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Movie Review: “The Week Of”

There are many movies that are worth seeing, but there are a lot of stinkers as well. My goal here is to weed out the good from the bad.

The Week Of

Theatrical Release: 4/27/2018

Theatrical Release: 4/27/2018


Kenny Lustig (Adam Sandler) is a proud father. His daughter is getting married, and he will stop at nothing to provide her with a great wedding. Unfortunately, he does not have the funds to provide a dream wedding for his daughter, or to accommodate for his visiting family, as well as the visiting family of the groom. Nonetheless, this is his last chance to provide for his daughter before she becomes a married woman, so he will do whatever it takes to make this wedding happen.

Kirby Cordice (Chris Rock) is a very wealthy and successful surgeon. His son is marrying Kenny Lustig’s daughter, and he is traveling to join everyone for the wedding. However, after his divorce, he is not exactly on great terms with his ex-wife or his family. He wants his son to have a good wedding, and is disappointed when he arrives to see Kenny’s plans. While he has more than enough money to pay for a better wedding and a better hotel for himself, Kenny is determined to take care of everything on his own. Unfortunately, things start to fall apart and, in the chaos, providing his daughter with a great wedding may prove to be an impossible task.

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The Pros & Cons

The ProsThe Cons

Adam Sandler & Chris Rock (+4pts)

The Supporting Characters (-5pts)

The Hotel Manager (+2pts)

The Comedy (-10pts)

The Premise (+3pts)

The Plot & The Heart (-5pts)


Pro: Adam Sandler & Chris Rock (+4pts)

Was this either of these actors’ best roles? Far from it. It was not their best work dramatically or comedically, but despite this movie’s overwhelming issues, which you can bet I will get into throughout this review, these two actors certainly had good chemistry together. The two are talented comedic actors, can effectively deliver drama when needed, and they are no strangers to working together.

This all contributed to their strong chemistry together, and this movie would have been a lot worse had they not been in these roles. I liked the tension that rose from one parent struggling financially while being desperate to make the wedding happen on his own, with the other parent being extremely wealthy, knowing that he could easily throw some money around and eliminate all of the problems that Kenny was facing. This added some tension between the two characters, as Kirby was reluctantly allowing Kenny the opportunity to make it all happen. Their strong chemistry and their opposite financial situations made this a promising duo. Unfortunately, the movie around the two characters was a disappointment.


Con: The Supporting Characters (-5pts)

Much like the comedy of this movie, which I will get into later, the majority of the supporting cast was a bit too ridiculous for me. They were all really over-the-top and exaggerated characters, as if they were meant for a Saturday Night Live skit, rather that a feature film on Netflix. They had ridiculous accents, acted in really bizarre or exaggerated ways, and they just did not work for me. The only exceptions, side characters that I actually did not dislike, were characters that got almost no focus in the film. It was like the entire supporting cast played characters that were supposed to be in a cheap, lazily made, parody movie.


Pro: The Hotel Manager (+2pts)

The hotel manager was just as ridiculous as the rest of the supporting characters, but this character worked. Nasser Faris played the character with an awkward silliness that was stupid and ridiculous in the most entertaining way. While the rest of the supporting characters were exaggerated and ridiculous, they had no real redeeming qualities. They were just generic characters with ridiculously over-the-top personalities that the filmmakers clearly thought would get a laugh from the viewers.

Hanan, the hotel manager was different. As awkward as he was, it was the other characters’ reactions to him, as well as the delivery from the actor in the role, that made the character so entertaining. The rest of the characters were ridiculous (I feel like I have said that already), but even they were baffled by Hanan’s awkwardness. In a movie filled with crazy, over-the-top characters, Hanan’s craziness was more subtle, which made the character stand out. Unfortunately, the character got very little screen time, so he was unable to save the movie much.


Con: The Comedy (-10pts)

This was really a bummer for me, because I Ike Adam Sandler, and I always want to enjoy his movies. I liked Ridiculous 6, and I enjoyed Murder Mystery a little less, but this style of comedy usually works for me. Is it silly, stupid, comedy? Yes, but I can appreciate it..

The Week Of, on the other hand, was next level when it came to being a “stupid” comedy. Unfortunately, most of the “comedy” was so stupid, that it felt random and fell flat. There was a lot of attempted comedy that was not funny at all. If you watch this movie, I really hope you get a different experience than I did. It was one of those movies that lacked an interesting plot, for the sake of delivering comedy. Unfortunately, even with that sacrificed, the comedy almost never worked for me, which made the movie difficult to watch.


Pro: The Premise (+3pts)

I thought this movie had an effective, simple premise. A couple is getting married, and the two fathers meet during the week leading up to the wedding. The premise added plenty of tension between the two fathers before they even meet in the movie. Unfortunately, I felt like the filmmakers lost focus of the premise. They got too caught up in trying to deliver random comedy, that they failed to capitalize on a lot of potential comedic moments related to the premise. Nonetheless, it was the premise that kept this movie going, and it was the premise that kept me watching. As much as I disliked the movie, the anticipation of what chaos could go down during the wedding kept me interested.


Con: The Plot & The Heart (-5pts)

As I mentioned earlier, the filmmakers sacrificed the plot of this movie to try to deliver more random comedy. The plot of this movie was simply that Kenny wanted to make the wedding happen, and things keep going wrong. Everything between the beginning of the movie and the wedding, was just a random sequence of random events. This would have been forgivable for a movie like this, if the comedy worked, but it did not. To make things worse, the filmmakers tried to throw emotional moments at the end of this movie. The actors did the best they could, but with there having been no plot to support these moments, the emotional moments fell just as flat as the comedy.

Grading Scale






























Grade: D- (64pts)

Like any movie, I went into The Week Of hoping that I would like it. It had a simple enough premise that could naturally create a lot of comedic moments, and it had two lead actors who definitely could have pulled it off. Unfortunately, the filmmakers failed to execute this movie properly. They sacrificed plot in order to deliver comedy, which would have been fine if the comedy worked. Instead of sticking to comedy that was relevant to the premise, the filmmakers chose to throw in a bunch of random comedy. To make things worse, most of the comedy that was delivered was so dumb and ridiculous, that it was not remotely funny (and that is coming from someone who normally enjoys stupid comedies like this).

The comedy just did not land with me, and I really hope you have a different experience if you see this movie, but I would not get my hopes up. The supporting characters were almost exclusively made up of characters that were so over-the-top and ridiculous, that I could not even buy them in a silly comedy like this one. The only supporting character that worked, the hotel manager, got too little focus for him to save the movie. Adam Sandler and Chris Rock had decent chemistry together, but most of the comedy around them fell flat, and there was not enough of a plot for them to deliver dramatically either. To put it simply, The Week Of had a decent premise, and a capable cast, but the filmmakers severely dropped the ball with this one.


Movie Beasts (author) from MA on September 04, 2019:

Thanks, TurtleDog! I've never been one for the thumbs up/down approach, as I found most movies fall somewhere in the middle.

I appreciate the feedback!

TurtleDog on September 04, 2019:

Pretty good grading scale. Beats thumbs up thumbs down approach :)