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So go ahead, ask away!

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MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 8 minutes ago from Illinois

@Mustafa Ç ~ At first, I thought of "The Landlord" (1970). However, he himself is wealthy though he does get involved with his tenants, much to the disapproval of his parents.

I imagine that this is a "miss".

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 25 minutes ago from Illinois

@cindy ~ The Light Between Oceans (2016)

From Wikipedia: Shortly after Isabel's second miscarriage, Tom discovers a rowboat has washed up on the shore near the lighthouse. He and Isabel discover a dead man and a badly frightened baby girl in the boat. Tom knows that government and company regulations require him to report the discovery. However, Isabel fears that the baby will almost certainly be sent to an orphanage, and persuades Tom to pass the baby off as their own. Tom grudgingly agrees.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 29 minutes ago from Illinois

@hpetsthorne ~ The Haunted (1991 TV movie)

Helder 69 minutes ago

this movie was about a guy who got ran over when he was leaving his job and dies, but somehow his mind is transfered to his boss newborn. Pls help me xd

Ellie 96 minutes ago

What's the movie? It's a Christmas movie and there's a family of 4 I think they have an older teen girl who is phone addicted and they go to a hut in a snowy village they meet another family there who seem to remember they competed and towards the end of the movie they had some kind of race in the snow and they spent Christmas Day together. Helpppp I want to watch it!,

tyler 2 hours ago

Korean movie, with an angry older man who meets a young teenage girl and befriends her, he gets in a fight at the end and dies

hpetsthorne 3 hours ago

I am looking for a movie that was out around the early '90s. I can remember a family moving into a house and it was haunted. I remember a scene where they are in the kitchen and the ceiling fan falls down on the kitchen table. They try to escape the house at the end by packing up and leaving, they stop for the night at a camp site and at the end you see the ghostly figure floating in the sky above them.

Namnip 3 hours ago

@Melodie: You may be thinking of Devil's Triangle.

berk 3 hours ago

Stuart 4 hours ago

Whats the film called were the little boy finds a homeless man and puts him in his shed and looks after him and the dad gets fired from a job and sits under the stairs all day pretending to be at work?

cindy 4 hours ago

There's a film out now I think and it's about a couple who can't have children then a boat turns up with a baby in it and a dead body in it too.

jay 4 hours ago

I'm looking for a movie where someone buys a house in another person's name, and then frames some type of crime committed in the house on that person.

Morris67 4 hours ago

the indian movie acted either 2014 or 2015 that has two main characters , one who is old helps the other who is young and dumb with voice since he is a great actor but cant talk. it ends with the two going for a concert then they have a road accident

berk 6 hours ago

@Goodbngreen i think it is Kimssi pyoryugi

Mitch 6 hours ago

The one I am trying to remember is a black and white. The plot is about a couple, she's a singer he's a pianist. Both try and audition for parts in a broadway part. The man to play the piano and he to sing to his music. But she ends up getting picked up but he doesn't. As she becomes successful, he becomes a drunk. They then ultimately have a falling out and go there separate ways. Some time passes the man comes to his senses and wins her back. And I do believe they end up doing a broadway peice together, and a happy ending occurs. Can't remember the name or the cast. Thanks for the help

Mark 6 hours ago

Hi trying to find a movie, all i can remember is the end of the movie where the boy and mother i think fly away in a helicopter and as they are flying away they leave a man behind who is kneeling down in a field and he gets shot?? Its really sad too i think? Lol thanks

Astrid 8 hours ago

@Kelly Do you mean 'the others' ? The plot seems to match, all though the woman wasn't really old..

Mustafa Ç 9 hours ago

Hi,My Movie i can't remember is about this;A Very rich man send his son to black neighborhood to collect rents from problem tenants.This Rich man plans;his son will learn some real-life experiences.And Movie is about some adventures this son and his new black friends,Thx from now.I hope You'll help me to remember this movie..

Kaylabee 9 hours ago

A movie of a singer who goes to the concert but then decides to use a backdoor and he meets a girl.This girl came with her younger sister who had a crush on the singer but the older sister was not interested so she decided to -pack the car at the backside of the hall.They later fall in love but are always on the run because of the paparazzi following them wherever they go.The girl decides to take her grandmothers car to travel with it with the singer

Shizzle 9 hours ago

Mike 12 hours ago

Looking for a classic film about a rich woman probably in 20's that runs off to find a family at a circus or amusment park. She becomes the mother/nanny for the kids.

