were really famous and still are I think. It was filmed in the 1980's-90's.

    • Kylie m 3 days ago

      What's that movie where this girl is in love with her boss, then her sister comes to town and falls for him too? The first girl tells her sister all about her boss, and the sister goes on to pretend to be exactly who the girl described, to make the boss fall in love with her. They eventually get married, but the girl is jealous and sabotages the wedding with a presentation with photos proving that her sister isn't who she told the man she is. One of the photos had her eating ribs with her engagement rig on, even though she lied that she was vegetarian.

    • Dave 3 days ago

      I saw the first scene or two of a movie on tv about 15-20 years ago and have always wanted to watch it.

      what i saw:

      A man is being processed and introduced to a high security prison, inside there are yellow and red lines on the ground outlining where the prisoners can go. thanks to an implanted chip in their organs (spleen?), crossing the yellow line caused extreme pain while crossing the red line caused the implant to expand and burst causing death. someone tests the system and dies pretty early on.

      What is this movie??

    • dotell 3 days ago

      there is a movie with a post office robbery early in were the "thug" wears a mchelmet, it could also be so that the "thug" just pick up his allowance.. im not sure.

      any ways the main characther is kinda a "robin hood man"

      he steals paintings from a museum, andthey hide one of the paintings in like a church or an abbey.

      i also remember a scene where two cops are following one of the robbers car and he drives out to the coountryside intill the gas runs out, he then comes out of the car and refuel and drives away and the cops are stuck in the coutryside.

    • Penny Tree 3 days ago

      Movie where guy is dress in an all white mascot suit with a big, round head. And he's walking along the road. Then a car drives by and the lady's scarf comes off. The car backs up and the mascot guy sees that its like his sister's husband or something with another women. Then the mascot guy follows the car and takes polaroids of the cheating husband with the women in the hotel. Then he goes and shows them to his sister.

    • Phil brown 3 days ago

      Strange ask :) for ages now ive been trying to find a film its an action film late 80s early 90s but for the life of me cant remember the name of the film but i can remember what its about: its about a guy that returns home to find his wife and son along with all his home town have been taken over by these group of rebel soldiers and he stands alone and fights to find his wife and son and he carrys a teddy bear that his son gave him wen he left. If anyone remembers the film that ive described please comment ( also on the cove shows a man with a teddy in his bag in a white snowy background )

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