Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Sith Lords of All Time

Updated on March 7, 2018

The Greatest Sith of All Time—Including all Star Wars Eras

Hello all Star Wars fans,

Born of people's need to compare the Sith and compile a mental list of the greatest Sith ever alive, here are the top 10. It's possible you may not recognize them all because most of them don't appear in the movies, but I'll introduce them to you.

Everybody knows the power the dark side of the Force wields, but these Sith Lords know the true meaning of "unlimited power." Once, they had it all within their grasp, but the Law of Two always messes up their plans. For those who don't know, the law of two requires that the Sith always be two—a Lord and an Apprentice.

I'm fully convinced that, without this law, the Sith would reign supreme—as Darth Sidious explains, "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."

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But First, Test Your Knowledge

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10 - Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

Midi chlorian measures the potential of a Force Sentient, and Anakin Skywalker was the Jedi with the highest midi-chlorian levels of all time. However he never reached his full potential, leaving him in 10th place.

Anakin thought the only way to save his wife's life was to join the dark side. This motive—added to the fact that he was carrying a profound anger and sense of loss inside of his heart—led to his fall.

Apprentice to Darth Sidious, then known as Senator Palpatine, he became Darth Vader and killed all the Jedi in the Jedi Temple. Obi-Wan Kenobi, his former Jedi Master, dueled him in Mustafar and won, leaving Vader to die in a lava bath.

Darth Sidious saved Vader and enclosed him in the iconic life-sustaining dark suit he wore for the rest of his life. However, his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi was his downfall, as his injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential.

Though he never became as powerful as he could have been, Darth Vader served under his lord and became the ultimate Jedi killer. He made it his personal mission to conduct the Great Jedi Purge.

During this time, true to the Law of Two, Vader was already planning to overthrow Darth Sidious and become Sith Lord himself. He secretly trained an apprentice for when that day came. Sadly for him, the apprentice turned to the light side and was the one responsible for the start of the Galactic Civil War.

Vader then started to train apprentices with the consent of Darth Sidious, and his greatest apprentice was the Sith Lady-to-Be Lumiya.

At the end of the Galactic Civil War, Luke surrendered to Vader, who took him to the throne room of the second Death Star. There, Darth Sidious made Luke duel his father, Vader. Vader lost, and Luke refused to kill him screaming, "I am a Jedi, like my father before me!" This made Vader feel proud, and as Sidious attacked Luke with Force Lighting, Vader killed his son's aggressor, fulfilling the prophecy that he was the chosen one to vanquish the Sith.

9 - Darth Bane (Dessel)

Darth Bane
Darth Bane

Darth Bane is the Sith Lord responsible for creating the Law of Two, a fact that highlights his importance.

He also marked his place in Sith history when he created his own Sith Order. Bane was instructed in the old Sith Order by the Sith Council that existed back then, but he thought it was a weak council. So he studied Darth Revan's holocron, and, armed with his strength and new knowledge, he destroyed the old Sith Order in order to create his own.

When Bane was attempting to create his own holocron, to pass down to further Sith Lords, the Jedi sent a task force to kill him. Although outnumbered, the Sith Lord and his apprentice killed every single one of the Jedi attackers.

In his later life, Bane, began to worry that his apprentice, the female Sith Zannah, was too weak to overthrow him, as is needed in the Law of Two. He began looking for a new apprentice—but it wasn't necessary, as Bane had underestimated Zannah. The apprentice went on to kill him in a lucky shot.

Years Later, Bane's Order overthrew the Republic.

8 - Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd
Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd was a Sith Lord in a very ancient world. His era far precedes that of the previous Sith.

Though he was once a Jedi, he killed his master and fled to join the old Sith Order, under the apprenticeship of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow.

He was a sorcerer-like Sith who controlled the Force better than the lightsaber, and after he thought he had learned everything he could from Naga Sadow, he destroyed his master and became Dark Lord himself.

He ruled over Onderon all of his life. After his death, he was entombed there, and his tomb remained a powerful hotspot for Sith power.

A great deal of time later, King Ommin resurrected Freedon Nadd, and he took a new apprentice, one that was meant to be the greatest and strongest Sith Lord of all time.

7 - Ulic Qel-Droma

Ulic Qel-Droma
Ulic Qel-Droma

Ulic Qel-Droma was a Jedi on a mission, pretending to be a dark Jedi. However he was injected by a rage-augmenting chemical that made him slowly fall to the dark side.

He then went to meet Nadd's apprentice—that's right, the greatest Sith Lord who ever lived, whom I shall not name yet. He dueled this great Sith to see who would become the Dark Lord, but Freedon Nadd's spirit interrupted and declared them both Sith Lords. They then began an assault on the Republic, during which Ulic Qel-Droma coldly killed his Jedi brother.

Nomi Sunrider, one of the greatest Jedi ever, was so enraged by the fratricide that, through her power, she severed Ulic's connection with the Force.

He slowly became remorseful of his actions, and eventually led the Jedi and Republic forces to the stronghold of the greatest Sith Lord ever. Together, the Jedi and Republic killed the Sith Lord in an epic battle.

Ulic then exiled himself and took Nomi Sunrider's daughter as an apprentice.

