Top 5 Star Wars Characters Who Should Appear in Episode VIII as a Force Ghost

Updated on May 1, 2016

Star Wars: Episode VIII is a few years away, and although Episode VIII set up Luke Skywalker as Rei's primary teacher, there are still some classic characters that could give Rei wisdom beyond her years. These are my top 5 deceased force users who I want to see appear as force ghosts in Episode VIII.


5. Master Yoda

Yoda was Luke's teacher, but he died before Luke could grasp the full scope of the old jedi way. It is very possible that Luke has been communing with Yoda in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. If anything, he could give Rei a perspective of the Jedi way Luke can't offer her.

As seen in Return of the Sith, Qui-Gon Jinn passed his knowledge of becoming one with the force (which is necessary to become a force ghost) with Yoda, who later let Obi-Wan in on the action.

More recently, Master Yoda has been a spiritual mentor to Kanan and Ezra on "Star Wars: Rebels." His main interaction with the heroes has been across great distances, making at least a Yoda voice over very probable.


4. Darth Bane

The Knights of Ren are no Sith, but they are dark side users. There is no greater deceased dark side user than Darth Bane, who established the rule of two. He could act as a guide to Kylo Ren, tempting him onto the path of the Sith, or he could be used as a way to further flesh out the differences between the Sith and the Knights of Ren.

Darth Bane has been canonized in the "Clone Wars" animated series, and could have some great nuggets of wisdom to share for our antagonists.


3. Mace Windu

Kylo Ren walks a fine line between the dark side and the light. Through his Vapaad fighting style which uses emotions to fuel combat, Mace Windu walked this line every day, but always came out on the side of good.

If Ren were to ever turn to the light side, Windu would be his perfect teacher. Samuel L. Jackson is also very interested in returning to Star Wars, as he reprised his role in the 2008 CG animated "Clone Wars" film.


2. Darth Sidious

Arguably the most powerful force user of all time, Sidious could be a formidable opponent, just as a ghost. He is a character that could make Rei go mad during her training, or be used as a powerful form of symbolism of the wrong path, during her training.

If there is some equivalent to the Dagobah cave in The Empire Strikes Back, Sidious could have strong symbolic value. Plus, he's essentially just a guy in a hood, so any actor could play him.


1. Darth Vader

Could this be the redemption of Hayden Christensen as an actor? Only time will tell. This one is a no-brainer, given Kylo Ren's obsession with his grandfather. He forgot one key detail, tough: Vader gave up his dark ways to save his son. Ren serves as an inverted Vader, resorting to the dark side for unclear reasons (his motivation is as clear as mud), but we sure knows he cares a lot about it, because he killed his father over it.

Family doesn't matter to Ren, whereas family was front and center for Vader. Vader was only as formidable as the passion for those he loved, and his powers manifested from his own self-hatred, stemmed from his failures in life. He grew up a slave and made himself into something great, only to lose it all in Episode III, whereas Ren grew up with opportunities handed to him.

In his obsession to be Vader, and "finish what he started," Ren missed the entire point of who his grandfather was, and what he was trying to do. Anakin was one of the strongest force users of all time, and we already know that he exists as a ghost thanks to the end scene of Return of the Jedi.

Agree with this list? Who do you want to see return to Star Wars in Episode VIII? Be sure to comment below to make your voice heard!


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    • profile image

      spaztastic 3 months ago

      I agree with Jedi Knight, also think that qui gon jinn should have been a ghost

    • profile image

      Jedi kight 4 months ago

      It has been stated that only those who become one with the force may be force ghosts. Only light side users can achieve this. Thats why it showed a younger anakin not an older

    • Mitchell Chapman profile image

      Mitchell Chapman 22 months ago

      Rachael, a force ghost is but a small part of the overall narrative, in ms SW works (they don't appear all that much). They tend to serve as teachers. My list was composed of force users with something to teach, to pass down to the main heroes. It was never assumed that they would have a leading role. It is very unlikely that a force ghost would make the movie as a whole a "rerun" of the trilogy that came before it. Force ghosts function to serve as a small link between trilogies. In the Star Wars narratives available to us, they essentially function as holocrons.

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 22 months ago from Illinois

      In the originals, the "force ghost" thing was not my favorite, if you're killing a character you should just kill them off for real. I don't know if I want to see any old characters again, Ep 7 already suffered tremendously imho for feeling too much like A New Hope. I don't want to see reruns of the original trilogy.