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"Unlocked" Movie Review

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Have you ever seen a film that was entertaining but wasn't great because it has been done before several times but you were so thoroughly impressed by the acting that you couldn't help but love it? That's how Unlocked was for me.

Unlocked follows a former CIA interrogation agent who is brought back into the field in order to uncover the information necessary to prevent a biological attack from happening. Soon, she finds she is caught in the middle of a conspiracy that hits close to the heart.

The story is your typical "whodunnit" mystery that we see pop up at least twice a year. What sets this apart from the others is the fantastic acting by Noomi Rapace and Toni Collette. Both women take charge of their roles and drive the film forward.

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Before I get to Noomi, let me just say that Toni was absolutely impressive. Not only can she pull off a great British accent but she can be downright scary when she wants to be. Applause goes to her for going all in with her character.

Anyone that knows me knows how huge of a fan of Noomi Rapace I am. She literally can not be bad in a movie regardless of whether the movie as a whole is good or not. While Unlocked has its problems, Noomi isn't one of them. The intensity and vulnerability she brings to her role of Alice makes the film much more enjoyable and immersible.

Orlando Bloom didn't really need to be in the film. He was an unnecessary side character meant to throw you off the truth but aside from that he doesn't do much and doesn't help the film. I like Orlando; he's a good guy. But his role was quite trivial and unhelpful.

The only real complaint I have with the film's story is that it was a bit all over the place. It's set in the plot line that a biological attack must be stopped. So why was it only mentioned three times in the whole film? The plot set its own plot aside. Also, it didn't help the raging stereotype that Muslims are terrorists. Come on, guys, can't we just have a raving maniac be the terrorist in a movie once in a while?

In conclusion, I enjoyed the film. Was it the best film of the year? No, but it certainly kept you intrigued and guessing. It had its problems which hindered the film from truly soaring. As much as I love Noomi, I still have to give this film a 2.5 out of 4.

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