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"Us" (2019): A Horror Movie With Depth

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Have You Seen Us?

Us is directed by Jordan Peele and stars Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson and Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson. The story follows the couple and their two kids as they travel to their vacation home in Santa Cruz, California. Their vacation is interrupted when their home is invaded by a family that looks just like them.

Us is unusual, to say the least, but I loved this film. It is not a dumb horror movie that has a ton of nudity and gore. This is a movie that keeps you invested and on the edge of your seat. What kept me most interested was why there are people who look just like other people and are on a killing spree. It is a smart horror movie that keeps you guessing even after the credits roll.

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My favorite movies are the ones that keep you wondering after the credits roll. The movies that get a conversation going on the drive home. My girlfriend had her own opinion on the movie and what she thought the meaning behind it was. I had my own and different opinion about the movie. After I talked with a friend of mine I realized that this movie could be taken several different ways. I think a movie that could have many different interpretations is rare.

The acting in this movie was amazing. Lupita Nyong'o did exceptional. She was by far my favorite character in the film. Every character within the family did an amazing job with their roles. Each actor had two different roles to play: the normal family and the look-a-like family. The look-a-like family is a creepier, more sinister version of the family. Being able to play both roles the way these actors did is what takes this film to the next level. When I look at other horror movies today, this movie falls in the group with such movies as It (2017). Along with It, Us is a horror movie but with the story, character development, and acting these movies are taken to that next level where it is not only a good horror movie but also a great movie in general.

Jordan Peele is proven to be a master of horror with only two movies under his belt. He uses long, lingering shots that give off an uncomfortable vibe when watching this movie. My favorite thing is that Peele does not use the stereotypical "jump scare", instead he trusts that the creepy story will deliver the scares. With Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele will go down in history as one of the greats.

Us is an amazing movie that will leave you speechless. It delivers on all levels. The movie explains itself with a twist at the end but has a deeper meaning behind this story. DO NOT miss this one. It is one that needs to be seen in the theaters.

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