Top 10 Greatest "Chick" Movies For Guys

Updated on July 31, 2016

Top 10 Choice Picks (in no particular order)

  1. Pitch Perfect
  2. The Proposal
  3. Ghost
  4. The Time Traveler's Wife
  5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Part 1 kind of a must with this)
  6. The Notebook
  7. Bridesmaids
  8. The Wedding Singer
  9. The Wedding Planner
  10. The Lake House

Not all Chick Flicks are Boring and Unappealing

Believe it or not, guys, there are plenty of movies in this genre that we can watch without being judged, and you can actually enjoy them. And let's face it, the girls prefer us to be able to watch these movies with them. Not many things can make a relationship as strong as being able to enjoy a movie as a couple. Remember, guys, the girls usually only TOLERATE what we watch. So here's a nice little list of movies that you and your special lady (or lady you're trying to woo) can happily watch together. Again, remember there are some spoilers as this will break down important points of the movies, so I will list them to the right, and it will be up to you to decide if you want to read the reviews below.

1. Pitch Perfect

Aside from being one of the newest, this chick flick is actually the most popular among men, and I have found that 90% of random men actually know about this movie. Of those men, 95% have seen the movie, and 100% of those men enjoyed it.

Pitch Perfect is an exceptionally well written drama/comedy. Unlike what you might think, it is NOT a musical. It just happens to have a lot of music in it. A lot of the music is up to date, and more current with pop culture than your average chick flicks or even musicals. Even though there is only one song that's original in terms of musical score, the remixing is exceptional, and definitely something a lot of us would have in our mix playlists. On top of that, a lot of the music drops some serious phat beats.

Of course, music is not always what can snatch a guy's interest, so here's a few more reasons. Though for only one long seen, you do get a little bit of just-covered fan service. While you don't get to see any juicy bits (or any at all), the implied scenario is enough for most guys to be hoping to see a camera slip-up. You also have plenty of scenes where you see the lesbian in the group try to molest the more promiscuous one in the group who, by the way, gropes and grabs herself most of the movie, and bends in ways that would make any guy drop his jaw.

The movie also includes many situations in college relationships that we've all encountered one way or another. The character, Benji, is an embodiment of a lot of nerds' lives, and is surprisingly relateable despite how overly weird the writers made him. Also, though not all of us men are into the touchy/feely (unless they'll lead to intimacy), there is a great comradary that we have all felt when in groups and/or teams. You'll also see the group a--hole that we're all used to seeing, too, on both the main character's group, The Bellas, and more so with their rival group, The Treble Makers.

Characters aside, there's plenty of humor that is akin to men as well as women, both mature and immature. There's even the over-exaggerated vomit we're accustomed to seeing from the Scary Movie franchise. On top of that, it's fairly unpredictable when you're trying to guess what kind of random humor you'll come across.

Cups by Anna Kendrick (Original Single Written for Pitch Perfect)


2. The Proposal

Okay, there are a lot of guys who already want to throw up upon the mentioning of Sandra Bullock, but please stifle yourselves while you read this because this is one movie you'll be able to watch and laugh with. I've personally never had a vendetta against Sandra Bullock, I only dislike half of the movies she chooses to star in. Thankfully, this is not one of them. Despite many disliking her works, The Proposal also features Ryan Reynolds, so there's no going wrong there, ever. The Proposal talks of a Canadian, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), who works for an American magazine on a visa who treats her employees like crap, and especially her assistant, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds).

The movie follows as Margaret's visa expires and she is about to be deported. To avoid deportation, she forces herself onto Andrew for them to be married so she can stay in the US and keep her job. In order to do this, she follows Andrew back to his family's hometown in rural Alaska to announce their "engagement" and put up with his family and small town residents. Among these support casts, you have the ever amazing Betty White as the crazy grandmother, and Oscar Nuñez as Ramone, the town everything (he owns the general store, town priest, the town male stripper, etc.).

This movie has plenty of laughter for the guys, and a lot of the jokes are tailored to men. From technology to accidental naked situations, this movies does take good care of its male viewers. All in all, it's highly recommended for a good time to have with your woman.


