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"The Spy Who Dumped Me" Movie Review

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The Spy Who Dumped Me boasted a great pair of comedic actresses and a ton of silly fun. While the story was good and I did love the pairing of Mila Kunis with Kate McKinnon, the film lacked in the comedy department. Most of the funny scenes were in the trailer, leaving very little humor for the theater.

The film follows Audrey and Morgan, two best friends and roommates who are pulled into the world of espionage after Audrey's ex-boyfriend turns out to be a CIA agent who has left a valuable flash drive hidden inside one of his trophies. Not knowing who to trust, or what they're doing for that matter, Audrey and Morgan must get the flash drive in the right hands or else the entire world will be at risk.

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First off, let me give credit where credit is due. Kate McKinnon had the funniest dialogue in the film and even one of the best scenes which involved an angry Ukrainian gymnast and an in-air trapeze fight. Ivanna Sakhno was Nadedja, the angry gymnast. She worked for Highland, the enemy group of the film. We don't know much about Nadedja's backstory but I imagine it was a bit of a Red Sparrow situation where she had a promising future doing what she loved but was recruited by Russian spies, or something. Either way, Ivanna was always fun when on-screen.

The story itself was well-written, however, not much thought was put into the humor or the side characters. This surprised me considering one of the writers, David Iserson, worked on Mad Men, which was a highly character-driven show. Susanna Fogel was the main writer, though, so perhaps David Iserson wasn't a huge contributor. Still, it's equally as surprising that Fogel, a writer for Saturday Night Live, couldn't come up with better humor. Fogel also directed the film and, for the most part, she did a good job. The only downside was the flow of the film, switching unpredictably from the present to flashback sequences, which came off more as an editing issue than a directing issue.

I know it seems like I'm bashing the film but I really don't mean to sound like that. It was fun in its own way and it did have a good story. I think most of my aggravation comes from the fact that Mila Kunis is clearly selling herself short. I know she can do better because I've seen her do better. Black Swan, Jupiter Ascending, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are just three examples of her true talent. Maybe she's doing these comedies because they don't take as long to film and she can spend more time with her children. Or maybe she enjoys doing them. I guess we'll never know for sure.

In conclusion, I did have fun but I recommend waiting until this one's on disc or digital. I give the film a 2.5 out of 4.

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