6 - Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos was the best duelist of the entire Star Wars Saga.

If you love lightsaber combat, you will love Ragnos. He was famed as the best, and defeated any who opposed him in single combat. However, his control of the Force wasn't top notch.

Nevertheless he took another great Sith as an apprentice, Darth Vitiate, and he even came back as a spirit. In life, he reigned supreme and unchallenged for more than one hundred years.

His spirit wandered for millenniums, but eventually he got sealed off by a Jedi forever.

5 - Revan


Revan is my favorite character. He was a Jedi who desired to protect the countless lives on the outer rim that were threatened by the Mandalorian invasions. However, the council refused to let him or any Jedi intervene in the war. So Revan, displaying the best diplomatic abilities and leadership virtues of all the saga, mustered an enormous number of Jedi to go fight with him, disobeying the council. His padawan Malak followed him, and that group won the war for the Republic.

But they didn't return. Instead, they found the Star Forge, an automated shipyard that allowed them to produce an immense fleet and give them power, which seduced them to becoming Sith. Darth Revan became the Lord of the Sith and Malak his apprentice.

Revan was also known as a really powerful Sith Lord, able to turn Jedi at will and gain allies from everywhere.

He was later captured by the Jedi and brainwashed to convert back to the light side. As a Jedi once more, the third most powerful Jedi ever, Revan defeated his apprentice, now Dark Lord Malak, and was declared the hero of the Republic.

Opinion Time

What is the ability you value the most in a Sith

  • 24% Leadership and War Strategy
  • 17% Lightsaber Dueling abilities
  • 58% Force Control
32490 people have voted in this poll.

4 - Darth Plagueis

Perhaps you will be disappointed by this choice, but I have to make it. Plagueis wasn't the best with the lightsaber, and even if his strength was Force control, he doesn't excel at it.

So why did I chose him? He was the Sith's ultimate scholar. He was obsessed with tricking death and achieving immortality, and he conducted lots of experiments resulting in extensive knowledge. This knowledge made it possible for future Sith, like his apprentice, to cheat death.

And who was his apprentice? Darth Sidious, the Sith you may know as Senator Palpatine. That's right, meet the master of Darth Vader's master.

He valued knowledge above all, and here is something he said to his apprentice Darth Sidious once:

If you don't already want to murder me, you will before I'm through with you. The urge to kill one's superior is intrinsic to the nature of our enterprise. My unassailable strength gives rise to your envy; my wisdom fuels your desire; my achievements incite your craving. Thus it has been for one thousand years, and so it must endure until I have guided you to parity. Then, Sidious, we must do our best to sabotage the dynamic Darth Bane set in motion, because we will need each other if we are to realize our ultimate goals. In the end, there can be no secrets between us; no jealousy or mistrust. From us, the future of the Sith will fountain...

―Darth Plagueis to Darth Sidious

3 - Darth Vitiate

Darth Vitiate
Darth Vitiate

Darth Vitiate killed his father with only a thought at the age of 10. He later went on to kill off an entire planet, including numerous Sith Lords, and absorbed all of their power. In doing so, he became immortal—almost (he passed away milleniums after his birth). Vitiate was the Sith Lord who reigned the longest.

He also once bested Revan and was Darth Plagueis's muse since Plagueis envied his knowledge.

2 - Darth Sidious (Senator Palpatine)

Darth Sidious was an apprentice to Darth Plagueis.

He took the life of a politician as a facade to hide his true intentions of taking over the galaxy. While still an apprentice, Sidious took an apprentice violating the rule of the two: Darth Maul.

He usurped the throne of Dark Lord of the Sith by killing Dark Plagueis in his sleep.

Later, he turned Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker into his apprentice: Darth Vader.

With Vader, he purged all of the Jedi he found and took over the galaxy, forming the Galactic Empire.

He reigned supreme until he was killed by Vader when he was trying to kill Luke with Force Lightning. However, he was so powerful, he didn't stay dead. He took the body of his clone and was forced to change bodies often to stay alive. He even managed to turn Luke Skywalker for a brief period of time.

One of his allies sabotaged his fresh supply of clones, and Sidious, with no body to occupy, desperately tried to take the body of Anakin Solo, Vader's grandson and the son of Leia and Han Solo, but he didn't succeed and finally perished.

1 - Exar Kun

Exar Kun
Exar Kun

Kun was a Jedi that wanted to get stronger and stronger. His desire for power was so strong that he left the order in pursuit of forbidden teachings. In the end, he achieved his goal by becoming the most powerful Sith of all time.

When Kun left the order, he entered the tomb of previously discussed Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. Freedon Nadd taught him everything he knew before getting killed. Exar Kun later traveled to Yavin 4, where he amassed even more power.

Kun killed entire Sith Cults that were too powerful for his liking. He stole a very ancient Sith holochron, which he used to gain even more power. He used his power to turn many Jedi Padawans to the dark side and convince them to kill their masters.

Exar Kun later went and killed the supreme chancellor, and he dueled the grand master of the Jedi Order, who was no match for him.

The foundations of a well-established Sith Empire were laid.