3. Ghost

An epic, forever classic movie. Filmed in 1990, Ghost is a timeless romantic drama that is the pinnacle of many happy couples' evenings. This movie tells the story of Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) being murdered by his long-time friend for blood money. However, due to his attachment to their mutual friend, Molly Jensen (Demi Moore), he did not go into the light to pass on into heaven, and stayed on Earth. Unable to communicate with the living world, he has to rely on the help of a phony, con-artist psychic named Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), who didn't even know she could communicate with the dead for real.

You experience Sam's pain as he tries to cling on to Molly and the love they once had. However, he's constantly butting heads with Oda Mae and has a major obstacle, his old partner trying to steal his love and potentially trying to murder her. Through all this, Sam gets to know himself as well as how, as a ghost, he could potentially save Molly with his own power.

The plot is deliciously written with great suspense and action, but has enough of the drama and emotions to get your woman emptying out a box of tissues, especially at the end when he finally walks into the light and says goodbye. Also, you'll get plenty of laughs with Whoopi Goldberg's performance, and carries the classical comedy style that truly brings out the smiles.

This film is perfect for close and intimate couples, or even on the 4th date. It is very highly recommended.

4. The Time Traveler's Wife

Okay, first thing's first: Get two boxes of tissues, one for your lady, and one for yourself. You are going to need them at the end. This movie follows the life of Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) as he was born with a gene that makes him involuntarily time travel at any time to any time. Whenever he jumps through time, he cannot predict when he will come back.

In his adventures, his older self sees a young girl name Clare (Rachel McAdams), who ends up being his wife in the future. The movie follows his travels, and how he uses them to help the motion of time which leads to his current life with his wife. The story doesn't make a lot of sense at first, but as you watch on, his travels start to unravel the story as a whole, and ends up blowing your mind. The end of the movie comes with great sadness and happiness. Henry ends up seeing his own death, but also gets to know his daughter, whom he would not live long enough to raise.

There's not much else to explain as the story will tell you itself. However, at the end, he discovers that his daughter, Alba (Hailey McCann), had inherited his special gene, but years after his death, his scientist friend, Dr. Kendrick (Stephen Tobolowsky) finally maps the gene for his daughter. Unlike Henry, Alba can control when and where she travels in time, allowing her to see him when he was alive, and giving him relief and peace of mind.

Only recommended for close couples. Not a movie to be watching with someone you're not too close to. It's full of emotions, and is written well for both men and women, and might have about 7 minutes of footage that might get boring. Highly recommended.

5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1 and 2)

Okay, let's disperse the common male perception that Twilight is stupid. As corny as it might have seemed to guys, it's by no means a bad movie, and definitely not a bad one to enjoy. Twilight is the first mainstream vampire movie franchise that has deviated from everything we ever thought we knew and studied about vampire and werewolf lore. However, this is not a bad thing. Twilight is a nice modern take and revolution of what we've ever thought we knew, and despite being written to entice the female audience, the movie does not shy from appealing to us guys.

Twilight has a perfect mix of drama and action, and has one of the highest SFX budgets in recent years. Your lady can enjoy the complex story and lovey dovey scenes, but if you don't, worry not, the graphics will have your jaws dropping, and the fight scenes will have you on your toes.

Great for any couples and is an absolute must-have in any home. An absolute 100% recommendation.

Snipit of What to Look Forward to.

6. The Notebook

This movie is all drama with some subtle humor. However, some of the situations are exceptionally easy to relate to, no matter what walk of life you come from. It is these relateable situations that can suck us men into the story as much as our women.

The Notebook follows the complicated romance between poor redneck, Noah (Ryan Gosling), and rich girl, Allie (Rachel McAdams). From their unexpected meeting, to their budding love, to their tragic separation, and their long-awaited reunion. This movie tugs on all the heart-strings any human has as you get more and more immersed in it.

Much like The Time Traveler's Wife, this is mainly for couples that are very close to each other. It creates a bit of an awkward atmosphere if you're not intimate with the one you're watching it with, especially with the sex scene.

7. Bridesmaids

Truly one of the funniest chick flicks in recent years, and one of the few that can appeal to guys as much as gals. This movie follows the engagement to the marriage of Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and the adventure she has with her bridesmaids, especially with her best friend, Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig). The movie actually mainly follows Annie as she was Lillian's childhood friend, and she finds herself seeming to be replaced by a new friend of Lillian's.

This then turns into a crazy war on who can make the best impression to get Lillian's affection. On top of that, Annie finds herself in trouble with the law, falling in love with a warm-hearted cop who only recently came to America. This movie has a large cast of comedy greats, including Rebel Wilson and Terry Crews.