Goodbngreen 12 hours ago

Looking for a movie with little to no dialogue about an Asian man who falls off of a ferry and is stranded on a small island across from a city where he uses garbage on the island to survive and makes words on the beach to try and get rescued. A girl in a high rise across the bay sees his messages. The ending is the man getting off the island and running down a city street after a bus the girl has boarded to finally meet her.

Kelly 13 hours ago

Its a movie about an old woman living in a Victorian style house who thinks her house is haunted and keeps hearing things only to realize she is actually dead and what she hears are living people in her home.

zyronife 14 hours ago

@Dennis: The Star Chamber (1983)

Disgusted with criminals escaping the judicial system via technicalities, an idealistic young judge investigates an alternative method for punishing the guilty.

josh 14 hours ago

whats that movie where the black guy writes a book called don't look back or something and when hes younger he and his brother run over a woman and throw her off a bridge and years later athe womans son finds out an kidnaps the actor until his wife finds him at the house and gets abducted aswell and at the end the crazy black guy looks up to his house window and sees his mums ghost

Dennis 15 hours ago

Lawyers or judges meet secretly to kill freed clients

JoleenV 16 hours ago

Two movies, both Halloween movies or specials. Might be made for TV movies. Both have teenagers as the stars. First one has a male lead. A 16 year old or so boy goes to visit his uncle overseas, might be England and finds out the manor is haunted with a ghost. Love interest is a neighbor girl next door. The boy might be American or Canadian. The movies are not horror but "spooky teen movies." The ghost scares the boy but later he realizes the ghost is not trying to hurt him. Unsure when either is set or filmed.

Second has a girl that is going to a boarding school, either an all girls school or maybe not. She's pretty with straight hair. She runs away from the boarding school and moves into an abandoned house and she decorates one room in stencils, flowered stencils. Not sure of the rest of the movie. Sorry. It might be set in the past.

man 17 hours ago

Kids/teens movie about kids at a campsite grouping against another campsites kids and fighting. Theres a part when they get leeches. And in the end they accidentally set fire to the woods.

Shizzle 17 hours ago


I know I've seen it. I think it's 12 Monkeys.

My brief synopsis:

Cole (Bruce Willis) lives in a distopian future where a virus has forced all surviving humanity underground. He is sent back in time to find the start of the outbreak. He meets a woman who believes he is crazy, and this your statement (the boy in the well) among other happenings convince her otherwise.

Shizzle 18 hours ago


That was very vague, and I thought there's no way anyone will find it, but it was just enough!

City Slicker! Great movie!

Vegas 18 hours ago

@MystMoonstruck- I thought it was Lisa, but the teenager girl was a brunette and the strange man always worn a suit.

Shizzle 18 hours ago

It's a brief and vague memory that hit me today.

A man wakes in the wreckage of a bus wreck to find his wife/girlfriend has died in the accident. He holds her body and screams.

It may be raining. It may be at night. It may have been a dream that I had last night...

Sal 18 hours ago

This is an all black movie about one brother who is trying to get his other brother away from drugs and gangs but his brother gets beat really badly and at the end the brother with the gangs tries to kill his brothers girlfriend and then ends up killing himself and at the end it shows the older brother with his girlfriend on a train

Mimi 20 hours ago

I watched this movie a long time ago, so I don't remember all the details, the story was like:

A freckles woman with blond and curly hair goes back to the house where she spended her holidays with her family (like her aunts, grandma, and i think there was two girl cousin) when she was a teenager.

I think she was riding an old bike around the place.

The movie joins the present and flashbacks.

At the present she meets a guy that she knew, they start to talk, I think they went to a picnick near a lake.

In her memories there was a moment when she was with her cousins on a bridge and they jump from there.

Her aunt (she really look alike kirstie alley, but It's not her) met a guy at a gas station and they started to date.

When this guy was at their house, her cousin's mother (not the same aunt) was saying something about her daughter having bad grades in math.

Then this guy that her aunt was dating become her teacher, and I don't really remember how, but she kissed him (this was unexpectedly to him, he had no time to avoid the kiss) and her aunt catched them.

Obviously she broke up with him, and he seemed really sad.

Then the other cousin (who seemed really quiet and sinless) went to his apartment and seduced him.