When he was attacked by the traitor Ulic Qel-Droma and his thousands of troops, he separated his body from his spirit. Nomi Sunrider and thousands and thousands of Jedi managed to incarcerate Exar Kun in a temple forever.

Or not quite forever, as forever is a long time. When Luke was already the grand master of a new Jedi Order, Kun tried to turn his students, killing one in the process. He even separated Luke's body from soul but was defeated by the combined power of all of Luke's students.

Top 10 Greatest Jedi of All Time

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    • profile image

      Moldocj 10 hours ago

      Nihilus is actually stronger than most of the top 10 if not the strongest

    • profile image

      The Nerf Squad 20 hours ago

      Jedi are WEAK!!

    • profile image

      mr.starwars 6 days ago

      Darth Plagueis is #1

    • profile image

      Misa Jar Jar Binks 10 days ago

      Nice, job, but at some parts there are mistakes. Try and check those

      Misa, out

    • profile image

      Darth Revan The Prodigal Knight and Lord of the Sith 10 days ago

      Revan had almost ruled the galaxy, while technically so did others, but Exar Cun didn't, so that would make Revan at least 2nd or 1st and then Exar cun would be third. Revan also battled Madalore himself defeating him. This shows that Revan had good lightsaber skills Revan also became very wise. He knew many things that jedi didn't. He studied holocrons and scripts about the ancient history of the galaxy. Having this knowledge, would make him very powerful. I think these three reasons, give enough to make him get into 1st place. But I do understand why you put him there and why the other sith are in those positions too.

    • profile image

      ExarKun66 13 days ago

      you said holochron. its holocron.

    • profile image

      Revan 2 weeks ago

      After Revan returned to face Vitiate and used Force Harmony, Scourge (after betraying him) realized Revan would have won if he hadn't been betrayed by Scourege. Which is the basis of why he joins your character in the MMORPG. Besides that, Revan conquered nearly the whole galaxy repeatedly on different sides in just a few years each. Even against factions that curbstomped everyone else. He was so powerful some sectors literally worshipped him even centuries after his disappearance. He also never even died to the lore’s knowledge as Shadow of Revan is explicitly non-cannon in a Q&A so we only know he disappeared in the Foundry. After curbstomping dozens of people at the level of a Darth or Mandalore and destroying their fleet with his mind.

      When Vitiate tried to draining Revan's power, Revan instead stole his and bound him to inactivity for hundreds of years until Revan was released by a well-meaning ignorant player character (he was pissed about that, too).

      Therefore, logically, Revan is the most powerful Force-sensitive in the known Star Wars universe. He is also the most successful and accomplished the greatest feats including building a massive empire of his own in just four years and then conquering his own empire quickly after the events of the game in canon.

      You seem to be ranking your Sith off of minor details. For example, Plagueis was a scholar. Woop-de-doo. He still knew less than any Sith from before the end of the New Sith Wars. Plus, this is about the most powerful Darths, and Plagueis is outclassed by literally everyone else on the list and many who are not on it.

    • profile image

      Someone 3 weeks ago

      Where krayt?

    • profile image

      Malcom 4 weeks ago

      Sith emperor and Palpatine are almost equal for 1st of 2nt place

    • profile image

      Tenebris 6 weeks ago

      Vitiate and Sidious are canonically more powerful than Exar Kun, lmao. Vitiate is more powerful than any Sith who ever lived before him:

      "The Sith Emperor is the most powerful Force-user who has ever existed. "

      Source:Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia

      "The Sith Emperor, history's most powerful dark side master, performed a ritual of incredible scope to consume the life energy of every being on his homeworld."

      Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia

      "The Sith Emperor has mastered the dark side's power to become the most dominating Force-user the galaxy has ever seen."

      Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Codex Entry

      Darth Sidious is the most powerful Sith in history, surpassing Vitiate and therefore Exar Kun:

      "Meet Darth Sidious – the most powerful Sith Master who ever lived."

      Source:Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice

      "Instead, Yoda faces the dark side's fury, channeled by the most powerful Sith Lord in history."

      Source:Insider #86: Yoda's Right Arm

      "The Emperor was completely in concert with the dark side of the Force. He was the most powerful Sith who had ever existed."

      Source:Death Star

      "Yoda went after Palpatine in the empty Senate chamber, but could not defeat the most powerful Sith Lord in history."

      Source:The New Essential Chronology

      "Plagueis the Wise, who forged the most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy has ever known”

      Source:Darth Plagueis

    • profile image

      Manjuel 6 weeks ago

      Where is Darth Nihilus?

    • profile image

      YouNeedDarthNihilus 7 weeks ago

      really, no Darth Nihilus?

    • profile image

      Midget Overlord 7 weeks ago

      I honestly think Vader should be atleast top 5 instead of being number 10. Because Vader was so power, he literally changed the time of day just by lifting his hands. And at that same moment, he literally beat the people who control the Force itself.

    • profile image

      LeAaron 2 months ago

      Exur kun as #1? Please he wasn't even a real sith. Only ones on this list in the right order is vader & Bane.

    • profile image

      Adam 2 months ago

      Revan made a god darn army of SITH TROOPERS!!!!!

