What Is Your Star Wars Lightsaber Form?

Updated on December 5, 2018
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Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Blue and red lightsabers
Blue and red lightsabers

Lightsaber Forms

From the original New Hope to when the Force awakened, lightsaber duels have memorized audiences for decades. The blades of pure, colorful energy are some of the most recognizable symbols of any franchise, and the battles they're used in are nothing short of incredible.

But behind the scenes of the fights are the strategies and techniques that each combatant employs. In particular, every duelist uses one of seven lightsaber forms, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of these forms helps us understand why certain fights progress the way they do, and today, you can determine which style of fighting best suits you! Answer a few quick questions to receive your form, then check below to review all possible outcomes!

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Form 1: Shii-Cho

You use the original style of Lightsaber combat, Form 1. Also known as the Determination form, this style is a balanced approach to battle known for its wide, sweeping attacks. These blows make it best suited against multiple adversaries. Form 1's simplicity makes it easier to learn than other styles, and it's taught to almost every Jedi as a groundwork to fall back on when needed.


Form 2: Makashi

You practice Form 2, Makashi. Also called the Contention form, this style uses elegance and grace to redirect attacks, then counterstrike. Makashi excels in dueling, especially against Form 3 practitioners, but has trouble against numerous foes. Count Dooku uses Makashi.


Form 3: Soresu

You train in Soresu, or the Resilience form. Designed to increase a Jedi's ability to defend themself, Soresu was designed to intercept numerous blaster shots. It also offers a large defense against lightsaber strikes, and practitioners often try to wear down opponents, then strike when their opponent eventually makes a mistake. Soresu's impressive defense can overcome almost any obstacle, but note that it tends to struggle against the redirection and grace of Form 2 users. Obi-Wan Kenobi mastered Soresu.


Form 4: Ataru

You specialize in Form 4, Ataru. Also known as the Aggression form, Ataru is one of the most offense-oriented and nimble styles. It's best employed against a single opponent, who will struggle to defend against the onslaught of ever-changing attacks. This allows you to end most fights quickly, but be aware that Form 4 demands lots of energy, and drains its wielder quickly. Yoda used Form 4's speed to compensate for his old age.

Djem So
Djem So

Form 5: Djem So

You use Form 5, Djem So.Also dubbed the Perserverance form, Djem So is a well-balanced style, slightly favoring offense. It uses wide, powerful blows to hammer through defenses, and utilizes brute strength more than any other form. It includes many counterattacks, and is a fearsome form, but is the most physically demanding of all styles. Djem So is one of few styles that performs well against the elegant Form 2, Makashi. Anakin and Luke Skywalker both practiced Form 5.


Form 6: Niman

You fight with Form 6, Niman, the Moderation form. Niman is a hybrid style that blends several moves of the other forms into one well-rounded style. It combines the most effortless motions of other styles. Some criticize Form 6's lack of any significant advantages, but it also lacks weaknesses and is a comparatively easy style to master. This allows its users to spend more time practicing their Force techniques, and many Niman masters rapidly switch between striking with blade and attacking with the Force.


Form 7: Vaapad

You battle using Form 7, Vaapad. Also knows as the Ferocity form, Mace Windu built upon the preexisting Form 7, Juyo, as a template to create the vicious Vaapad. Yoda describes this brutal form as such: "Powerful form it is. Deadliest of all. But dangerous it is, for its master as well as its opponent. Few have studied. One student alone, to mastery has risen."
Vaapad users fight using controlled emotions, skirting dangerously close to the dark side. Only a true master can wield it without giving in to anger and hate, but the style can defeat almost any adversary.

How Forms Affect Lightsaber Battles in Star Wars

I hope you enjoyed learning about the various styles! Studying these forms offers some interesting insights into the outcomes of the movie duels. For example, (spoilers) Obi-Wan lost to Count Dooku in Episode 3, but later in the same film, defeated Anakin, the man who beat Dooku. Weird, right? Yes, until we understand that Obi-Wan's Soresu is a poor match to Dooku's Makashi, while Anakin's Djem So performs excellently against that style.

In other words, lightsaber forms add even more depth to Star Wars, and I'm eager to see if we'll see any more from the galaxy far far away. I'll see you at our next Star Wars quiz!

Questions & Answers

  • If I made a variation of Lightsaber Form 3, Form 4, and Form 7 then called it "AtSuJu," would that be even deadlier?

    I'm not sure it's as easy as combining the three, but theoretically, yes, a blend of forms could result in an even deadlier style. As of this writing, Darth Sidious's (Emperor Palpatine) form remains a mystery; perhaps he uses some combination.

  • Which is the best lightsaber form?

    This answer is certainly open for debate, but when it comes to lightsaber dueling, as opposed to, say, fighting a Stormtrooper squad, form 2 (Makashi) and especially form 7 (Vaapad) earn my votes.

    But if you go into the expanded universe, both Anakin (who would have become the strongest Jedi) and Luke (who did) prefer form 5, Djem So.

    Whichever style you choose, be sure not to confuse the skills of a specific duelist using a style with the pro/con list of the form itself. For instance, Yoda is an exceptional swordsman, but his form 4 (Ataru) harbors a share of weaknesses.

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      14 months ago

      This was awesome. Now I know how to use obi won in Star Wars battlefront 2


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