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Top 10 Deaths in the 'Saw' Movie Franchise

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Poppy is the author of A Bard's Lament and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Before the Countdown Starts

The Saw franchise is known as one of the goriest and gruesome movie series of all time, yet has still remained true to entertaining plot twists and shock moments. The release of the new Jigsaw in October 2017 attracted long-term fans and horror buffs worldwide with an exciting new sequel.

Each movie comes with interesting twists and an engaging storyline, but no Saw movie would be complete without a new batch of gross and painful deaths. Here's my list of the top 10 nastiest, most shocking, and most entertaining deaths where unfortunate characters perished on-screen across the whole series so far.

WARNING. Extremely gruesome scenes. Content is not for the underage and viewer discretion is advised. This article also contains spoilers, including those for Jigsaw (2017).

10. The Brazen Bull Trap (Saw 3D)

In Saw 3D, a fraud named Bobby Dagen claimed that he had been one of Jigsaw's victims years ago, but was caught out and put in a position where he controlled the lives and deaths of those around him. His final test was to do what he previously claimed Jigsaw had made him do - attach meat hooks to his chest and hoist himself up to save his wife. Bobby couldn't do it, however, and his wife perished.

What makes this death extra harsh is that his wife didn't actually do anything wrong, and she couldn't escape by herself. Joyce Dagen was roasted alive in a brazen bull-style metal machine while her poor husband helplessly watched. If only he hadn't lied!

9. The Quadruple Shotgun (Saw)

Not a classic Saw trap, per se, but more of an ambush. Poor officer Sing pursued Jigsaw in the hopes of catching him. However, he walked straight into a trap that quite literally blew him to pieces, traumatizing his partner officer, David.

8. The Acid Needle Room (Saw VI)

Also called the acid needle room, this gruesome death occurs when an insurance company worker, William, after surviving various traps and trials, meets the family of a man who died because he wouldn't help him out when he got a terminal illness. The man's son Brent, enraged by grief, selects for William to die, and Willam is injected with hydrofluoric acid where his insides are melted.

This death was just over-the-top nasty, made worse by the fact that a teenage boy chose for it to happen. Gross, and kind of awesome.

7. The Reverse Bear Trap (Saw 3D)

We see the reverse bear trap as one of Jigsaw's signature devices and it was finally successfully used in Saw 3D, against Jigsaw's ex-wife, Jill Tuck. Hoffman used it on her after she tried to use it on him, but failed when he'd escaped it.

Although people were sad to see Jill go, it was definitely satisfying to finally see one of the most well-known traps in the franchise put to use.

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6. The Bedroom Trap (Saw IV)

It's much more enjoyable seeing a Saw death if you know the victim deserves it. During his attempt to save people, Lieutenant Daniel Rigg comes across Ivan Landsness, a man who he has to put into a machine on a bed. He is hesitant at first, but when it comes to light that the man is a serial rapist who tied women down onto the same bed to molest them, Rigg follows Jigsaw's instructions and leaves him to his fate.

This is such a gruesome and merciless trap that fans had no problem remembering this scene. It's definitely one of the nastiest, but what more does a fat and disgusting rapist deserve?

5. The Freezer Room (Saw III)

Lynn, a doctor, is kidnapped by Jigsaw and Amanda to keep Jigsaw alive long enough for her husband, Jeff, to complete the game and save her. Along the way, he comes across Danica in a freezing room, naked and hanging by her wrists. It's up to him to save her before the icy water spraying on her body freezes her to death.

Danica isn't just a random victim, though - she was the only eye-witness to the death of Jeff's son, and fled the scene. Upon his hesitation, she runs out of time. This death was pretty cool, and of course everyone remembered it because... well, boobies.

4. The Coffin Trap (Saw V)

Poor Agent Strahm. After being framed by Hoffman, he fails to follow instructions and climb into the glass-encased coffin that could have saved his life. After a tustle with Hoffman where he shoves him into the coffin, he's trapped in the room where the walls close in around him, eventually crushing him to death and concealing his body.

The death itself isn't that special, but it was a terrific climax to Strahm's pursuit of uncovering the truth and a good ending to Saw V.

3. The Motorcycle Trap (Jigsaw)

Jigsaw (2017) was eagerly awaited and one of the most anticipating features was the new gory and shocking deaths that would emerge. Jigsaw was enjoyable, and one of the best deaths was that of (spoiler) Mitch, whose body was ripped to shreds after he failed to win one of Jigsaw's games.

The machine was pretty cool; it had a big, red, whirlpool-style design and was powered by a motorcycle from the victim's dark past. There aren't any clips of Mitch's death on YouTube yet, but here's a screenshot of the trap.

2. The Pendulum Trap (Saw V)

One of the most memorable and gross devices in the Saw franchise is the Pendulum Trap, and it's one of the rule-breakers: despite the victim, Seth Baxter, following instructions and crushing both of his hands under the promise it would set him free, he was sliced in half by the lowering pendulum blade.

The video says the rest! This is definitely one of my favourite traps because it's so gruesome and merciless.

1. The Hand Trap (Saw II)

There are a lot of things I love about this trap. Firstly, it's brutal - it offers the victim, Addison, the antidote she's desperately looking for, only for her prize to break when she touches it. Then she realises, too late, that she's trapped, and she's left on her own to bleed out.

Another thing that makes the trap great is that if you look carefully at the top of the screen as Addison first approaches the box, you can see a key hanging from the ceiling. This was quite possibly the key to opening the box the correct way.

Her blood seeping onto the glass shines a red light onto her face, creating a subtle yet effective deathly glow on the victim's face. Definitely my favourite Saw trap!

The Saw franchise doesn't seem to be over, as the new Jigsaw (2017) left a lot open for a possible sequel. I'll be looking forward to more twisted and creative new traps and deaths! Which one is your favourite?

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on January 19, 2020:

Hi Wesman! Or should I call you Todd? Thank you so much for commenting. The first "Saw" movie is fantastic, I highly recommend it! The others are pretty much gore p*rn, but the first one has a great story.

Wesman Todd Shaw on January 19, 2020:

Heh. Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the Saw films. I'm a horror film guy though, right?

I like horror films. I watch a lot of them. I've just never seen any of these. I remember seeing part of one somewhere one time.

Jesus. I may have to just go ahead and download the first one. I'd hate for the people on Hubpages to think I was skeered. LOL

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on January 19, 2020:

Thank you for the comment, Rosie! I've fixed the error. have a good day!

RosiePhoenix_059 on January 18, 2020:

Favorite trap is definitely the reverse bear trap and my favorite kill is probably Kerry's death in Saw III. I was sad to see her go but the trap itself and the way it was done was great.

Also, in Saw VI, the guy going through the trap's name is William, not Brent. Brent is the teenager who pulled the lever to kill him. Just something I noticed and thought I would point out-

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on November 13, 2017:

I agree, especially as poor Strahm didn’t deserve to die! Yeah the needles scene is cringey as heck. Try watching the making of Saw II, how they created that scene is fascinating.

Liztalton from Washington on November 13, 2017:

My favorite trap was the coffin trap. It's brutal. I have to add that although the scene didn't result in a death, saw 2 with the needle pit is horrific! I cannot even watch that scene when Amanda gets thrown in.

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