    • profile image

      Bill 2 months ago

      I think earth fader is the best

    • profile image

      ricky 2 months ago

      Luke didn't "scream" "I am a Jedi, like my Father before me" at all. He said it pretty quietly, actually.

    • profile image

      you're mom gay 2 months ago

      Palpatine is stronger than Exar Kun.

    • profile image

      Richard Willeford 2 months ago

      Darth Nihilus should be on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!etc.

    • profile image

      Cold 2 months ago

      Vitiate should be first, this description barely touches how powerful he is. He can destroy a planet in moments, mind control armies, and even return to life after death. (Although he is known as Valkorion after that.) Sidious being 2nd? Pfft, some of the other Sith listed pass him by far, he wasn't especially powerful.

    • profile image

      Richard Willeford 2 months ago

      I like Revan.

    • profile image

      Bane is better than Plagueis 2 months ago

      Really, Someone said Star-killer in the comments? You crazy.

    • profile image

      Razorback 2 months ago

      Darth nihilus should be in the top 3 he litterly consumed the life essence of people and became so strong his body couldnt contain him. It took two really strong jedi to kill him and even then he became a force spirit.

    • profile image

      Gideon 2 months ago

      Were is darth Nihilus he should be at least top 5 if not top 3 I mean he force drained an intire planet and is literally the force

    • profile image

      Sink 2 months ago

      What about starkiller he can also pull ships out of the sky and he beat earth Vader by himself

    • profile image

      incorrect 3 months ago

      about the quiz before your list, Darth Vader actually did know how to use force lightning, but it would short out the electronics in his suit which is why the emperors force lightning killed him, but yes he did know how

    • profile image

      Tulak Hord 3 months ago

      Tulak Hord is the most powerful of all time! Hord single-handedly broke the sieges laid by Jedi to Imperial strongholds in the Yn and Chabosh. Over a thousand Jedi perished in these battles. He even has the ability to pull ships out of the sky! Let alone kill enemies before he is on the battlefield!

    • profile image

      sith_or_jedi 3 months ago

      what about Nihilus

    • profile image

      Aaron 3 months ago

      Sidious and Vader are 1 and 2. They're the original sith. The rest can go in whatever order but they don't pre date and cannot be ranked ahead of the blue print.

    • profile image

      Johnny 3 months ago

      I have a lightsaber and I’m going to be a Jedi next year

    • profile image

      boi 3 months ago

      yes plagueis created anakin

    • profile image

      nunya buisness 3 months ago

      is darth plagueis anikan skywalker's father? darth plagueis was one of the first sith but his known SON darth vader was also almost as powerful, darth plagueis might have gone to the lords of the force to create anikan but never got to see him

    • profile image

      Tyler 3 months ago

      I’m actually kind of surprised that you used all male Sith Lords considering it was a female Sith Lord who actually killed Darth Bane and another female Sith Lord That could wield at least three lightsabers separately using the force and could strip her opponents of their life force

    • profile image

      Darth Revan 3 months ago

      Revan is the best the only reason viciate won was because during the battle revan was stabbed in the back LITTERIALY the second time revan just threw vitiate around like a rag doll and it says Revan was not at full strength

    • profile image

      Visicator 3 months ago


    • profile image

      Gaudio 3 months ago

      Good job ! (Even if I disagree)

      I'm pleased to see that Naga Sadow is not in the list as he often reaches the top of 'Most Powerful Sith' rankings. However, in 'Tales of the Jedi' serie, he doesn't show exceptional capacities beyond leadership and battle meditation.

      In the TotJ serie :

      - Dead siths (as spirits) seem to be more powerful that when alive (Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd).

      - Ulic Qel Droma is a skilled lightsaber duelist and that's it.

      - Exar Kun is highly charismatic but simply collects holocrons and amulettes to get power. Well, it works but still a bit disappointing.

      Basically, the problem with comic books is that power/actions are directly shown while it is described in novels which translates into more possibilities to evoke force. In my opinion, every novel character seems way more badass than any comic character.

      Besides, Marka Ragnos interrupted the fight between Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun, not Freedon Nadd (who is definitively dead at the time)

      For what it is worth, I read somewhere that Darth Vader is potentially able to use force lightning but does not since he wears gloves...

    • profile image

      Sith 3 months ago

      Where is Darth Nihilus ? Seriously ?

    • profile image

      Kaleb 3 months ago

      Many Sith left out of this were left out for reasons, Darth Niluhis (however you spell it) Was left out because he had such a thirst for power, it ended up killing him, He's also a force wound, which makes him pretty much Immortal

    • profile image

      Captain Ace 3 months ago

      Nick is the only one of you that makes any sense

    • profile image

      Darth Rey 3 months ago

      I killed Exar Kun and thousands of his future incarnations with mere glance.

      I erased Darth Satan from all sentient memories so no one remembered him as the most powerful Sith ever.

    • profile image

      Nick 3 months ago

      70% of the people in this comment section has no idea what they are talking about jfc. If you like Star Wars don't read it because there is a lot of false information about the characters and such down below.