The movie has a lot of wacky humor and plenty of adult humor to tickle anyone's funny bone. From what many women have said, some of the crazy stuff that happens are quite true and relateable to many females who have gone through at least one marriage.

Good for any couple, and can be watched at any time of day. It's a great way to loosen up and enjoy something with your lady. Very highly recommended.

8. The Wedding Singer

Let's get the obvious out of the way, it's an Adam Sandler movie. There's a 95% chance it's good, and this is definitely great. A great mix of drama and comedy as we follow two lovers as they discover love in each other, while being engaged to other people. Robbie (Adam Sandler) is a down-on-his-luck wedding singer who is either hated or liked (not loved) and he falls in love with waitress, Julia (Drew Barrymore), who hires him to be the wedding singer.

There is more drama than there is comedy, but it is set up in a way that can keep any man's attention on the story and the movie. There's little else to really tell about this movie as it's all about the goofs and the drama. However, those of you guys who like rock might enjoy the small part that Billy Idol plays in this movie.

Overall, well recommended for any couple, but not an intimate movie. Let's face it, Adam Sandler just can't keep anything serious enough to be intimate.

9. The Wedding Planner

First off, let's stop all the guys from wanting to vomit at the sight of Matthew McConaughey's name. This is actually one of his best works to date (aside from Wolf of Wallstreet and American Hustle). Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is one of the top wedding planners of San Francisco. Her life quote is "Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't wed, plan." and she lives by this to get to where she has gotten. She is then hired by Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) to plan his wedding. However, something goes wrong, she falls in love with him.

In this romantic comedy, you go through the planning stages of the wedding getting intertwined with Mary's broken past, and growing affection towards Steve. This movie features a lot of Hitch-like humor and the slapstick comedy that us guys have enjoyed for many centuries.

Definitely a great movie for couples, though not quite a first couple dates movie. It's good for semi-close to intimate couples. Very highly recommended.

10. The Lake House

Sorry, guys, but this is pretty much a pure drama. There are maybe one or two scenes that might tickle your funny bone, but that's about it. Despite this, The Lake House is a quite enjoyable movie. The story takes place in the Chicago area, following struggling architect, Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) as he moves into his new house on the coast of Lake Michigan. He communicates with the "previous owner", Doctor Kate Foster (Sandra Bullock) through mail through his mailbox. Unbeknownst to the two, Kate Foster is actually two years in the future, and that the lake house's mailbox is their connection through time.

This drama follows their developing relationship and their eventual discovery of the time difference. You'll watch as they both go through several different actions that end up changing the future, including preventing Alex's death when he gets overexcited in seeing her early and getting run over by a CTA bus.

Very emotional movie and suggested only for very close and intimate couples. Very highly recommended, and you won't regret watching it.


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    • RosaMarie profile image


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I'd have to say that your pick of movies it pretty great (aside from the one Twilight movie). I agree that most if not all of these movies are great movies that guys can find themselves into, especially since I've made many of my guy friends watch them all.

      I think it would have been interesting if there was more of a rating scale, since some of these movies are moderately chick flicks (such as the wedding singer bridesmaids and pitch perfect) whereas some are highly girly grab-a-tissue flicks (like the time travelers wife and the wedding planner).

      Still a very interesting article!

    • mgeorge1050 profile image


      6 years ago from West Georgia

      Interesting article. I will make some notes to use for our upcoming movie night.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Shinzuu,

      Great hub. To the point and I voted up and all the way. I agree on your reviews, but Notebook and Time Travelers Wife rate GREAT with me. The rest are terrible.

      I am burned-out on all Adam Sandler excuses for films. That is applicable to all vampire movies and Melissa McCarthy efforts.

      But that's just me.

      I am going to leave you some fan mail. Please check that, and my hubs and I need you to be one of my followers.


      Kenneth/ from northwest Alabama

    • Shinzuu Katame profile imageAUTHOR

      Shinzuu Katame 

      6 years ago from Maine, USA

      No problem! I'm currently working with my lover, a few old friends and a couple ex's for an opposite post. Expect it in a couple days.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 

      6 years ago from Tennesee

      As a chick, I am not much of a chick flick fan per se. But I do like Sondra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler films and enjoyed the ones you have listed. And Ghost, well, that's a darned classic in itself!

      Interesting article, thanks for posting.


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