And I think that at the present there was a long time she dindn't go visit that place or talked to her cousins.

This is all I remeber, maybe I watched this movie at Hbo (not sure)

P.s. Sorry for my bad English, hope you understand what I said. Thanks!

JoseMedeiros007 profile image

JoseMedeiros007 20 hours ago

When I was a young I spent many a Sunday mornings at home watching KBHK Channel 44 black and white movie's, mainly Shirley Temple films. But one film that no one can tell me the name of, is a black and white film where a male millionaire playboy longs for love, but is tired of women that only wants him for his money, and decides to disguise himself as a poor man who winds up meeting a woman and falls in love at a low paying job, eventually he asks her to marry him, she wants too but has concerns of how he will support her, when he finally says he is rich, she becomes angry that he deceived her. Does any one remember this film, it's name or the actors names so I can look it up on IMDB?

JoseMedeiros007 profile image

JoseMedeiros007 20 hours ago

When I was a young I spent many a Sunday mornings at home watching KBHK Channel 44 black and white movie's, mainly Shirley Temple films. But one film that no one can tell me the name of, is a black and white film where a male millionaire playboy longs for love, but is tired of women that only wants him for his money, and decides to disguise himself as a poor man who winds up meeting a woman and falls in love at a low paying job, eventually he asks her to marry him, she wants too but has concerns of how he will support her, when he finally says he is rich, she becomes angry that he deceived her. Does any one remember this film, it's name or the actors names so I can look it up on IMDB?

Layla 21 hours ago

Hey guys. I remember seeing an Asian film a few months ago, it was tragedy mixed with erotic scenes and subtle development. It was about a couple staying in some remote resort, or at least something that reminds you of that. They seemed to be in love and definitely in lust, but towards the end the guy murders the girl with a pillow. It was a very disturbing moment so it stayed with me but I can't remember the name of the film or know how to find it. Does anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about?

Layla 21 hours ago

Hey guys. I remember seeing an Asian film a few months ago, it was tragedy mixed with erotic scenes and subtle development. It was about a couple staying in some remote resort, or at least something that reminds you of that. They seemed to be in love and definitely in lust, but towards the end the guy murders the girl with a pillow. It was a very disturbing moment so it stayed with me but I can't remember the name of the film or know how to find it. Does anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about?

Alicia 22 hours ago

The movie i have been trying to find i assume came out in early 90s maybe late 80s. I remember watching it as a kid..

There was a girl who was being abused. She had dark hair. Her friend and her ran away.. I honestly cant find this movie and its driving me nuts!

Spurgo 22 hours ago

One of the TV movie seen is a violent young man has adducted a young girl maybe in her teens or early 20's and has her in a cabin or week end house in a bedroom and has rough her up and is making her do sexual act to him and she has picked up a piece of broken mirror from the man busting up the furniture with out him knowing it and cuts this throat or private parts to try to escape. There were 3 young men in the movie, I think this was in the late 80's or early 90's.

One seen one the men was chasing the girl down and she jumps into a old Jeep Cherokee station wagon automobile trying to get it cranked.


MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 22 hours ago from Illinois

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 22 hours ago from Illinois

@RS ~ The only scene that comes to mind isn't set in the ocean. They do sink into water, but they are inside a downed helicopter. I'll leave this though I'm sure it's wrong.

Miracle Mile (1988)

From Wikipedia: As the helicopter sinks and the cabin fills with natural asphalt tar, Harry tries to comfort Julie by saying someday they will be found and they will probably be put in a museum, or maybe they will take a direct hit and be turned into diamonds. Julie, accepting her fate, calms down and takes comfort in Harry's words, and the movie fades out as the tar fills the compartment. A final explosion seems to imply a direct hit has taken place.

NOTE: While the summary says "asphalt tar"/"tar", it is the water on top of the tar pit that fills the compartment. You can see the scene @7:30 in this clip:

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 23 hours ago from Illinois

@Kurt ~ Here's one possibility: Testament (1983) // I'm not certain because I've seen only bits of the film.

A number of nuclear holocaust films came out, including the above, "Threads" (1984) and "The Day After" (1983 TV miniseries).

All three focus on the aftermath.

RS 24 hours ago

Movie with scene on a stormy night. There's a building on a pier and the victim is inside. When lightening strikes the villain's face is visible in one of the windows. The movie was on TV approximately 1964. Very scary. Gave me fear of windows at night for many years!!!!!