    • profile image

      Nick 3 months ago

      To all the people saying darth Vader is stronger than sideous- the reason he killed him was his mechanical robot like grip, and the fact that palpitine was so wrapped up in the dark side of the force he didn't sense the change In Vader. There was also no fight between them with their abilities, there is no way to tell who is stronger. Learn your stuff people.

    • profile image

      Nick 3 months ago

      C.S. charles, Vader couldn't use forve lightning whatsoever cause he didn't have the physical limbs to expel the lightning, his suit also prevented it. Learn yur shit

    • profile image

      Star Wars Fan 3 months ago

      Darth Vader should be stronger than Darth Sidious because he killed him right? Also, when Sidious dueled Yoda he told him that even if he lost, his apprentice would become stronger than both of them.

    • profile image

      darth vader 4 months ago

      vader was an aprentice because of the rule of 2 but he killed the emporer so he is the master. he also cant use force lightning because he has a robotic hand. Revan is a hero of the Republic and a Sith lord. sith were expelled jedi of the jedi order.

    • profile image

      Kale Jordan 4 months ago

      My fav sith lord is Darh sidous because he is skilled with the

      Force and can use force lighting he is so cool.

      Ps I like he golden lightsaber

    • profile image

      C. S. Charles 4 months ago

      Just because we never saw Vader use Sith lightning, does not mean that he was not able to use it, since the technique is a fundamental darkside power. It would be gullible to think that he did not know it. Force choke was just his preferred method of torture, while Sidious's was lightning.

      Lightsabers should not be spoken of when mentioning the ancient Sith, such as Ragnos, and Sadow, as they did not use them. Freedon Nadd was the first Sith lord to use a lightsaber.

      Marka Ragnos was not the greatest duelist. That honor actually belonged to Tulak Hord.

    • profile image

      Exam kun 4 months ago

      I am more powerful than you all

    • profile image

      Lord Revan 4 months ago

      I’m the best.

    • profile image

      shazam 4 months ago

      I can agree with some of this but not with Darth Vader being number 10. he killed hundreds of jedi during the purge, plus he killed Sidious. also he was restricted by his suit so he couldn't actually do half the things he could have done if he was still Anakin. and he was an amazing pilot, probably better then Plo koon who was pretty freakin good. also why was darth nihilus NOT mentioned?! over all not bad, could us improvement

    • profile image

      Tulak hord 5 months ago

      Tulak hord is the strongest sith ever he was onrevealed in a duel and with his force ability’s aphe was capable of battle meditation and he cocered over 1000 planets for the sith empire and that was only him and his army

    • profile image

      Darth Plagueis 5 months ago

      ok, so you have underestimates here. Darth Vader, legends book where he meets Luke says he uses force lightning. Darth Plagueis, had much more capabilty than you made him out to be. Since your going off all Legends books too than you would know that he could summon dark creatures to help him in a fight. Never slept, went years before he slept. Had the same power of force lightning as his master. Had a force staff which most people dont know about could be used to block lightsaber blows. Could've defeated Yoda in battle. Darth Sidious you got correct at number two but only because Nihilus should have been first. Though Sidious didn't just use machines he had amazing force powers. He kept the whole army under his influence. Who killed Padme' Sidious did. Force drain. Killed Padme to keep Vader his new apprentice alive. Darth Nihilus! Not on the list really, the person that was so overcome by the power of the darkside had to wear a mask so he didn't kill you when you were with him. Could obliterate planets with just a thought and you don't even add him to the list. Could've taken on Exar Kun, Sidious, Vader and Plagueis in a fight and still win. You really got that messed up.

    • profile image

      Sith apprentice 5 months ago

      I think that Darth Nihilus should have been on here

    • profile image

      YoYoYo! 7 months ago

      I think Darth Vader is under estimated for his power

      He was a lot more powerful in Legends and the EU

      The movie Darth Vader was slow and clumsy but I do understand for it was the 70's and 80's but they could of

      Used better equipment instead of using it on back ground

      Aliens and planets. Darth Vader should be maybe number

      7-8 maybe even 6. But Ulic-Qul Droma is over estimated

      On this list he is by far the weakest on this list. Bane should

      Be moved up more for he is more powerful than Revan,

      Darth Vader, Freedon Nad and Ulic-Qul Droma. Also I think that Darth Kryat should be number 1. He is not even on the list not even on number 10. If I had to

      Rate them I Would rate them like this also I think

      Darth Ceadus would of made it atleast number 10-9.

      Darth Vader 92

      Darth Bane 93

      Freedon Nadd 89

      Ulic-Qul Droma 84

      Marka Ragnos 93

      Darth Revan 91

      Darth Plagueis 91

      Lord Vichate 95

      Darth Sidous 96

      Exar Kun 94

      Ones I would like to include

      Darth Kyrat 97

      Darth Ceadus 89

      Count Dooku 90

    • profile image

      Ya boi 7 months ago

      By the way Mick is wrong, vadef is in fact an apprentice

    • profile image

      Mick 9 months ago

      Aww sorry your choices and order are sooo wrong also your questions are wrong too, fatty Vader was a lord, hence the reference lord Vader!

    • profile image

      Uhhh 9 months ago

      Your quiz has the wrong answers for Vader.

      He was a lord and had a master but wasn't an apprentice. He also could use force lightning but didn't because it would have damaged his suit.

