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"Venom" Movie Review

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Advance screenings left some viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. There were a ton of hateful reviews posted online ahead of the release date. Did that stop me from seeing it? Nope! I'd been looking forward to Venom's solo film for far too long. My reaction? Well, I'm actually on the fence about it. It wasn't exactly the story I was hoping for, nor was I expecting the surprising amount of cheesy humor, but I felt that Venom's look was the most accurate adaptation from the comics and the action was well-done.

The film follows Eddie Brock, a reporter in San Francisco who discovers incriminating evidence against the Life Foundation. When he breaks into the facility in order to obtain proof, a symbiote attaches itself to him. Eddie soon discovers that, as long as the symbiote is with him, he can do incredible things, even escape death.

Despite the negativity going around, there's a lot of good to say about the film, the biggest positive being Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock/Venom. Tom even used a voice changer in order to achieve Venom's deep, growling vocals. Hardy's performance was exceptional, especially the fear he portrayed when he heard and saw Venom for the first time. Another positive was the look of not only Venom but also the film's villain Riot. Riot looked like he was ripped straight from the comics. Carlton Drake, the founder of the Life Foundation, was the host for the Riot symbiote. Riz Ahmed, who portrayed the characters, gave a decent performance, however I felt this wasn't his strongest work. He fared much better in Rogue One and Nightcrawler. The third major positive was the end-credit scene. To all those comic fans out there, it's exciting and made me look forward to a (hopefully better) sequel.

The glaring negatives lied mainly with the editing, dialogue, and certain CGI moments. The editing was most likely due to Sony's decision to backtrack, reducing the original R-rating to PG-13. The dialogue, while it may have been somewhat due to editing, was a bit cheesy in parts, especially the "turd in the wind" moment in the second trailer that many thought definitely didn't match Venom's personality. The CGI could be a bit hinky in parts but wasn't overwhelming. Overall, the effects were well-done.

So what's my consensus? Venom was better than the reviewers made me believe it would be. It was certainly a step-up from Topher Grace's version and definitely wasn't the terror that the Fantastic Four reboot was. Venom overall was 'above average' but slightly less than 'very good'. So, I'm settling on a 2.8 out of 4.

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