RS 24 hours ago

Movie that ends with couple embracing as they sink into the ocean?

Melissa 26 hours ago

This is a Christmas movie probably late 80's early 90's I rememeber seeking the movie as a little girl.

It was a snow storm the 3 kids couldn't leave the restaurant and didn't have a car to get hime it was 1 teenage girl 1 younger girl she was probably 6 years old and 1 teenage guy and the teenagers end up being together when they finally get home.

Kurt 27 hours ago

Movie about aftermath of a nuclear explosion - scene with mother washing her dying son in sink or tub, the water turning bloody,

Dennis 28 hours ago

I remember watching this on TV when I was a kid (1997~1998). A guy gets pregnant then gives birth to a weird looking monster baby. I don't remember any other details but I remember that it was really scary at that time, so it was probably a horror movie. It's also possible it's a German movie because I was in Germany at that time. Can anybody help me with this?

Rey 29 hours ago


I'll check it out thanks... :)

Angie S 29 hours ago

This was a 1980's TV movie about a girl who got hit by a car. I believe she was riding a bicycle when it happened but I do know she was with friends when it happened. I also remember that the girl had long wavy hair. She survived the accident. I thought that the driver was drunk. I searched online and saw M.A.D.D and The Miracle of Kathy Miller. It isn't M.A.D.DO. and the full movie about Kathy Miller isn't available and the clips don't show enough for me to tell if it's the right movie; but, Helen Hunt doesn't look like the girl I remember. If I could watch a clip of the actual accident I would know instantly if it was the movie I'm thinking of. Can you please help me??? This movie deeply effected me as a young child and I remember crying a lot about it. I would love to be able to watch it again and share it with my child...thank you so much for your help.

karenlouise 32 hours ago

hi its an 80s film must be over 25 years old ? I remember is was a girl in a long white dress on the cover (VHS Tape) and she was standing on window ledge the window was broken ? not sure if the film had anything to do with her coming back from the dead ?

Heatherb 32 hours ago

What movie has a guy, I think he's like the bad boy in school type of guy, standing ( like actual standing leaning against a branch) in it? I think he's waiting for a girl and then he crouched down while talking to her?

zyronife 34 hours ago

@Photo_smith: Cheap Thrills - 2013

A scheming couple put a struggling family man and his old friend through a series of increasingly twisted dares over the course of an evening at a local bar.

zyronife 35 hours ago

@makayla: The Safety of Objects - 2001

A series of overlapping stories about four suburban families dealing with different maladies. Esther Gold's life is consumed by caring for her comatose son; Jim Train is sent into a tailspin when he's passed over for a promotion; Annette Jennings' family is struggling in the wake of her divorce; Helen Christianson is determined to shake up her mundane life.

zyronife 35 hours ago

@Berk: Dead & Buried - 1981

A suspense horror film set in a small coastal town where, after a series of gory murders commited by mobs of townspeople against visiting tourists, the corpses begin to come back to life.

zyronife 35 hours ago


It sounds like The Road from 2009

zyronife 36 hours ago

Marco: it sounds like Chantilly Lace from 1993. It originally aired on the Showtime cable network. I remember specifically that it included Why by Annie Lennox, as it would play every time the film was advertised.

David 37 hours ago

Marie - Thank you very much for the advice re Manner.

nadine 38 hours ago

Probably made in the 90s? This woman who's under a false name is trying to steal this bald mans wealth.. he's really ugly and she keeps trying to kill him and she burns down his house and he sees her on the TV and her name's nadine and realizes she's under a fake name

Amy 39 hours ago

It's a late 80s/early 90s movie I believe. I remember a high school bad boy who girl falls for, guy tries teaching her how to ride motorcycle, their friend in another scene is sneaking out of girls bedroom window because parents come home

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 39 hours ago from Illinois

@ChristoperA ~ Oliver! (1968) ~ based on Charles Dickens' wonderful novel "Oliver Twist"

"Oliver!" won the Best Picture Oscar in 1969. For more information about the movie and the cast, try this link:

Nancy sings "As Long as He Needs Me" about the brutal Bill Sykes, the man she loves. Here's the scene on YouTube:

Here's a song that shows Bill's arrival with his bulldog companion:

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 39 hours ago from Illinois

@Taresssa ~ Just a guess...

