"Transformers: The Last Knight" Non-Spoiler Review

Updated on June 25, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight is directed by Michael Bay and is the fifth film in the Transformers franchise. So before I jump in I should give a little background on what I think about the Transformers films in general. I think that the four that came before The Last Knight are great assuming that you know what you're walking into. You won't get an incredible story, you won't get engaging characters, but you will get some robots fighting each other and lots of explosions. So with that in mind, I went into this film expecting the same. I did see that the reviews were not going well before going in, but I also figured it'd still be rather enjoyable. I was wrong. The Last Knight is the worst movie of the year. The usual Transformers movie issues are there, but somehow they didn't even get the stuff that made the others enjoyable right. I was extremely disappointed.


Oh yes, the plot! One of the most important parts of a film! Well, lemme tell you, the plot in The Last Knight is not interesting, at all. The first 45-minutes of this film felt like an eternity, and it felt like the story I was being told was made up by a middle-schooler and loosely connected during an English class. It's that bad. And yeah, I am aware that I just said that Transformers movies usually do not have a great story but I still enjoy them. Well, this story is much, much worse than any of the other Transformers movies. It doesn't flow well, it is not gripping in the slightest, and the conclusion, while the most entertaining part of the movie, fell flat for me. I feel like the biggest problem with this movie is that there is way, way, way too much time given to the humans. You thought that there was too much screen time given to the humans in the other movies? Well, this one it feels like the entire story is about the humans and the Transformers are just there as side characters. I go to a Transformers movie to see Transformers, not humans talking about Transformers. In the end, the lackluster plot of The Last Knight, even by Transformers standards, is one of the biggest reasons why this movie is not worth the price of admission.


Besides the plot being rather bad, the script is outright terrible. They hit you with joke, after joke, after joke, and maybe two of them land. Yep, two out of the entire movie. Not only are the jokes bad, but a lot of the dialogue is poorly written. There is nothing truly insightful said. In fact, I feel like too much is said in this film. Characters continue talking when there really is no need for anymore dialogue. Again, the scripts for the past Transformers films weren't all that great, either, and they had plenty of cringe-worthy moments themselves. But this film takes the cringe to another level. You definitely need to turn your brain off for this one.


I can't fault The Last Knight for shallow, boring human characters, because that's one of the main trademarks of the series. There's always the main human hero (Cade), an attractive female (Vivian), and plenty of smart people (such as Sir Edmund) and government peeps. You're not meant to get attached to them. You're meant to get attached to the Transformers, which again brings up the issue of the Transformers not getting enough screen time, but I digress.

This brings me to the Transformers. Surprisingly, most of them are not that interesting, either. Some of them actually got pretty annoying as the movie went on. Bumblebee is the stand out (shocker), and if anything this got me more excited for the standalone film he's getting.

Overall, both the Transformers characters and the human characters disappoint. Another swing and miss for the crew that put this film together.

Potential Audience

If you're not a huge Transformers fan, do not see this movie in theaters. Save your money and go see Wonder Woman, or Baby Driver, or any other movie coming out this summer. If you are a pretty big Transformers fan, though, then go get your ass to the movie theater. I'm sure you'll enjoy it despite how bad it is.

As far as maturity goes, I'd say anyone above the age of 10 could see this movie.


In the end, The Last Knight is the worst Transformers film yet and one of the worst films of the year. The story is bad, there's not enough screen time given to the Transformers, there's not enough action, and it has a very mediocre ending.


42% for "Transformers: The Last Knight"
42% for "Transformers: The Last Knight"



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