Top 5 Scandal Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Updated on September 14, 2018
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Titus is a new online writer. His fascination with justice leads him to seek out media on the subjects of corruption and mismanagement.

These are some of the best scandal exposing documentaries on Netflix. These documentaries have been chosen based on their overall storyline, cinematography, and quality of production. They are all based on real-life scandals. Have a look at these great documentaries!

Top 5 Scandal Documentaries on Netflix

  1. Dirty Money
  3. Terms and Conditions May Apply
  4. Betting on zero
  5. We Steal Secrets

1. Dirty Money

This American TV show is hands down one of the best "investigative journalism" shows I have ever seen.

Show Description

Alex Gibney, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, kicks things off in the first episode, "Hard Nox." This episode looks into the Volkswagen emissions scandal and the next few episodes don't disappoint.

What Makes It Great?

  • What I really like about this series is the fact that they incorporate all the different perspectives. They accurately demonstrate the points of view of both the accused and the victim.
  • It keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout the whole season.

Although there are only six episodes so far, given the overwhelmingly positive reception, I wouldn't be surprised to see the second season on the horizon. If you are into real-life "big-time" scandal exposés, then I highly recommend this documentary.


Helping a fugitive, escaping KGB thugs, making lasting friendships, this documentary has it all! It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of excitement and panic.

Show Description

This is an amazing real-life American documentary on the Russian doping scandal.

What Makes It Great?

  • What's really cool about this documentary is that unlike most other documentaries, Brian Fogel (director) documents the events as they are unfolding. He was actually amidst the circle of fire.
  • You will be surprised how deep the doping scandal went in Russia, and the lengths to which some officials would go to keep it under wraps.

It premiered at the Sundance film festival in January 2017. It is a must watch.

3. Terms and Conditions May Apply

Have you ever just skipped past the terms and conditions section when installing a software? If so, you might want to watch this documentary.

Show Description

The documentary does a good job of exposing companies like Facebook and how their mishandling of data has impacted the lives of the unsuspecting clients.

What Makes It Great?

  • This documentary looks at the past and present instances where trusted companies have misused customer information.
  • It aims to hold companies accountable for stealing your information.
  • Exposes how people are tricked into giving away their rights and protections.

I realise that it's a bit past its "sell-by" date but its well worth watching.

4. Betting on Zero

Do you know what a pyramid scheme is? Could you be in one without even realising?

Show Description

This documentary follows Bill Ackman (also featured in Dirty money) and a group of ex-Herbalife sales representatives that fight for compensation.

The innocent victims are charged a marked-up subscription fee and are promised future fortunes, but when reality hits and the small family owned businesses crumble, they are left to pay their debt all by themselves.

What Makes It Great?

  • What's amazing is the fact that Herbalife is still a fully operational company.
  • This documentary does a good job of capturing the stock, trade, and profit-driven aspects of the corruption as it affects the unfortunate victims' lives.

I recommend you watch the documentary and make your own decision as to the integrity of the accusations.

5. We Steal Secrets

Whistle-blowing, political scandals, international war crimes, being locked-up, this real-life documentary has it all!

Show Description

I would be really surprised if you haven't heard of Julian Assange. Whether you have or haven't, this 2013 documentary will clearly explain why he's important.

What Makes It Great?

  • What I really like about this film is the fact that it also captures the struggles Julian has to go through with this new found fame.

Although the documentary has had some criticism, the overall consensus is that it was a well made documentary, so I would recommend you have a look.

Which was your favourite documentary?

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    • Anishpat profile image

      Anish Patel 

      23 months ago from San Francisco + Mumbai

      Nice list. I have seen 'Dirty Money' and 'Terms and Conditions..." looking forward to watching the rest, especially Betting on Zero

    • hirua profile image


      23 months ago

      This is the difference between fact and fiction.

      Fiction however paves the way of it becoming fact.

      This is the power of media.

    • Charles S Frank profile image

      Charles S Frank 

      24 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      I am totally gonna watch that Martin Shkrelli one.

      I actually work with a production company. Lucky Frank Studios. We only make demo reels for actors in LA but one day, we want to make movies as well.

      Great Article

      Charles S. Frank


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