An American Haunting (2005)

You can watch the movie trailer here:

Diana 40 hours ago

Hello! Well I've probably searched all the internet by now for this movie, and still can't find a trace of it... The only thing that appears is another with Sandra Bullock.

It probably is from the 90's or 2000's since I remember watching it as a little girl with one of my sisters and she was born in '97 and I was in '95... I think we used to watch it on Christmas, but I can't recall if it was a Christmas' movie. It has two little girls, sisters, the youngest is blonde and always wears red rain boots, she never EVER takes them off!! And they decide to run away from home, not sure if it's because her parents are fighting or if they go search for something, but in the end they all get together again. That's all I remember, and maybe a big dog, but that part I don't know if I'm getting confused with another movie.

Hope any of these informations help, even though they're so little :(

Hope you're all okay, goodnight/good morning/good afternoon!

twinmom 40 hours ago

2014, give or take a year. Shown in art house theaters, so not wide release. I only saw trailer and wanted to see it. A man lives by himself in a house on a beautiful, remote lake, probably old family house, lived there for years. A wealthy man wants to buy his house, most likely for development. Maybe some violence to get him out? I thought Brendan Gleeson was in it, so must have been someone who reminded me of him. May be foreign film.

Taressa 41 hours ago

It was a haunting movie, in a farm house. An old lady was fighting the family for the land and house and lost and threatened to curse theit family. Then, the daughter was held up by her hair and slapped by a ghost, but all you could see were the handprints. In another part, the girl was laying on the couch in the livingroom and the whole family was sitting silently in the room and the girl sat up randomly and screamed so loud she broke all the windows. The dad also tries to kill himself a bunch of ways and it never works (gun doesn't go off, rope breaks...etc) but when he asks the lady to remove the curse, she says she didn't put one on them. So it's a ghost.

Meg 41 hours ago

The movie where the guy dies and donates his eyes to a blind musician and at the end his love interest runs into him and recognizes the eyes

Casey 42 hours ago

Movie where this guy is a male stripper and is discovered by girlfriend. She had a jealous friend who took her to the club. He gets discovered by a lady that admires his dancing. The lady brings another female to see him. She is all nonchalant about it and in the end is throwing her money yelling whoooo!

Katelynn 43 hours ago

I am not exactly sure of there is an actual movie like this but I faintly Remember watching a movie in 4th grade where this young boy would walk down a trail behind, or in front I cant remember, his house....but he would go down everyday to check on a old man that lived down there. And one day towards the end of the movie he went down there to find the old man dead........I

f it's not a movie that's okay. Sometimes I imagine things that don't happen.

ChristoperA 43 hours ago

I have seen very little of this movie. It was a period movie. I remember it had a scene with a woman, a waitress or barmaid, welcoming her boyfriend or man to where she is serving. He comes in with a dog. He eats while she sings about him being a good many, possibly marrying her. She sings and serves other patrons. He eats and basically ignores her. Then he leaves without a word and she looks after him. Strangely I think he carried a stick or a club over his shoulder, may have worn a top hat.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 45 hours ago from Illinois

@Laney ~ Holiday Spin (2012 TV movie) starring Ralph Macchio

From IMDb: Blake and his mother, Roxy, live in Charlotte, NC. Roxy owns a dance studio, and Blake is looking forward to a career as a fighter. On Thanksgiving Eve, there is a terrible car accident. Blake's mother is killed, and he is seriously injured. After he recovers, he finds Ruben at his bedside, announcing he is his father and is taking him back to Miami. At 17, Blake cannot live on his own and has no choice but to go with the man who abandoned him as a baby. Ruben owns a dance studio where he lives with his wife, Emily. His career as a ballroom dancer came to an end years ago and his studio has serious financial problems.

Tracy-Ann 45 hours ago

What is the name of the movie where the father killed the teenage boy who raped his teenage daughter by shooting him one time and his daughter was crying when she saw the boy lying on the ground, he died,but the father got a short prison sentence about 1-2 years, I think it was a lifetime movie

Chelsea 45 hours ago

Okay I was very young early 90s. All I can remember is there's a young girl, I believe she had some kind of power, and she gets shot at the end. There in a helicopter and she's talking to an adult. And that's litterly the only thing I can remember. I just remember it scared me. So it may have been a scary movie, I was easily scared as a child so Ithat could of just been sifi.