    • profile image

      Trevor 9 months ago

      I'm gonna have to disagree with Palpatine being stronger than vitiate since vitiate razed an entire planet with his force powers whilst palpatine needed machinery to accomplish that

    • profile image

      David Nijsse 10 months ago

      How about Darth Nihilius?

    • profile image

      Darth Nihilus 10 months ago

      How am I left off this list? I only force drained an entire planet. If people begin to think about me I can sense them. People begin to die in my presence. I keep the Ravager together, even in hyperspace. I scared all remaining Jedi into hiding and stripped my master from using the force. Had the Exile not been a special case, I would have consumed the entire galaxy. Jedi, Sith, and ordinary people. I eventually would have found Vitiate (another person hiding from me) and his "true Sith." The only thing Vader ever did was kill those rebels at the end of Rogue One. I am the true Dark Lord of the Sith. I am the dark side.

    • profile image

      Strider 10 months ago

      Ok, so I completely disagree. First off Bae is much better then reven and Exar Kun Also your quiz at top had the wrong ancer to

    • profile image

      benji gosnell 12 months ago

      1 darth sidious 2 darth vader 3 exar kun 4 darth nihilus 5darth revan 6 darth bane 7 darth plagueis 8 countt dooku 9 tulak hord 10 darth maul

    • profile image

      ben ten 13 months ago

      Who ever made this knows nothing about star wars or is just stupid. Palatine isn't first and vader doesn't have the ability to force lighting. Pathetic and this person knows nothing about star wars

    • profile image

      Force Master 13 months ago

      Aced the test.

    • profile image

      bigksto 13 months ago

      nihilus instead of plagueis because plagueis has no feats we actually dont know if he could create life at all because most (if not all) of what sidious said to anakin was just lies to turn him to the dark side And we just don't know the the potential of his power at all nihilus on the other hand was a wound in the force itself and could literally drain the life force of billions of people at the same time by himself just using his force powers nihilus has also pulled an entire star ship from a gravity well with ease and severed Darth trayas (a pretty powerful sith two I might add) connection to the force in a matter of seconds nihilus became so powerful that his body could not cope and so instead he bound his soul to his armour and people would die in the mere pressence of him It is quite probable that if nihilus wasnt stopped when he was his hunger would have lead him to drain the rest of the galaxy and then eventualy die out himself without the energy that he would have needed to continue to exist leaving the galaxy utterly lifeless... yeah i think nihilus should be number 3 not plagueis if not number 2 or 1

    • profile image

      Marko 14 months ago

      Whoa... Pretty bad list.

      First of all Sidious... He was a politician and a leader, he had an army and a killing machines named Vader and later death star. But his power is EXTREMELY low level. If he would face Bane or Zannah he would have been trashed in matter of seconds. Even your own description of him doesn't give any feats of his power. And force lightning is an ability of Old republic sith noob.

      #10 on the list would be appropriate for his accomplishements but one of the most powerful? Not even close. Facts don't lie sorry

    • profile image

      someone 14 months ago

      darth nihilus

    • profile image

      spiceroy 15 months ago

      Not a bad list but not an accurate one. first off palpatine is trash. and why isnt Nihilus on this list, come on bra

    • profile image

      Nick 15 months ago

      Love this list. Exar kun is my favourite character in whole Star Wars, this top 10 couldnt be better.

    • profile image

      nyarlathotep 16 months ago

      it has already been confirmed that in canon lore sidious is top dog and in expanded it would be near impossible to determine but the like top 10 are all relative to what one considers significant such as skills with a lightsaber, force sensitivity, and strategy and war tactics. sion stayed alive using nothing but hate, exar kun reanimated and defeated scores of jedi before blowing up the planet and had to have his soul trapped. he was also responsible for the creation of many sith beasts and was one of the most force sensitive sith. sidious was a genius, seduced the one who brought balance to the force to the dark side and beat yoda(master of all 7 forms of combat) in a lightsaber duel fairly and forced him into exile. nihilus stepped on a planet and killed a species save one (visas). vitiate ruled for a longer span of time than any other sith. darth maul mastered a double bladed lightsaber and came back as a spider surviving being cut in half and was one of the most well versed combatant in that lightsaber form. and bane made everything hard with the rule of 2 "one to embody the power and the other to crave it" making it quite difficult to tell what sith really rules them all. oh and fredon nadd sustaining himself similarly to sion except in ghost form. if crylo ren can accomplish anything of note let it be known that i will be very surprised. for a knight of ren, he is utterly garbage. did he seperate someones soul from their body? or sustain himself with hate? the answer is no. he loses to someone new to the force and used a cool newish force power once. he isnt even comparable to xendor in the 100 year war. and this is without considering the purebloods.

    • profile image

      Massivesupport 16 months ago

      I only have a top six.

      1 Darth Sidious

      2 Darth Vader

      3 Darth Tyranus

      4 Darth Maul

      5 Kylo Ren

      6 Grevous

      But i think Kylo Ren can still climb in this list and Snoke and mayby Ray can be edit to the list in the future.

    • profile image

      Vitiate 16 months ago


      -Both Sidious and Naga Sadow earned a tie in 4th place in my list.