Marco 45 hours ago


Could it be:

The Fault in Our Stars

Laney 46 hours ago

There is a dance movie about a boy who loses his mom in a car accident. They were hit because she got distracted because they were singing a Christmas song. He is a single child with a single parent and his mom owns a studio for ballroom dancing. He does Wrestling or something he is always working out. After his mom dies he has to go live with his dad. His dad also has a studio and him and his wife teach people to dance. There is this girl there who is dancing in competitions and he has to become her new partner because her other partner quit.

Patrick 47 hours ago

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@yoush ~ Firelight (1997)

From IMDb: In 1838, governess Elisabeth agrees to bear a child of anonymous English landowner, and he will in return pay her father's debt. At birth she gives up the child. Seven years later, she is hired as governess to a girl on a remote Sussex estate. The father of the girl, Charles Godwin, turns out to be that anonymous landowner. So, Elisabeth has to be her own daughter's governess, and she can't reveal the secret of her tie with Louisa.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Beth N ~ Buried Secrets (1996 TV movie)

From IMDb review: Set in the picturesque little town of White Cliffs, Maine, the movie is about a family tragedy that's kept buried by the surviving father, Clay Roff. What happened to his wife, Ann, and his teenage daughter, Mary? Roff leaves the house that he and his family lived in after he re-married his wife's doctor. He rents the place for the summer to Laura Vellum and her teenage daughter, Annalisse. As soon as she is in the house, Annalisse ... begins seeing and hearing a young girl then has dreams of a woman falling to her death off a cliff ... It takes Mary's pet black stallion, who instinctively knew who the killer was, to track down Ann's murderer and to exact final justice.

Beth N 2 days ago

I am looking for a movie where a mother and daughter rent a house on the ocean and it is haunted by the girl who dies there. Her father lives next door in a bigger house and remarried. In the end his new wife who killed his first wife is killed by the daughters horse

Patrick 2 days ago

I’m looking for a foreign movie, I believe made within the last five years, but certainly within the last ten.

The start of the movie features an Asian couple (Korean maybe?) who live abroad but are returning to their home country for a funeral.

They are staying in a hotel. As the wife sleeps, the husband goes to the bar downstairs where he meets a young woman who is waiting for her mother to meet her at the hotel.

The young woman is really into listening to music and she shares some reggae music with the older man.

The husband brings the young woman up to his room to let her wait there instead of at the bar. The wife is furious and they have an argument.

The first part of the movie is very slow and lilting, but the movie later turns into a thriller of some sort with the wife plotting revenge on the younger woman. And I think there is a kidnapping?

Anybody know this one? Thanks!

Alfred Odey 2 days ago

Please I'm looking for an early 2000 movie that the serial killer was ambidextrous, and killed women he dated. He and Robert Pattinson have resemblance, but he is older. In one scene he wrote 'I love you' with his left hand and 'I hate you' with his right hand (or vice-versa), at the same time, demonstrating to a lady that he is ambidextrous.

Ronald 2 days ago

Movie where someone is in an insulated room with glass windows about to launch nuclear weapons like some sort of control center, then someone gets into the room and they fight each other with the good person winning out and cancelling the nuclear launch.

Marco 2 days ago

I've been searching for a long time for this movie I saw in the late 80's or early 90's I guess. It's about a group of girlsfriends (from highschool I gather) that have a reunion in a cabin in the woods somewhere. One of the friends films their reunion the whole time, and at the end of the movie there's another reunion, about a year later I guess, where one of the girls is missing in action for she has died in that year. The filming friend has a video of her to show the others. I believe I heard Anny Lennox' song "Why" during that played video of the disseased friend, showing an interview with her to, on a balcony somewhere with mountains in the background. She has a final message for her friends in that video, saying goodbye to them. I so hope someone can help me find this movie, for I'd love to see it again.

JediKnightMaster 2 days ago

I saw a movie several years ago that was from the makers of Saw. Its about a guy who is a writer and does not believe in God; his brother however is a priest. The guy meets a woman and has things happen to him that makes him believe in God and then dies shortly thereafter, but not before he writes about his experiences in his last novel. The closing scenes show the woman he met, along with his brother priest, in somewhat unseen demon form, using his fan following and his new book to promote what looks to be the coming apocalypse. B movie at best, but the premise was interesting. Anybody have a clue that can help a brother out?

yoush 2 days ago

movie about an English lord who is married but wants a kid so he pays to an unknown woman and sleeps with her to have the baby. woman later on shows up in his house as the child's nanny

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@jackie ~ This is a guess, as I haven't seen it, only read about it.