    • profile image

      Vitiate 16 months ago


      Actually, for number 10, I'd decided to put Karness Muur in my list. Karness Muur was a sith alchemist and one of the dark jedi exiled from the Hundred-Year Darkness. He created the Muur Talisman, one of the oldest sith artifacts in the galaxy most infamous for creating the rakghoul plague. The rakghouls are mutants that were loyal to Muur so he could raise an army of sithspawn and take over the empire. He was killed by rivals and after his death, the talisman curses whatever environment it lays in - for example, Taris.

      And Finally, Honorable mentions:

      -Terrak Morrhage - Responsible for creating a plague that nearly wiped out the jedi order.

      -Ajunta Pall - First Dark Lord of the Sith and one of the dark jedi exiled from the Hundred-Year Darkness. His sword led to his own demise, which made it a cursed artifact.

      -Sidious - The fact that a cackling madman made the republic and the jedi look stupid makes me laugh.


      -Darth Sion

      -Darth Traya - Like Sidious, but far more cleverer. Can see benefits in both light and dark. Trained Revan.

      -Tulak Hord

      -Freedon Nadd

      -Ulic-Qel Droma

      -Darth Angral

      -Darth Krayt - His Rule of One led to his own demise

      -Darth Addendu

      -Darth Nox - Very promising top 10 sith and member of dark council. Sadly, he is a player created character so nobody really knows his fate.

    • profile image

      Vitiate 16 months ago


      Now for Review:

      I like your list. However, you missed the Dread Masters. The Dread Masters are a group of six powerful individuals who served the Sith Emperor (aka Vitiate) for centuries as prophets, generals, and advisors. They mastered the arts of battle meditation and were the only sith that were able to master the true power of the Phobis devices the sith emperor created - the power to warp minds and harness fear. This gave them the power to destroy entire republic fleets and making people by the thousands go insane. Nothing can get more badass than this. When the sith emperor went silent, they turned on the whole galaxy, but sadly they were defeated. Thus, I think they should be considered to be part of the list. The Dread Council is one of my favorite sith lords to me.

      Anyway, here is my opinion on the list and why (1 = best):

      1. Vitiate - Once known as Tenebrae, he was able to feed off the suffering of people. He was able to kill his father at the age of 10 through the use of the force and eventually consumed his entire planet through a ritual. That ritual granted him the power to gain immortality. He can only perform it when he has fed off of enough deaths. To do that he needed to start a war, which is why he wanted to come back and bleed the republic's nose as emperor of the reconstituted sith empire. He also wanted revenge on the republic being the only survivor of the sith genocide at the end of the great hyperspace war. He is considered the first sith to experiment with transfer essence, and preserving life - a power which Plageuis desired and saw Vitiate as an idol due to this.

      2. The Dread Masters

      3. Revan- He is also one of my favorite characters. Same reason as yours. The fact that he can bend jedi to his will is amazing. He symbolizes the conflict between light and dark.

      4. Naga Sadow - Powerful sith magician and dark lord that started the first war against the Republic that almost led to galactic domination. He was able to convince his people that he is worthy of leadership using two captives.

      5. Darth Bane - He created the Rule of Two that allowed the sith to be hidden and paved the way for the star wars movies. He was able to destroy his own sith cult and forged a new one out of the ashes. Without him, the sith would be in extinction and the movies wouldn't take place afterwards.

      6. Darth Nihilus - Has the power to consume entire planets just for the sake of his hunger.

      7. Exar Kun - Pretty much the same reason as you stated - A fallen jedi who wanted to become stronger, ended up on Yavin 4 and enslaved the massassi tribes. He started his own empire, waged war against the republic, and took Qel-Droma as his apprentice.

      The dark presence on yavin is mostly due to Exar Kun's involvement.

      8. Marka Ragnos - Ruled the sith for over a century and was known as one of the best duelists of his time. He started the Golden Age of the Sith and also took Vitiate as an apprentice.

      9. Darth Malgus - One of the influential sith and the galaxy's most feared commander during the age of the reconstituted sith empire. He participated in the Sacking of Coruscant. He is more accepting of aliens and sympathetic of their treatment from the sith empire (who despised aliens). A trait that is interesting and unusual among the sith. He believed that aliens and diversity will make an empire become stronger and thus, he tried to form a new sith empire - one where he is emperor and is tolerant of aliens being a part of society. He is ultimately defeated but his actions influenced the future decisions of the dark council that is ruling the reconstituted sith empire.

      10. Either Darth Plageuis, Sidious, or Vader.

      Also for Nihilus, the reason why he is # 6 is because his power backfired on him to the extent that the dark side is also consuming himself. Thus, he is nothing but essence within armor. However, I think he should be worth noting.

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 17 months ago from Torres Novas

      Starkiller wasn't Cannon even before Disney, Nihilus is a one trick pony, Malik? You mean Malak? Malgus is cool looking and badass but not the strongest even in his time.

    • profile image

      Achilles007 17 months ago

      Whatever happened to starkiller , darth nilihus, darth Malik or ever darth malgus

    • profile image

      Cristian 17 months ago

      Cool nice detail on villains

    • profile image

      The Dark Lord 17 months ago

      i think Revan is the best because he was the one who discovered the star forge and made the infinite army and he survived exar kun, the mandalorian wars and the betrayal of his apprentice and he ruled the galaxy. now i don't see any other sith that can do that

    • profile image

      Sean 18 months ago

      I think Darth vader woukd have easily been the Luke of the Sith but even more OP. He was 50% midichlorian while Luke is 25%. I mostly agree with your list other than where Vader stands. When i started reading i thought this list was about the most powerful sith but i see you rounded it around all the traits needed. But is if you found the time i would love to read a post about the top ten most powerful siths of all time. Since, the Siths mantra is about Gaining Power.

    • profile image

      tulak hord 19 months ago

      You forgot about Tulak Hord he was a extremely powerful sith lord who died way before 5,600 BBY, as well as king Adas who ws king of Korriban at 25,000 BBY

    • profile image

      The sith 19 months ago

      Vader is more powerful then Sidious and so is Plagueis

    • profile image

      Ravenclaw 20 months ago

      What a our Darth Zannah she can create force fields literly

    • profile image

      The True 21 months ago

      Revan was the most powerful. Exar Kun should not have been on this list, if Sadow wasn't. sadow wasn't much at combat, is not true. Kreia said the ancient sith were BEASTS. Exar kun was very good, but if his amulet gave him X1000 powers he wouldnt have lossed, plus external sources of power shouldnt reall count. Vader should not have been on this list. He was good at combat, but too slow and his vulnerabilty ot lightning would have made him easy pray to Sith like Krayt or Malgus, both of whom could of beaten him because they had greater flexibilty. Kun was good, but not .1 worthy. Kun was actually defeated by two of Skywalkers students, maybe more but definitely not all. He was extremely powerful but not nearly number 1. Revan was the greatest Sith strategist, one of the best duelists, and one of the best force users. He was one of, if not the only, person in the galaxy who could use the force in its pure form, unhindered by light and dark and incredibly powerful. He was able to nearly beat a powerful wookie warrior, one of the strongest mandalorians in teh galaxy, the Jedi and Sith leader, a powerful Sith, a member of the Dark Council, the Emperor's wrath, the Jedi who defeated the Emperor. And he did all this at half power. He killed in a second a member of the Dark Council, AKA one of the strongest Sith in teh galaxy. He was extremely OP. He was the only Sith who could prolong his life over 3 centuries with almost no alchemical training and without using artifacts.

    • profile image

      Hendy 23 months ago

      In my opinion it's Darth Vitiate (Valkronian) takes the #1 spot easily. If you really read a lot about him, you will see he could pretty much do whatever he wanted. He controlled Revan so easily and caused Revan to have a connection to the dark side. He was also able to keep Revan captive for over 300 years. Not only that but he was the closest to immortality and probably had the most knowledge of the dark side.

    • profile image

      Ironic Nerd 23 months ago

      Darth vader was able to do force lightning but when he did use it, it messed with his circuits in his arms

    • profile image

      DARTH S 24 months ago

      Why Darth Vader is only number 10 i thought he take the 2nd just before Sidious

    • profile image

      You are all wrong 2 years ago

      Darth Vader was BORN by the Force. His father was the Force. He is the most powerful. The conversation is over. Jesus Vader wins.

    • ProfessorTaudio profile image

      ProfessorTaudio 2 years ago

      Great job! Love the Sith!

    • Newbie2011 profile image

      Al 2 years ago from Australia, Hong Kong, USA

      Good one!

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      Discussion is always encouraged!

    • profile image

      logan 2 years ago

      he is wrong the shith'ari was Darth Vader and the chosen one he finished what was started by countless sith he destroyed the sith to make sure that the Jedi would rule again

    • profile image

      Charles 2 years ago

      Great list. Really well done and the fact it generate so much debate just shows its value. I would love to see where Disney takes this awesome world that so much people spend creating now. How it will be far better.

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      Not Cannon, not even pre-Disney, never was...

    • profile image

      alemamam 2 years ago

      What about Starkiller?

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      Damn right man! You're the supremestest-test! Love from Portugal

    • profile image

      SexyEdwinHandler 2 years ago

      I, Edwin Hamessich Handler, am the greatest Sith Lord by far! With my hairless body, droopy eyes and thumbs that look like big toes, I reign supreme over all these puny weaklings you call Sith! I have multiple cat tattoos because everyone knows cats are a single man's best friend.

      Sending out the love from Annapolis MD!

      ps. I am having a Super Bowl party at my condo, all of you are invited!

    • profile image

      Guest 2 years ago

      10. Darth Malak

      9. Darth Tyranus

      8. Darth Sion

      7. Darth Traya

      6. Darth Bane

      5. Darth Caedus

      4. Darth Vader

      3. Darth Sidious

      2. Darth Revan

      1. Darth Nihilus

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      Your opinion is as valid as mine.

    • profile image

      lucas 2 years ago

      sry but this post is complete bs

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 2 years ago from Torres Novas

      Yes, I will have to write a post-disney list after more content is published, though I think I will keep this list intact as it represents an era where this was canon.