Can of Worms (1999 TV movie/Disney)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Mumin ~ I've Been Waiting for You (1998 TV movie)

From IMDb: When a California teen with an interest in the occult moves to a New England town, she finds that the town teens believe she is a witch sent to seek revenge on the descendants of the people who originally killed another witch 100 years earlier. Things take a particularly deadly turn when they convince her to play a seer at a Halloween party, where they will feed her information over an earphone about those who enter her tent. Only, she suddenly sees things beyond their knowledge or help.

Amanda 2 days ago

What's the movie where are young teenage couple both have cancer and they both end up dying at a young age in the movie? Been trying to figure this out for weeks!

Mumin 2 days ago

There is a girl at a Halloween party who was being told what to say to predict people's futures and the person told her to say the other girl's mother was going to die. Then told girl is leaving and is murdered in her car and the predicting girl gets blamed for it. In the end, it turns out to be the guy who was predicting girl's only friend. Could be an older movie...maybe Steven King, I dont remember!

Nyeli 2 days ago

its a movie about two girls their sisters and they just start school one almost got knocked down but a boy helped her then the boy start liking the other one(i dont remember their names) then they start liking each other( i watched this in spanish btw) yea they start liking each other then when they go to clubs they saw each other. then at one point they start dancing with each other.. the boy had a friend he took as brother they liked play in motorcycle racing competition.( the competition is dangerous) but they always win. they usually race togther but this time only one race ( when you race you have to have a girl behind you) when this one went to race a next competetive knocked him causing him to die but the girl was still alive and told her sister and boy about it.. thats all i remember,, if you know the name of the movie can you please tell me cause i forgot and i want to watch it again

jackie 2 days ago

Okay, this is probably a long shot but im pretty sure the movie I'm thinking of was made in the 80s. I haven't seen it in a long time so bare with me.

It's about a boy would builds some sort of transmitter that contacts these alien/creatures that come to him for help because their world is in danger; from what I remember, its a kids movie & wasn't well known. (I've been all over Google looking)

lilymovielover 2 days ago

Hello am have been trying to find this movie for years it was made probably around 1999-2004 where a man got into an accident and a woman found him or was hired to take of him but they didn't like each other but later falled in love and no he did not have cancer but i think the lady was a nurse and it had a farm setting .

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Melodie ~ Satan's Triangle (1975 TV movie)

You can watch it on YouTube:

Kris g 2 days ago


sounds like Stakeland, although Stake land is about vampires, not zombies

Kris g 2 days ago


sounds like Stakeland, although Stake land is about vampires, not zombies

can't find this movie 2 days ago

my roommate wants to know the name of this movie...she said it's very sexual and a romance. it's abouthe a woman photographer who finds this other woman she becomes interested in ..and follows her and takes her photos and watches her have sex with men. she then gets her to do a photo shoot on a beach where the photographer ends up seeing her ex there and discovering that he was cheating on her with her best friend. she ends up falling in love her limo driver.

Taylor 2 days ago

So I'm 90% sure it was a lifetime movie. My time line guess is early 90s. But a teen girl was sleeping with a guy and gets pregnant but has a botched abortion and dies. Some other girl figures it oUT somehow and basically gets justice for the girl. I thought the guy was an army or marine person? It's been so long since I've seen it.

Justice 2 days ago

I'm looking for a movie the only things I remember about it is that there are people with powers or abilities and there are also hunters or something I remember a scene I think it was in the begging when there are two kids in a house kinda thing in the woods and they hear a sound they then saw I was the hunters so they ran but the hunters got them and killed them. Another scene I remember is a girl who also has powers went in a small house near the water and turned the stove on by spin all the handles all the way up. When she walked out the house blew up behind her but the fire or explosions didn't harm her because she had some kind of shield or something that protected her from it.

Justice 2 days ago

The movie in trying to figure has people with powers or something like that. I remember there was two kids in the woods and there are hunters. I also remember there was a girl who blew up a small house by just running in there and turning the stove handles all the way up but when the house blew up she had some kinda shield that blocked her from the explosion and I think in the end when there is another explosion she stood over someone so they didn't get hurt

Simona t 2 days ago

Hi there again.

I've found my answer: it was "Broken English", from 2007.

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